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Animals in Celtic Life and Myth

Author : Miranda Green
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Animals played a crucial role in many aspects of Celtic life: in the economy, hunting, warfare, art, literature and religion. Such was their importance to this society, that an intimate relationship between humans and animals developed, in which the Celts believed many animals to have divine powers. In Animals in Celtic Life and Myth, Miranda Green draws on evidence from early Celtic documents, archaeology and iconography to consider the manner in which animals formed the basis of elaborate rituals and beliefs. She reveals that animals were endowed with an extremely high status, considered by the Celts as worthy of respect and admiration.

Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend

Author : Miranda Jane Aldhouse-Green
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The ancient Celts were the greatest and most powerful of the early European peoples residing north of the Alps. Warlike, exuberant, and superstitious, they saw divinities in every facet of life and nature, venerating deities of the sun, thunder, water, war, healing, hunting, fertility, and death. They practiced human and animal sacrifice, and a powerful priesthood--the Druids--presided over much of their religious life. The Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend covers every aspect of Celtic myth, religion, and folklore in Britain and Europe between 500 BC and AD 400. In parallel with the fruits of archaeological research, the testimony of Classical writers and the earliest recorded versions of the pagan oral traditions of Wales and Ireland provide us with a complete overview of Celtic lore. This guide presents that knowledge in over 400 copiously illustrated articles, together with a comprehensive historical introduction.

Animal Life in Nature Myth and Dreams

Author : Elizabeth Caspari
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"This book is intended for anyone interested in the actual behavior and nature of animals and the world we live in, and presents a good deal of ethological and mythological material. It is meant to be more than a mere compilation of facts. Caspari's is a holistic approach to the world. By contemplating the significance of our fellow creatures, and how everything in our universe is linked, it is the author's hope that we can have a more whole, and more healing view of the world."--Jacket.

Myth in Celtic Literatures

Author : Joseph Falaky Nagy
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The pursuit of â??mythâ?? has long been an important part of Celtic studies. Are there, in fact, waifs and strays of ancient mythology preserved in medieval Celtic texts? Do myths reflect a prehistoric world-view, history, or literary innovation? And how are old myths refitted, and new myths invented, by writers in medieval and modern times? These are some of the questions compellingly addressed in the studies collected in this issue of the Yearbook, featuring groundbreaking work on: the mythological underpinnings of names in the Welsh Mabinogi; the story of Branwen and the clash between Britain and Ireland; the figure of the â??holy mermaidâ?? in medieval Irish literature; horses, dogs, and King Arthur; and the ideological implications of â??insularityâ??. Contributors include Phillip Bernhardt-House, Ranke de Vries, Jessica Hemming, Catherine McKenna, and Thomas Oâ??Loughlin.

The Celts

Author : Juliette Wood
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Showcasing the art of a culture against the broader context of that civilization's wisdom, "The Celts" offers a superbly illustrated survey of the artistic Celtic imagination, from manuscript illumination to exquisite gold jewelry and spectacularly decorated weapons.

Norse Myths

Author : R.I. Page
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Introduces and retells the myths of the Norse gods and goddesses, describes available written sources, and examines what they tell about the way Norsemen viewed their world

Miscellanea Indo Europea

Author : Edgar C. Polomé
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Edgar C. Polome: IntroductionAlain de Benoist: Bibliographie Chronologique des Etudes Indo-EuropeenesGarrett Olmsted: Archaeology, Social Evolution, and the Spread of Indo-European Languages and CulturesAlexander Hausler: Nomadenhypothese und Ursprung der IndogermanenFrancoise Bader: Homere et le pelasgeCarol Justus: Can a Counting System be an Index of Linguistic Relationships?Nick Allen: Hinduism, Structuralism and DumezilDean Miller: Who Deals with the Gods? Kings and Other IntermediariesEdgar C. Polome: IE Initial /b/ & Gmc. Initial /p/Edgar C. Polome: Views on Developments in Indo-European Religions During the Last Decade of So.

Scotland s Domestic Life

Author : Susan Storrier
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Examines the variety in Scottish 'home life', and considers what has shaped its society. This book in fourteen volumes, aims to examine the interlocking strands of history, language and traditional culture within an international context and their contribution to the making of a national identity.

The Horse in Celtic Culture

Author : Sioned Davies
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The first volume ever to focus on the horse in Celtic culture. It is therefore not only of general interest, but it is important in the wider context of horsemanship and military tactics in medieval Britain and Europe. It draws on pagan Celtic religion, archaeology, iconography, linguistics, literary sources and folklore to give a general picture of the horse in Celtic culture.

Ritual Treatment of Human and Animal Remains

Author : Osteoarchaeological Research Group. Meeting
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This volume contains the Proceedings of the first meeting of the Osteoarchaeological Research Group in October 1994. The contents include: Identifying ritual behaviour in the archaeological record (Rosemar Luff); Literature on the theory and identification of ritual (Bob Wilson); ritual deposits of animal bones, in Iron Age England (J D Hill); bog bodies on the Anglo-Scottish border (Sue Stallibrass); evidence for ritual and magic in Leicestershire in prehistoric and Roman times (Ian Baxter); burial rites in Medieval Soba, Sudan (Joyce Filer); human burial practices on Neolithic Gozo

The Antiquaries Journal

Author :
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The Sutton Hoo Sceptre and the Roots of Celtic Kingship Theory

Author : Michael J. Enright
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The Sutton Hoo whetstone sceptre is the most enigmatic and mysterious emblem of kingship of the Early Middle Ages. Produced c.600 AD and long held to be Anglo-Saxon, the author of the present work argued in 1983 that it was actually made by Celtic craftsmen who deployed Celtic iconographic themes in its carving. That thesis is now accepted by many scholars but continues to be a matter of debate. Here the thesis is re-examined with a wealth of evidence never before discussed. Enright establishes that the sceptre is undoubtedly a British artefact, one that reflects a long history of Celtic king ship theory. It is the end of a tradition that begins with the Iron Age Pfalzfeld pillar. Because the sceptre's design reflects that of the pillar, a comparison of their creator's ideas is possible. The results are important and surprising. It is safe to say that this book casts a wholly new light on a number of significant topics in the field and that its findings will be of considerable interest to scholars in a variety of areas.

Celtic Goddesses

Author : Miranda Green
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This text offers a wide-ranging review of the significance of the female in Celtic myth and religion. Celtic goddesses presided over nature, animals, healing and fertility. Terrifying battle goddesses were invoked in times of war and a Mother Goddess was supplicated for the fertility of animals and crops. Goddesses were often linked with animals - birds, dogs, bears, pigs and snakes all had their divine protectresses.

Pagan Survivals Superstitions and Popular Cultures in Early Medieval Pastoral Literature

Author : Bernadette Filotas
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This comprehensive study examines early medieval popular culture as it appears in ecclesiastical and secular law, sermons, penitentials and other pastoral works - a selective, skewed, but still illuminating record of the beliefs and practices of ordinary Christians. Concentrating on the five centuries from c. 500 to c. 1000, Pagan Survivals, Superstitions and Popular Cultures in Early Medieval Pastoral Literature presents the evidence for folk religious beliefs and piety, attitudes to nature and death, festivals, magic, drinking and alimentary customs. As such it provides a precious glimpse of the mutual adaptation of Christianity and traditional cultures at an important period of cultural and religious transition.

Celtica Helsingiensia

Author : Anders Ahlqvist
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Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium

Author : A. Hopkins
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The Harvard Celtic Colloquium was established in 1980 by two graduate students in the Harvard University Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures as a forum in which graduate students could share their work and gain experience in professional academia. Since then, it has been organized annually by a team of students in the department, grown in size, and gained an international reputation which annually draws a diverse mix of scholars from around the world to present papers on all facets of Celtic Studies. The Harvard Celtic Colloquium is the only conference in the field of Celtic Studies to be wholly organized and run by graduate students. Since its inception, established and internationally-renowned scholars in Celtic as well as graduate students, junior academics, and unaffiliated scholars have been drawn to this dynamic setting, presenting papers on ancient, medieval, and modern topics in the many disciplines relating to Celtic Studies; including literature, linguistics, art, archeology, government, economics, music, and history. Papers given at the Colloquium may be submitted for review to the organizers of the conference, who become the editors for those papers selected for publication in the Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium. Only papers presented at the annual conference are considered for publication. Harvard University Press is proud to announce that we will distribute the Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium.

Guides Guards and Gifts to the Gods

Author : Kate Smith
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Oxbow says: This study examines the role and status of man's best friend in Iron Age and Roman Britain based on archaeological evidence and iconography.

Dying for the Gods

Author : Miranda Jane Aldhouse-Green
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Explains "the nature of sacrifice in antiquity" and "different aspects of the subject: the notion of flesh for the gods; rites of fire and blood; the significance of defleshing heads and of skulls; suffocation ... ; the selection of victims and the evidence for the sacrifice of children." Author "puts forward some reasons for ritual murder and shows how" certain practices "illustrate the importance of place in the sacrificial rite" and "highlights the essential role of the priesthood in sacrificial murder."--Jacket.

The Ancient World of the Celts

Author : Peter Berresford Ellis
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The Ancient World of the Celts is a highly i llustrated and comprehensive study of the Celts, their origi ns, society, art, religion, architecture, myth and legend. '

The Indo Europeanization of Northern Europe

Author : Karlene Jones-Bley
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ANTHROPOLOGY:The Indo-European Homeland Problem?A Matter of TimeThe Indo-European Question in a Norwegian PerspectiveThe Narva Culture and the Origin of Baltic CultureThe Pan-European Corded Ware Horizon (A-Horizon) and the Pamari? (Baltic Coastal) CultureBurial of the West and East Balts in the Bronze and Early Iron AgesSome Remarks about Northern Europeans in the Forming of the BaltsThe ?Vistulian-Dnieper Community of the Sub-Neolithic CulturesCeramics and Age?A Correlation in Early European Pottery.LINGUISTICS:Meillet?s Northwest Indo-European RevisitedThe Ancient Relationship of the Baltic and Germanic Languages from the Standpoint of Word Formation?Seeworter? and Substratum in Germanic, Baltic and Baltic Finno-Ugrian LanguagesIndo-European Architectural Terms and the Pre-Indo-EuropeansThe Pre-Germanic Substrata and Germanic Maritime Vocabulary.CULTURE AND MYTHOLOGY:Marija Gimbutas?the Investigator of Baltic MythologyConcepts of Sacrifice in Later Prehistoric EuropeCustoms of the Ancient Prussians in GermanReligious Authenticity at the Holy Wells of Ireland?A Methodological ProblemDawn-Maid and Sun-Maid?Celestial Goddesses among the Proto-Indo-EuropeansIndo-European Implications of an Old English DocumentAncient Baltic According to Ethnoinstrumentological Data.PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Anthropological Substratum of the Balts in Prussia and LithuaniaThe Odontological Characteristics of Lithuanian Balts and their RootsMulti-Ethnicity in Pre-Indo-European Northeast Europe?Theoretical and Empirical Constraints on the Interpretation of Human BiodiversityChanges of Population Biological Status during the Indo-Europeanization of LithuaniaThe Light Eye and Hair Cline?Implications for Indo-European Migrations to Northern Europe.