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Along the Sandusky River

Author : Brandon Hord and Larry Michaels
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The Sandusky River flows nearly 130 miles, roughly in the shape of a capital "C," through the northern Ohio towns of Bucyrus, Upper Sandusky, Tiffin, and Fremont, and into Lake Erie's Sandusky Bay. A portage near its source allowed Native American tribes to reach the Scioto River and travel by water from Lake Erie all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. The War of 1812 brought forts and battles, and the defeat of the British at Fort Stephenson was the first major American victory of the war. Over the years, the Sandusky has provided fish to eat, power for mills, and shipping routes for business and trade. It also, on occasion, has brought floods and devastation to its nearby inhabitants. Designated an Ohio Scenic River since the 1970s, the Sandusky is still the lifeblood flowing through the heart of its region.

Upper Sandusky

Author : Tom Hill
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Shows the growth of Upper Sandusky from the end of the Civil War through World War II--from local bands to buildings lost in fires--and documents how the town has changed and how the strong bonds of family, adversity and triumph keep the community growing together. Original.

Sandusky County Ohio Fishing Floating Guide Book

Author : Jim Maccracken
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Sandusky County Pennsylvania Fishing & Floating Guide Book Over 480 full 8 ½ x 11 sized pages of information with maps and aerial photographs available. Fishing information is included for ALL of the county’s public ponds and lakes, listing types of fish for each pond or lake, average sizes, and exact locations with GPS coordinates and directions. Also included is fishing information for most of the streams and rivers including access points and public areas with road contact and crossing points and also includes fish types and average sizes. Contains complete information on Aldrich Pond Clyde Park Pond Gibsonburg Park Lake and Pond Green Creek (F) Muddy Creeks Muskellunge Creek Pickerel Creek Portage River (F) Raccoon Creek Reservoir Resthaven Wildlife Area Sandusky River (F) South Creek Sugar Creek Toussiant River (F) White Star Park Lake Wolf Creeks (F) are floatable or canoeable rivers or streams)

Sandusky River Basin Symposium May 2 3 1975 Tiffin Ohio

Author : David B. Baker
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United States Coast Pilot

Author :
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Ichthyoplankton Studies in the Maumee and Sandusky River Estuaries of Lake Erie

Author : Frederic L. Snyder
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Water Quality Study of the Sandusky River Crawford and Wyandot Counties Ohio

Author :
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Fostoria Ohio

Author : Paul H. Krupp
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Fostoria, Ohio, was formed in 1854 with the merger of Risdon to the north and Rome to the south. It was named after Charles W. Foster, a local businessman who served as the town's first mayor. A town of 15,000 in northwestern Ohio, it is known around the world for its many railroads and, at one time, many glass factories including the well-known Fostoria glassware. "As the great City of Fostoria celebrates its 'Sesquicentennial' we all look forward to our next 150 years, but at the same time look back on where we have been. Paul Krupp's first book on Fostoria gave a great historical and yet personable account of Fostoria. Volume 2 continues with more wonderful insights of the rich heritage of our great city."-Mayor John Davoli, City of Fostoria, Ohio.

Expedition Against Sandusky

Author : C. W. Butterfield
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On the early frontier, Indians from the many tribes were encouraged by the British to attack American settlements. In March of 1782, Pennsylvania militiamen under Lt. Col. David Williamson murdered 90 peaceful, neutral, Christian Indians at Gnadenhutten in reprisal for these raids. These Indians were of the Delaware nation but called themselves Moravians after being converted to Christianity. In May of 1782, Colonel William Crawford led an expedition of 500 militiamen into the Ohio County with the primary purpose of destroying the towns of the Indians along the Sandusky River. The expedition was a failure. This book chronicles the events leading up to this ill fated expedition, the defeat of the militiamen and the capture of Crawford and others. The author, C. W. Butterworth, tells it like it was, with graphic descriptions of the atrocities committed by both sides and of the torture and burning of Crawford as the Indians took their revenge for the Gnadenhutten massacre. This book is part of the Historical Collection of Badgley Publishing Company and is a reproduction of the original published in 1873. All pages shown are from the original book. All pages are present and contain no errant marks or smudges.

Climatological Data

Author :
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Collection of the monthly climatological reports of the United States by state or region, with monthly and annual national summaries.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Ohio

Author : Ohio. General Assembly. House of Representatives
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The Ohio Gazetteer and Traveler s Guide containing a description of the several towns townships and counties c Together with an appendix or General Register embracing tables of roads and distances c First revised edition

Author : Warren JENKINS (of Ohio.)
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Climatological Data National Summary

Author : United States. Environmental Data Service
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Climatological Data National Summary

Author : National Climatic Center
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Best Tent Camping Ohio

Author : Robert Loewendick
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Best Tent Camping: Ohio reveals 50 sites around the Buckeye State that will excite avid tent campers. Ohio’s geographical diversity provides a variety of tent camping opportunities to quench any tent camper’s thirst for off the beaten path adventures. The author guides readers to the site and shares important and informative details of the area to complete a tent camping excursion to be pleasantly remembered. Each campsite and its amenities, surroundings, and things to see and do nearby were thoroughly researched onsite and the results are displayed with supporting site maps. Site characteristics such as shade availability and levelness, to distance to next site and the view are included. If quality fishing is nearby, then that is touched on as well. If a hiking trail with a must-see view is accessible, then directions to the trailhead are supplied. Seasonal tent camping is year round in Ohio, with an abundance of excitement waiting the tent camper. Each campsite description includes recommendations for the best season to visit and why. Ohioan and award winning outdoor travel writer Robert Loewendick has gathered the most current information to guide you to that perfect tent camping excursion you’ve been longing for.

James and Elizabeth a True Story of Brave Ohio Pioneers

Author : Nancy Scranton
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The true story of James and Elizabeth Whitaker, former captives of the Wyandot tribe, who became friends and allies of the Wyandot and settlers. For readers of all ages.

Life in the Hothouse

Author : Melanie Lenart
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Why does the planet's warming produce stronger hurricanes, rising seas, and larger floods? The Earth is just doing what comes naturally. Just as humans produce sweat to cool off on a hot day, the planet produces hurricanes, floods, wetlands, and forests to cool itself off. This book incorporates the author's extensive knowledge of climate science, including the latest research in climate change, and the most current scientific theories, including Gaia theory, which holds that the Earth has some degree of climate control "built in." As the author points out, scientists have been documenting stronger hurricanes and larger floods for many years. There is a good reason for this, she notes. Hurricanes help cool the ocean surface and clear the air of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. From the perspective of Gaia theory, these responses are helping to slow the ongoing global warming, and there is hope, she writes. If we help sustain Earth's natural defense systems, including wetlands and forests, perhaps Mother Earth will no longer need to rely as much on the cooling effects of what we call "natural disasters", many of which carry a human fingerprint. At a minimum, she argues, these systems can help us survive the heat.


Author : Keith Elchert
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Tiffin may be most well known because of the devastation caused by the flood of 1913; the flood took the lives of 19 people in a disaster that literally reshaped the city. But, it is defined by so much more than tragedy. Tiffin—named after Ohio’s first governor, Edward Tiffin—was first settled in 1817. The seat of Seneca County has been home to businesses of wide renown: Tiffin Glass, National Machinery, and Ballreich’s Potato Chips, among others. Tiffin’s institutions of higher learning, Heidelberg and Tiffin Universities, and its strong public and parochial school systems reflect a deep commitment to education among the city’s residents. Historic figures like Charles Dickens and Thomas Edison, as well as local luminaries such as Josiah Hedges and Gen. William Harvey Gibson, have played a part in forging Tiffin’s history.

America s First Crisis

Author : Robert P. Watson
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Engaging and accessible account of the war that helped forge the American nation. The War of 1812, sometimes called “America’s forgotten war,” was a curious affair. At the time, it was dismissed as “Mr. Madison’s War.” Later it was hailed by some as America’s “Second War for Independence” and ridiculed by others, such as President Harry Truman, as “the silliest damned war we ever had.” The conflict, which produced several great heroes and future presidents, was all this and more. In America’s First Crisis Robert P. Watson tells the stories of the most intriguing battles and leaders and shares the most important blunders and victories of the war. What started out as an effort to invade Canada, fueled by anger over the harassment of American merchant ships by the Royal Navy, soon turned into an all-out effort to fend off an invasion by Britain. Armies marched across the Canadian border and sacked villages; navies battled on Lake Ontario, Lake Champlain, and the world’s oceans; both the American and Canadian capitals were burned; and, in a final irony, the United States won its greatest victory in New Orleans—after the peace treaty had been signed. “Watson has produced a highly readable and lively account of the key battles, commanders, and events of this ‘forgotten war.’ Watson presents this important war as not only unnecessary and filled with intrigue, but a conflict that ended up shaping both American nationalism and the geopolitical future of the continent. This book accomplishes its goal of providing a new understanding of the importance of this underappreciated war.” — Richard M. Yon, United States Military Academy “This thorough, informative, and engaging narrative of the War of 1812 will be of great interest to scholars, students, and anyone interested in military history and American politics. It brings battles from over two hundred years ago to life and illustrates why studying this war is essential to understanding conflicts over US foreign and defense policy today. It combines skillful historical research with careful attention to major institutional developments in the American political system.” — Meena Bose, Hofstra University “Professor Watson provides marvelous insights into America’s first declared—though least known and understood—war. From British impressments to diplomatic missteps, the reasons for this war that almost started in 1807 are illuminated. The rookie mistakes that nearly cost America her newly won independence, the defensive stands that serve as a source of pride for many Canadians, and the exhausted adventures of British crusaders are brought to life, as the characters, ships, and battles are described with vivid detail and in a straightforward manner. This book will please students of American history interested in both diplomacy and war and also satisfy the casual reader looking for greater knowledge and awareness about the War of 1812.” — Sean D. Foreman, coeditor of The Roads to Congress 2012

Around Connellsville

Author : Paul E. Eckman and Karen Hechler and the Connellsville Area Historical Society
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Connellsville became the first city in Fayette County when it merged with New Haven in 1909. Connellsville's growth was shaped by the Youghiogheny River, coal mining, and coke production, which fueled the nation's steel industry for nearly 100 years. Known as the "coke capital of the world," Connellsville became an early manufacturing, commercial, and transportation center, attracting a diverse ethnic population. Around Connellsville celebrates this heritage with images of coke ovens, coal patches, railroads, streetcars, and "Brimstone Corner." It follows South Pittsburgh Street to Anchor Hocking and the beach, cheers ball teams at Fayette Field in the north end, and admires St. Rita's grotto on the west side. Although recent economic growth shifted from the town center to nearby highways, Connellsville remains the preeminent gateway to the Laurel Highlands Recreational Area, which includes world-class resorts, state parks, historical sites, and the singular beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.