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Annie Horniman

Author : Sheila Gooddie
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A biography of Annie Horniman, who was a campaigner for the arts and founder of the British repertory movement. Friend of W.B.Yeats and secret backer of Shaw's "Arms and the Man", she subsequently bought the Abbey Theatre and the Gaiety Theatre where she worked with Sybil Thorndike.

The History of the Occult Tarot

Author : Ronald Decker
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An essential volume for serious students of the Tarot, this compelling survey describes the many fascinating decks imagined over time and the secret histories of mystics.

The Place of Enchantment

Author : Alex Owen
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Alex Owen situates seemingly anachronistic practices such as exploratory sex magic, alchemy & astral travel, alongside revolutionary understandings of rationality in a demonstration of how a newly psychologized magic operated in conjunction with the developing patterns of modern life.

Stealing Fire from Heaven

Author : Nevill Drury
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The Western magical traditions are currently undergoing an international resurgence. In Stealing Fire from Heaven, Nevill Drury offers an overview of the modern occult revival and seeks to explain this growing interest in ancient magical belief systems. Gnosticism and the Hermetica, the medieval Kabbalah, Tarot and Alchemy, and more recently, Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry, collectively laid the basis for the modern magical revival, which first began to gather momentum in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century. Western magic has since become increasingly eclectic, drawing on such diverse sources as classical Greco-Roman mythology, Celtic cosmology, Kundalini yoga and Tantra, shamanism, chaos theory, and the various spiritual traditions associated in many different cultures with the Universal Goddess. Drury traces the rise of various forms of magical belief and practice, from the influential Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to the emergence of Wicca and Goddess worship as expressions of contemporary feminine spirituality. He also explores Chaos Magick and the occult practices of the so-called Left-Hand Path, as well as twenty-first-century magical forays into cyberspace. He believes that the rise of modern Western magic stems essentially from the quest for personal spiritual transformation and direct experience of the sacred--a quest which the trance occultist and visionary artist Austin Osman Spare once referred to as "stealing fire from heaven." Considered in this light, Drury argues, modern Western magic can be regarded as a form of alternative spirituality in which the practitioners seek direct engagement with the mythic realm.

A Historical Dictionary of British Women

Author : Cathy Hartley
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This reference book, containing the biographies of more than 1,100 notable British women from Boudicca to Barbara Castle, is an absorbing record of female achievement spanning some 2,000 years of British life. Most of the lives included are those of women whose work took them in some way before the public and who therefore played a direct and important role in broadening the horizons of women. Also included are women who influenced events in a more indirect way: the wives of kings and politicians, mistresses, ladies in waiting and society hostesses. Originally published as The Europa Biographical Dictionary of British Women, this newly re-worked edition includes key figures who have died in the last 20 years, such as The Queen Mother, Baroness Ryder of Warsaw, Elizabeth Jennings and Christina Foyle.

The Emergence of the Irish Peasant Play at the Abbey Theatre

Author : Brenna Katz Clarke
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Miss Annie F Horniman and the Abbey Theatre

Author : James W. Flannery
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The Game of Tarot

Author : Michael Dummett
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Theatre World

Author :
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Remembrance and Imagination

Author : Joseph Theodoor Leerssen
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The nineteenth century witnessed the growth of Irish cultural nationalism as a dominant force in the country's political and literary life. Remembrance and Imagination is a major study which charts the development and impact of a national self-image through key texts and key episodes and does so by placing the history of two cultural spheres side by side: literature and historical scholarship. The literary and discursive work of writers like Lady Morgan, Maturin, Thomas Moore, Thomas Davis, Yeats and Synge is placed against the background of contemporary debates concerning the true historical and cultural identity of Ireland, while developments in the historical sciences are traced in their impact on the literary imagination. Special attention is given to the influential scholar George Petrie and to the far-ranging and persistent controversy concerning the round towers. The Irish self-image in the nineteenth century attempted to formulate permanence, tradition, and continuity in the face of historical and political divisions and incoherence. The cultivation of a gloried past and of an idyllic peasantry are central preoccupations in Irish national thought. This book analyzes the discourse, rhetoric, stereotypes, and ingrained attitudes with which those preoccupations were invested, both in literature and historical scholarship. The book closes with a reinterpretation of the position of Synge and Joyce in repudiating the nineteenth-century schemata of representing Ireland.

The Golden Dawn

Author : R. A. Gilbert
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Family Secrets

Author : William Michael Murphy
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The Princeton University Library Chronicle

Author : Lawrence Thompson
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Vol.1- includes section "Biblia, devoted to the interests of the Friends of the Princeton Library," v.11-


Author :
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Year Book American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers

Author : American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers
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Year Book of the American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers

Author :
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Alfred Orage and the Leeds Arts Club 1893 1923

Author : Tom Steele
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Paddy and Mr Punch

Author : R. F. Foster
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Elizabeth Bowen, one of the writers considered in this book, described the relationship of Ireland and England as 'a mixture of showing-off and suspicion, nearly as bad as sex'. In these essays Roy Foster explores the patterns of resentment, exploitation, dependence and rejection which were created by centuries of proximity, colonization and emigration. Often seen through the individual experiences of people 'caught' between England and Ireland (a varied gallery including Randolph Churchill, Thackeray, Trollope, Yeats, Parnell and the notorious Mrs O'Shea), these intersections also cut across subjects like the representation of the Irish in Victorian journalism and fiction, the roots of constitutional nationalist agitation, and the making of literary reputations. The last essay, 'Marginal Men and Micks on the Make', is a wide-ranging discussion of the uses of exile, both to and from Ireland. Against the cut and dried stereotypes of Anglo-Irish relations, an overall ambiguity is asserted here, whether the topic examined is the flawed structure of the Act of Union, the way words are used in Irish political rhetoric, or the divided allegiances of Parnell, Yeats and Bowen. These closely linked essays stress assonances as well as dissonances, and provide a commentary on neglected aspects of literary history and national identity.

Cauda Pavonis

Author :
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Florence Farr

Author : Josephine Johnson
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Farr was closely related to Bernard Shaw and Yeats, and was a member of the occult Order of the Golden Dawn. To Shaw she was mistress and companion, while with Yeats it is thought that she had a spiritual relationship only. Farr achieved intellectual