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Ancient Egypt Tales of Gods and Pharaohs

Author : Marcia Williams
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Retells nine tales of ancient Egypt, including the story of Ra rising from the waters of the Nile to create the gods of the earth, sky, and rain.

Egyptian Mythology

Author : Dale Hansen
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Few civilizations hold the lure and appeal as ancient Egypt. Renown for their colossal temples, ornate tombs and an elaborate god mythology, ancient Egypt is a land of romance, mystery, and appeal for young and old. Prepare to be amazed as you dive deep into one of the most influential and rich cultures the world has ever seen.

Egyptian Mythology for Kids and Teens

Author : Monica Roy
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How were humans created according to Egyptian culture? How did the ancient Egyptians calculate time? What influence did the Nile have on the development of their civilization? What was the world's first board game? This captivating picture book answers these and many other questions about the ancient Egyptian civilization, telling fabulous mythological stories of gods, pharaohs and sacred animals. Mythology has always held a great fascination for Western civilization, inspiring art, literature, and theater. This is because myths are captivating narratives of gods and heroes that are lost in the mists of time, handed down by word of mouth to the present day. They tell the origin of the world and the birth of humans and nature itself. Children especially love mythological tales because they are fantastic and mysterious, but also because they answer fundamental questions about the cosmos in a poetic way. The book is also suitable for any adult showing interest in Egyptian mythology because of its highly informative and educational nature. What you'll learn: ◆ The eternal love between Isis and Osiris, whose eternal passion has so deeply influenced even Christian culture. ◆ The intense passion between the sky (the goddess Nut) and the earth (the god Geb), ◆The creation of the world. ◆ The battle between the god of the heavens Horus and the evil god of chaos Seth. ◆ The secret name of Ra that only Isis was able to reveal. ◆ The Egyptian calendar and the three seasons. ◆The weighing of the soul and the cult of the dead. ◆The pharaoh, a god on earth, and the myth of the last queen Cleopatra. ...and more. Immerse yourself in the culture of the pharaohs and sphinxes. Click buy now...

Egyptian Myths

Author : Jean Menzies
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A beautifully illustrated collection of more than 20 ancient Egyptian myths retold for children Delve into a world of strange creatures, magical powers, and warring gods in this thrilling compendium of ancient Egyptian stories. With over 20 exciting tales alongside fascinating historical information, this is a must-have introduction for young readers interested in one of the world's great early civilizations. From the creation of the world, to the pharaohs chosen by the gods, these stories chart the full sweep of ancient Egyptian mythology, revealing fascinating elements of culture and religion along the way. Meet mighty gods and wicked villains, and prepare for tales of heroic triumphs and heart-breaking tragedy. Learn how the sun god Ra wielded power over Earth, how trouble-making Set brought chaos to the kingdom, and how Osiris, Isis, and Horus became revered by their people. It's time to dive into the Duat underworld, follow scuttling scarab beetles into pyramid tombs, and uncover the story behind mummification.

Dei E Faraoni Dell antico Egitto Ediz Inglese

Author : Giovanna Magi
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A book about the greatest Egyptian pharaohs of history, the events that made them famous, the most curious and lesser-known episodes of their lives, the monuments they left us, court intrigues, battles, and mysteries and secrets still unrevealed.

Egyptian Mythology

Author : Myles Justus
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DISCOVER:: The Amazing History of Egyptian Mythology * * *LIMITED TIME OFFER! 50% OFF! (Regular Price $5.99)* * * Take a stroll with the Gods, Kings, and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt! Egyptian mythology has always fascinated the world, but what many people don't remember is that it was actually an Egyptian religion. It has many fascinating aspects, and over one hundred gods and goddesses. Some of these gods and goddesses purposely meld together to show their importance and the principle that they most represent. Learn about the birth from the chaotic waters of Nun to the birth of the gods. Like most religions, Egyptian mythology believes that the world was birthed from nothingness that turned into something, as the island of Benben rose so did the solar god Ra. Though, it's not just Egyptian gods and goddesses that make up their mythology and culture. There is still the stories that teach the people to live by the principles of Ma'at, a goddess of justice, honesty, and lawfulness. The feather of Ma'at would be weighed against their hearts, and an afterlife may or may not be achieved. Egyptians focused on how to live, contrary to popular belief where many think they were obsessed with the afterlife. Egyptian mythology and legends are complex in nature, as many of their religious aspects fell in and out of favor as the patron cities rose and fell. This book will give you an idea of what Egyptian life was like in regards to the introduction of their religion and myth. So enter the enthralling world of Egyptian mythology and see the tales that are spun and the stories that are told. 7 Reasons to Buy this Book 1. Learn about the top 20 gods and goddesses in Egyptian mythology and the important role they played in everyday life inside this book. 2. This book teaches you about the beginning in the eyes of the Egyptian religion and how it was believed that all rose from the chaotic waters of Nun. 3. Learn the story of how the afterlife was supposedly created through the death and resurrection of Osiris in this book. 4. This book tells how Horus battled Set to reclaim the throne of the gods in Egyptian mythology. 5. This book teaches about the spiritual importance of the pyramid and how it relates to what the Egyptians believed to be the parts of the soul. 6. In this book you'll find the tales and legends of Egyptian mythology that don't necessarily revolve around the gods. 7. This book shows how the main gods and goddesses were born, as well as how humanity was created in Egyptian mythology. What You'll Learn about Egyptian Mythology - How it All Began in Egyptian Mythology - Usurping A God: A How To - The King & The Gods - A Guide to the Gods of Ancient Egypt - The Woes of Mortality & The Afterlife to Come - The Myth Surrounding Mummification - What the Gods Did & Immortalization in the Pantheon - Egyptian Tales to Know & Learn From - Egyptian Monuments & The Parts of the Soul Want to Know More? Hurry! For a limited time you can download "Egyptian Mythology: Walk with the Gods! What they Didn't Teach You in School about Ancient Egyptian Mythology" for a special discounted price of only $2.99 Download Your Copy Right Now! Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button. -----

Treasury of Egyptian Mythology

Author : Donna Jo Napoli
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The new National Geographic Treasury of Egyptian Mythology is a stunning tableau of Egyptian myths, including those of pharaohs, queens, the boisterous Sun God Ra, and legendary creatures like the Sphinx. The lyrical storytelling of award-winning author Donna Jo Napoli dramatizes the timeless tales of ancient Egypt in the year when Angelina Jolie will make Cleopatra a multimedia star. And just like the popular National Geographic Treasury of Greek Mythology, the stories in this book will be beautifully illustrated to bring ancient characters vividly to life. The stories are embellished with sidebars that provide historical, cultural, and geographic context and a mapping feature that adds to the fun and fascination. Resource notes and ample back matter direct readers to discover more about ancient Egypt. With its attractive design and beautiful narrative, this accessible treasury stands out from all other mythology titles in the marketplace.

Egyptian Mythology

Author : Dale Hansen
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Few civilizations hold the lure and appeal as ancient Egypt. Renown for their colossal temples, ornate tombs and an elaborate god mythology, ancient Egypt is a land of romance, mystery, and appeal for young and old. Since the discovery of King Tut's tomb in the early 19th Century the world has been fascinated by one of the oldest empirical civilizations, and for good reason. Egyptian Mythology! Tales of Egyptian Gods, Goddesses, Pharaohs & the Legacy of Ancient Egypt explores a world lost to time and imagination. A world of impossibilities with lasting effects. Combining historical data with the sprawling system of gods, Egyptian Mythology! examines the cause and effect of the gods on daily life. Egyptian Mythology! goes beyond the trials of Egypt and discusses who their belief system influenced numerous other cultures as they began to interact on a global scale. The foundation of the famed Silk Road helped spread the lore of Egypt across the Middle East and deep into Asia. Distinguished ancients Plato and Pythagoras are said to have found major influence from Egyptian beliefs. Prepare to be amazed as you dive deep into one of the most influential and rich cultures the world has ever seen. Here Is What You'll Find Inside... The Egyptian Creation Myth Mythical Creatures, Magic, and Rituals Funerary Rituals in Ancient Egypt Slavery in Ancient Egypt Ancient Egyptian Warfare and Famous Battles Volcanic Eruptions and Revolts in Ancient Egypt The Seven Year Famine Tales from Ancient Egypt And Much, Much More! Order Your Copy Today!

Ancient Egypt

Author : Nick Plesiotis
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This book is a complete guide to Ancient Egypt and Egyptian mythology. You will soon learn about the many Egyptian Gods, and the most famous mythological stories out of Egypt. These stories include tales of pharaohs, pyramids, gods, the creation of the world, and more! Ancient Egyptian mythology is fascinating, exciting, and has been the inspiration for many TV shows and movies. Discover the amazing world of Ancient mythology through this book today! Here Is What You'll Learn About...Egyptian GodsCreation StoriesFamous Mythological StoriesSphinxPharaohsPyramidsMuch, Much More!

Egyptian Mythology

Author : History Academy
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History Academy's brand-new book about Egyptian mythology will tell you all about ancient Egyptian divinities, pharaohs and legendary creatures like the Sphinx. The book includes detailed descriptions about ancient Egypt's historical and cultural background and maps to help you findwhere the events took place. Ancient Egypt's myths still influence our modern collective culture with its stories about powerful gods and pharaohs, curses, mummies and Pyramids. History Academy offers you a complete volume meant to reveal the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. The book begins with Egyptian myths from the predynastic period and it ends with tales from the period after the pharaonic domain. The Egyptian society was born along the Nile and the natural phenomena connected to the river were thought to be divinities like Anubis, terrifying god of the underworld or Hathor goddess of women and fertility. The gods of ancient Egypt were more than 1500 but they all represented natural forces, social phenomena and abstract concepts. This guide will introduce you to the origins of ancient Egypt's gods and demons whose worship filled the lives of everyoneat the time, both pharaohs and common people. This volume is the most complete collection of ancient Egypt's myths you could ever wish for. Enjoy, dear listeners