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An Introduction to International Organizations Law

Author : Jan Klabbers
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Extensively updated, this third edition textbook clearly conveys the set-up of international organisations and the logic behind international institutional law.

Advanced Introduction to the Law of International Organizations

Author : Jan Klabbers
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The Advanced Introduction to the Law of International Organizations gives a nuanced overview of the legal mechanisms behind the operation of international organizations such as the UN, the EU and the World Bank. It offers perceptive insights by placing

The Oxford Handbook of International Organizations

Author : Ian Johnstone
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Virtually every important question of public policy today involves an international organization. From trade to intellectual property to health policy and beyond, governments interact with international organizations in almost everything they do. Increasingly, individual citizens are directly affected by the work of international organizations. Aimed at academics, students, practitioners, and lawyers, this book gives a comprehensive overview of the world of international organizations today. It emphasizes both the practical aspects of their organization and operation, and the conceptual issues that arise at the junctures between nation-states and international authority, and between law and politics. While the focus is on inter-governmental organizations, the book also encompasses non-governmental organizations and public policy networks. With essays by the leading scholars and practitioners, the book first considers the main international organizations and the kinds of problems they address. This includes chapters on the organizations that relate to trade, humanitarian aid, peace operations, and more, as well as chapters on the history of international organizations. The book then looks at the constituent parts and internal functioning of international organizations. This addresses the internal management of the organization, and includes chapters on the distribution of decision-making power within the organizations, the structure of their assemblies, the role of Secretaries-General and other heads, budgets and finance, and other elements of complex bureaucracies at the international level. This book is essential reading for scholars, practitioners, and students alike.

Introduction to International Organizations

Author : American Association of Law Libraries
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An Introduction to International Institutional Law

Author : Jan Klabbers
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International institutions are powerful players on the world stage, and every student of international law requires a clear understanding of the forces that shape them. For example, with increasing global influence comes the need for internal control and accountability. This thought-provoking overview considers these and other forces that govern international institutions such as the UN, EU and WTO, and the complex relationship that exists between international organizations and their member states. Covering recent scholarly developments, such as the rise of constitutionalism and global administrative law, and analysing the impact of important cases, such as the ICJ's Genocide case (2007) and the Behrami judgment of the European Court of Human Rights (2007), its clarity of explanation and analytical approach allow students to understand and think critically about a complex subject.

International Organizations

Author : Ian Hurd
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This updated introductory textbook explores law, compliance and enforcement through chapter-length case studies of the world's most important international organizations.

International Organizations

Author : Clive Archer
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This widely used textbook continues to provide students with an introduction to International Organisations, exploring their rise, their development in the 20th century and accounting for their significance in the modern international political and economic system. The third edition: has been fully revised and updated continues to offer a unique concise, yet comprehensive, approach, giving students an accessible and manageable introduction to this core part of International Relations offers authoritative guides to further reading.

Judicial Decisions on the Law of International Organizations

Author : Cedric Ryngaert
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The first casebook of its kind Judicial Decisions on the Law of International Organizations contains relevant excerpts of leading court opinions and decisions on the law of international organizations (international institutional law) and critical commentaries written by leading experts in the field.

The Law of International Institutions

Author : D. W. Bowett
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Part one: Global institutions.

The Human Rights Accountability Mechanisms of International Organizations

Author : Stian Johansen
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Establishes a framework for analyzing and assessing the accountability mechanisms of international organizations, and applies it to three case studies.

Recordkeeping in International Organizations

Author : Jens Boel
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Recordkeeping in International Organizations offers an important treatment of international organizations from a recordkeeping perspective, while also illustrating how recordkeeping can play a vital role in our efforts to improve global social conditions. Demonstrating that organizations have both a responsibility and an incentive to effectively manage their records in order to make informed decisions, remain accountable to stakeholders, and preserve institutional history, the book offers practical insights and critical reflections on the effective management, protection, and archiving of records. Through policy advice, surveys, mind mapping, case studies, and strategic reflections, the book provides guidance in the areas of archives, records, and information management for the future. Among the topics addressed are educational requirements for recordkeeping professionals, communication policies, data protection and privacy, cloud computing, classification and declassification policies, artificial intelligence, risk management, enterprise architecture, and the concepts of extraterritoriality and inviolability of archives. The book also offers perspectives on how digital recordkeeping can support the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and the accompanying Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Recordkeeping in International Organizations will be essential reading for records and archives professionals, information technology, legal, security, management, and leadership staff, including chief information officers. The book should also be of interest to students and scholars engaged in the study of records, archives, and information management, information technology, information security, and law.

Public Private Partnerships and Responsibility under International Law

Author : Lisa Clarke
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Partnerships between the public and private sectors are an increasingly accepted method to deal with pressing global issues, such as those relating to health. Partnerships, comprised of states and international organizations (public sector) and companies, non-governmental organizations, research institutes and philanthropic foundations (private sector), are forming to respond to pressing global health issues. These partnerships are managing activities that are normally regarded to be within the domain of states and international organizations, such as providing access to preventative and treatment measures for certain diseases, or improving health infrastructure within certain states to better manage the growing risk of disease. In the shadow of the success of these partnerships lies, however, the possibility of something going wrong and it is to this shadow that this book sheds light. This book explores the issue of responsibility under international law in the context of global health public-private partnerships. The legal status of partnerships under international law is explored in order to determine whether or not partnerships have legal personality under international law, resulting in them being subject to rules of responsibility under international law. The possibility of holding partnerships responsible in domestic legal systems and the immunity partnerships have from the jurisdiction of domestic courts in certain states is also considered. The obstacles to holding partnerships themselves responsible leads finally to an investigation into the possibility of holding states and/or international organizations, as partners and/or hosts of partnerships, responsible under international law in relation to the acts of partnerships. This book will be of interest to those researching and working in areas of global governance, especially hybrid public-private bodies; the responsibility under international law of states and international organizations; and also global health. It provides doctrinal clarification and practical guidance in a developing field of international law.

Introduction to the Law of Treaties

Author : Paul Reuter
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When Paul Reuter's Introduction au droit des traites was first published in 1972, it instantly became a classic, and was followed by a revised edition in 1985. Shortly before his death, Reuter thoroughly revised and updated the 1985 version for an English edition, taking into account the newly adopted 1986 Vienna Convention on treaties between states and international organizations, as well as recent developments in international codification efforts, undertaken under the auspices of the United Nations International Law Commission, with which he had been very closely associated for many years. This book will be of great interest to students, lawyers, and all those who wish to become more familiar with the legal aspect of treaties, the basic instrument for international relations.

International Organizations

Author : Alvin LeRoy Bennett
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This text includes material on intergovernmental, regional and private organizations but also deals with significant international developments affecting international organizations between 1989 and 1994.

An Introduction to European Intergovernmental Organizations

Author : Professor Marc Cogen
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An Introduction to European Intergovernmental Organizations provides an up-to-date and accessible reference to European intergovernmental organizations other than the European Union. The specialized character of these organizations adds value to cooperation in Europe as a whole, creates permanent channels of communication regardless of EU membership and allows the possibility for non-European involvement through organizations such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and NATO. It also allows sub regional groups of states, such as the Nordic countries or the Benelux countries to exist and express their own identity via their own organizations.

An Introduction to International Human Rights Law

Author : Azizur Rahman Chowdhury
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Azizur Rahman Chowdhury is Professor in the Department of Law, Dhaka University. He has published many research articles. He has authored and co-edited a number of works on human rights, humanitarian law, commercial law and constitutional law. --

International Organizations

Author : Kelly-Kate S. Pease
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Drawing on mainstream and critical theoretical approaches, International Organizations offers a comprehensive examination of international organizations’ political and structural role in world politics. This text details the types and activities of international organizations and provides students with the conceptual tools needed to evaluate their effectiveness. Surveying key issue areas from international and human security to trade and the environment, International Organizations looks at present and future possibilities for global governance from a broad range of perspectives. New to the Fifth Edition The nexus between international law and international organizations is explored to show how they complement and influence each other. Each issue chapter highlights the relevant treaties, norms, and customs, and interprets the impact of international law on the politics of the issue. Not only does this book cover international and human security concerns but it now looks at the growing danger posed by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, with special emphasis on the spread of nuclear weapon technology. A new in-depth case study on Iran explores Iran’s quest for nuclear technology against the backdrop of its legal duties and obligations under Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty (NPT). The case also examines the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in managing the use of nuclear technology and energy. An updated analysis of global climate change is provided to explain the political outcomes of the 2009 Copenhagen Conference. An exploration of international criminal law with special reference to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the International Criminal Court (ICC). Every chapter includes the most recent political events, scholarship, and data, especially as it relates to the impact of the global financial crisis on trade and development.

International Organizations and the Law of the Sea

Author :
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The Privileges and Immunities of International Organizations in Domestic Courts

Author : August Reinisch
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International organizations are increasingly operating across borders and engaging in legal transactions in virtually all jurisdictions. This makes, familiarity with the applicable law and practice imperative for both international organizations and those who engage in legal relations with them. Furthermore, the issue of whether, how, and to what extent domestic courts take into account decisions of foreign and international courts and tribunals in their own decision-making has become increasingly important in recent years. This book provides a comprehensive empirical study of this transnational judicial dialogue, focusing on the law and practice of domestic jurisdictions concerning the legal personality, privileges, and immunities of international organizations. It presents a selection of detailed country-by-country studies, examining the manner of judicial dialogue across domestic jurisdictions, and between national and international courts. The approach taken in this book intersects with three highly topical areas of international legal scholarship: the rapidly evolving law of international institutions; the burgeoning research into the role of domestic courts in the international legal system; and the recent rise of empirically-oriented legal scholarship. Utilizing OUP's International Law in Domestic Courts database, the book presents analysis of little-known cases which have real international significance, illustrating the impact and extent of transnational judicial dialogue in the international legal system. The book provides important perspectives on the evolution and status of the law of immunity of international organizations, and contributes to the understanding of relationships between national courts, and between national and international courts.

The Role of International Administrative Law at International Organizations

Author :
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The Role of International Administrative Law at International Organizations, edited by Peter Quayle, examines the law of employment relations at international organizations. It portrays the employment law governing the international civil service and the resulting accountability of all intergovernmental institutions.