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Aline and the Blue Bottle

Author : Carolina Ugaz-Moran
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Aline is a series of novel by Carolina Ugaz-Morán. It is about a young girl named Aline and her adventures as she realizes she is surrounded by secrets and must go to a magical world to find answers. With the help of two sylph friends, she goes on a quest to find a blue bottle to save all magical worlds from her archenemy, Dashiok.

Six Weeks to Live

Author : Catherine McKenzie
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In this international bestseller, a “twisty tale of secrets and lies that reverberate across generations of a dysfunctional family” (Michele Campbell, author of The Wife Who Knew Too Much), a woman diagnosed with cancer sets out to discover if someone poisoned her before her time is up. Jennifer Barnes never expected the shocking news she received at a routine doctor’s appointment: she has a terminal brain tumor—and only six weeks left to live. While stunned by the diagnosis, the forty-eight-year-old mother decides to spend what little time she has left with her family—her adult triplets and twin grandsons—close by her side. But when she realizes she was possibly poisoned a year earlier, she’s determined to discover who might have tried to get rid of her before she’s gone for good. Separated from her husband and with a contentious divorce in progress, Jennifer focuses her suspicions on her soon-to-be ex. Meanwhile, her daughters are each processing the news differently. Calm medical student Emily is there for whatever Jennifer needs. Moody scientist Aline, who keeps her mother at arm’s length, nonetheless agrees to help with the investigation. Even imprudent Miranda, who has recently had to move back home, is being unusually solicitous. But with her daughters doubting her campaign against their father, Jennifer can’t help but wonder if the poisoning is all in her head—or if there’s someone else who wanted her dead. “Part whodunnit, part family drama, this textured and utterly spellbinding story unravels in surprising ways you won’t see coming” (Christina McDonald, USA TODAY bestselling author).

Harlequin Historical October 2014 Box Set 2 of 2

Author : Carole Mortimer
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Harlequin® Historical brings you three new titles for one great price, available now! This Harlequin® Historical bundle includes Zachary Black: Duke of Debauchery by Carole Mortimer, The Truth About Lady Felkirk by Amanda McCabe and Falling for Her Captor by Elisabeth Hobbes. Look for six compelling new stories every month from Harlequin® Historical!

Falling for Her Captor

Author : Elisabeth Hobbes
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"Set me free. Say I escaped, or that you never found me." Kidnapped heiress Lady Aline of Leavingham has surrendered any hope of rescue when a mysterious figure casts her assailant aside. But it's soon clear Aline's savior has no intention of setting her free—he's sworn to deliver her to the Duke of Roxholm, her family's enemy! Sir Hugh of Eardham has never seen anything quite like Aline's beauty and fighting spirit. There's no doubt he's tempted more to protect her than keep her bound. But could this loyal knight ever break his oath of allegiance for Aline's sake?

Dictionary of obsolete and provincial English

Author : Thomas Wright
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Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English Containing Words from the English Writers Previous to the Nineteenth Century and Words which are Now Used Only in the Provincial Dialects

Author : Thomas Wright
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Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English Containing Words from the English Writers Previous to the Ninetheenth Century which are No Longer in Use etc

Author : Thomas Wright
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A Master Builder

Author : Henrik Ibsen
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The internationally renowned actor and playwright adapts Henrik Ibsen's "Master Builder."

Montgomery Ward Catalogue of 1895

Author : Montgomery Ward & Co.
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Tea gowns, bleached damask, and yards of flannel and pillow-case lace, stereoscopes, books of gospel hymns and ballroom gems, the New Improved Singer Sewing Machine, side saddles, anti-freezing well pumps, Windsor Stoves, milk skimmers, straight-edged razors, high-button shoes, woven cane carpet beaters, spittoons, the Studebaker Road Cart, commodes and washstands, the "Fire Fly" single wheel hoe, cultivator, and plow combined, flat irons, and ice cream freezers. What man, woman, or child of the 1890s could resist these offerings of the Montgomery Ward catalogue, the one book that was read avidly, year after year, by millions of Americans on farms and in small towns across the nation? The Montgomery Ward catalogue provides one of the few irrefutably accurate pictures of what life was "really like" in the gay nineties, for it described and illustrated almost anything that anybody could possibly need or want in the way of "store-bought" goods. In fact, in that pre-department store era, it was usually the only source for such goods. Imagine if Montgomery Ward had issued an illustrated catalogue in the days of Louis XIV, or Elizabeth I, or Charlemagne: what insights would we have into the daily life of the "common folk," the farmers and shopkeeper, housewives and schoolchildren . . . what sources of information for historians and scholars, collectors and dealers, what models for artists and designers. In 1895, Montgomery Ward was the oldest, largest, and most representative mail-order house in the country. The brainchild of a former traveling salesman, it issued its first catalogue in 1872, a one-page listing of items. By 1895, the catalogue, reprinted here, had grown to 624 pages and listed some 25,000 items, almost all of them illustrated with live drawings. Montgomery Ward was by then a multi-million dollar business that profoundly affected the American economy; and since it reached the most isolated farms and backwoods cabins, its effect on American culture was almost as great. Now once again available, it is our truest, most unbiased record of the spirit of the 1890s. An introduction on the history of the Montgomery Ward Company and its catalogue has been prepared especially for this edition by Boris Emmet, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins), a foremost expert on retail merchandising. His monumental work Catalogues and Counters has long been recognized as a landmark in the study of American economic history.

Hunt s Yachting Magazine

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