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Against Therapy

Author : Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
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In this ground-breaking and highly controversial book, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson attacks the very foundations of modern psychotherapy from Freud to Jung, from Fritz Perls to Carl Rodgers. With passion and clarity, Against Therapy addresses the profession's core weaknesses, contending that, since therapy's aim is to change people, and this is achieved according to therapist's own notions and prejudices, the psychological process is necessarily corrupt. With a foreword by the eminent British psychologist Dorothy Rowe, this cogent and convincing book has shattering implications.

Against Therapy

Author : Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
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A revised edition of a controversial attack on modern psychological therapy, from Freud to Carl Rogers. The author begins with the premise that the aim of therapy is to change people. He then argues that if the direction of change, indeed the definition of success in therapy, is determined chiefly by the therapist, then therapy is an inherently corrupt interaction. Why? Because the autocratic structure of therapy serves the interests of the therapist, not the patient. Masson's solution is a non-authoritarian self-help group in which no money changes hands. Published by Common Courage Press, Box 702, Corner Jackson Road and Route 139, Monroe, NE 04951. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Against Therapy

Author : Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
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Power Resistance and Liberation in Therapy with Survivors of Trauma

Author : Taiwo Afuape
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This book offers reflections on how liberation might be experienced by clients as a result of the therapeutic relationship. It explores how power and resistance might be most effectively and ethically understood and utilised in clinical practice with survivors of trauma. Power, Resistance and Liberation in Therapy with Survivors of Trauma draws together narrative therapy, Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) and liberation psychology approaches. It critically reviews each approach and demonstrates what each contributes to the other as well as how to draw them together in a coherent way. The book presents: an original take on CMM through the lenses of power and resistance a new way of thinking about resistance in life and therapy, using the metaphor of creativity numerous case examples to support strong theory-practice links. Through the exploration of power, resistance and liberation in therapy, this book presents innovative ways of conceptualising these issues. As such it will be of interest to anyone in the mental health fields of therapy, counselling, social work or critical psychology, regardless of their preferred model. It will also appeal to those interested in a socio-political contextual analysis of complex human experience.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for PTSD Second Edition

Author : Claudia Zayfert
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"Acclaimed for providing a flexible framework for individualized treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), this empathic guide has now been revised and expanded with 50% new material. The authors show how the case formulation approach enables the practitioner to adapt CBT for clients with different trauma histories, co-occurring problems, and complicating life circumstances. Vivid clinical material illustrates the implementation of exposure therapy, cognitive restructuring, and supplemental interventions, with ample attention to overcoming common obstacles. Purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the book's 22 reproducible handouts in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size. Key Words/Subject Areas: CBT, psychotherapy, posttraumatic stress disorder, psychological trauma, cognitive therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, case conceptualization, adults, assessments, combat, dsm5, dsmv, evidence-based treatments, exposure, interventions, intimate partner violence, military personnel, rape, service members, sexual assault survivors, childhood sexual abuse, treatment manuals, treatments, veterans, traumatized Audience: Clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, counselors, and psychiatric nurses"--

Therapy Breakthrough

Author : Michael Edelstein
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Explains the theories and practices of both Psychodynamic (PD) and Cognitive-Behavioral (CB) therapy using psychological research, philosophy and common sense to argue that PD therapy is found on mistaken theories of the mind, while CB therapy can be applied to the problems affecting those in therapy today. Original.

Conn s Current Therapy 2016 E Book

Author : Edward T. Bope
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Designed for busy medical practitioners who need a trustworthy, current, and easy-to-use resource, Conn’s Current Therapy 2016 focuses solely on up-to-date treatment protocols for the most common complaints, acute diseases, and chronic illnesses. Covering more than 300 topics, Drs. Edward T. Bope and Rick D. Kellerman present the expertise and knowledge of hundreds of skilled international leaders on evidence-based clinical management options, ensuring you're well equipped with the practical and accurate guidance needed for effective patient care. Includes PharmD review of newly approved drugs. Brand-new chapters cover Ebola, Chikungunya, dry eye, and adolescent health. In addition to current therapy, each chapter also features important diagnostic criteria to ensure delivery of the correct diagnosis and treatment. More than 400 easy-to-understand tables make referencing complex data quick and easy. Nearly 300 images, including algorithms, anatomical illustrations, and photographs, provide useful information for diagnosis. Section on symptoms is devoted to common patient complaints.

Phage Therapy Past Present and Future

Author : Stephen T. Abedon
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Historically, the first observation of a transmissible lytic agent that is specifically active against a bacterium (Bacillus anthracis) was by a Russian microbiologist Nikolay Gamaleya in 1898. At that time, however, it was too early to make a connection to another discovery made by Dmitri Ivanovsky in 1892 and Martinus Beijerinck in 1898 on a non-bacterial pathogen infecting tobacco plants. Thus the viral world was discovered in two of the three domains of life, and our current understanding is that viruses represent the most abundant biological entities on the planet. The potential of bacteriophages for infection treatment have been recognized after the discoveries by Frederick Twort and Felix d’Hérelle in 1915 and 1917. Subsequent phage therapy developments, however, have been overshadowed by the remarkable success of antibiotics in infection control and treatment, and phage therapy research and development persisted mostly in the former Soviet Union countries, Russia and Georgia, as well as in France and Poland. The dramatic rise of antibiotic resistance and especially of multi-drug resistance among human and animal bacterial pathogens, however, challenged the position of antibiotics as a single most important pillar for infection control and treatment. Thus there is a renewed interest in phage therapy as a possible additive/alternative therapy, especially for the infections that resist routine antibiotic treatment. The basis for the revival of phage therapy is affected by a number of issues that need to be resolved before it can enter the arena, which is traditionally reserved for antibiotics. Probably the most important is the regulatory issue: How should phage therapy be regulated? Similarly to drugs? Then the co-evolving nature of phage-bacterial host relationship will be a major hurdle for the production of consistent phage formulae. Or should we resort to the phage products such as lysins and the corresponding engineered versions in order to have accurate and consistent delivery doses? We still have very limited knowledge about the pharmacodynamics of phage therapy. More data, obtained in animal models, are necessary to evaluate the phage therapy efficiency compared, for example, to antibiotics. Another aspect is the safety of phage therapy. How do phages interact with the immune system and to what costs, or benefits? What are the risks, in the course of phage therapy, of transduction of undesirable properties such as virulence or antibiotic resistance genes? How frequent is the development of bacterial host resistance during phage therapy? Understanding these and many other aspects of phage therapy, basic and applied, is the main subject of this Topic.

Conn s Current Therapy 2011

Author : Edward T. Bope
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Conn's Current Therapy 2011 is an easy-to-use, in-depth guide to the latest advances in therapeutics for common complaints and diagnoses. Drs. Edward T. Bope, Rick D. Kellerman, and Robert E. Rakel present the expertise and knowledge of hundreds of skilled international leaders on the full range of evidence-based management options. With coverage of recent developments in travel medicine, sleep apnea, and immunization practices, as well as standardized diagnostic points and clinical recommendation tables, you'll have access to the information you need, in print and online at Access the fully searchable contents online at Deliver effective treatment after making correct diagnoses through discussions of important diagnostic criteria in each chapter. Get the best, most practical and accurate advice from acknowledged expert contributors. Apply best practices from around the world from coverage of management methods used by international experts. Stay current with recent developments in travel medicine, sleep apnea, immunization practices, and much more. Know the full range of treatment options through coverage of the latest information on recently-approved and soon-to-be-approved drugs. Tap into the guidance of experts for practical and accurate advice on diagnosis and management. Find the answers you need more easily with standardized Current Diagnostic Points and Current Therapy clinical recommendation tables. Accurately code for reimbursement using an up-to-date ICD-9 list of common diseases and codes. Conn's Current Therapy provides faster access to the latest therapeutic treatment

Third International Symposium Cancer Therapy by Hyperthermia Drugs and Radiation

Author :
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Doing Play Therapy

Author : Terry Kottman
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Covering the process of therapy from beginning to end, this engaging text helps students and practitioners use play confidently and effectively with children, adolescents, and adults struggling with emotional or behavioral problems or life challenges. With an accessible theory-to-practice focus, the book explains the basics of different play therapy approaches and invites readers to reflect on and develop their own clinical style. It is filled with rich case material and specific examples of play techniques and strategies. The expert authors provide steps for building strong relationships with clients; exploring their clinical issues and underlying dynamics; developing and working toward clear treatment goals; and collaborating with parents and teachers. A chapter on common challenges offers insightful guidance for navigating difficult situations in the playroom.

Pediatric Massage Therapy

Author : Marybetts Sinclair
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This book provides a complete overview of the concepts and techniques that massage therapists, physical or occupational therapists, and other healthcare professionals need to know in order to perform manual therapy on children—especially those with disabilities. The author fully covers the applications of massage therapy for children ages 2 to 18. Pediatric Massage Therapy, Second Edition is well written, well researched, and expertly illustrated to provide a clear, demonstrative guide to pediatric massage. Topics include massage in healthy emotional development, managing psychological stress, physical therapy, and home healthcare. Real-life examples and anecdotes from hands-on therapists help readers relate to specific applications.

Gene Therapy Prospective Technology assessment in its societal context

Author : Jörg Niewöhner
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This book presents work that has been conducted as part of the research project "Discourse on ethical questions of biomedicine" of the interdisciplinary Working Group Bioethics and Science Communication at the Max-Delbrueck-Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC)in Berlin-Buch, Germany. This book offers ground-breaking ideas on how the daily interworking of cutting-edge biomedical research assess the broader social context and its communication to stakeholders and the public. Editors cover three aspects: Scientific, Ethical and Legal, and Perception and Communication. This work establishes an international and interdisciplinary network of excellent researchers at the beginning of their careers, who brilliantly integrate their work into the different perspectives on gene therapy from the natural and social sciences, as well as the humanities and law. * Discusses biological and cellular barriers limiting the clinical application of nonviral gene delivery systems * Addresses such questions as: Does patent granting hinder the development of Gene Therapy products? * Offers insight in the future of public perception of gene therapy in Europe * Provides details on how to communicate risks in gene therapy

Handbook of Neurological Therapy

Author : Carlo Colosimo
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This is a practical book on neurological therapy. It is aimed at giving concise and updated answers to busy practicing clinicians in the clinic, ward or emergency department. An evidence-based approach is used, but when there is no evidence or the data are inconclusive, an expert opinion is always being given in order to meet the expectations of the reader. All neurological conditions (common and less common) are discussed; each chapter has a similar format, and contains an initial briefintroduction on the epidemiology and clinical features of each disease. The therapy is then discussed, including pharmacological and non-pharmacological, with wide use of Tables and Figures (flowcharts are also included in most of the chapters).

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Author : Richard Abrams
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In this fully-revised fourth edition of what has long been the standard textbook for the field, Dr. Richard Abrams once again demonstrates his unique ability to analyze and present a wealth of new(and often technical) material in a lucid, compelling, and highly readable fashion. Hundreds of new clinical studies called from the more than 1500 published since the third edition appeared have been analyzed in depth and incorporated throughout the book. An important new chapter has been added on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation(TMS) therapy, a treatment for depression that is widely-used in Europe and expected to become available soon for clinical use in the United States. Dr. Abrams exposes the scientific flaws in several widely-cited reports, while focusing on the few carefully-controlled studies that provide solid support for the results claimed. The sections on the electrical stimulus, seizing introduction, seizure quality, and treatment electrode placement have been completely revised and updated with new information on those clinical and technical issues that are presently of greatest concern to practitioners and researchers. A comprehensive critical assessment of the nature of the seizure threshold and the validity of the stimulus titration method for ECT dosing is presented for the first time, with conclusions and recommendations that many will find surprising. The continued controversy over the relative efficacies of unilateral and bitemporal ECT is revisited in light of the latest dosing strategies and treatment outcomes reported, and of the latest results obtained with bifrontal ECT. The potential clinical and theoretical advantages of the recently-rediscovered technique of ultrabrief pulse therapy are explained in detail. The chapter on the memory and cognitive consequences of ECT has been expanded to focus on the subjective memory effects of treatment, with new analysis of the possible biological basis for the improvement in subjective memory so often reported. Recently-published claims of persistent or permanent memory effects of ECT are refuted in detail. In full accordance with the American Psychiatric Association's new guidelines for the practice of ECT, Dr. Abrams' book remains the essential practical guide and reference work for all those who prescribe, perform, or assist with ECT, or are interested in learning more about the subject.

101 Interventions in Family Therapy

Author : Thorana S Nelson
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Here is an exciting collection of favorite and successful family therapy interventions from therapists which inspire more creative therapy methods in your own practice. 101 Interventions in Family Therapy features contributions by a diverse group of well-known leaders in the field, “therapists on the street,” and faculty of family therapy training programs. Each clinician presents a creative and useful intervention beginning with a complete description of the method, followed by the specific indications and contraindications for its application, and concludes with a particular case illustration. These engaging and informative stories document helpful interventions that really work, not the exotic and impractical methods of prolific marriage and family authors. Therapists at all levels can learn and incorporate these into their work with families. Practicing clinicians will learn what works for other therapists while graduate-level students and beginning counselors will benefit from the integration of theory and practice exemplified in the practical case examples. The rich and varied writing styles in this enjoyable volume reflect a multitude of personal therapeutic styles. You will find valuable insight and innovative treatment methods on critical family therapy topics such as eating disorders, the adolescent years, marriage counseling, stepfamilies, divorce therapy, communication difficulties, and conflicts with dual career couples. The smorgasbord of interventions found in this book include bibliotherapy, use of touch, creative use of space, ritual enactment, gift-giving, storytelling and countless other interventions, both revolutionary and commonsense, to enhance and improve your therapy with families.

In Therapy Together Family Therapy as a Dialogue

Author : Peter Rober
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Therapeutic Enzymes Function and Clinical Implications

Author : Nikolaos Labrou
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Therapeutic enzymes exhibit fascinating features and opportunities, and represent a significant and promising subcategory of modern biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of several severe diseases. Research and drug developments efforts and the advancements in biotechnology over the past twenty years have greatly assisted the introduction of efficient and safe enzyme-based therapies for a range of both rare and common disorders. The introduction and regulatory approval of twenty different recombinant enzymes has enabled effective enzyme-replacement therapy. This volume aims to overview these therapeutic enzymes, focusing in particular on more recently approved enzymes produced by recombinant DNA technology. This volume is composed of four sections. Section 1 provides an overview of the production process and biochemical characterization of therapeutic enzymes, while Section 2 focuses upon the engineering strategies and delivery methods of therapeutic enzymes. Section 3 highlights the clinical applications of approved therapeutic enzymes, including aspects on their structure, indications and mechanisms of action. Together with information on these mechanisms, safety and immunogenicity issues and various adverse events of the recombinant enzymes used for therapy are discussed. Section 4, provides discussion on the prospective and future developments of new therapeutic enzymes. This book is aimed at academics, researchers and students undertaking advanced undergraduate/postgraduate programs in the biopharmaceutical/biotechnology area who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of enzyme-based therapeutic molecules.

Group Play Therapy

Author : Daniel S. Sweeney
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Group Play Therapy presents an updated look at an effective yet underutilized therapeutic intervention. More than just an approach to treating children, group play therapy is a life-span approach, undergirded by solid theory and, in this volume, taking wings through exciting techniques. Drawing on their experiences as clinicians and educators, the authors weave theory and technique together to create a valuable resource for both mental health practitioners and advanced students. Therapists and ultimately their clients will benefit from enhancing their understanding of group play therapy.

Gene Therapy of Cancer

Author : Wolfgang Walther
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In Gene Therapy of Cancer: Methods and Protocols, Wolfgang Walther and Ulrike Stein survey the rapidly evolving field cancer gene therapy and provide a broad array of leading-edge protocols for the delivery of therapeutic genes into tumors. Described in step-by-step fashion and enriched with each author's own practical tips, these readily reproducible methods are currently being widely applied in cancer gene therapy investigations, including immunotherapy and tumor vaccination, suicide gene therapy, antioncogene therapy, and antisense and ribozyme gene therapy. Representative strategies are provided for gene targeting and for viral or nonviral gene delivery in cancer therapy, as well as a significant number of clinical protocols for the development of novel cancer gene therapies. Gene Therapy of Cancer: Methods and Protocols offers basic and clinical researchers a broad ranging overview and collection of the most recent advances in gene transfer techniques. Written by leading international authorities, its readily reproducible, cutting-edge methods constitute today's most valuable tools for the study of cancer gene therapy in both the laboratory and clinical trials.