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Drop Effect

Author : Milan Dimitrijevic
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It's hard to find those who would devote their time for you, who would be honest and who would advise you from the bottom of the heart. It's hard to fi nd those who speak and write openly about their life, their feelings, their success and their failures, their ups and downs. Drop Effect is the book that creates a new dimension in perceiving the ways of predicting and managing the changes. Undoubtedly, it's a piece of work from a man far ahead of his time, while the content and the book message are timeless, universal.

The Dew drop ed by J K

Author : J. K
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The Calculation of Pressure Drop and Flow Distribution Within a Reactor Vessel in a Pressurized Water Nuclear Reactor System

Author : J. S. Busch
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Water Drop Journeys

Author : Tan Eng Chew
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Water Drop Journeys is an easy-to-read, full-colour illustrated book that tells a tale of love & kindness through a tiny water drop. The story contains themes of interconnectedness with nature interspersed with short passages of guided mindfulness meditation. This story brings the reader on an inward journey towards finding peace and self-acceptance. It also reminds us that all we have is now. The guided mindfulness meditations known as "rituals" teach readers how to focus, relax or stay grounded in the present moment. This book is suitable for adults and children (8 years and above). Inspire your little ones to be a more mindful individual or indulge yourself in this multi-sensory treat that leaves every reader feeling nourished. Book Highlights • Over 30 original full-colour artworks • Audio guides for 7 mindfulness meditations with transcripts! Scan the QR code found on the last page to access the audio files. • Two illustrated journal pages for capturing kind loving encounters Excerpts from book reviews: "This book is both simple and profound; simple in that the content is presented as a children's story and profound in its use of analogies to illustrate life lessons and existential philosophy in subtle, hidden language." "This book warms your heart and soul!" "Beautiful! This book is simple, colourful yet filled with a deeper meaning of life. Stop and feel. Great for my child and me 😄" "I would highly recommend this book is for everyone. I could / will read it over again. I thoroughly enjoyed reading you book. It’s beautifully written." "A book you wouldn't want to miss!!" "A rare gem, great for adults and children alike."

Snow Drop

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The International Crime Drop

Author : Jan van Dijk
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Drawing on new studies from major European countries and Australia, this exciting collection extends the ongoing debate on falling crime rates from the perspective of criminal opportunity or routine activity theory. It analyses the effect of post WW2 crime booms which triggered a universal improvement in security across the Western world.

A Drop of the Hard Stuff

Author : Lawrence Block
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Detective Matt Scudder is on the trail of a killer - but solving the case might be his undoing... Matt Scudder and Jack Ellery were at school together but never exactly friends. Twenty years later, when Scudder was a detective and Jack was standing on the other side of the one-way glass in a police line-up, it was clear their lives had taken very different paths. What they shared, however, was a battle with alcohol. Now Jack is on the ninth step of the AA program and it's time to make amends to the people he's wronged over the years because of his addiction. But when he ends up shot in the head, and it's clear that stirring up the past was not such a good idea, it's up to Scudder to find the killer.

Drop Dead in Red

Author : Livia Day
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Glamorous cult movie director Prue Scythe went missing at a film festival in Sydney, and was never found… until her dead body turned up on a miniature goat farm in rural Tasmania, fifteen years later. Where has she been all this time? Why was she wearing a drop dead gorgeous red evening gown when she died? Who stole her scarf? Once again, the Fashionably Late boutique is entangled with a local murder. It’s up to Sam Sullivan and her friends to investigate, to ensure the wrong person isn’t blamed for this crime of fashion. A cozy mystery featuring frocks, handsome farmers, tiny goats and freshly baked scones, from the author of A Trifle Dead, and Dyed & Buried.

Code of Federal Regulations

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Investigation of Pressure Drop and Dynamic Instabilities in Two phase Flow

Author : Thomas Lanz
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Zweiphasenströmungen, insbesondere Wasser/Dampf-Strömungen, sind für die Auslegung und den Betrieb thermohydraulischer Systeme nach wie vor von großem Interesse. Diese Arbeit befasst sich mit der Untersuchung des Druckverlustes und dynamischer Instabilitäten (hier Dichtewellenoszillationen) in Wasser/Dampf-Strömungen mittels zweier unterschiedlicher Ansätze unter praxisnahen Bedingungen. Zum einen wird ein Versuchsstand entwickelt, aufgebaut und in Betrieb genommen, um mit diesem entsprechende Versuche an einem Verdampferrohr durchzuführen. Zum anderen werden dynamische Simulationen mit einem homogenen („mixture flow“) und einem heterogenen („two-fluid“) Strömungsmodell durchgeführt und miteinander und mit den Messdaten verglichen. Die experimentellen und numerischen Ergebnisse lassen sich schließlich in dimensionslosen Stabilitätskarten zusammenfassen, welche die Betriebsgrenzen beschreiben, bei denen Dichtewellenoszillationen in thermohydraulisch ähnlichen Systemen auftreten können.