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AKC Gazette

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The Dog Breeder s Guide to Successful Breeding and Health Management

Author : Cambridge Scholars Publisher
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This unique resource offers a general overview of canine body systems and how each system affects the breeding process. Key topics include nutrition, pharmacology, microbiology, parasitology, vaccinations, genetics, and endocrinology, as well as normal anatomy and disorders of the male and female reproductive systems. It provides illustrations which make important information more readily available and provide more accurate representations of actual clinical appearance. Each chapter begins with frequently asked questions and answers, offering quick and easy access to key information, and ends with a “Test Your Understanding” section that encourages readers to review what they have just read and apply it to real-life situations. The book also includes a first aid appendix which offers quick access to information related to various emergencies, and an appendix covering common problems seen in dogs. New in this second edition are an expanded section on genetics, information about alternative therapies such as herbal therapy and acupuncture, and details specifically for veterinary professionals.

A Matter of Breeding

Author : Michael Brandow
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A social and cultural history traces the commerical rise of purebred dogs, revealing the behind-the-scenes corruption of the dog industry as well as the numerous health problems overbred dogs are burdened with.

AKC Gazette

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Planet Dog

Author : Sandra Choron
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The first "doglopedia" ever written includes a wide array of information for dog lovers, including how to say dog in 133 languages, advice on how to photograph dogs, tips on evaluating a litter, and much, much more. Original.

Our Dogs

Author : American Kennel Club
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More than one hundred color and black-and-white photographs complement a collection of essays from such writers as Rick Bass and Jane Smiley that celebrate the vitality, beauty, and loyalty of canine companions of all breeds.

Dogs in the Leisure Experience

Author : Neil Carr
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This book explores the social and cultural constructions and debates of what are dogs and what is leisure. It looks at how working dogs play a significant role in leisure experiences such as ensuring the safety of air transport, and considers the differing roles and changing acceptance of dogs’ involvement in sport. Within the setting of the animal welfare and sentience debates, it examines the leisure needs of dogs and their owners. Providing an original contribution to our understanding of dogs as both participants and objects in the leisure experience, this book is a useful resource for researchers in leisure, hospitality and tourism.

The Complete Dog Book

Author : American Kennel Club
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For more than seventy-five years, The Complete Dog Book has been the premier reference on purebred dogs. Now in its twentieth edition, this treasured guide is an essential volume for every dog owner and owner-to-be. Comprehensive and thoughtfully organized, The Complete Dog Book features all 153 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, the official breed standards, breed histories, and photographs. Also included are the twelve most recently recognized breeds: Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Black Russian Terrier, German Pinscher, Glen of Imaal Terrier, Havanese, Löwchen, Neapolitan Mastiff, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Parson Russell Terrier, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Spinone Italiano, and Toy Fox Terrier. Along with AKC registration procedures and current forms, The Complete Dog Book includes sections on • choosing the dog that’s right for you • training • nutrition • grooming • responsible breeding • canine first-aid • joining a dog club • Canine Good Citizen® program • every AKC sport: Agility, Conformation, Coonhound, Earthdog, Field Trials, Herding, Hunt Tests, Junior Showmanship, Lure Coursing, Obedience, Rally, and Tracking Concluding with an extensive glossary of terms and line drawings, The Complete Dog Book is a reference that dog aficionados will turn to again and again.

Extraordinary Jobs with Animals

Author : Alecia T. Devantier
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Ever wonder who wrangles the animals during a movie shoot? What it takes to be a brewmaster? How that play-by-play announcer got his job? What it is like to be a secret shopper? The new.

The Doberman Pinscher

Author : Janice Biniok
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Discover a whole new world of dogs with this revolutionary, breed- specific guide. The Doberman Pinscher is a graceful, strong, and steadfast friend and guardian. In addition to general care and health advice, this comprehensive and breed-specific guide provides Doberman lovers information on basic and advanced obedience training and details on the many competitive sports and activities in which the highly intelligent and athletic Doberman excels.

The Everything Boxer Book

Author : Karla Spitzer
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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Bulldogs For Dummies

Author : Susan M. Ewing
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Find out how to select, train, and care for your Bulldog Though originally bred for bull baiting, today's Bulldogs are calm, dignified, and courageous - and make great pets. Whether you're already a Bulldog owner or you're thinking about becoming one, this friendly guide will answer your questions and help you and your Bully live happily ever after. From choosing your dog to training, diet, and health, it's just what you need for Bulldog success! Discover how to * Understand the breed and its history * Buy or adopt a healthy Bulldog * Housetrain your Bulldog and teach basic commands * Keep your Bulldog well-groomed and active * Watch for breed-specific health problems

The Complete Book of Pet Names

Author : George Greenfield
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Lists the funniest, most popular, and most bizzare names owners have given to their pets, and includes anecdotes of how some of the pets were named.

Beagles For Dummies

Author : Susan McCullough
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Beagles are an extraordinary breed—no bones about it. They’re cute, compact, fun-loving, and great with kids. (Not to mention those soulful eyes!) But their sense of humor, independence, and stubborn nature isn’t for everyone. So whether you’re thinking about getting your very own Snoopy-dog, or if you’ve already opened your heart and home to one, Beagles for Dummies answers important questions like: What are Beagles supposed to look like and how should they behave? Should I choose a puppy or an adult dog? Male or female? How do I correct my Beagle’s behavior problems? What do I need to do to survive my Beagle’s puppyhood? How can I Beagle-proof my house to keep him (and my stuff) safe? What should I teach my Beagle to do? How do I teach him? What health problems is my Beagle likely to have when he’s young? How about when he grows up—or gets old? Life with these little hounds can lead to years of merriment, entertainment, and love—but if you think Beagles are just another hound dog, think again! Whether you want to know everything there is to living with a Beagle, or just want to skip to a relevant subject (like how to keep him out of the hamper), Beagles for Dummies gives you everything you need to choose and raise your Snoopy soul mate.

The Intelligence of Dogs

Author : Stanley Coren
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A revised edition of the best-selling reference on canine psychology incorporates the latest scientific findings and interviews with top breeders and trainers to enable dog lovers to evaluate a pet's intelligence, read dog body language, and adapt a training program suited to an animal's specific needs. By the author of How Dogs Think. Original. 10,000 first printing.

Try Tracking

Author : Carolyn A. Krause
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Mother Nature equipped our canine companions with an ability to smell that is at least 300 timessome say 1,000 timesmore powerful than our own. It is the most important way that your dog gathers information about the world. Tracking is something that comes naturally to each and every dog, no matter what age, what breed or what size. Teaching your dog to track is the perfect to way to spend time together, build your relationship and challenge both of you mentally and physically. You can teach very young puppies to track even before they can start formal obedience training, and Try Tracking! methods work with adult dogs too.Why you and your dog should Try Tracking! Tracking is fun both you and your dog when you use these positive methods.Any age dog can be taught to track7 week-old puppies or senior citizens.It improves fitness for both dog and owner! Youll gain a new-found respect for just how smart your dog is.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Puppies

Author : M.A. Gorman
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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Puppies covers everything new pet owners need to know to care for and bond with a new puppy, which will prevent future problems and ensure a great relationship with the new pet. Readers will discover how to find the right puppy, the basic dog breeds, positive dog training, and in-depth healthcare specifically geared to the needs of puppies.

The Chihuahua

Author : Betty Stallard
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There are many books on Chihuahuas in the public arena. They deal with the cute little dog, the yappy little pest, and very simple basics of feeding, cleaning, and caring for any pet. There are books on Chihuahua history and the history of those who have brought them to the forefront as beloved companions of the day. Until now, however, there has not been a comprehensive and comprehensible book on the next level.

Dog Grooming For Dummies

Author : Margaret H. Bonham
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Handle grooming yourself to save money and bond with your dog Brush, bathe, and clip your dog like a pro! Whether your dog is destined for a career in the show ring or a spot on the living room couch, good grooming is important. This friendly guide shows you how to develop a grooming routine that will keep your dog clean - and strengthen the bond between you. It includes detailed, step-by-step grooming instructions for all types of coats. Discover how to Train your dog for grooming Care for nails, teeth, and ears Use clippers and scissors Groom specific types of coats Prepare a dog for the show ring

Uncle John s Bathroom Reader Dog Lover s Companion

Author : Bathroom Readers' Institute
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From mongrels to Marmaduke, Uncle John unleashes the mysteries, marvels, and mayhem of man's best friend. The only thing that’s more eager to please you than your dog…is this Bathroom Reader about dogs! It’s a very good book! Oh, yes it is! Good book! So cuddle up with your canine companion and lap up… * Movie mutts * Doggie heroes * The scoop on poop * Decoding your dog’s behavior * Famous folks and their faithful Fidos * How to train your puppy to be a TV star * Backstage hijinks at the Westminster Dog Show * The world’s largest, fastest, smartest, and oldest dogs * The stories of Marmaduke, Snoopy, Odie, and much, much more!