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All About Eva

Author : Malcolm J. Brooks
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After the death of his father, John is seeking answers. A trip down memory lane results in a chance meeting with Eva, a young girl with very special powers. They embark on a mission of compassion which results in them being catapulted back over three centuries into the English Civil War, where they encounter the violence, death and destruction of that time. Only Eva has the ability to save them.

Confessions of a Female Vigilante

Author : A. L. Sutter
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Confessions is a psychological thriller, page-turning revelation about misplaced trust and the irreparable harm to the female psyche caused by relationships with men. Lane Stone has been a twenty-five year prosecutor for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, and now practices criminal defense. Claiming justice after a devastating experience of erotic transference with her psychologist of thirty years, she takes justice into her own hands. Through the encouragement of the only true love Lane has ever known - Christopher, she seems to be redeemed. Doubt as to Lane’s motives is raised by Chris’ best friend, Jimmy, an LAPD cop, but the mature unbreakable bond Lane shares with Christopher seems strong enough to put Lane’s demons to rest. Can the obsessive need for revenge ever be satiated? Only you, the readers can hand down the verdict on Lane Stone.

Poet Lore

Author :
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The Diary of va Heyman

Author : Éva Heyman
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The War Comes to Plum Street

Author : Bruce C. Smith
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How World War II changed New Castle, Indiana. “This is a unique look at the war, far from the front lines, but equally impacting life on the home front.” — The War Comes to Plum Street brings to life the Second World War through the eyes of a small group of neighbors from a Midwestern town. Bruce C. Smith presents their stories just as they happened, without explanation or interpretation. To experience the war as they did, insofar as it is possible, we must understand how they perceived everyday events and recognize the incompleteness of their knowledge of what was taking place in Europe and the Pacific. The inhabitants of Plum Street in New Castle, Indiana, resemble many other average Americans of their day. As we discover how they experienced those fateful years, these Americans may have something to teach us about how we live in our own turbulent time. “This remains a superb story. Bruce C. Smith has a wonderful eye for detail and a compelling perspective and voice. We care about this place and the people who live here.” —James H. Madison, author of Hoosiers: A New History of Indiana “The book is worth reading for what it offers about the emotional life of the times. Smith recognizes that in a small community and, more particularly, on a single street, lives are enmeshed . . . Ultimately, this book is deeply personal, but it reminds us that life is lived at a deeply personal level.” —

Harper s Novels

Author : Harper & Brothers
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Eva Egyptian Novel

Author : Ahmed Zakarya Alamir
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It is a work of fiction with a biographical element about an Egyptian woman, Eva. She was a scientist who faced a tragedy in her life for the sake of her dream. The author reflects a period of conflict in the modern history of Egypt.

Makers of the Modern Theater

Author : Barry Ulanov
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Twenty-two plays of the modern theater.

The Living Age

Author :
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Dangerous Seduction Nemesis Unlimited Book 2 A page turning historical adventure romance

Author : Zoe Archer
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A thrilling novel of passion and vengeance from award-winning author Zoe Archer, as Nemesis, Unlimited. Fans of Kristen Callihan, Beth Ciotta, Meljean Brook and Sherry Thomas will be swept away by this exciting and compelling historical adventure romance. Can a common cause lead to shared passion? Alyce Carr has no time for the strange man in her little Cornwall village, no matter how breathtakingly handsome he is. Life in Trewyn doesn't allow for much fun - the managers of the copper mine barely provide the miners and their families with enough food. Outsiders are suspect and flirts are unimaginable, but Simon Sharpe is as keen as his name...and Alyce can't ignore him for long. As the founder of Nemesis, Unlimited, Simon Addison-Shawe is well accustomed to disguise and deceit. Yet he's not prepared for Alyce's dogged defense of her people and the injustices the copper mine has dealt them. With Alyce's help he can change the fate of an entire town, and convincing her to join him is only part of the thrill. Together, they ignite a desire in each other much too powerful to deny. But at what cost? Don't miss more enthralling adventure with Nemesis, Unlimited in Sweet Revenge, Winter's Heat and Wicked Temptation and check out Zoe's historical romance writing as Eva Leigh.