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Age and Dancing

Author : Diane Amans
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A student- and practitioner-friendly textbook offering a useful and wide-ranging introduction to dance with older people

Dancing Machines

Author : Felicia M. McCarren
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The age of high tech is haunted by an image from the last century that developed in the three decades between the patenting of the cinematographe and its turn toward sound: the dancing machine, paradox of the ease of mechanization and its tortures, embodiment of the motor and the automaton, image of fusion and fragmentation. An excavation of this image, in the historical context of maximum productivity and mechanical reproducibility, reveals its development in European Modernism--Modernism drawn to dancers of American, African, and Asian origins, to Taylorism as well as to Primitivism, to cinema and to myth. This book traces the abstraction and anonymity of the bodies making machines dance, in the codes of modernisms graphic and choreographic, and in the streamlined gestures of industry, avant-garde art, and entertainment. What surfaces is dance’s centrality to machine aesthetics and to its alternatives, as well as to the early elaboration of the machine that would become the ultimate guarantor of modern dance’s de-mechanization, the motion picture camera.

Writing Dancing in the Age of Postmodernism

Author : Sally Banes
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Drawing of the postmodern perspective and concerns that informed her groundbreaking Terpsichore in Sneakers, Sally Banes’s Writing Dancing documents the background and developments of avant-garde and popular dance, analyzing individual artists, performances, and entire dance movements. With a sure grasp of shifting cultural dynamics, Banes shows how postmodern dance is integrally connected to other oppositional, often marginalized strands of dance culture, and considers how certain kinds of dance move from the margins to the mainstream. Banes begins by considering the act of dance criticism itself, exploring its modes, methods, and underlying assumptions, and examining the work of other critics. She traces the development of contemporary dance from the early work of such influential figures as Merce Cunningham and George Balanchine to such contemporary choreographers as Molissa Fenley, Karole Armitage, and Michael Clark. She analyzes the contributions of the Judson Dance Theatre and the Workers’ Dance League, the emergence of Latin postmodern dance in New York, and the impact of black jazz in Russia. In addition, Banes explores such untraditional performance modes as breakdancing and the “drunk dancing” of Fred Astaire. Ebook Edition Note: Ebook edition note: All images have been redacted.

Dancing Shiva in the Ecological Age

Author : Henryk Skolimowski
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We Are Dancing for You

Author : Cutcha Risling Baldy
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�I am here. You will never be alone. We are dancing for you.� So begins Cutcha Risling Baldy�s deeply personal account of the revitalization of the women�s coming-of-age ceremony for the Hoopa Valley Tribe. At the end of the twentieth century, the tribe�s Flower Dance had not been fully practiced for decades. The women of the tribe, recognizing the critical importance of the�tradition, undertook its revitalization using the memories of elders and medicine women and details found in museum archives, anthropological records, and oral histories. Deeply rooted in Indigenous knowledge, Risling Baldy brings us the voices of people transformed by�cultural�revitalization, including the accounts of young women who have participated in the Flower Dance. Using a framework of Native feminisms, she locates this revival within a broad context of decolonizing praxis and considers how this renaissance of�women�s coming-of-age�ceremonies confounds ethnographic depictions of Native women; challenges anthropological theories about menstruation, gender, and coming-of-age; and addresses gender inequality and gender violence within Native communities.

Dancing Age ing

Author : Susanne Martin
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How can contemporary dance contribute to a critical discourse on age and ageing? Built on the premise that age(ing) is something we practice and perform as individuals and as a society, Susanne Martin asks for and develops strategies that allow dance artists to do age(ing) differently. As a whole, this project is an artistic research inquiry, which draws on and contributes to dance practice. The study develops, discusses, and stages practices and performances of age(ing) that offer alternatives to stereotypical and normative age(ing) narratives, which are not only part of dance but also of everyday culture.

Square Dancing in the Ice Age

Author : Abbie Hoffman
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A book from the U.S. underground, covering Abbie--in disguise--interviewing people, touring the FBI building, and organizing a campaign to save the St. Lawrence River. The articles are creative, funny, nervy, and political.

Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age

Author : Bohumil Hrabal
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Rake, drunkard, aesthete, gossip, raconteur extraordinaire: the narrator of Bohumil Hrabal’s rambling, rambunctious masterpiece Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age is all these and more. Speaking to a group of sunbathing women who remind him of lovers past, this elderly roué tells the story of his life—or at least unburdens himself of a lifetime’s worth of stories. Thus we learn of amatory conquests (and humiliations), of scandals both private and public, of military adventures and domestic feuds, of what things were like “in the days of the monarchy” and how they’ve changed since. As the book tumbles restlessly forward, and the comic tone takes on darker shadings, we realize we are listening to a man talking as much out of desperation as from exuberance. Hrabal, one of the great Czech writers of the twentieth century, as well as an inveterate haunter of Prague’s pubs and football stadiums, developed a unique method which he termed “palavering,” whereby characters gab and soliloquize with abandon. Part drunken boast, part soul-rending confession, part metaphysical poem on the nature of love and time, this astonishing novel (which unfolds in a single monumental sentence) shows why he has earned the admiration of such writers as Milan Kundera, John Banville, and Louise Erdrich.

Any Age Any Body Any Dance

Author : Cecilia Macfarlane
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101 Dance Ideas age 5 11

Author : Cush Jumbo
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A book jam-packed full of fun dances, dance steps and choreographed routines for primary children and teachers. Written in the 101 series style - a series trusted by primary school teachers. Includes: Warm up and cool down, Easy dances (e.g. Kenyan hop, Twist), Medium dances (e.g. Hilly Billy, Mambo), Harder dances (e.g. Salsa, Cha cha). An introduction explains the importance of getting children dancing to improve their fitness and develop their listening and thinking skills.

Betty White s Teen Age Dancebook

Author : Betty White
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This early work on dancing is a fascinating read for any enthusiast. Extensively illustrated with diagrams and intended to help young people in particular to acquire a sound knowledge of ballroom dancing. Contents Include: Foreword to the Teen Ager; Getting Starter; Preparation; Positions in Dancing; Foxtrot; Waltz; Charleston; Lindy; One Step; Rumba; Mambo; Tango; Samba; Viennese Waltz; Polka; Virginia Reel; Square Dance; At Home; Public Dance; Decorations; Refreshments; Ideas for Admission; Grand March; Play Party Games; Elimination Dances; Mixers; Invitations; Dress; Introduction; At The Dance; Transportation; Saying Good-night; and Postscript. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

Dancing Into the Third Age

Author : Helen Thomas
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Ballet and Opera in the Age of Giselle

Author : Marian Smith
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Marian Smith recaptures a rich period in French musical theater when ballet and opera were intimately connected. Focusing on the age of Giselle at the Paris Opéra (from the 1830s through the 1840s), Smith offers an unprecedented look at the structural and thematic relationship between the two genres. She argues that a deeper understanding of both ballet and opera--and of nineteenth-century theater-going culture in general--may be gained by examining them within the same framework instead of following the usual practice of telling their histories separately. This handsomely illustrated book ultimately provides a new portrait of the Opéra during a period long celebrated for its box-office successes in both genres. Smith begins by showing how gestures were encoded in the musical language that composers used in ballet and in opera. She moves on to a wide range of topics, including the relationship between the gestures of the singers and the movements of the dancers, and the distinction between dance that represents dancing (entertainment staged within the story of the opera) and dance that represents action. Smith maintains that ballet-pantomime and opera continued to rely on each other well into the nineteenth century, even as they thrived independently. The "divorce" between the two arts occurred little by little, and may be traced through unlikely sources: controversies in the press about the changing nature of ballet-pantomime music, shifting ideas about originality, complaints about the ridiculousness of pantomime, and a little-known rehearsal score for Giselle.

Creative Dance for All Ages

Author : Anne Green Gilbert
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Creative Dance for All Ages, Second Edition, has had a long history of providing a dance curriculum to teachers and students preparing to teach creative dance. Author Anne Gilbert demystifies expectations when teaching creative dance and provides the theory, methods, and lesson ideas for success in a variety of settings and with students of all ages. This one-stop resource offers dance teachers everything they need, including a sequential curriculum, lesson plans, instructional strategies, assessment, and other forms. It’s like having a seasoned dance teacher at your side offering inspiration and guidance all year long. Internationally recognized master teacher and author Anne Gilbert Green presents creative dance for everyone and tips on meeting the challenges of teaching it. She offers a complete package for teaching creative dance that includes the theory, methodology, and lesson plans for various age groups that can be used in a variety of settings. Gilbert also offers an entire dance curriculum for sequential teaching and learning. The second edition of her classic text has been revised, reorganized, and updated to meet all the needs of dance teachers. The second edition of Creative Dance for All Ages includes these new features: • An easy-to-navigate format helps you quickly access the material and find lesson planning and assessment tools. • Content reflects changes in the field of dance education to put you on the cutting edge. • Forty age-appropriate and brain-compatible lesson plans are accessible through the web resource, which save prep time and help ensure compliance with the latest standards. • Five downloadable video clips demonstrate the lesson plans and teaching strategies and how to put them to work in the classroom. • Suggestions for modifying lessons help you include students of all abilities. • Eight assessment forms and curriculum planning templates are adaptable to your needs. If you’re a novice teacher, the book also contains these features to ensure effective instruction: • The same conceptual approach to teaching dance was used in the first edition. • A sequential dance curriculum helps you systematically cover a 10-week quarter or 16-week semester. • Class management tips put you in control from the first day. Creative Dance for All Ages, Second Edition, is an unparalleled resource for dance educators who are looking for a conceptual creative dance curriculum that will support teaching to learners of all ages. Whether in a studio, company, recreational, or educational setting, you will discover a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to teaching dance, emphasizing the how as much as the why.

Dancing in All Ages The History of Dance

Author : Edward Scott
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Originally published in 1899, this is a comprehensive study of the art of Dancing throughout history. It goes into great detail about dancing through the ages, including musical notation, right up to the start of the 1900s. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Hesperides Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork. Contents Include The Natural and Origin of Dancing Dancing in Ancient Egypt Dances of the Greeks Dancing in Ancient Rome Religious, Mysterious, and Fanatical Elements in Dancing Remarkable Dancing of Later Times The Minuet Modern Dancing

Dancing Against the Darkness

Author : Steven Petrow
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Examines the lives of dozens of individuals diagnosed with AIDS, reveals how their lives changed since contracting the virus, and looks at the reactions to their illness by friends, families and neighbors

Dancing Alone

Author : Frank Schaeffer
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Dancing Alone is a passionate declaration of Orthodox faith by one of the best-known converts to the Orthodox church in modern America. Schaeffer, son of famous Protestant evangelist, Francis Schaeffer, places a detailed intellectual and spiritual journey before the reader... from the heart of the Protestant churches to the heart of Orthodoxy in a breathtaking tour de force. This popular book has been read by thousands around the world and is a favorite of those who wish to reach out to the non-Orthodox.

Dancing for Hathor

Author : Carolyn Graves-Brown
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Ancient Egypt is renowned as a sophisticated---and very distant---civilization where the ancient Egyptians worshipped a vibrant pantheon of gods and built some of the most elaborate monuments in human history. Yet, at the same time, ancient Egypt seems strangely familiar. Women, as well as men, went to work, made fun of those in authority, drank too much, and made fools of themselves. Even the ancients thought Egypt and its women unusual: Herodotus, the Greek historian claimed that the Egyptians in their manners and customs seem to have reversed the ordinary practices of mankind. For instance, women attend market and are employed in trade, while men stay at home and do the weaving... The goddess Hathor, the most important goddess of ancient Egypt, in many ways exemplified contradictions in the way ancient Egyptian women were considered. She was a goddess of love, beauty and gentleness, but at times she could also be a blood-lusting monster. Hathor was also a goddess of worlds not quite our own, and perhaps the ancient Egyptians also saw their women as other-worldly? Carolyn Graves-Brown tells the story of the women of ancient Egypt, from goddesses to dancing girls, queens to housewives and offers a reconstruction of this most exotic and intriguing, yet oddly familiar, society.

How to Make Dances in an Epidemic

Author : David Gere
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David Gere, who came of age as a dance critic at the height of the AIDS epidemic, offers the first book to examine in depth the interplay of AIDS and choreography in the United States, specifically in relation to gay men. The time he writes about is one of extremes. A life-threatening medical syndrome is spreading, its transmission linked to sex. Blame is settling on gay men. What is possible in such a highly charged moment, when art and politics coincide? Gere expands the definition of choreography to analyze not only theatrical dances but also the protests conceived by ACT-UP and the NAMES Project AIDS quilt. These exist on a continuum in which dance, protest, and wrenching emotional expression have become essentially indistinguishable. Gere offers a portrait of gay male choreographers struggling to cope with AIDS and its meanings.

Dancing on Quicksand

Author : Marilyn Mitchell
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This moment of hope for those who must accept and embrace a new version of Mom or Dad . . . shows us that while we lament what we are loving, there are endless possibilities for enjoying the moments that remain (Fawn Germer, author of Hard Won Wisdom).