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American Lawyers

Author : Los Angeles Richard L. Abel Professor of Law University of California
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This detailed portrait of American lawyers traces their efforts to professionalize during the last 100 years by erecting barriers to control the quality and quantity of entrants. Abel describes the rise and fall of restrictive practices that dampened competition among lawyers and with outsiders. He shows how lawyers simultaneously sought to increase access to justice while stimulating demand for services, and their efforts to regulate themselves while forestalling external control. Data on income and status illuminate the success of these efforts. Charting the dramatic transformation of the profession over the last two decades, Abel documents the growing number and importance of lawyers employed outside private practice (in business and government, as judges and teachers) and the displacement of corporate clients they serve. Noting the complexity of matching ever more diverse entrants with more stratified roles, he depicts the mechanism that law schools and employers have created to allocate graduates to jobs and socialize them within their new environments. Abel concludes with critical reflections on possible and desirable futures for the legal profession.

Great American Lawyers

Author : William Draper Lewis
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Biographical Sketches of Eminent American Lawyers Now Living

Author : John Livingston
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The Philadelphia Lawyer

Author : Robert R. Bell
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One focus of this book is to look at the interrelationship between the old Philadelphia upper class and the legal profession. The upper class refers to a group of old Philadelphia families whose members are descendants of financially successful individuals. Through their families, those men have had the means to enter, train in, and practice law. While over the two centuries covered here the percentage of upper class lawyers decreased, their influence for many years continued to surpass their numbers. In 1944, about 10 percent of all lawyers were listed in the Social Register. In the eight largest law firms in the city they accounted for 37 percent of the partners and 23 percent of the associates. But by 1990, their influence was waning: they represented only about two percent of all lawyers in the city. Moreover, in the eight largest law firms in the city, 12 percent of the partners were in the Social Register, but only one percent of the associates. Indeed, with the twenty-first century approaching, the old upper class was - and is - becoming increasingly irrelevant to Philadelphia law. In each chapter, an examination is made of the emerging American legal system and the training and practice of law in a given historical period. Before the Revolution most American law was British law. After the Revolution there were often bitter struggles over the continued use of British common law. Rapidly the British common law was modified, giving way to American common law - and that was the major focus of law up until the Civil War. Following the Civil War and well into the twentieth century the major thrust of law was related to business and industry, especially corporations. By the 1930s there was an increasing focus on Federal Commissions and statute law. Over the decades the training of lawyers underwent change. Until the twentieth century, most lawyers were trained in law offices, and it was only slowly that law schools became the accepted means of legal training. For most of American history, the lawyer practiced alone and often appeared as an advocate in court where his forensic skills were highly valued. For the various historical eras, this study attempts to show how the Philadelphia lawyer lived, some of his values, how he learned the law, and how he practiced it. Anecdotal material is used to illustrate these points whenever possible. Forty-two Philadelphia lawyers were interviewed who, for the most part, had first entered the bar in the 1920s and 1930s. Six modern-day Philadelphia lawyers were interviewed at length, and their insights are presented in the epilogue. Following each chapter there is a profile of a Philadelphia lawyer contemporary to the period discussed. Most of the profiles are of men who, considered outstanding lawyers in their own time, have come to be regarded as outstanding in the history of Philadelphia law.

Great American Lawyers the Lives and Influence of Judges and Lawyers who Have Acquired Permanent National Reputation and Have Developed the Jurisprudence of the United States

Author : William Draper Lewis
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The Lawyer s Almanac

Author : Aspen Publishers
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This thirty secodn edition of The Lawyer's Almanac providesvital facts and figures on the courts, government, law schools, lawyers, andtheir work and organizations. Complete and up-to-date, it is the standardreference guide on the American legal scene and is useful for attorneys, lawlibrarians, judges, law students, journalists, and anyone who needs quickaccess to information on the legal profession.This 2013 Edition includes sections on legal research sites onthe Internet, listings for government agencies, as well as the most up-to-datebar examination statistics, and more. Included in The Lawyer's Almanacis a complete picture of the workload in the nation's courts. The reader candiscern which types of cases are being litigated heavily; the nature of thecurrent caseloads; and the manner in which these cases were resolved.The Lawyer's Almanac reflects the size and density of the legalprofession. It includes a detailed listing of the nation's 700 largest lawfirms, along with their contact information, data on law firm finances, anddetailed statistical analysis of corporate attorney compensation.The 2013 Edition of The Lawyer's Almanac includesthe complete text of the mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE)requirements for the state jurisdictions that have them, along with contactinformation for each MCLE state. In addition, the 2013 Editionincludes a complete listing of bankruptcy courts and judges, on astate-by-state basis.

Lawyers on Their Own

Author : Jerome E. Carlin
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Foundational socio-legal study of lawyers in solo and small practice in Chicago in the 1950s and early 1960s, updated with later contributions from 1994 and 2011. Jerome Carlin's LAWYERS ON THEIR OWN is a recognized, foundational study of lawyers in individual practice in an urban setting. It became the template for an important form of social science research into lawyers in solo practice. The first extensive and grounded study of individual practitioners and their candid quotes in interviews, Carlin's book exposed the unique practices, class divides, ethical dilemmas and ultimate resentments of a little-viewed subgroup of attorneys and their clients. This book's findings and research methodology influenced many such studies of attorneys in action that followed it. The author's succinct and supported writing has proved to be an enduring and important study in this field of socio-legal research. Updated with the author's extensive introduction to the second edition, as well as a new foreword by law professor William Gallagher, this modern republication is presented to a new generation of readers and researchers into the daily lives, work, business angles and unique challenges of solo and individual-client law practice. Quality ebook formatting from Quid Pro Books includes linked notes, active Contents, legible tables and graphs, and careful proofreading. In addition, this ebook (and the new edition in paperback) embeds the original pagination from prior editions so that the reader, even of digital formats, has continuity in research, referencing, and classroom assignments.

Forty Years of American Life

Author : Thomas Low Nichols
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Lawyers and the Promotion of Justice

Author :
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The American Lawyer

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