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An Easter Heart

Author : Jennifer Jackson
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An Easter heart is not a heart that busies oneself with bunnies and baskets. Rather an Easter heart is a heart that believes, a heart that believes in Jesus. An Easter heart is humble, desperate, suffering, waiting, worshipful and victorious. Most of all, an Easter heart is all these things with Jesus, because of Jesus and for Jesus. As the lenten season unfolds, I dream that this devotional will be a spot of joy and inspiration to you. Travel with me to Israel, and discover the glory of historical truth, and join me in learning from the women who were with Jesus during his final days and hours. You can read through this devotional a week at a time, saving the final chapter for Easter, or travel at your own pace. Maybe you gather friends to take this journey with you, discussing the scriptures and questions together for richer study. There are no rules. It's your journey to savor. Each chapter begins with a quick sentence prayer in the hopes of grounding your spirit before you dig into the content. The chapters end with practical steps for application that first include a verse from scripture for memorization, and I encourage you to pray each scripture over your own life. The Words Worth Repeating sections provide statements and themes that are easy to remember. The ask and apply provides journal prompts or discussion points for you to engage in your time with God or with friends. The prayers at the end of each chapter are prayers that I've prayed over my own life, and I pray them also for you. Finally, each chapter closes with a favorite holiday recipe that I've enjoyed with my own family, providing your family with a complete Easter feast. My dream is that this devotional will be a spot of joy and inspiration to you in the days leading up to Easter. I hope that you will take a little time each day or week to read a chapter, and then spend some time in your journal reflecting, praying and applying the truths that you have learned. Perhaps you want to gather one, two or more best girlfriends to read and reflect together. Everything is better in community. The recipes are for you to savor but also an exercise in singing to the Lord in the kitchen while planning to celebrate Him with family and friends. After such a long season of isolation, Spring will be here again. Buy some flowers, set a pretty table, bake a cake and prepare a meal for those you love. In the Bible they fasted and feasted. Perhaps you will fast in some fashion for the 40 days of Lent to settle your heart, your Easter believing heart, and then enjoy the most special holiday by going all out in honor of the cross and resurrection. Finally, this devotional was never intended for simple enjoyment. While I hope you do enjoy reading through it, my prayer is that it inspires you into a richer and deeper faith and a greater experience of Jesus. Each chapter incorporates a variety of action steps for you to take in the hopes that your Easter heart will expand, soften and grow. Invite others to join you, and together experience the fullness of a life alongside Jesus, our living hope. Through this 6-chapter devotional, may Jesus come alive as you lean into His living hope. I pray that you discover our resurrected Messiah through this journey. There is so much hope in an Easter heart. Do you believe?

Easter in My Heart

Author : Joe L. Wheeler
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Gathers stories that the capture the meaning and spirit of Easter and depict cases of faith fulfilled and hopes realized

Heart to Heart

Author : Frederick L. Saur
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The Heart s Time

Author : Janet Morley
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A day by day Lent book aimed at the individual reader, in which a poem appropriate to the themes of the season is read, along with a short reflection from the editor and a couple of questions to ponder. The purpose is to use a poetic text as the basis for 'slow reflection' during Lent and Eastertide.

Cry from the Heart at Easter

Author :
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Your Hearts Will Rejoice

Author : Ludolph of Saxony
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Bold Girls at the Cross

Author : Rachel Britton
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Discover the difference Jesus can make to your life as you follow a bold group of first-century women and their encounters with Jesus all the way to the cross. This 40-day series is to help you actively prepare for Easter so you can come to the foot of the cross with your heart ready to worship your Lord. Begin on the first day of Lent and end on the Saturday before Easter. Use the journaling lines to respond to the devotions. Write down your thoughts, goals, or a prayer. Let's join the small group of bold first century women and become a band of #BoldGirls who devotedly follow Jesus.

Easter Heart

Author : Harold Franklin Humbert
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Joy Fills My Heart

Author : Lucile Ruth Green
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Baby Heart

Author : Emily Allen Garland
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Fifteen year- old Baby Heart is in love with Bobby Joe Miller and dead set on becoming a nurse. She is a happy carefree student until her mother is stricken with lung cancer. Baby heart gives up her life to save her mother. The family of sharecroppers cant pay for lifesaving surgery that her mother needs in 1946. Baby Heart pays for it the only way she knows how ----- through marriage to john El Murphy, the man who owns the land her family farms and everything else in White Chalk where they live. John El is controlling and jealous. In a fit of jealous rage, he shoots her in the heart one day when he comes upon her helping strange men whose car is stuck on the muddy road between White Chalk and Marysville. Baby heart survives. With assistance from her brothers, Roosevelt and Lincoln, she escapes to Detroit. This story is about a compassionate teenage girl coming of age in the rural south in the 1940s. She is a survivor who overcomes tremendous odds to fulfill her dreams and help other abused women.

Path of the Purified Heart

Author : Laura Dunham
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Path of the Purified Heart traces the classic Christian spiritual journey toward transformation into the likeness of Christ in a unique, fascinating way. Drawing on the voices of wise elders from the past and present, Dunham illumines the common path all Christians and spiritual seekers may take toward union with God. Through the motifs of the liturgical year and the labyrinth, the author weaves in her own journey on this path during her "year of purification."

Preparing My Heart for Easter

Author : Ann Marie Stewart
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This Easter season, examine the lives of women who intersected the life of Jesus. By taking time to examine the footsteps of Jesus, focus on His teaching, and watch His words in action, this resource is a celebration of Christ's amazing love in the form of an eight-week Bible study for women.

Heart Lyrics

Author : Jessie Freemont O'Donnell
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Easter in the Heart

Author :
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A Mom After God s Own Heart

Author : Alexa Shepard
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Everyone has a story to tell. A Mom After God’s Own Heart, is a collection of stories through one mom’s journey to instill Godly character in her five children. Through marriage and divorce, to being a single mom, it reveals the heartbreak, humor and the naked truth about what it means to be a mom after God’s own heart. Motherhood can push us to our limits; stretch us to our breaking point, and if we allow it, it can make us grow. As moms we are called to share our struggles and our triumphs with other moms. We have this great opportunity to offer comfort and hope, and to say, “God is faithful!” God is not looking for perfect moms. He is looking for moms with a heart for Him. Whether you’re a mom chasing after God, or exhausted by the constant demands of motherhood, this book will encourage and inspire you by opening your eyes to see how God can change everything.

Easter in the Heart

Author :
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Hear My Heart

Author : Sheri Easter
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"Hear My Heart is a collection of writings from singer-songwriter, Sheri Easter. Sometimes in life words seem superficial, shallow and empty. We struggle to put our feelings into words that convey an honest representation of the heart. By embracing the quiet moments, we hear what our heart cries in the darkness of a loved one's death, a battle with breast cancer or caring for an aging parent suffering from Parkinson's disease. We hear the shouts of triumph of wedding bells, anniversaries, and the celebrations of life. We hear the heart." -- from publisher's website.

Home Words for Heart and Hearth

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A Cry from the Heart at Easter

Author : Rebecca Mee
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Easter in the Heart A Book of Joy and Consolation With Illustrations

Author :
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