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Alejandro s Gift

Author : Richard E. Albert
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Lonely in his house beside a road in the desert, Alejandro builds an oasis to attract the many animals around him.


Author : Angie Harrelson
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Gifts, a book in the Multiage Differentiated Curriculum Kit for Grades 1-3, gives students the opportunity to discover extrinsic and intrinsic gifts available to them in their everyday lives. The books in Prufrock's new Differentiated Curriculum Kits employ a differentiated, integrated curriculum based on broad themes. This all-in-one curriculum helps teachers save planning time, ensure compliance with national standards, and most importantly, pique their students? natural excitement and interest in discovery. By participating in the wide variety of activities in the Multiage Differentiated Curriculum Kit for Grades 1-3, students will discover the gifts around them and gain a lifelong desire to learn. Sentimental, personal, historical, symbolic, endangered, and fragile gifts are explored. Students also will learn the concept of supply and demand when assessing value or worth. The process and science of the preservation of national treasures also is investigated by students. From Egyptian pharaohs to poor farmers, students will find that everyone has gifts to offer.

Character Building eBook

Author : Jeri A. Carroll
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Honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, self-discipline and perseverance-the building blocks of character are the topics of this book. Introduce the theme with a great book and reinforce it with a variety of meaningful and creative follow-up activities.

Mentor Texts

Author : Lynne R. Dorfman
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It's been a decade since Lynne Dorfman and Rose Cappelli wrote the first edition of Mentor Texts and helped teachers across the country make the most of high-quality children's literature in their writing instruction. In the second edition of this important book Lynne and Rose show teachers how to help students become confident, accomplished writers by using literature as their foundation. The second edition includes brand-new "Your Turn Lessons," built around the gradual release of responsibility model, offering suggestions for demonstrations and shared or guided writing. Reflection is emphasized as a necessary component to understanding why mentor authors chose certain strategies, literary devices, sentence structures, and words. Lynne and Rose offer new children's book titles in each chapter and in a carefully curated and annotated Treasure Chest. At the end of each chapter a "Think About It--Talk About It--Write About It" section invites reflection and conversation with colleagues. The book is organized around the characteristics of good writing--focus, content, organization, style, and conventions. Rose and Lynne write in a friendly and conversational style, employing numerous anecdotes to help teachers visualize the process, and offer strategies that can be immediately implemented in the classroom. This practical resource demonstrates the power of learning to read like writers.

Hummingbird in Underworld

Author : Deborah Tobola
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At the age of forty-five, Deborah Tobola returns to her birthplace, San Luis Obispo, to work in the very prison her father worked in when he was a student at Cal Poly. But she’s not wearing a uniform as he did; she’s there to teach creative writing and manage the prison’s arts program—a dream job. As she creates a theatre program for prisoners, Tobola finds plenty of drama off the stage as well. Inside the razor wire she finds a world frozen in the ’50s, with no contact with the outside except by telephone; officers who think prisoners don’t deserve programs; bureaucrats who want to cut arts funding; and inmates who steal, or worse. But she loves engaging prisoners in the arts and helping them discover their voices: men like Opie, the gentleman robber; Razor, the roughneck who subscribes to The New Yorker; charismatic Green Eyes, who really has blue eyes; Doo Wop, a singer known for the desserts he creates from prison fare. Alternating between tales of creating drama in prison and Tobola’s own story, Hummingbird in Underworld takes readers on an unforgettable literary journey—one that is frank, funny, and fascinating.


Author : Harcourt, Inc
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Curriculum set for third grade issued in two named parts, for classroom use in teaching reading.

Celebrating Cuentos

Author : Jamie Campbell Naidoo
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More effectively meet the diverse literacy needs of the growing Latino population by learning how to evaluate and select quality Latino children's literature. * Figures relating to Latino population growth, home language of Latinos, and stressors of recently arrived Latinos * Extensive bibliography of print and web resources for developing collections of quality materials about Latino cultures, professional publications related relating to evaluating Latino children's literature and integrating the literature into classrooms and libraries, and recommended English, Spanish, and bilingual children's and young adult books about Latinos * Contains useful resources such as reproducible bookmarks of recommended Latino children's books, evaluation sheets for analyzing Latino children's books for stereotypes, and a bingo sheet for professional development related to library services for Latinos and Latino children

The Shores of Spain

Author : J. Kathleen Cheney
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A brilliant new chapter in the Novels of the Golden City. Even as the branches of peace are being offered, there are some who still believe those who are not human should be used as chattel. And they are willing to go to great lengths to retain their power. Newlywed siren Oriana Paredes has been appointed Ambassador to her home islands now that communication between Northern Portugual and the magical races has been restored. But convincing her people that the new Portuguese Prince’s intentions are honorable after years of persecution is difficult. And her husband, Duilio, faces his own obstacles among the sirens where males are a rare and valuable commodity with few rights. In addition to their diplomatic mission, the two hope to uncover the truth behind Oriana's mother's death. Evidence suggests that Spain—a country that has been known to enslave magical beings—may have infiltrated the siren authority. Unable to leave their post, Oriana and Duilio must call on Inspector Joaquim Tavares to root out the truth. But even his seer’s gift cannot prepare him for what he will discover.

Activities for Building Character and Social Emotional Learning Grades PreK K

Author : Katia S. Petersen
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Build attitudes of respect and caring, reduce problem behaviors, empower students to solve problems, and educate the whole child with this flexible, user-friendly activity guide. The lessons' literature-based connections allow teachers to "build in" rather than "add on" social-emotional learning (SEL) throughout the day. Field-tested in classrooms across the United States, these activities when fully implemented have resulted in improved school climate, greater parent engagement, increased academic achievement, and reduction in discipline referrals. Features of the book include: 100+ easy-to-implement year-round activities that integrate info the daily curriculum in all subject areas Monthly themes focused on empathy, bullying prevention, teamwork, decision-making, and more Concise lesson formats (Read, Discuss, Do, Relate) Discussion and writing prompts Built-in assessments Digital content includes all of the book's reproducible forms.

Journeys of Wonder

Author : HSP
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