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All That Glitters

Author : Danielle Steel
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From New York to London to St Tropez, All That Glitters by the world's favourite storyteller, Danielle Steel, is the story of a young woman finding her place in the world and learning the hardest lesson of all - who to trust. Coco Martin, the adored only child of wealthy parents, has lived a charmed existence in their beautiful Manhattan home, and summers in a fabulous Hamptons house. Despite her privileged upbringing, Coco's parents instilled in their daughter their own values of hard work, honesty and kindness. But as she's just entering her twenties, Coco's world is devastated by the sudden death of her beloved parents. Now the heir to a considerable fortune, Coco must find her way in a world that no longer makes sense to her. The estate is protected by a trustee, a close friend of her mother and father. But is he the honourable man she believes him to be? Beginning a new life in London, she falls in love with a charismatic, handsome, penniless aristocrat, who introduces her to a world of fabulous parties and extravagance. Coco's oldest friend Sam fears that this whirlwind romance won't last, but Coco is sure that she has finally found happiness. In the middle of London's glamorous social scene, Coco struggles to see things as they really are . . .

All That Glitters

Author : Denise L'estrange Corbet
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A fascinating memoir from one of New Zealand's leading fashion designers. This is Denise's L'Estrange Corbet's honest and frank account of her turbulent life - from her difficult childhood through to her successful business life today. She covers the emotional landscape of her childhood, her malevolent grandmother, her dysfunctional family and most of all the development of her depression. This is a really honest, raw story that shows how mental illness can develop through childhood. Her insights into the causes and effects of depression are enthralling; it's a compelling story of mental illness, written with a great deal of humour. At times, it's like a darkly fascinating version of Bill Bryson: funny anecdotes about childhood with the menacing tinge of depression. Her account of the early years of WORLD, her time as a fashion student in London and her interactions with people in the business are terrific. This is an eye-opener and a page-turner of a book, with great anecdotes about the fashion world and strong, compelling writing about childhood and depression. The foreword is by former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and all royalties go to the Mental Health Foundation.

All That Glitters

Author : Mickey J. Corrigan
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It's the summer of 2007, and the unsuspecting world is on the verge of sinking into the Great Recession. Coral Leven is visiting her wealthy friend Rose McCrary in super-upscale Palm Beach while attempting to finish her poetic thesis on the destruction of coral reefs. Across the Intracoastal Waterway from the McCrary mansion sits another vast estate, the site of weekend galas and wild parties. When Rose's cousin moves in next door to the party palace, Coral falls for him, and Rose finds out his neighbor is her long lost lover Gary Blass. But there's trouble in paradise. Doyle and Gary are involved with the Great Getzstein, a secretive billionaire with weird and dangerous passions. All That Glitters is literary but with a modern crime kick. A classic American love and loss story, Coral's affair with glittery Palm Beach tackles some of the most pressing issues of our time.

All that Glitters

Author : Raymond Chandler
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Raymond Chandler, the uncle of the boy that first accused Michael Jackson of molestation in 1993, sets the record straight in an extraordinary and very readable case study. All That Glitters meticulously examines details of accusations against Michael Jackson by Jordie Chandler, and his family

All That Glitters

Author : V.C. Andrews
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Driven from the Dumas Mansion back to her beloved bayou, Ruby's only hope is that fate will let her begin anew... Living again in a humble shack, Ruby is determined to make a secure and happy home for her precious infant daughter, Pearl. Paul Tate -- her first love, whom she was forced to abandon -- is at her side once more, now a man of dazzling wealth. When he whisks her into his grand house, it seems their future is assured. As mistress of Cypress Woods, Ruby can forget even the shocking reason she and Paul must wed in a secret ceremony and remain husband and wife in name alone. But the thick, expensive walls of Cypress Woods cannot shut out the terrible memories that have woven their fabric over her destiny, or the cold eyes of Paul's mother, Gladys, reminding Ruby of the secret she must keep to give Pearl a loving father. Then her venomous twin sister, Gisselle, arrives to taunt her with news of Beau Andreas, the true father Pearl has never met, and the only man Ruby will ever long for with all her body and soul, Desperate to find the complete, fulfilling life she craves, Ruby builds a precarious new existence, a flimsy shanty of hope that the first flood washes away. Only when the storm exposes the very blackest evils of the past will she glimpse the rainbow's fragile promise, a morning of sunshine and laughter with a family of her own....


Author : Oliveira Taft
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Ignorance isn’t a bliss We’re all bred to be good wives. Plan dinner parties and be entertaining. They all think I’m too old to be here with the young single girls. I should find a man, I should get married. I refuse but come a day when they find me a husband. They fix me a husband the same way they tried to fix my behaviour. They think I have no choice, but I still have one left. I will not behave, I will not smile. I will not be Blessed. A memorable saga packed with tension - ALL THAT GLITTERS will inspire fans of The Gender Game, VOX and Only Ever Yours.

All That Glitters Isn t Gold

Author : Kelvin Sawyer
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What do you do when a circumstance happens that is so severe, you feel betrayed in the worst way? What do you do when you fall in love with someone who is everything you are not looking for? What do you do when you are gay, and fall in love with someone who is straight? Meet Corey Jenkins. He was raised in a religious two-parent household in Brooklyn, New York. Even though he was raised in the church, he learned at the age of five that he was attracted to boys. To satisfy his family and society, he played the straight game and dated girls until his junior year in high school. That is when everything changed. That is when Corey Jenkins met Raymond Perez. Corey had no idea that after meeting Raymond, his life would change forever. Raymond introduced Corey to a world of lust, greed, and ecstasy. Along his journey Corey met his best friends, Tina and Isaac. Throughout the years, the three of them went through circumstances that tested their friendship. A true friendship is suppose to last forever. Corey learned quickly that all that glitters isn’t gold.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Author : Marcel Marshall
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Set amid the natural beauty of the Caribbean island of Antigua, this creative novel details Te'Kare's struggles with her own weaknesses and the question of what she wants in life. Despite numerous lessons, Te' has a difficult time learning to balance her dreams with the truth of the adage that all that glitters is not gold. Her naivete leaves her susceptible to the wiles of a cunning and malicious scheme that threatens her very future as well as that of her longtime boyfriend, D'mitri Stanford.

All That Glitters Enchanted Pony Academy 1

Author : Lisa Ann Scott
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Welcome to the Enchanted Pony Academy, where glittery ponies learn how to use their magic! Daisy is thrilled to be attending the Enchanted Pony Academy, where glitter ponies learn to use their magic. But she's nervous, too. Daisy's hooves are sparkly, just like every other magical pony's, but they don't give off glitter. And worse, she has no idea what her magical power might be! Will the Academy help Daisy discover her magic and make all her dreams come true . . . or will she learn that there's been a huge mistake?

Find The Girl All That Glitters

Author : Lucy Connell
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Nancy Palmer used to be Insta-famous and her twin Nina used to shy away from everyone. Things can change pretty quickly. Nina has been accepted onto a Guildhall music course and is famous because of her pop star boyfriend, Chase. Nancy is trying to put her name on the map by becoming a music journalist and is not getting distracted by Chase's hot bandmate Miles. When their estranged dad shows up out of the blue and shows an interest in Nina's budding music career, Nancy isn't sure he's just there to make amends. As they attempt to find their way through new challenges, they both have to remember that you have to pave your own path to success and sometimes fame comes at a price.