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American Presence In The Arabian Oil Fields

Author : Isaac Borkholder
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This book is a memoir of a boy spending his younger years with his family in an American oil camp in the early 50's. A very warm, interesting, informative read. The pictures in the book show that it was much like a military base, and in fact most of the executives and workers had served in the military during WWII. The book was also a blast from the past for any baby boomer who grew up in a time when wives didn't have to work and children could play unsupervised (even in Saudi Arabia). " Warm, personal and often funny, this easy-reading book will surely bring many fond memories to anybody who worked for Saudi Aramco." - Reader.

Oil and Security in the Arabian Gulf

Author : Abdel Majid Farid
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The issue of security in the Gulf has an importance which goes far beyond the regional location of the area. It is enough to note that instability in the area may result in the interruption of oil supplies to the rest of the world. This book, first published in 1981, considers some of the challenges facing the region following recent developments such as the fall of the Shah and the proclamation of the Islamic Republic in Iran, the Soviet presence in Afghanistan, the formation of an American task force to intervene in the area, the failure of the Camp David agreement and the Iran-Iraq war.

Naval War College Review

Author :
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Middle East Economic Survey

Author :
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Energy Security Challenges for the 21st Century

Author : Gal Luft
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This timely and comprehensive book is a one stop shop for anyone interested in the nexus between energy and security. Bringing the perspectives of the best experts in the field it sheds light on the role of energy in modern life and the various approaches countries use to achieve energy security.

Saudi Arabia in the 1980s

Author : William B. Quandt
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This book examines the foreign relations, politics, and government of Saudi Arabia during the 1980s.

Target America the West

Author : Yossef Bodansky
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The full story of who declared a holy war against America and Canada . . . and why

Naval War College Review

Author : Naval War College (U.S.)
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An Abridged History of the United States Volume III

Author : Bob Navarro
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The US the UK and Saudi Arabia in World War II

Author : Matthew Hinds
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The story of Anglo-American relations in Saudi Arabia during the Second World War has generally been viewed as one of discord and hegemonic rivalry, a perspective reinforced by a tendency to consider Britain's decline and the ascent of US power as inevitable. In this engaging and timely study, Matthew Hinds calls into question such assumptions and reveals a relationship that, though hard-nosed, functioned through interdependence and strategic parity. Drawing upon an array of archives from both sides of the Atlantic, Hinds traces the flow of key events and policies as well as the leading figures who shaped events to show why, how and to what extent the allies and Saudi Arabia became 'mixed up together', in the words of Winston Churchill. Perhaps most fundamentally, Britain and the United States were enthralled by the promise of Saudi Arabia serving as an auxiliary to Allied strategy. Obtaining King Ibn Saud's tacit support or more specifically, his 'benevolent neutrality', meant having vital access, not only to the country's prospective oil reserves, but to its prized geographic location, its centrality within Islam and, as international politics increasingly followed an anti-colonial path, to its credentials as a sovereign and independent Arab state. Given what was at stake, London and Washington saw their engagement in Saudi Arabia as seminal; a genuine blueprint for how to forge a lasting 'Special Relationship' throughout the Middle East. Hinds' bold new interpretation is a vital work that enlarges our understanding of the Anglo-American wartime alliance.

The United States of War

Author : David Vine
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2020 L.A. Times Book Prize Finalist, History A provocative examination of how the U.S. military has shaped our entire world, from today's costly, endless wars to the prominence of violence in everyday American life. The United States has been fighting wars constantly since invading Afghanistan in 2001. This nonstop warfare is far less exceptional than it might seem: the United States has been at war or has invaded other countries almost every year since independence. In The United States of War, David Vine traces this pattern of bloody conflict from Columbus's 1494 arrival in Guantanamo Bay through the 250-year expansion of a global US empire. Drawing on historical and firsthand anthropological research in fourteen countries and territories, The United States of War demonstrates how US leaders across generations have locked the United States in a self-perpetuating system of permanent war by constructing the world's largest-ever collection of foreign military bases--a global matrix that has made offensive interventionist wars more likely. Beyond exposing the profit-making desires, political interests, racism, and toxic masculinity underlying the country's relationship to war and empire, The United States of War shows how the long history of U.S. military expansion shapes our daily lives, from today's multi-trillion-dollar wars to the pervasiveness of violence and militarism in everyday U.S. life. The book concludes by confronting the catastrophic toll of American wars--which have left millions dead, wounded, and displaced--while offering proposals for how we can end the fighting.

Superpower Rivalry in the Indian Ocean

Author : Selig S. Harrison
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Examines the political situation in the Indian Ocean region, assesses the influence of the U.S. and the Soviet Union, and suggests ways to defuse regional conflicts

Crisis in the Persian Gulf

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services
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The History of American Foreign Policy from 1895

Author : Jerald A Combs
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This important text offers a clear, concise and affordable narrative and analytical history of American foreign policy since the Spanish-American War. The book narrates events and policies but goes further to emphasize the international setting and constraints within which American policy-makers had to operate, the domestic pressures on those policy-makers, and the ideologies, preferences, and personal idiosyncrasies of the leaders themselves.

Arab Oil Gas

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The World Raw Materials crisis

Author : United States Information Agency. Office of Research
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Author : United States Information Agency
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Censored 2004

Author : Peter Phillips
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Exposes major news stories ignored by the press in 2002 and 2003.

The ugly American in the Arab Mind

Author : Mohamed El-Bendary
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The roots of America's image problem in the Middle East

America s Dream Palace

Author : Osamah F. Khalil
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As the postwar U.S. national security establishment required Middle Eastern expertise, it cultivated a beneficial relationship with universities. But by the time the Bush administration declared its Global War on Terror, Osamah Khalil shows, think tank agendas aligned with neoconservative goals were the drivers of America’s foreign policy.