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Women s Rights after the Arab Spring

Author : Laura Guercio
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When protests erupted across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in 2011, the general view was that these events would bring forward the regeneration of democracy. They were also meant to represent the Spring of women’s fight for freedom and equality. As time passed, it became clear that the process of social and political changes necessary to tackle female issues would be a long one. The “Thahiris” and their equivalents did not prevail and, in the absence, or weakness, of political institutions, Islamic parties emerged. The urgent issue then became how to reconcile the demands of women with the Islamic character of the new political establishments. This book discusses this issue through the analysis of the socio-political meanings of the constitutional reforms after the 2011 Arab Spring. It is inspired by the testimony of local women from the MENA area, who can be the makers of real social change.

Constitutionalism Human Rights and Islam After the Arab Spring

Author : Rainer Grote
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Constitutionalism, Human Rights, and Islam after the Arab Spring offers a comprehensive analysis of the impact that new and draft constitutions and amendments - such as those in Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, and Tunisia - have had on the transformative processes that drive constitutionalism in Arab countries. This book aims to identify and analyze the key issues facing constitutional law and democratic development in Islamic states, and offers an in-depth examination of the relevance of the transformation processes for the development and future of constitutionalism in Arab countries. Using an encompassing and multi-faceted approach, this book explores underlying trends and currents that have been pivotal to the Arab Spring, while identifying and providing a forward looking view of constitution making in the Arab world.

Yemen and the Search for Stability

Author : Marie-Christine Heinze
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The attacks and blockade on Yemen by the Saudi-led multinational coalition have killed thousands and triggered humanitarian disaster. The longstanding conflict in the country between the Huthi rebels and (until December 2017) Salih militias on the one side and those loyal to the internationally recognized government and many other groups fighting for their interests on the other are said to have evolved into a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. In 2011, however, thousands of Yemenis had taken to the streets to protest for a better future for their country. When President Ali Abdullah Salih signed over power in the aftermath of these protests, there were hopes that this would signal the beginning of a new period of transition. Yemen and the Search for Stability focuses on the aspirations that inspired revolutionary action, and analyzes what went wrong in the years that followed. It examines the different groups involved in the protests - Salih supporters, Muslim Brothers, Salafis, Huthis, secessionists, women, youth, artists and intellectuals- in terms of their competing visions for the country's future as well as their internal struggles. This book traces the impact of the 2011 upheavals on these groups' ideas for a `new Yemen' and on their strategies for self-empowerment. In so doing, Yemen and the Search for Stability examines the mistakes committed in the country's post-2011 transition process but also points towards prospects for stability and positive change.

Medieval Folk Astronomy and Agriculture in Arabia and the Yemen

Author : Daniel Martin Varisco
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The strength of Professor Varisco's work lies in his combination of ethnographic fieldwork among highland Yemeni farmers with an extensive study of medieval Arabic manuscripts on folk astronomy and agriculture. The opening articles discuss the astronomical concept of the 'lunar stations' in pre-Islamic Arabia and as developed in Arab astronomy and almanac lore; subsequent ones expand on the significance of this for an agricultural society, and examine a unique corpus of Yemeni agricultural almanacs, dating from the Rasulid period (13th-15th centuries) to the present. A further theme is that of traditional Yemeni agriculture, with studies on irrigation practices, plough cultivation, sorghum production, and indigenous plant protection methods, as well as the use of star calendars for seasonal markers.

Yemen and the Western World Since 1571

Author : Eric Macro
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Over the last 400 years, most of the great empires of the world have been involved with Yemen, yet, until Egypt's Nasser unseated the Imam, Yemen had changed very little.

The Free Yemeni Movement 1935 1962

Author : J. Leigh Douglas
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The International Law of Civil War

Author : American society of international law. Civil war panel
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A Yemeni Passage

Author : Derek Franck
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Adventure, language, wonder, and discovery in an ancient Middle Eastern land.

All American Yemeni Girls

Author : Loukia K. Sarroub
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Based on more than two years of fieldwork conducted in a Yemeni community in southeastern Michigan, this unique study examines Yemeni American girls' attempts to construct and make sense of their identities as Yemenis, Muslims, Americans, daughters of immigrants, teenagers, and high school students. All American Yemeni Girls contributes substantially to our understanding of the impact of religion on students attending public schools and the intersecting roles school and religion play in the lives of Yemeni students and their families. Providing a valuable background on the history of Yemen and the migration of Yemeni people to the United States, this is an eye-opening account of a group of people we hear about every day but about whom we know very little. Through a series of intensive interviews and field observations, Loukia K. Sarroub discovered that the young Muslim women shared moments of optimism and desperation and struggled to reconcile the America they experienced at school with the Yemeni lives they knew at home. Most significant, Sarroub found that they often perceived themselves as failing at being both American and Yemeni. Offering a distinctive analysis of the ways ethnicity, culture, gender, and socioeconomic status complicate lives, Sarroub examines how these students view their roles within American and Yemeni societies, between institutions such as the school and the family, between ethnic and Islamic visions of success in the United States. Sarroub argues that public schools serve as a site of liberation and reservoir of contested hope for students and teachers questioning competing religious and cultural pressures. The final chapter offers a rich and important discussion of how conditions in the United States encourage the rise of extremism and allow it to flourish, raising pressing questions about the role of public education in the post-September 11 world. All American Yemeni Girls offers a fine-grained and compelling portrait of these young Muslim women and their endeavors to succeed in American society, and it brings us closer to understanding an oft-cited but little researched population.

Yemen Update

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Records of Yemen 1798 1960 1950 1954

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Dutch Yemeni Encounters

Author : C. G. Brouwer
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Regional Security in the Middle East

Author : Charles Tripp
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Sikkerhedspolitik i Mellemøsten. Israel og det palæstinensiske mindretal. Saudiarabiens sikkerhedspolitiske forhold. Regionens militære trusler mod Israel. Syriens sikkerhedspolitiske forhold. Sovjetunionens udenrigspolitik overfor Iran og den Persiske Golf. Tilstedeværelsen af atomvåben i regionen.

The War in the Yemen

Author : Edgar O'Ballance
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Om borgerkrigen og kampen for magten i Yemen fra 1948 til 1971.

Political Handbook of the World 2007

Author : William C Banks
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Providing thorough and accurate information on more than 200 countries, Political Handbook of the World 2007 is the one-stop source for finding complete, authoritative facts and analysis on each country's governmental and political makeup. Political Handbook of the World is renowned for its extensive coverage of major, minor, and antisystemic political parties in each nation. It also includes cabinet members, key ambassadors, and international memberships of each country and profiles nearly 120 intergovernmental organizations. This comprehensive, one-volume source for political information has been updated to include coverage of: Election results from countries around the world including Afghanistan, Bolivia, Canada, Comoro Islands, Cyprus, Egypt, Gabon, Haiti, Israel, Italy, Liberia, Mexico, and the Palestinian Authority, Newly formed parties, governing coalitions, and new party leaders in every country including Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Djibouti, Japan, Kenya, Latvia, Macedonia, and Mexico, A new entry on the recently independent Montenegro, Important political activities and foreign policy initiatives in every country, Updated population figures and economic growth statistics for every country, Current issues, crises, and controversies dominating national political agendas, including the military coup in Thailand, the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, nationalization of natural gas and land reform in Bolivia, Iran's nuclear program, the prodemocracy uprising in Nepal, civil unrest in France, and the crackdown on prodemocracy groups in Egypt, New intergovernmental organization activities, international conferences, and major programs and institutions run by intergovernmental organizations. Book jacket.


Author : Library of Congress. Legislative Reference Service
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Political Handbook of the World 2008

Author : Arthur S Banks
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With more than 200 entries on countries and territories throughout the world, this bestselling volume is the most authoritative one-stop source for findingfacts and analysis on each country's governmental and political makeup.

The Illustrated London News

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Saudi Yemeni Relations 1962 1982

Author : Francis Gregory Gause
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