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Ally s Spiritual Journey

Author : Mary Carol Ross
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Spirit Allies

Author : Christopher Penczak
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The author "shares personal anecdotes and 30 simple techniques and exercises such as relaxation, automatic writing, and shamanic journeying to show how to contact our own guides."--Cover.

Spiritual Journey Home

Author : Nathan Katz
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Negotiating Spiritual Violence in the Queer Community

Author : Jeff Sapp
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This volume is an attempt to serve as a venue for giving a voice to queer people from all faiths and no faiths to describe how they negotiate or have negotiated spiritual violence in their lives, as well as the voices of heterosexual allies who strive for the inclusion of queer people as a counter narrative to spiritual violence of full inclusion and embracement and demonstrate that some communities of faith do not operate from paradigms of violence, but instead operate with love, affirmation, and inclusion. These counter narratives are important. This volume is a collection of narratives that describe a variety of experiences – stories of pain and rejection, joy, and overcoming and transformation. The voices of the authors in this collection are a mixture of personal narratives, theoretical or academic thought, and because art and spirituality often go hand-in-hand, some of the authors offer the reader more creative writing that reflects their ideas.

The Spiritual Journey

Author : Francis Kelly Nemeck
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Those who give spiritual direction and those who seek it will find this wise work a safe guide on their path of prayer. It treats all stages of mature spiritual progress, and it deserves to attain the classic status merited by the authors' previous works.

Ally Me

Author : Purandev Kaur
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If you're looking for books on spiritual channeling, look no further-this is one of the best books on the afterlife and spirituality available. Inspiring, insightful, and deeply moving, Ally & Me: The Integration of Spirit and Form is a personal account of the unbreakable bond between two sisters and humanity's collective journey, which each one of us takes. Exploring fascinating subjects such as spiritual healing after loss and healing grief with mediumship, this absolute gem of a book will bring comfort and illumination to anyone who has ever experienced the loss of a loved one. So if you have questions about mediumship, spirit guides, or life after death, powerful evidence of their existence can be found within these pages. Join the author as she embarks on an inward journey of healing and spiritual awakening, and discover how through the power of love, we can overcome anything.

Florence Nightingale s Spiritual Journey Biblical Annotations Sermons and Journal Notes

Author : Florence Nightingale
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Annotation Begins with an introduction to the beliefs, influences and practices of this complex person. The second and largest part of this volume consists of Nightingale's biblical annotations, made at various stages of her life. The third part contains her journal notes, including her diary for 1877, published here for the first time.

Companions for Your Spiritual Journey

Author : Mark Harris
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Weaving together life today with the wisdom of saints like John Bunyan and Evelyn Underhill, Mark Harris has created a practical guide to spiritual growth that covers issues such as spiritual dryness, temptation, discouragement and more.

The Accidental Shaman

Author : Howard G. Charing
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A story of awakening to remarkable shamanic powers, teachings, and techniques • Describes the author’s work with plant spirits, entheogens such as ayahuasca, and indigenous shamans during his 20 years of fieldwork in the Peruvian Amazon • Explores the practice of soul retrieval and shamanic work with feathers, stones, and sound • Includes techniques for exploring non-ordinary reality, exercises for expanding sensory perception, and practices to open your creative artistic visionary potential After surviving a serious elevator crash in London, Howard G. Charing found he had developed healing touch as well as the ability to hear voices and experience visions--just as a healer in Italy had predicted only a week before the accident. He began using his abilities to heal but felt he needed more guidance and training. He first connected with a national spiritual healing organization, only to be told he was doing everything wrong. Then, through a friend, he discovered shamanism. Sharing profound teachings and extraordinary experiences from his more than 30 years of shamanic healing work, Charing explains how he accidentally became a shaman and completely changed the course of his life. He describes his work with plant spirits, entheogens such as ayahuasca, and indigenous shamans during his 20 years of fieldwork in the Peruvian Amazon, including his studies with the late visionary artist Pablo Amaringo. Investigating altered states of perception, he provides visionary techniques for exploring non-ordinary reality, exercises for expanding sensory perception, and practices to open your creative artistic visionary potential. Detailing the practice of soul retrieval, the author discusses why it is one of the most effective and profound spiritual healing practices and shares emotionally charged stories of successful shamanic healings he has attended. He also includes shamanic wisdom on working with feathers, stones, and sound and compares current research in physics with the vast body of experiential knowledge from indigenous spiritual traditions. From the accident that started his journey to the many remarkable spiritwork encounters that have happened since, Charing’s story will empower readers to begin exploring the realms of consciousness and energy that surround us and welcome the dissolution of the boundary between the physical and the spiritual.

Cannabis and Spirituality

Author : Stephen Gray
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A guide to the benefits and challenges of the use of cannabis in spiritual practice • Includes chapters by 18 authoritative and influential voices of the modern cannabis movement, including Kathleen Harrison, Joan Bello, Hamilton Souther, Steven Hager, Chris Bennett, Dee Dussault, Jeremy Wolff, and Roger Christie • Explores the use of marijuana in a wide range of spiritual practices, including meditation, yoga, chanting, visualization, shamanism, group ceremonies, work with other entheogens, and as a creative aid Truly a medicine for body and soul, one of cannabis’s greatest gifts is its remarkable potential for spiritual healing and awakening. In this authoritative guide, editor Stephen Gray and 17 other influential voices of the modern cannabis movement explore the spiritual benefits of cannabis and offer guidance on how to interact with the intelligence of this plant ally, a companion and supporter of humanity for millennia. Exploring cannabis spirituality in practice, Gray’s chapters examine dosage, strains, and methods of intake; the use of cannabis to open the creative channels; how to conduct group ceremonies with cannabis; and cautions and counterindications for cannabis use. We hear from Chris Bennett on the religious and ritual use of cannabis from pre-biblical times to the present, Joan Bello on marijuana and the body-mind connection, Dee Dussault on ganja yoga, Kathleen Harrison on humanity’s co-evolution with cannabis, and cannabis shaman Hamilton Souther on working with the spirit of cannabis. The contributors explore the spiritual future of this plant ally as well as the ritual use of cannabis by the Rastafarians of Jamaica and the Sadhus of India. The chapters from Brazilian ayahuasca shaman Mariano da Silva and ayahuasca apprentice Francisco present wisdom on comingling the sacramental medicines of cannabis and ayahuasca. Revealing the potential of “the people’s plant” to enhance a wide range of spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, chanting, visualization, shamanism, spirit work, and explorations with other entheogens, this guide shows how cannabis is an effective ally on the awakening journey, unlocking the receptive energy in us all and helping us to feel connected to nature, to each other, and to ourselves.

A Spiritual Handbook

Author : James Galluzzo
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A Training Manual for the Spiritual Journey modeled after the Urban Spirituality Center's Spiritual Direction Training Program: Embracing the Holy. This book holds out a model for a spiritual journey that is appropriate for anyone willing to go on the journey, willing to ask the hard questions and willing to sit with the messy and the wonderful. It is for those who are in transition, who are longing to move, who are ready for transformation in life. It is also for anyone who wants to be a guide, mentor, or ally to those on a spiritual path. This book will focus on the model of the spiritual journey that is based on "telling one's story." This book defines spirituality as part of all that a person is, the core of one's being, the heart, soul, mind, and body. It is living life out of full humanity. A reflection or meditation exercise follows each chapter to offer a better understanding of the material. Quotations are provided at the end of each section as prompts for reflection, conversation, or journaling. The questions are offered to inspire a writing practice to allow each person to get a clearer picture of how the topic relates to his or her spiritual journey. Travelers and guides offer their responses to each of the questions.

On Our Spiritual Journey

Author : Woman's Institute for Continuing Jewish Education
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Experiencing Allyhood

Author : Andrea Avila Sakar
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Ally literature suggests processes and guidelines that non-Indigenous researchers can follow in order to establish respectful relationships (Battiste, 1998; Wilson, 2008; Edward, 2006; Margaret, 2010). It also states the importance of preparedness for engaging and sustaining long term alliances (Lang, 2010; Brophey, 2011); however specific training methods; modalities that support long-term relationships; practices to develop desired qualities; or self-care approaches for Allies have not been addressed in the literature. Through autoethnographic work I sought to explore this gap in literature. This study is situated within decolonizing methodologies looking to contribute to legitimizing traditional ways of knowing; and within Anzaldúas (1987) philosophical view of "Doing Mestizaje" (1987). My work is a personal account of the complicated and conflicted situation of working as an Ally, being both Mestiza and Buddhist in a culture of colonization/decolonization. Unique to this exploration are modalities I chose to help with a deeper understanding, and as possible approaches to address emotional stress and prevent burnout in Ally work: art, meditation, mindfulness practice, prayer, dream work, and narrative/poetry. My findings show that a Mestizo view of Allyhood presents differences with those of White Allies; that implementation of the Buddhist concepts of interdependence and selflessness can support Allies during a painful or stressful process of self-reflection, as well as through out the relationship; and that doing research as ceremony, and ceremony as research contributes to the revitalization of Indigenous traditional ways of knowing and its importance in Decolonizing work.


Author : Suzanne Edwards
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Between the earth, the upper world and the lower world stands the axis mundi, the world tree, connecting us all. Shamans journey up or down between these worlds, bringing back healing, divination and spiritual knowledge. This book introduces us to classical shamanic thought as well as techniques and methods to connect with our spirit guides and allies. From the spirit animals you encounter on a journey to the lower world to the angelic guides and teachers you meet in the upper world, you will learn how to interpret their messages for your on-going health and well-being. & • Shamanic drums and why drumming is important in shamanism & • How to recognise a spirit ally & • How to create objects of power to help you in your shamanic journeying

The Muslim World League Journal

Author :
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New Moon Journey

Author : Suzanne Nadon
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Power Animal Meditations

Author : Nicki Scully
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A collection of guided journeys and meditations to help the reader connect with and learn from power animals and spirit allies. • 50 unique power animal and spirit guide meditations • Illustrated by the award-winning artist of Medicine Cards, Angela Werneke • 7 additional journeys going to new levels added since first edition What can the hawk teach you about your life purpose? What does the salmon know of fertile dreams, goal setting, and self actualization? Calling upon the magical wisdom of nature, Nicki Scully guides us into the spirit world of sacred totems, oracles, and animal teachings from many cultures, including Africa, Egypt, and North America. Encounter the archetypal wisdom teachings of Cobra, Eagle, Dolphin, Lioness, White Buffalo, Coyote, Cedar Tree, and many others. Each totem is exquisitely illustrated by Angela Werneke, the award-winning illustrator of Medicine Cards.

Finding Your Harmony

Author : Ally Brooke
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this moving and inspirational memoir, singer Ally Brooke recalls her journey to fame, reveals how she has remained true to her beliefs through her most difficult moments. Featuring sixteen pages of never-before-seen photos, Finding Your Harmony takes readers behind-the-scenes of her proudest musical accomplishments, solo success, and her time on Dancing with the Stars. Ally Brooke burst onto the music scene as a member of Fifth Harmony, and quickly became a fan favorite with her infectious positivity and approachable attitude – not to mention her incredible voice. Following the band’s meteoric rise to fame, she embarked on a solo career, releasing her own hit singles, joining the twenty-eighth season of Dancing with the Stars, and showing people everywhere the rewards of hard work and faith. Now in this moving and inspirational memoir, Ally opens up about the experiences that led her to the spotlight, offering lessons from the heart and revealing how her tight-knit, Mexican-American family have helped her to live fearlessly since she was first catapulted into stardom. Tracing her success from its beginnings in San Antonio, Texas, Ally details the passion for music that took hold of her at a young age, and how with the help of her family she pushed herself to achieve her dreams, no matter how impossible they seemed. While her rise to fame was rapid, it wasn’t always smooth, and Ally candidly discusses the challenges she faced along the way, sharing how she navigated tough moments by staying true to herself and her beliefs. Opening up about her journey since Fifth Harmony disbanded, Ally recalls her tireless efforts to make music on her terms, charting back to back singles in the top 40 and amassing over 200 million collective worldwide streams. She also delves into her time on Dancing with the Stars, demonstrating how she conquered her fears and insecurities on her way to a top three finish and further established herself as a role model for young people the world over. Infused with the positive approach to life and spiritual openness that have fueled Ally’s journey, Finding Your Harmony uses her stories to help others follow their inner voices—even when the outside world makes it hard. Wise, grounded, and filled with sixteen pages of never-before-seen photos, Finding Your Harmony is a fascinating glimpse into the life and heart of one of popular music’s rising stars.

Mysticism the Spiritual Path

Author : Levi Raj Puri
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The mysterious travellers emblematically represented through the diverse mazes of this mortal scene signed H C and E T

Author : Hannah Carnes
File Size : 85.87 MB
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