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And I Thought I Had It All Figured Out

Author : Wilnona Marie
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when you finally have life where you want it. It turns on you as The And I Thought Ladies are about to find out. What extent will they go to keep life's nightmares from happening to them. Will the y kill for it? that is the question each lady must answer and live with the consequences.

Today Is a Good Day for Marshmallows A Mother s Memoir

Author : Kristi Hellenbrand, DC
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This is an intimate look at a perfectionist mother who learned to live her best life by giving up the reins. Rather than continuing to practice control and conquer parenting she strives to honor the uniqueness of each of her children, accept her own innate mothering style and by slowing down, appreciate the beauty that surrounds her. This books speaks to the masses of mothers who feel uncertain at times and offers a new approach, a new calm and ultimately a new happy place.

One Day My Soul Just Opened Up

Author : Iyanla Vanzant
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Iyanla Vanzant is the much-loved and bestselling author of IN THE MEANTIME and UNTIL TODAY!. Through her work, millions of readers have found the inspiration to make profound changes in their lives. Calling on both personal experience and her work with others, Iyanla's ONE DAY MY SOUL JUST OPENED UP is a message of empowerment both for women and men, encouraging us to tap into our strengths and make our dreams come true. Through a forty day and forty night programme of exercises and readings, Iyanla guides us through our daily obstacles towards greater emotional and spiritual health.

Something Blue

Author : Emily Giffin
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From the New York Times bestselling author of Something Borrowed comes a novel that shows how someone with a ‘perfect life' can lose it all—and then find everything. Darcy Rhone thought she had it all figured out: the more beautiful the girl, the more charmed her life. Never mind substance. Never mind playing by the rules. Never mind karma. But Darcy's neat, perfect world turns upside down when her best friend, Rachel, the plain-Jane "good girl," steals her fiancé, while Darcy finds herself completely alone for the first time in her life...with a baby on the way. Darcy tries to recover, fleeing to her childhood friend living in London and resorting to her tried-and-true methods for getting what she wants. But as she attempts to recreate her glamorous life on a new continent, Darcy finds that her rules no longer apply. It is only then that Darcy can begin her journey toward self-awareness, forgiveness, and motherhood. Emily Giffin's Something Blue is a novel about one woman's surprising discoveries about the true meaning of friendship, love, and happily-ever-after. It's a novel for anyone who has ever, even secretly, wondered if the last thing you want is really the one thing you need.

Death s Rival

Author : Faith Hunter
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Jane Yellowrock is a shapeshifting skinwalker you don’t want to cross—especially if you’re one of the undead… For a vampire killer like Jane, having Leo Pellisier as a boss took some getting used to. But now, someone is out to take his place as Master Vampire of the city of New Orleans, and is not afraid to go through Jane to do it. After an attack that’s tantamount to a war declaration, Leo knows his rival is both powerful and vicious, but Leo’s not about to run scared. After all, he has Jane. But then, a plague strikes, one that takes down vampires and makes their masters easy prey. Now, to uncover the identity of the vamp who wants Leo’s territory, and to find the cause of the vamp-plague, Jane will have to go to extremes…and maybe even to war.

Hat Trick

Author : Lisa Kusel
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One-time best friends whose relationship had soured in the wake of a complicated love triangle involving Peter, an older man, Mona and Hannah are brought back together on the island of Zanzibar when their paths once again cross that of Peter.

Grace s Journey

Author : Charles Higgins
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Grace, following the death of her husband Hank, was forced to carry on with her life as best she could. Raising an inquisitive boy, Georgie, as a single mother and running the law firm and other endeavors that she and Hank had begun was a huge challenge that demanded all of her time. Jack, her half-brother, was helpful with Georgie but often added to her burdens when he became periodically unpredictable. As life moved on, she was able to balance all of this until she met two men. Adam, a ranch hand with an easy living style and smooth moves, and Jerry, a long-time supportive friend who hides his true feelings, both challenged her to introspection and the need to discover what sort of future she wished for herself.

Burnt Are My Offerings

Author :
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Guardians of Ga Hoole A Guide Book to the Great Tree

Author : Kathryn Huang
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Finally, for all free folk of air, land, and water seeking knowledge of the Great Ga'Hoole Tree; its ways, its days, its heroes known and unknown... a Guide! Studious by nature, fortunate to have been present at the most glorious moments in the tree's recent history, and above all honored to count as friends its most ardent champions, I, Otulissa, have decided to write a compendium, a catchall -a guide, in short- to the history, life, and spirit of the tree. Pause a moment before the next adventure begins to read of its natural history, its origin, and yearly changes. Read of its lesser-known heroes: of Joss, brave messenger of legends; of the brothers Ifghar and Ezylryb and the treachery that bound them; of Theo, the peaceful warrior.

Left Standing

Author : Chad J. Bring
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Growing up in Chicago, Justin Mason, a recent college graduate has a bright future ahead. With two parents nearby and finally an apartment of his own, he is ready for what life has in store for him. His family and friends are important, but his passion is writing. As the youngest journalist at the Chicago Gazette, Justin's career is wide open. His life seems to be going right on track, that is, until plans start shifting. For the next two years, he is left standing in contemplation as his life changes along with those close to him. Learn more at

Hometown Valentine

Author : Lissa Manley
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Finding Her Family Lily Rogers is ready to follow her dreams. Now all she needs is funds. Taking a job as baby Peyton's temporary nanny seems like an easy way to earn cash for her plane ticket to LA. But there's nothing easy about how Lily feels for Peyton's uncle, coffee shop owner Blake Stonely. As Valentine's Day approaches, Lily's head fills with romantic notions of the handsome new daddy. She's falling for a family that isn't hers, and dreaming of a life with the blue-eyed barista and his adorable niece. Will Lily leave Blake and Peyton behind…or make a new future—and family—with them by her side? Moonlight Cove: A beachside town where love and faith blossom

Kate s Story 1914

Author : Adele Whitby
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There are more family secrets waiting to be discovered at Vandermeer Manor in America in the second book of a historical fiction mystery series. It’s the end of June in 1914, and Beth Etheridge is traveling from her home in England’s Chatswood Manor all the way to America, to visit her cousin Kate at Vandermeer Manor in Rhode Island. The girls are thrilled to be united, especially because Beth will be in attendance when Kate receives the heirloom “Katherine” necklace: one half of a heart encrusted with gorgeous rubies. It’s the companion to Beth’s “Elizabeth” necklace. But the trip is cut short when news arrives of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. With talk of war on the horizon, Beth is ordered to return home, but Kate knows the perfect hiding place to help her stay. A wing of Vandermeer Manor is rumored to be haunted, and as the girls explore, they find a different kind of ghost—and a new trove of family secrets.

Lion s Last Kill

Author : Will Kalif
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This is one of those profound little books that sends ideas out into the world like a shockwave. It is an Epic Fantasy adventure that goes beyond fantasy and examines the basic questions of heroism, genius, and the quest that every hero must undertake. Travel with Bosch as he embarks on his journey to accomplish his quest and watch as he struggles to overcome the obstacles both external and internal that every hero must face.

Radical Transformation God s Way

Author : Jeff Budzinski
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Today people are dealing with an identity crisis. They do not know who they are in Christ. They have very little knowledge to what God has to say about them. Radical Transformation Gods Way will build principles to help you discover who you are in Christ Jesus. When these Biblical Principles are applied, you will begin to see Gods plan unfold in your life. This book will help you build confidence, raise your awareness of who God says you are, remove old mind-sets and help you get back on Gods course. Just as a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, the time in the cocoon is preparation for the transformation. Today is the day you will break out of the cocoon and soar as a butterfly in Gods Word. Get ready to be Radically Transformed Gods Way!

People with AIDS

Author : Bebe Nixon
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This extraordinary book is about fifteen people with AIDS. It is about bravery and cowardice, honesty and self-deception, humor and bitterness. It is about patience with the banality of this world, and aboutt the rage that accrues as time slips away.

Perfect For The Beach

Author : Kayla Perrin
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Turn up the heat with these six steamy novellas that carry an SPF--Sexy, Provocative, Fabulously erotic--rating that's off the scale and just. . .Perfect For The Beach Some Like It Hot by New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster Family practitioner Cary Rupert wants Nora Chilton so badly he can barely keep a hold of his stethoscope. Now he's out to prove that when it comes to loving her forever, he's the man for the job. . . One Wilde Weekend by USA Today bestselling author Janelle Denison Alex Wilde is crazy about Dana Reed. Career-driven Dana wants him as a lover, not a husband. . .until Alex whisks her away for a weekend that will fulfill every forbidden desire. . . Blue Crush by USA Today bestselling author Erin McCarthy Dr. Sara Davis loses her bikini top to a powerful wave and finds herself in the arms of gorgeous lifeguard Kyle Vanderhoff. . .where a little mouth-to-mouth just might resuscitate her love life. . . My Thief by New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson John Crusher is hauled into his hotel room only to come face-to-face with a stunning redhead who orders him to strip. But when the room service is this superb, what's a guy to do but show his appreciation. . . Hot And Bothered by USA Today and Essence bestselling author Kayla Perrin Marrying Trey Arnold after a whirlwind romance was the dumbest thing Jenna Maxwell ever did. Divorce is the simple solution, but once she sees Trey's sexy smile again, things get complicated. . .and very, very hot. . . Murphy's Law by USA Today bestselling author Morgan Leigh Kat Murphy is in love with her lawyer boss, Sam Parrish. Fearing his heart may never heal, she quits her job and heads for the beach. And when Sam follows, the sensual heat they generate is out of this world.

Thoughts about Nothing

Author : Eve Adams; Penelope James
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When I was four years old, I witnessed someone kill a sick family pet (a rabbit). Ever since, I have wondered about meaning: what it means to live; what it means to die; what it means to care about either. I’ve come up with very few answers—probably zero. But I think that I have come to glean a little understanding as to how things work, although I suppose I will never know why they work as they do. This novel is an attempt to organize those “gleanings,” and show some of the more poignant manifestations of them. Besides them, I’ve got nothing!

So You Think You Hear Voices and What to Expect When You Start Listening

Author : Kathryn Jacoby
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All of us are psychic! Whether it is a gut feeling, a premonition, a shadow in the hallway, or listening to our spirit guide, we've all had experiences that have touched the part of us that connects to something greater than ourselves. "So You Think You Hear Voices and What to Expect When You Start Listening" chronicles one person's journey as they learn to tap into the power of the Universe and the struggles they went through toward becoming a channel. Follow along on her life's journey to see that almost anything is possible. This is not a technical book on learning how to increase your psychic abilities. It is a humorous and honest look at the often confusing and uncertain emotions and experiences that one may encounter during this type of journey. " So...You Think You Hear Voices and What to Expect When You Start Listening"provides you with an opportunity to better understand your own journey with Light and may open the doorway to your own possibilities - at least a crack. Despite anyone's greatest resistance, as you will see, Spirit gets our attention sooner or later and life is never the same. Enjoy the ride and the read!

Cunningham Ghost

Author : Dragan Vujic
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Dragan Vujic describes in detail how he hunted the same buck on the same property for six years. Year by year, he relates the lessons learned, the equipment and set-ups employed, the places hunted, the other bucks harvested, the strategies and tactics utilized. After the fourth season, the buck went nocturnal. A new game plan had to be formulated. Finally, in the sixth year, Dragan Vujic put an arrow through a majestic monarch of the wild. It was an exhilarating experience and a valuable education in the art of whitetail hunting.

Harold s Horrible Life

Author : Billy McCall
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