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Ambitious Interlude

Author : Joyce A. Madancy
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Chinese and Opium under the Republic The

Author : Alan Baumler
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Examines China’s attempts to control the opium economy in the early twentieth century.

The Troublesome Legacy of Commissioner Lin

Author : Joyce A. Madancy
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"In 1908, a very public crusade against opium was in full swing throughout China, and the provincial capital and treaty port of Fuzhou was a central stage for the campaign. This, the most successful attempt undertaken by the Chinese state before 1949 to eliminate opium, came at a time when, according to many historians, China’s central state was virtually powerless. This volume attempts to reconcile that apparent contradiction. The remarkable, albeit temporary, success of the anti-opium campaign between 1906 and 1920 is as yet largely unexplained. How these results were achieved, how that progress was squandered, and why China’s opium problem proved so tenacious are the questions that inspired this volume. The attack on this social problem was led by China’s central and provincial authorities, aided by reformist elites, and seemingly supported by most Chinese. The anti-opium movement relied on the control and oversight provided by a multilayered state bureaucracy, the activism and support of unofficial elite-led reform groups, the broad nationalistic and humanitarian appeal of the campaign, and the cooperation of the British government. The extent to which the Chinese state was able to control the pace and direction of the anti-opium campaign and the evolving nature of the political space in which elite reformers publicized and enforced that campaign are the guiding themes of this analysis."

King Arthur in Music

Author : Richard W. Barber
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A survey of the influence of the Arthurian legends on musical works.

Literary Practice and Social Change in Britain 1380 1530

Author : Lee Patterson
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As a traditional site of historical criticism, medieval studies is particularly well placed to benefit from the recent reemergence of historicism in literary studies. But this new "critical historicism" differes from the traditional criticism in both method an interests, differences that are well illustrated by this collection. A concern with politics, a reliance on the materials of economic and social history, a conception of writing as a form of social practices, a focus upon the forces of change in medieval culture, and unwillingness to observe the usual distinction between literary and historical texts, and a historicization of their own activity--these characteristics make these essays a significant contribution to medieval studies. Moreover, both in conception and execution the essays reject the barrier that the humanist account of history has erected between a Middle Ages stigmatized as distant and other and a Renaissance consecrated as the beginning of the modern world. Thus they invite the attention of nonmedievalists, especially Renaissance specialists, who wish to test their assumptions about medieval literature against some of the best recent work in the field. The authors consider a wide range of materials. Three of the essays explore Chaucer's career as a bureaucrat, a diplomat, and a poet. Other topics include Langland's self-constitution in Piers Plowman, the medieval production and modern reception of the mystery plays, Hoccleve's innovative strategies for offering political advice to his king, and the ideological and psychological interests that governed the idea of the city in sixteenth-century Scotland. All scholars and studies of the Middle Ages, comparative literature, and literature and language programs generally will appreciate this ground-breaking collection. Contributors:Anne MiddletonPaul StrohmLee PattersonDavid WallaceLarry ScanlonTheresa ColettiLouise Fradenburg This title is part of UC Press's Voices Revived program, which commemorates University of California Press’s mission to seek out and cultivate the brightest minds and give them voice, reach, and impact. Drawing on a backlist dating to 1893, Voices Revived makes high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship accessible once again using print-on-demand technology. This title was originally published in 1990.

Franz Schreker 1878 1934

Author : Christopher Hailey
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Franz Schreker was the most frequently performed opera composer of his generation. His controversial works dominated the central European repertory in the years after the First World War and exercised a major influence on such younger contemporaries as Alban Berg, Kurt Weill, and Ernst Krenek. Forced into retirement by Hitler's racial decrees in 1933, the composer, his music banned, died a broken man. Thereafter Schreker became a forgotten chapter in the history of new music. Schreker's music is only now beginning to enjoy a revival. This first major biography not only introduces the reader to this important repertory, but sets the composer's life and works in the context of his turbulent times. Franz Schreker is a dramatic narrative of an artist poised between the intoxicating late Romanticism of fin-de-siecle Vienna and the sober "New Objectivity" of Weimar Berlin, between a precipitous rise to fame and an equally sudden fall from favor in which aesthetic fashion and political intrigue played their parts. Above all, the Schreker phenomenon can provide a key to understanding the evolution of musical thought during the problematic years before and after the First World War.

Magnum Opus

Author : Zander Brietzke
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An original and provocative analysis of Eugene O'Neill's unfinished cycle play project From 1935 to 1939, Eugene O'Neill worked on a series of plays that would trace the history of an American family through several generations. He completed just two of the proposed eleven plays--A Touch of the Poet and More Stately Mansions--which Zander Brietzke argues represent the core of the entire cycle. Combining archival research, literary analysis, and theatrical imagination, Magnum Opus invites an audience to see this unusual and exciting epic as a historical drama of our time.

Education Culture and Identity in Twentieth century China

Author : Glen Peterson
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A comprehensive collection on twentieth-century educational practices in China

Fuzhou Protestants and the Making of a Modern China 1857 1927

Author : Ryan Dunch
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He shows how Chinese Protestants, with a distinctive vision for constituting China as a modern nation-state, contributed to the dissolution of the imperial regime, enjoyed unprecedented popularity following the 1911 revolution, and then saw their dreams for social and political change dashed.".

The Socialist Standard

Author :
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Opium Regimes

Author : Associate Professor of History Timothy Brook
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Opium Regimes draws on a range of research to show that the opium trade was not purely a British operation, but involved Chinese merchants and state agents, and Japanese imperial agents as well.

Muses in mourning Zara to which is added an interlude never before printed Snake in the grass Alzira Saul Daraxes Merope Roman revenge Insolvent Some love letters by the author

Author : Aaron Hill
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The Interlude of the Trial of Treasure

Author : James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps
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Japan s American Interlude

Author : Kazuo Kawai
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Largely a personal account based on the author's direct observations while engaged as editor of the "Nippon Times."

China Review International

Author :
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The soldier s return a Scottish interlude with other poems and songs With life and notes by J J Lamb

Author : Robert Tannahill
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It s only my Aunt A comic interlude in one act etc

Author : afterwards BARTHOLOMEW TURNBULL (Anne Charlotte)
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Directory of History Departments and Organizations in the United States and Canada

Author :
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European Interlude

Author : Shripad Dattatraya Kulkarni
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Ambitious Brew

Author : Maureen Ogle
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A “fascinating and well-documented social history” of American beer, from the immigrants who invented it to the upstart microbrewers who revived it (Chicago Tribune). Grab a pint and settle in with AmbitiousBrew, the fascinating, first-ever history of American beer. Included here are the stories of ingenious German immigrant entrepreneurs like Frederick Pabst and Adolphus Busch, titans of nineteenth-century industrial brewing who introduced the pleasures of beer gardens to a nation that mostly drank rum and whiskey; the temperance movement (one activist declared that “the worst of all our German enemies are Pabst, Schlitz, Blatz, and Miller”); Prohibition; and the twentieth-century passion for microbrews. Historian Maureen Ogle tells a wonderful tale of the American dream—and the great American brew. “As much a painstakingly researched microcosm of American entrepreneurialism as it is a love letter to the country’s favorite buzz-producing beverage . . . ‘Ambitious Brew’ goes down as brisk and refreshingly as, well, you know.” —New York Post