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Animal Adaptations

Author : Louise and Richard Spilsbury
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The leafy sea dragon and other masters of camouflage blend in so well with their surroundings that they become nearly invisible. Inflatable animals like the puffer fish blow up to the point of shapeshifting. Growing readers will discover how animal adaptations are much like superpowers.

Animal Adaptations

Author : Louise Spilsbury
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Why Anteater s Tongue Is So Long And Other Ways Animals Are Equipped for Life

Author : Radka Piro
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Animal Adaptations

Author : Ruth Bjorklund
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All animals have adaptations that help them survive. From webbed feet to sharp spines, learn all about the ways animals adapt to life in their habitats.

Animal Adaptations

Author : N.Geographic
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Life in the Rainforest

Author : Edward P. Ortleb
File Size : 45.62 MB
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Color Overheads Included! The information contained in this resource and activity book follows a learning cycle that includes: a) free exploration by the students; b) expansion of exploration through activities that allow children to test, integrate, and sort out their discoveries; and c) application of concepts through individual and group projects which provide students with the opportunity to enhance and share what they have learned. Each section includes teacher resource material, planned lessons, and expansion activities. Students will examine various items, books, and resources. The display table's contents of fruits, nuts, woods, and other rainforest items will pique students' interest.

Ocean Animal Adaptations

Author : Julie Murphy
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"Simple text and photographs describe ocean animal adaptations"--Provided by publisher.

Polar Animal Adaptations

Author : Lisa J. Amstutz
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"Simple text and photographs describe polar animal adaptations"--Provided by publisher.

Rain Forest Animal Adaptations

Author : Lisa J. Amstutz
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"Simple text and photographs describe rain forest animal adaptations"--Provided by publisher.

20 Fun Facts About Marine Animal Adaptations

Author : Tayler Cole
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Marine animals have adapted to their habitat over millions of years. Huge whales and giant squids have been able to grow exceptionally large despite the absence of strong limbs due to the buoyancy of living in salt water. Blubber keeps some animals warm in the deep as other adaptations let animals live in very warm waters. Readers dive into the complex and fascinating subject of life under the sea through 20 interesting facts about how bodies, predation, camouflage, and more have evolved below the surface.