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Angela Merkel ELL

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Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany

Author : Kate Moening
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In 2018, Angela Merkel was named the most powerful woman in the world! Throughout her life, Angela has worked hard to gain the trust of her country and become chancellor. Engaging text, timelines, maps, and other unique features chart Angela’s journey in this title for beginning readers.

When in Germany Do as the Germans Do 2nd Edition

Author : Hyde Flippo
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Transform yourself from a typical tourist into a connoisseur of German culture! Do you want to travel to Deutschland without feeling like a Dummkopf! To blend in when visiting Berlin? To feel like you belong in Bavaria? When in Germany, Do as the Germans Do makes it simple to navigate the narrow streets of an Alpine village unnoticed or to go to a movie in Munich without turning heads. With this crash course in German customs and heritage, you’ll avoid embarrassing blunders and enrich your travel experience. Packed with 120 articles, this handy collection of cultural dos and don’ts covers a broad range of topics, including food, art, pop culture, politics, business, entertainment, home life, history, and education. In these pages you’ll find authoritative answers to questions such as: ●At a restaurant, should I find my own table or wait to be seated?●What is a suitable topic for small talk with a stranger?●What is the fastest train service in Germany?●How many varieties of sausage are there?●What is the unofficial division between north and south Germany called?●How do Germans usually pay for online purchases?●What is the main emergency number to call in Germany? With light-hearted quizzes, links to cool websites, this new edition of When in Germany, Do as the Germans Do has been fully updated to provide insights into all aspects of contemporary German culture, and will delight everyone from students and tourists to armchair travelers and trivia buffs.

7 Traits of Highly Successful Women on Boards

Author : Yvonne Thompson
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Coined as "the board woman's bible", 7 Traits of Highly Successful Women on Boards - views from the top and how to get there is an essential read for women on boards, and those aspiring to get there, not only in the private, but also public, charity and SME sectors. It delves into the hearts and thoughts of 22 highly successful women on corporate boards in the UK, sharing gems of advice, tips, traits and their essential characteristics that will help you chart your journey to the room at the top. If you want to get on a board your journey starts here. Know what you are signing up to and enjoy the ride. Find out, for example: What Heather Rabbatts, the most powerful woman in football, thinks about being the first woman on the board of The Football Association. Which leaders do women on boards get their inspiration from and why. How Paula Vennells, the CEO of the Post Office, one of the largest organisations in the UK, achieves her work/life balance. How Fiona Cannon at Lloyds Banking Group will achieve 40% gender diversity at senior level by 2020. How Toni Belcher, Partner at MHBC, cuts male tittle tattle when she walks into the boardroom. Find out the answers to these and many more questions, designed to give you an insight.

The Economist

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CNN 2019 1 No 220

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〔新聞:時事、新知〕 〔適合對象:準備出國、生活中需要大量使用英語、TOEIC ,TOEFL考試準備者〕 CNN互動英語是全國唯一CNN官方授權,最道地的英語教材,大專院校老師一致推薦。內容豐富含財經政治、文化旅遊、體育娛樂等,每月給提供最新的全球大事,和您一起開啟英語世界的大門! ►購買完整紙本書請上: 政治 Winter Is Coming 新冷戰時代來臨?北約、俄國互展軍力 NATO and Russia Face Off in Show of Strength 俄國近來在其「飛外地」卡里寧格勒升級軍力,該地位處波蘭和立陶宛之間,戰略地位相當重要。對此,北大西洋公約組織展開自冷戰結束以來最大規模的軍演以示威嚇,使得俄國與北約緊張關係再度升溫。 人物 Thirteen Years in Charge 揮別13年執政 德國「鐵娘子」梅克爾步下舞台 Angela Merkel Decides Not to Run for Chancellor in 2021 德國總理安格拉.梅克爾宣布,她不會爭取連任基督教民主聯盟黨魁,且2021年將不再角逐總理連任。CNN回顧這位德國史上首位女性總理的政治生涯。 商業 Food Instagrammed! IG行銷 餐飲業的新法寶 Social Media’s Effect on the Restaurant Business 現在開餐廳,不僅餐點要好吃,在社群網站上的曝光率也格外重要。許多商家會推出外表好看的餐點,或在裝潢、包裝下功夫,吸引客人在IG上拍照打卡,為餐廳衝出高人氣。 環境 Ocean Cleanup 海洋垃圾大掃除啟動! The Dutch Team Looking to Remove Plastic from Our Oceans 經過五年的計畫與生產,一個荷蘭非營利組織日前正式展開世界上規模最大的海洋清理計畫,終極目標是要在2040年前清除90%的海洋塑膠。 娛樂 The Superhero of Marvel 緬懷漫威之父——史丹.李 Remembering Stan Lee—Creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man and the X-Men 漫威漫畫作者史丹.李辭世,享耆壽95歲。他催生了鋼鐵人、蜘蛛人、索爾、浩克等角色,以無盡的創意為千千萬萬的超級英雄漫畫迷編織出不朽的回憶。 商業 Beauty. Power. Speed. 天價頂級超跑Bugatti的品牌重生之路 The History of the Legendary Sports Car Manufacturer Bugatti Bugatti超跑融合法國血統、義大利美學及德國工程技術,是全球最所費不貲的汽車品牌之一。本文從Bugatti創始之初說起,回顧它是如何走過風光、沒落與重生。 社會 All Work and No Play 過勞死頻傳 南韓政府推新法挽救 South Korea Strives to Combat Work-Related Deaths 飽受高工時文化所苦的南韓推出新法,將每週最高工時由68小時縮短至52小時,盼能減緩過勞死的問題,並提高該國低迷的生育率。 生活 Food for Thought 外食怎麼吃才健康?營養師教你聰明點餐 Tips for Choosing the Healthiest Meal on the Menu 營養師分享外食時點餐的秘訣,教您即使在餐廳用餐,面對各式各樣誘人美食,也能吃得聰明、吃得健康。 科技 Fabricating the Future 數位構築——開啟建築與文化美學的對話 The Use of Robotics in Building, Construction and Design 數位構築將傳統建築工法融入設計軟體,因而得以突破過去的侷限,創造出更多新的建築型態。 運動 The Faux-Ball Player 足球版「神鬼交鋒」 不曾上場踢球的巴西球星 The Story of Football’s Greatest Con Man 1980年代巴西的足壇曾有過一位另類球星,他不曾正式上場比賽踢球,卻享有一切身為球星的名望和財富。他是怎麼做到的?請看本則報導。 CNN 全球瞭望 Democrats Take House in US Midterms 美期中大選 民主黨翻轉眾議院 California Hit by Record Wildfires 加州大火延燒 天堂鎮成煉獄 100th Anniversary of WWI Armistice 各國領袖參加一戰終戰百年紀念儀式 CNN主播教你唸 世界領袖 聽懂CNN 報導 Alarm against Antibiotics in Fast Food 速食店漢堡含抗生素?! 消費者小心為上策 Thirteen Years in Charge 揮別13年執政 「鐵娘子」梅克爾步下舞台 Angela Merkel Decides Not to Run for Chancellor1 in 2021 FREDERIK PLEITGEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT It was the announcement that spelled the beginning of the end for the German chancellor. ANGELA MERKEL, CHANCELLOR OF GERMANY (VIA INTERPRETER) This fourth term is my last term as Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the next Bundestag election in 2021, I will not run again as chancellor. I will not run for the German Bundestag anymore, and I will not take any other political positions. FREDERIK PLEITGEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT After 13 years as chancellor, Angela Merkel [is] saying she wants to begin a new chapter. Her decision [is] a sign of a weakened position in her party—a party that suffered poor results in a regional election this weekend. Despite recent struggles, over her long career, Angela Merkel became, arguably, the world’s most powerful woman. She adopted several nicknames along the way, including “Mutti”, or “Mama” Merkel. No matter what she has been called, though, Angela Merkel has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. She grew up in East Germany under its Communist regime, studying to be a scientist. But after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, she threw herself into the world of politics, working to reunify Germany after the Cold War. She had a knack for toppling those who underestimated her. Her mentor, the formidable Chancellor Helmut Kohl, used to tease her for her provincial manners. And yet, within a decade, she was calling for his resignation as he faced allegations of corruption. By 2005, she’d become the country’s first female chancellor. Known for being pragmatic and understated, though some found her indecisive—early on, she was criticized for being slow to act and reticent to speak out. Merkel showed her resolve in 2015 when she allowed more than a million refugees—most fleeing from Syria’s civil war—to cross into Germany. It was initially applauded by many Germans, but later heavily criticized by those who believed Germany was overburdened. Merkel’s answer to her critics was “wir schaffen das”—we can manage. It was a decision that has come to define her political career. Merkel is one of the longest-serving leaders in Europe. She’s worked alongside three U.S. presidents, four British prime ministers and four French presidents. Under her leadership, the country has grown prosperous and powerful, but Angela Merkel has also challenged Germany to open up and shoulder more responsibility for global problems. As she prepares to step down in 2021, Germany will need to decide if its new leader should continue down that path. CNN特派員 弗瑞德克.普雷根 這是預示著德國總理任期進入尾聲的宣言。 德國總理 安格拉.梅克爾(經由口譯) 第四任期是我擔任德意志聯邦共和國總理的最後一個任期。在二○二一年的下一屆德國聯邦議院選舉中,我不會再以總理身分參選。我不會再角逐德國聯邦議院的席次,也不會再接任何其他政治職務。 CNN特派員 弗瑞德克.普雷根 當了十三年的總理之後,安格拉.梅克爾說她想要展開新的篇章。她的決定顯示她在黨內的地位變弱了——該黨在本週末的地方選舉中的結果失利。 儘管近來陷入困境,但安格拉.梅克爾在她漫長的職涯中可說成了全球最有權勢的女性。她一路走來得到不少暱稱,包括「Mutti」(編按:德文),就是梅克爾「媽媽」。不過,不論人們怎麼稱呼安格拉.梅克爾,她已證明自己是股不容忽視的力量。 她在共產黨政權統治下的東德長大,受的是科學家的教育。但是在柏林圍牆於一九八九年倒下之後,她卻一頭栽進了政壇,致力讓德國在冷戰後重新團結起來。 她對於打倒那些看不起她的人很有一套。她的恩師是令人敬畏的海爾穆.柯爾總理,他以前常取笑她土裡土氣的言行舉止。然而,不到十年,她便在柯爾面臨貪腐指控時要求他下台。 時至二○○五年,梅克爾成了德國第一位女性總理。她以務實與低調著稱,儘管有些人認為她優柔寡斷——早期她因為行事拖宕、遲於表態而遭批評。 梅克爾在二○一五年展現了她的決心,當時她允許超過一百萬名難民入境德國——多數是自敘利亞的內戰逃出的。此舉起先獲得許多德國人民的讚賞,但後來卻遭認為德國負擔過重的人猛烈批評。梅克爾對批評者的回應是「wir schaffen das」(編按:德文)——我們應付得來。這是一項從此定義了她的政治生涯的決策。 梅克爾是歐洲在任時間數一數二長的領導人。她在位期間歷經了三任美國總統、四任英國首相與四任法國總統。在她的領導下,德國發展得繁榮而強大,但安格拉.梅克爾也要求德國敞開心胸並為全球問題肩負起更多責任。隨著她準備在二○二一年下台,德國將必須決定其新任領導人是否要繼續沿著那條路走下去。

Nobody s There

Author : Joan Lowery Nixon
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For fans of Gillian Flynn, Caroline Cooney, and R.L. Stine comes Nobody’s There from four-time Edgar Allen Poe Young Adult Mystery Award winner Joan Lowery Nixon. Furious at her father for breaking up their family, Abbie Thompson acted without thinking and got arrested for malicious mischief. Now the judge has assigned her to volunteer in a program that matches teens with the elderly. But Abbie doesn’t get just any elderly person. She gets Edna Merkel, a cranky, difficult woman who’s a member of the town’s crime prevention group. In fact, Mrs. Merkel is too active a member, and after she brags that she’s on to something big, she is attacked and ends up hospitalized. Suddenly the private investigator game is real, and only Abbie—with the help of Mrs. Merkel’s indecipherable notebook—can figure out who did it. But will Abbie get to the assailant before the assailant gets to her? “Fast-paced and involving.” –Kirkus Reviews “Well drawn and distinct…Nixon’s fans will no doubt enjoy.” –School Library Journal “Another great mystery.” –VOYA

The End of the World is Near

Author : Ove Lackell
File Size : 78.83 MB
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This book is a warning to everyone that the timetable of God is soon coming to an end! Jesus Christ died about 2000 years ago on the cross and he paid for the salvation of all people who ever lived on earth, with his own blood. When a person believes in his heart that Jesus died, was buried, and rose again, that person becomes born again and is a different person forever. The Bible calls this person A NEW CREATION. That is the the greatest miracle ever! God who created the whole world will actually live inside that person forever by the Holy Spirit. This book explains what will happen soon and what will happen to all people after death!

The Communicative Construction of Europe

Author : Andreas Hepp
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Based on a 12-year long project, this book demonstrates the contested character of the communicative construction of Europe. It does so by combining an investigation of journalistic practices with content analysis of print media, an examination of citizens' online interactions and audience studies with European citizens.

Beitr ge zur Geschichte des deutschen Versicherungswesens

Author : Peter Koch
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Für nicht wenige seiner Leser gilt der Aachener Jurist, Wissenschaftler, Publizist und Hochschullehrer Peter Koch als der Versicherungshistoriker schlechthin. In seinem nunmehr über 60-jährigen Schaffen hat er wie kein anderer die Erforschung der Geschichte der Versicherung beeinflusst und vorangebracht. Das Ergebnis seines Lebenswerks ist beeindruckend: Eine schier unüberschaubare Fülle von Büchern, Aufsätzen, Festschriften und Unternehmensdarstellungen sowie das einmalige Standardwerk Geschichte der Versicherungswirtschaft in Deutschland. Prof. Dr. Peter Koch hat sich bei einer großen Lesergemeinde in und außerhalb der Assekuranz einen Namen gemacht. 2015 möchte ihn der Verlag Versicherungswirtschaft anlässlich seines 80. Geburtstags mit einer Auswahl seiner historischen Beiträge ehren. Die Auswahl zeichnet ein Bild seiner Beiträge, die er in den letzten zehn Jahren für die Zeitschrift Versicherungswirtschaft verfasst hat. Prof. Dr. Peter Koch steht auch mit 80 Jahren mitten in der Arbeit. Man darf also gespannt sein.

Boris Hoppek Y Sancho Panza

Author : Boris Hoppek
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Boris Hoppek is known as the creator of the Bimbo Dolls series, expressive cloth figures which were featured in Übersee 1 and Pictoplasma 2. Now we are presenting a much larger spectrum of Hoppek's multi-disciplinary urban art in this smaller but comprehensive monograph. In addition to humorous new photo installations starring his Bimbos, the book includes a broad selection of Hoppek's fanciful portraits in chalk and spray paint that can be seen in the streets of cities from Barcelona to Berlin. These are supplemented by images of his work on cardboard boxes as well as numerous illustrations and sketches. Rather than approach his art theoretically, Hoppek simply does what he likes to do. This method gives all of his work an aura of childlike authenticity. The combination of amusing motifs and an attractive, handy format make this book an ideal gift.

American Presidential Elections in a Comparative Perspective

Author : Jesús Velasco
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This book studies the views from countries in Asia, Europe, and Latin American of the United States and the 2016 presidential election. Twelve researchers of American politics evaluate how these perspectives were modified or reinforced as a result of the campaign and election of Donald Trump.

Geo economics and Power Politics in the 21st Century

Author : Mikael Wigell
File Size : 50.68 MB
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Starting from the key concept of geo-economics, this book investigates the new power politics and argues that the changing structural features of the contemporary international system are recasting the strategic imperatives of foreign policy practice. States increasingly practice power politics by economic means. Whether it is about Iran’s nuclear programme or Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Western states prefer economic sanctions to military force. Most rising powers have also become cunning agents of economic statecraft. China, for instance, is using finance, investment and trade as means to gain strategic influence and embed its global rise. Yet the way states use economic power to pursue strategic aims remains an understudied topic in International Political Economy and International Relations. The contributions to this volume assess geo-economics as a form of power politics. They show how power and security are no longer simply coupled to the physical control of territory by military means, but also to commanding and manipulating the economic binds that are decisive in today’s globalised and highly interconnected world. Indeed, as the volume shows, the ability to wield economic power forms an essential means in the foreign policies of major powers. In so doing, the book challenges simplistic accounts of a return to traditional, military-driven geopolitics, while not succumbing to any unfounded idealism based on the supposedly stabilising effects of interdependence on international relations. As such, it advances our understanding of geo-economics as a strategic practice and as an innovative and timely analytical approach. This book will be of much interest to students of security studies, international political economy, foreign policy and International Relations in general.

Gaia ecological perspectives for science and society

Author :
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The Foundations of the EU as a Polity

Author : Massimo Fichera
File Size : 59.47 MB
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In this insightful book, Massimo Fichera provides an original account of European integration as a process. He argues that European constitutionalism has been informed from its earliest stages by a meta-rationale, which is expressed by security and fundamental rights as discourses of power. Employing this descriptive and normative conceptual framework to analyse the development of the EU as a polity, chapters cover significant recent events such as the Eurozone crisis, the refugee crisis, the rule of law crisis, Brexit and the constitutional identity crisis.

Shattered Cracked Or Firmly Intact

Author : Farida Jalalzai
File Size : 72.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In the past 50 years, fewer than eighty women worldwide have attained the office of prime minister or president. In 2010, women held just seventeen of the world's 252 executive posts - slightly less than seven percent. In Shattered, Cracked, or Firmly Intact?, Farida Jalalzai explores the patterns of women executive's paths, powers, and potential impacts, examining the global and national mechanisms that prevent women from attaining executive office.

Common Values

Author : Weronika Priesmeyer-Tkocz
File Size : 86.26 MB
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Das Verständnis von gemeinsamen Werten spielt vor dem Hintergrund der Diskussion um die Fortentwicklung der europäischen Integration sowie angesichts der Zunahme von rechtspopulistischen Tendenzen in Europa eine große Rolle. Dies betrifft sowohl die wissenschaftliche Debatte und öffentliche Meinung als auch die aktuelle Politik innerhalb der EU. Auch das deutsch-polnische Verhältnis wird auf die Probe gestellt. Der Sammelband befasst sich mit Gemeinsamkeiten, Gegensätzen, Argumenten und Gegenargumenten im deutschen und polnischen Verständnis der europäischen Integration. Hierbei werden gleichermaßen verschiedene Blickpunkte auf Begriffsdeutungen der Werte und Prinzipien, auf denen die EU basiert wie auch empirische Forschung zu Politikfeldern im binationalen Kontext einer Analyse unterzogen. (Nachwuchs-)WissenschaftlerInnen und AnalytikerInnen aus Deutschland und Polen wirkten an der Publikation mit. Der Ansatz ist multiperspektivisch, interdisziplinär und lösungsorientiert. Mit Beiträgen von Kai-Olaf Lang, Magdalena Musiał-Karg, Adam Jaskulski, Adrian Chojan, Mikołaj J. Tomaszyk, Maciej Cieślukowski, Adam Kirpsza, Ida Musiałkowska, Mariusz Ruszel, Jan Muszyński, Kamila Schöll-Mazurek, Marta Kozłowska, Erik Malchow, Oliver Tettenborn, Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski, Thomas Mehlhausen, Bartosz Rydliński und Weronika Priesmeyer-Tkocz.


Author : Claire Nally
File Size : 69.66 MB
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What is steampunk? Fashion craze, literary genre, lifestyle - or all of the above? Playing with the scientific innovations and aesthetics of the Victorian era, steampunk creatively warps history and presents an alternative future, imagined from a nineteenth-century perspective. In her interdisciplinary book, Claire Nally delves into this contemporary subculture, explaining how the fashion, music, visual culture, literature and politics of steampunk intersect with theories of gender and sexuality. Exploring and occasionally critiquing the ways in which gender functions in the movement, she addresses a range of different issues, including the controversial trope of the Victorian asylum; gender and the graphic novel; the legacies of colonialism; science and the role of Ada Lovelace as a feminist steampunk icon. Drawing upon interviews, theoretical readings and textual analysis, Nally asks: why are steampunks fascinated by our Victorian heritage, and what strategies do they use to reinvent history in the present?

Realities and Fantasies of German Female Leadership

Author : Elisabeth Krimmer
File Size : 41.69 MB
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The Western tradition of excluding women from leadership and disparaging their ability to lead has persisted for centuries, not least in Germany. Even today, resistance to women holding power is embedded in literary, cultural, and historical values that presume a fundamental opposition between the adjective "female" and the substantive "leader." Women who do achieve positions of leadership are faced with a panoply of prejudicial misconceptions: either considered incapable of leadership (conceived of as alpha-male behavior), or pigeonholed as suited only to particular forms of leadership (nurturing, cooperative, egalitarian, communicative, etc.). Focusing on the German-speaking countries, this volume works to dismantle the prevailing disassociation of women and leadership across a range of disciplines. Contributions discuss literary works involving women's political authority and cultivation of community from Maria Antonia of Saxony to Elfriede Jelinek; women's social activism, as embodied by figures from Hedwig Dohm to Rosa Luxemburg; women in political film, environmentalism, neoliberalism, and the media from Leni Riefenstahl to Petra Kelly to Maren Ade; and political leaders Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel. The essays achieve a deeper understanding of the historical roots and theoretical assumptions that inform ideas and realities of German female leadership. Contributors: Dorothee Beck, Seth Berk, Friederike Brühöfener, Margaretmary Daley, Aude Defurne, Helga Druxes, Sarah Vandegrift Eldridge, Anke Gilleir, Rachel J. Halverson, Peter Hudis, Elisabeth Krimmer, Stephen Milder, Joyce Marie Mushaben, Lauren Nossett, Patricia Anne Simpson, Almut Spalding, Inge Stephan, Lisa Fetheringill Zwicker. Elisabeth Krimmer is Professor of German at the University of California, Davis. Patricia Anne Simpson is Professor of German and Chairperson of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Integration of Migrants into the Labour Market in Europe

Author : Sylwia Przytuła
File Size : 27.88 MB
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Living and working in a host country is challenging both for the host country as well as for the incoming migrants. Therefore, integration activities are essential for easing the transition. This book examines various practices of integrating migrants in European countries from national, organizational and individual perspectives.