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The World of Ancient Greece A Daily Life Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Author : Michael Lovano
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This book opens the world of the ancient Greeks to all readers through easily accessible entries on topics essential to understanding Greek high culture and daily life. The ancient Greeks provided the foundation for Western civilization. They made significant advances in science, mathematics, philosophy, literature, and government. While many readers might have heard of Plato and Aristotle, however, or be familiar with the classic works of Greek tragedy, most people know significantly less about daily life in the ancient Greek world. This encyclopedia opens the world of the ancient Greeks, spanning Greek history from the Bronze Age through Roman times, with an emphasis on the Classical and Hellenistic Eras. The encyclopedia provides roughly 270 easily accessible entries on topics essential to understanding everything from Greek high culture to daily life. These entries are grouped in topical sections on the arts, science and technology, politics and government, domestic life, and other subjects. Sidebars on particularly noteworthy people, places, and concepts provide related information, while primary documents allow readers to delve into the mindset and feelings of the ancient Greeks themselves. Extensive bibliographic references give curious readers direction for further research. • Includes reference entries with objective, essential information about topics related to daily life in ancient Greece • Offers sidebars with related, nuanced information that will interest readers in Greek history • Cites works for further reading in entries • Gives readers first-hand accounts of life in ancient Greece in primary source documents

The History of Ancient Greece

Author : John Gillies
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A Geographical and Historical Description of Ancient Greece 2

Author : John Anthony Cramer
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Yet More Studies in the Ancient Greek Polis

Author : Lecturer in the Department of Greek and Latin Thomas Heine Nielsen
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A fourth collection of Papers from the Copenhagen Polis Centre, a collective whose "ulimate aim is to present a new analysis of the Archaic and Classical Greek polis ", through various wide-ranging and thematically specific investigations. This volume and the others in the series are released in advance of the publication of a general synthesis of findings, hence the thematic incoherence of the titles contained herein: Polis as the Generic Term for State, Hekataios' Use of the Word Polis in His Periegesis , and A Typology of Dependent Poleis (Mogens Herman Hansen) ; A Survey of the Major Urban Settlements in the Kimmerian Bosphoros (With a Discussion of Their Status as Poleis ) (Gocha R. Tsetskhladze) ; Emporion . A Study of the Use and Meaning of the Term in the Archaic and Classical Periods (Mogens Herman Hansen) ; Colonies and Ports-of-Tradee on the Northern Shores of the Black Sea: Borysthenes, Kremnoi and the "Other Pontic Emporia in Herodotos (John Hind) ; Some Problems in Polis Identification in the Chalkidic Peninsula (Pernille Flensted-Jensen) ; Triphylia . An Experiment in Ethnic Construction adn Political Organisation (Thomas Heine Nielsen) ; The Polis of Asea. A Case-Study of How Archaeology Can expand Our Knowlege of the History of a Polis (Jeanette Fors�n and Bj�rn Fors�n) .

Ancient Greek Colonies in the Black Sea

Author : Dēmētrios V. Grammenos
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Women Crime and Punishment in Ancient Law and Society

Author : Elisabeth Meier Tetlow
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The ancient period of Greek history, to which this volume is devoted, began in late Bronze Age in the second millennium and lasted almost to the end of the first century BCE, when the last remnant of the Hellenistic empire created by Alexander the Great was conquered by the Romans. Extant texts of law of actual laws are few and often found embedded in other sources, such as the works of orators and historians. Greek literature, from the epics of Homer to the classical dramas, provides a valuable source of information. However, since literary sources are fictional portrayals and often reflect the times and biases of the authors, other more concrete evidence from archaeology has been used throughout the volume to confirm and contextualize the literary evidence about women, crime, and punishment in ancient Greece. The volume is divided into three parts: (I) Mykenean and Archaic Greece, (II) Classical Greece, and (III the Hellenistic Period. The book includes illustrations, maps, lists of Hellenistic dynasties, and Indices of Persons, Place and Subjects. Crime and punishment, criminal law and its administration, are areas of ancient history that have been explored less than many other aspects of ancient civilizations. Throughout history women have been affected by crime both as victims and as offenders. In the ancient world, customary laws were created by men, formal laws were written by men, and both were interpreted and enforced by men. This two-volume work explores the role of gender in the formation and administration of ancient law and examines the many gender categories and relationships established in ancient law, including legal personhood, access to courts, citizenship, political office, religious office, professions, marriage, inheritance, and property ownership. Thus it focuses on women and crime within the context of women in the society.

Sources for the Ancient Greek City State

Author : Mogens Herman Hansen
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A History of Ancient Greek

Author : Maria Arapopoulou
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Comprehensive, authoritative but highly accessible reference work essential for all those interested in the history of Greek.

The Nature of History in Ancient Greece and Rome

Author : Charles W. Fornara
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Ancient Greek Philosophy 2 e

Author : Vijay Tankha
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This book discusses the principal fragments of the early Greek thinkers like Anaximander, Heraclitus, Pythagoras, Parmenides and many others, who predate Plato and Aristotle. The author contends that pre-Platonic Greek philosophy is not to be looked at as a matter of mere historical interest. Although their work survives only in fragments, they have been the subject of study and reflection by the whole western philosophical tradition. Therefore the second edition of Ancient Greek Philosophy: Thales to Socrates covers the gamut of western thought from the pre-Socratic to the Socratic in order to provide us with an in-depth introduction to the whole of classical Greek philosophy.

Brill s Companion to Ancient Greek Scholarship 2 Vols

Author : Franco Montanari
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Brill’s Companion to Ancient Greek Scholarship aims at providing a reference work in the field of ancient Greek and Byzantine scholarship and grammar, thus encompassing the broad and multifaceted philological and linguistic research activity during the entire Greek Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

Ancient Greece

Author : Matthew Dillon
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In this revised and updated edition, the authors present a wide range of documents on Greek social and political history from 800 to 399 BC, from all over the Greek World.

Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy II

Author : John Peter Anton
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Papers presented to the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy since its beginnings in the 1950's.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome

Author : Michael Gagarin
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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome is the clearest and most accessible guide to the world of classical antiquity ever produced. This multivolume reference work is a comprehensive overview of the major cultures of the classical Mediterranean world--Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman--from the Bronze Age to the fifth century CE. It also covers the legacy of the classical world and its interpretation and influence in subsequent centuries. The Encyclopedia brings the work of the best classical scholars, archaeologists, and historians together in an easy-to-use format. The articles, written by leading scholars in the field, seek to convey the significance of the people, places, and historical events of classical antiquity, together with its intellectual and material culture. Broad overviews of literature, history, archaeology, art, philosophy, science, and religion are complimented by articles on authors and their works, literary genres and periods, historical figures and events, archaeologists and archaeological sites, artists and artistic themes and materials, philosophers and philosophical schools, scientists and scientific areas, gods, heroes, and myths. Areas covered include: · Greek and Latin Literature · Authors and Their Works · Historical Figures and Events · Religion and Mythology · Art, Artists, Artistic Themes, and Materials · Archaeology, Philosophers, and Philosophical Schools · Science and Technology · Politics, Economics, and Society · Material Culture and Everyday Life

Ancient Greece Gr 4 6

Author :
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The Ancient Greek Olympics

Author : Richard Woff
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Describes the history, traditions, and competitive events connected with the Olympic games held in ancient Greece and compares the ancient athletic events to those of the modern Olympics.

Empire of Ancient Greece

Author : Jean Kinney Williams
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The classical Greek civilization is the cornerstone of Western civilization today. The Greeks invented and developed everything from logic and democracy to rhetoric, drama, and philosophy. Empire of Ancient Greece, Revised Edition chronicles the remarkable legacy of the Greeks, as well as the diversity of their societies--from the thriving democracy of Athens to the militarism of Sparta to the oligarchy of Thrace. It explores the conditions that made it possible for the ancient Greeks to develop a culture that set the foundation for our intellectual lives today, and explains why Greek power eventually declined. Everyday life in ancient Greece, from the wealthy citizens who grappled in the Olympic arena to the farmers who found 50 different ways to use olive oil, is also examined. Connections in our own world to the ancient Greeks are numerous, including the Olympics, much of our classical literature, the scientific method, architecture, and many English words.

Rethinking Revolutions Through Ancient Greece

Author : Simon Goldhill
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This book investigates the claims made about classical Greece being the period and place in which Western civilization developed.

A History of Greece

Author : George Grote
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Grote's classic twelve-volume work established the shape of Greek history which prevails in accounts of the ancient world today.

Witchcraft and Magic in Europe Volume 2

Author : Bengt Ankarloo
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Topics include binding spells, curse tablets, and the demonization of magic and sorcery by Christianity.