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Alive and Kicking at Eighty

Author : Bonnie Markham
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"Alive and Kicking at Eighty" is full of self-care strategies that supports any willing man or woman over the age of 40 to challenge the age-old stereotypes that cause too many to give up on their God given dreams, a meaningful lifestyle and settle for the unfulfilled lifestyle associated with being "over the hill". "Alive and Kicking at Eighty" is a passionate, compassionate dynamic resource for individuals that leads them on a path toward a lifetime of personal, emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

Dying to Live

Author : Monisha K Gumber
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"When nothing matters anymore… Megha, a young super-achiever with a perfect life has all that is needed to be happy. After all why wouldn’t she? A swimming champion, school topper, popular, good-looking girl with amazing friends and loving parents. What more could a girl ask for? A lot, actually. Because even when she has it all; she sulks and does the unthinkable. A grave mistake that could take her to her grave. But survivor that she is, she breaks through the wall of ‘perfections’ and accepts that she is what she is: sad, vulnerable and confused. Oh, don’t get her wrong, as she puts up a tough fight to reach where she is meant to be. And on the way learns some lessons that will take her through this amazing journey called life. A happy kind of life."

Hearings Before the Committee on Agriculture House of Representatives Eighty fifth Congress

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture
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On Monosemy

Author : Charles Ruhl
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Argues that most words do not have multiple meanings and criticizes the assignment of additional meanings through overspecification

The Widower s Club

Author : Jim d Jordan
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A group calling themselves The Divine Essence Discovery Evangelists plan to expand their operations when they purchase The Tall Pines Ranch in the small Oklahoma town of Colby. The citizens are up in arms to prevent what they?re calling a cult from ruining their quaint little town. Someone must stop the cult at all cost. Enter - ?The Widower's Club?, Four comical, elderly gentlemen, who develop a plan to stop the cult in its tracks. But when an attractive 58-year-old divorce, named Delores Dodd (Dee Dee) arrives in town, she quickly catches the eyes of ?The Widower's Club?, which may distract them from their plan. In a town filled with gossiping, quirky, down-home folks, as well as a few shady characters, anything can happen in the small town of Colby.

Privacy Invading Technologies and Privacy by Design

Author : Demetrius Klitou
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Privacy-invading technologies (PITs) such as Body scanners; Public space CCTV microphones; Public space CCTV loudspeakers and Human-implantable microchips (RFID implants/GPS implants) are dealt with in this book. The book shows how and why laws that regulate the design and development of privacy-invading technologies (PITs) may more effectively ensure the protection of privacy than laws that only regulate data controllers and the use of such technologies. The premise is supported and demonstrated through a discussion on these four specific PITs as case studies. In doing so, the book overall attempts to explain how laws/regulations that mandate the implementation of Privacy by Design (PBD) could potentially serve as a viable approach for collectively safeguarding privacy, liberty and security in the 21st Century. This book will be of interest to academic researchers, law practitioners, policy makers and technology researchers.

The Elements of Choice

Author : Eric J. Johnson
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A leader in decision-making research reveals how choices are designed—and why it’s so important to understand their inner workings Every time we make a choice, our minds go through an elaborate process most of us never even notice. We’re influenced by subtle aspects of the way the choice is presented that often make the difference between a good decision and a bad one. How do we overcome the common faults in our decision-making and enable better choices in any situation? The answer lies in more conscious and intentional decision design. Going well beyond the familiar concepts of nudges and defaults, The Elements of Choice offers a comprehensive, systematic guide to creating effective choice architectures, the environments in which we make decisions. The designers of decisions need to consider all the elements involved in presenting a choice: how many options to offer, how to present those options, how to account for our natural cognitive shortcuts, and much more. These levers are unappreciated and we’re often unaware of just how much they influence our reasoning every day. Eric J. Johnson is the lead researcher behind some of the most well-known and cited research on decision-making. He draws on his original studies and extensive work in business and public policy and synthesizes the latest research in the field to reveal how the structure of choices affects outcomes. We are all choice architects, for ourselves and for others. Whether you’re helping students choose the right school, helping patients pick the best health insurance plan, or deciding how to invest for your own retirement, this book provides the tools you need to guide anyone to the decision that’s right for them.

Temple Bar

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The Living Age

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Littell s Living Age

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