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Angels at My Fingertips The sequel to Angels in My Hair

Author : Lorna Byrne
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Angels at My Fingertips takes us back to the territory that made Angels in My Hair a million selling, international bestseller. Stories of Lorna's early life in rural Ireland, of how angels helped and guided her through traumatic events, lead to a detailed description of what angels are like, the different types of angels, how they behave in interact with God and other angels as well as human beings, their role during our lives and after death. Angels at My Fingertips also contains an account of how Joe, her husband, who died young in Angels in My Hair returns to visit her. For the first time Lorna reveals the role of the souls of our loved ones who may return from heaven briefly to help and guide us. Information as detailed as this never been published anywhere before now. Since she went public about her unprecedented gifts, Lorna's reputation has grown. The Catholic Church is at last beginning to show recognition, asking her to speak in churches, and leading American theologian Matthew Fox has compared her to the medieval saint, Hildegard of Bingen. Her unique qualities have been recognised by leading Islamic theologians too. Lorna's last two books for have been Sunday Times number one bestsellers and Message of Hope from the Angels was also the number one bestselling MBS book in the year it was published.

Angels in My Hair

Author : Lorna Byrne
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Documents the experiences of a young Irish mystic who believes she has been communicating with angels throughout her lifetime, sharing inspirational insights while explaining how her abilities are linked to a unique capacity for seeing typically invisible areas of the spectrum. Reprint.

My Guardian Angel My Best Friend

Author : Lorna Byrne
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A collection of children's stories by international bestselling author Lorna Byrne. Lorna Byrne says we all see angels when we are young children, but are gradually conditioned to screen them out. Here, for the first time, she has written stories, inspired by real life, of seven children whose lives were transformed and made better by their interaction with their guardian angels. Among these, there is a story of a little girl called Suzy, paralysed from birth and unable to play with other children. Angels play with her and bring her great happiness. In another story a little girl called Emma is mean to her classmates and gets her little brothers into trouble at home. Her guardian angel gradually prompts her towards a more harmonious and happy life. Tommy feels he is an outsider because he is no good at football. Then with his guardian angel's loving help and attention, Tommy scores a brilliant goal! Lorna began telling stories to her daughter Aideen at an age when, like all children, she was beginning to focus far more on the material world and less on spiritual influences. These stories are written to show children the ways in which they can ask for help from their guardian angels and perhaps even to catch a glimpse of them.

Angel Vs MacLean

Author : Cait London
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Honky Tonk Angel

Author : Frances West
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Fallen Angel

Author : Howard Fast
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The lights go out in a Manhattan skyscraper and young David Stillman cautiously picks his way down a flight of stairs (that later turns out to be not there) and makes his way home. There he finds a sinister individual who tries to persuade him to leave the country and ask no questions. David throws him out and the next morning is chased and nearly killed. Creepy horror is the keynote of this chilling story. To the horror of being in danger of his life from an unknown enemy is added the sudden and terrifying experience of doubting his own identity. Here is a high-voltage thriller that is pervaded throughout by a mood, almost a tangible miasma, of frightening horror and brutality. The skill in creating an atmosphere of dread, the ingenious working out of the puzzle, the race the hero runs between danger and madness, keep the reader enthralled to the last page.

Avenging Angel

Author : Frank Rich
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In the ruthless, anything-goes world of 2031, enforcer and bounty hunter Jake Strait has his limits--a line he won't cross willingly. But when a rich, pampered couple sets him up, he's drawn into a plot to drench the city with blood. Against his will, Jake becomes the favorite son of a people's revolution--and there's hell to pay. Original.

Satan s Angel

Author : Kristin James
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Satan's Angel by Kristin James released on May 25, 1988 is available now for purchase.

Angels on Crusade

Author : Samantha Winston
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A condemned criminal in the far future is sent to the past to try to save the crown of France. Isobel was a carefree student one day, and in prison the next for the accidental murder of a child. Her fate, life in prison. But she's offered a way out-through time. The crown of France is in peril. A young boy, who never should have left Paris, has gone to join the ill-fated 8th Crusade. Isobel's task is to talk young Jean de Bourbon-Dampierre out of joining the Crusade so that he can sire a dynasty. Isobel chooses to go back to the twelfth century, although she knows she will be left to spend the rest of her life there. At least it will give her a chance to redeem herself, she believes. If she's erasure and certain death, and someone else will be sent. In any case, she will never see her own time again. Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the same title.

When the Moon Is Low

Author : Nadia Hashimi
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Mahmoud's passion for his wife Fereiba, a schoolteacher, is greater than any love she's ever known. But their happy, middle-class world—a life of education, work, and comfort—implodes when their country is engulfed in war, and the Taliban rises to power. Mahmoud, a civil engineer, becomes a target of the new fundamentalist regime and is murdered. Forced to flee Kabul with her three children, Fereiba has one hope to survive: she must find a way to cross Europe and reach her sister's family in England. With forged papers and help from kind strangers they meet along the way, Fereiba make a dangerous crossing into Iran under cover of darkness. Exhausted and brokenhearted but undefeated, Fereiba manages to smuggle them as far as Greece. But in a busy market square, their fate takes a frightening turn when her teenage son, Saleem, becomes separated from the rest of the family. Faced with an impossible choice, Fereiba pushes on with her daughter and baby, while Saleem falls into the shadowy underground network of undocumented Afghans who haunt the streets of Europe's capitals. Across the continent Fereiba and Saleem struggle to reunite, and ultimately find a place where they can begin to reconstruct their lives.

Angel Love

Author : Janice Bennett
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Seven stories of love that is made possible with a little help from angels includes works by popular historical romance authors Janice Bennett, Mallory Burgess, Elizabeth Graham, Constance Laux, Patricia McAllister, Doreen Owens Malek, and Karen Ranney. Original.

Angels Smugglers

Author : Alyce Mann
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Madeleine and the Angel

Author : Jacqueline Dumas
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Pauline weighs her memories and nightmares against family stories as she attempts to understand her family and her childhood of abuse. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex.

A Time for Angels Revised Edition

Author : Karen Hesse
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Sick with influenza during the 1918 epidemic and separated from her two sisters, a young Jewish girl living in Boston relies on the help of an old German man, and her visions of angels, to get better and to reunite herself with her family.

Angel Bird

Author : Sanjida O'Connell
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The Angel and the Renegade

Author : Cathryn Clare
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The Angel And The Renegade by Cathryn Clare released on Aug 25, 1994 is available now for purchase.

Plastic Angel

Author : Nerissa Nields
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Thirteen-year-old Randi, an aspiring singer-songwriter, spends the summer forming a band called Plastic Angel with her friend Gellie, and together they also make some decisions about the kind of people they want to be.

Satan s Angel

Author : Candace Camp
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Slater was a Texas Ranger. Victoria was like a flower in the desert, soft and lovely in a way that threatened any man with a healthy fear of being fenced in. She was his last choice for a partner, but she was all he had. Their search for her cousin took them through country as rugged and untamed as he was, but with a wild beauty so like Victoria herself that along the way he lost his heart and began to dream of fences. -p.4 of cover.

Angel Kiss

Author : Kelley Wilde
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Determined to find wives, Jack Pepper and his neighbor, Hank, place ads in an East-West dating service, unaware that they are entering a blood-shrouded cult whose main activity is torture. Original.

The Dark Angel

Author : Mika Waltari
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Historical novel about Constantinople at the time of its fall, in 1452-1453.