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Alfa Romeo

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Examines the history of the Alfa Romeo automobile, highlighting the racing history, discussing notable leaders in the company, and describing the technological innovations of the vehicle.

The History of Alfa Romeos

Author : Seth Kingston
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On June 24, 1910, a group of businessmen, headed by Italian aristocrat Ugo Stella, took over the Italian plant of the French car company Societa Italiana Automobili Darracq located in Portello, Italy, just outside Milan. Stella renamed the company Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, or ALFA. From this day forward, a new class of cars was being produced. Over the years, Alfa Romeo has produced airplane engines, race cars, and family vehicles. This book explores the rich history of these iconic automobiles and how they have impacted the automobile industry.

Innovation and Market Globalization

Author : Carlo Corsi
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Fourteen papers, presented at a NATO-sponsored workshop held in September 1998 in Samarkand, address development trends in the transition countries of Central Asia. Workshop goals were to stimulate industry RandD for "small medium enterprises" and foster cooperation between East and West; participants included researchers from the science, technology, and business sectors in Europe, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Ukraine, the US, and Uzbekistan. The papers are in English, sometimes to their detriment as a result of inexpert translation. c. Book News Inc.

Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio 2018 Learning the Essentials

Author : Dale Michelson
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The Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio is high performance vehicle whose name means “Four leaf clover” and is the first model out of the new Giulia range that has been introduced to the market. It was unveiled in June 2015 in Italy and made its official debut in the Frankfurt Motorshow in 2015. The vehicle contains an aluminium twin turbo V6 petrol engine that gives a single cylinder displacement which is a little under a half a litre. This will offer you a total of 2,891cc or 176.4 cu in. This engine was developed by Ferrari technicians exclusively for Quadrifoglio. This book will seek to explore many of the features of the vehicle, so the reader will be informed of what is available from the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio.

There Once was a Time

Author : Piero Ventura
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A world history presenting various aspects of life during particular periods of history, focusing heavily on Europe, in a manner allowing the reader to make topical comparisons between the periods.

Pure Alfa Romeo

Author : Stefano d'Amico
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The fascinating world of Alfa Romeo is recounted in this history of the legendary automaker, while showcasing its finest models. Recognized for their sleek and sexy design, high performance, and innovative technology, Alfa Romeo cars have been admired for over a century. The famous exclamation by Henry Ford "When I see an Alfa Romeo go by, I tip my hat!" underlines the prestigious tradition and the legendary stories that make Alfa Romeo one of the major players in the automobile world. Beginning with the history of the Alfa Romeo company itself, this lavish book includes rare archival material, some published here for the first time, along with historical posters and advertisements for Alfa Romeo, many of which were designed by famous artists and illustrators. Alfa Romeo was one of the first brands to be collected by vintage car fans and even today its models are highly renowned. The latter half of the book features an overview of eighty models belonging to private collections, from 1910 to the present day. An impressive selection of vintage photographs is accompanied by brief, informative texts that focus on the chief characteristics of each of the vehicles illustrated. Featuring a preface by Mario Andretti, this book is essential for any rare automobile aficionado.

Driving Production Innovation Home

Author : John Jay Tate
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Twentieth century Style Design

Author : Stephen Bayley
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Traces the development of modern design and examines architecture, furniture, clothing, and home furnishings from each decade

OECD Reviews of Regional Innovation Globalisation and Regional Economies Can OECD Regions Compete in Global Industries

Author : OECD
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Looks at how different regions are responding to these challenges and the strategies they have adopted to support existing competitive advantages and to transform their assets to develop new competitive strengths.

The Alfa Romeo Tradition

Author : Griffith Borgeson
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A Century of Car Design

Author : Penny Sparke
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Explores the history of automobile design throughout the twentieth century, featuring designers, models, and themes including Henry Ford, Bill Mitchell, Ercole Spada, Rolls-Royce, Citroen 2CV, and eco-cars.

Europe in the Twentieth Century

Author : Robert O. Paxton
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The Race for the 21st Century

Author : Tim LaHaye
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The Economist

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Who s who in the Twentieth Century

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Provides reference to men and women who shape the history of the 20th century, and who contribute to world events from all walks of life.

Development Outreach

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International Directory of Company Histories

Author : Jay P. Pederson
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Multi-volume major reference work bringing together histories of companies that are a leading influence in a particular industry or geographic location. For students, job candidates, business executives, historians and investors.


Author : Claude Lichtenstein
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Streamlining is a metaphor for progress, surprising in its formal diversity and breadth of content and meaning. It is not necessarily trying to achieve maximum spedd, but aims to produce the highest possible degree of effectiveness; to this extent it has remained entirely up-to-date. But as an impetus it is a historical phenomenon that peaked twice, first in the thirties and then in the fifties.

The OECD Observer

Author : Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
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100 Designs 100 Years

Author : Mel Byars
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"History can be more than a dry record of politics, economics, and sociology. It can, through this book, tell us about ourselves and who we have been through a panorama of fascinating, provocative, amusing, or purely utilitarian objects - the tools of life. Even though you may be familiar with some of the objects in this book, their early births - like Cartier's "Santos" wristwatch in 1904 and the Coca-Cola bottle in 1915 - may surprise many. The canonical "Red Blue" armchair of 1918 and the "Sacco" seat of 1969 are highly recognizable objects today, but can you place them and others within the same year of other landmarks? For instance, in 1918 the electric food beater and the refrigerator appeared and women were first allowed to vote in England, and in 1969 the first humans landed on the Moon and the TV series "Monty Python's Flying Circus" debuted. Interesting stories about these objects as well as 96 others are accompanied by a list of some of the historical milestones which have colored and altered the fastest-paced 100 years of human endeavor - the 20th century."--BOOK JACKET.