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African Designs of the Congo Nigeria the Cameroons and the Guinea Coast

Author : Caren Caraway
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African Designs of Nigeria and the Cameroons

Author : Caren Caraway
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The ancient tribal arts that have inspired so many modern artists are here displayed in all of their strength and stylised symbolism. Nigeria's ancient artistic tradition, extending from the fifth century BC to the present time, has generated a wealth of art styles, in ivory, brass, terra cotta and wood. East of Nigeria, diverse ethnic groups comprising the Cameroons can be divided into four style-regions, ranging from the highly abstract designs of the northern area to the bold decorations of the Grasslands.


Author : Ben West
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A thoroughly updated edition of the most in-depth guide available to Cameroon, a country home to ancient tribal kingdoms, colorful trading towns, 'pygmy' hunting camps, and endangered lowland gorillas.

Africa s Cross River

Author : Suzanne Preston Blier
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Hands on Culture of West Africa

Author : Kate O'Halloran
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Six different world cultures are the focus of Hands-On Culture: Japan, Mexico and Central America, Southeast Asia, West Africa, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece and Rome. These colorful volumes examine each culture's art, science, history, geography, and language and literature. From making sushi to designing a drum to reading hieroglyphics, students use an array of hands-on activities to grow more culturally aware and appreciative if differences among peoples. Topics in this volume include: West African money Folktales and Music Benin: appliqué art of Dahomey Nigeria: humor and politics West African cooking: plaintains and rice See other Hands-on Culture titles


Author : H. Thomas Majeske Collins, Christopher
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A study guide for all ages. Provides teachers with teaching tools, ideas, and information about Cameroon for their classrooms. Divided into three sections: grades 3-5, grades 6-9, and grades 10-12. The themes of the lessons include place, relationships within places, and location. Covers: cultural similarities, perceptions of Africa, country names, water and location, historic parallels, cities and landforms, language, history, sports and citizenship education. Also provides worksheets to be photocopied and distributed to the class. Illustrated with maps.

Academic Writing and Research across Disciplines in Africa

Author : Josef Schmied
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The present volume draws on the experience of the pan-African conference in Yaoundé in Summer 2015, where young scholars from Cameroon met young and experienced scholars from Germany, Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria. They discussed not only their individual research projects, but also their personal writing experience. This volume records some of the conference presentations supplemented by specially commissioned contributions by experienced research partners in the field. It is particularly useful for young scholars who intend to demonstrate their credibility as researchers in their thesis (BA, MA, or PhD) or in their research and grant applications, in national and international networks. The examples of small projects here try to prove and illustrate that every scholar can profit from the international exchange of ideas and research experience.

Corpus Linguistics and African Englishes

Author : Alexandra U. Esimaje
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Corpus linguistics has become one of the most widely used methodologies across the different linguistic subdisciplines; especially the study of world-wide varieties of English uses corpus-based investigations as one of the chief methodologies. This volume comprises descriptions of the many new corpus initiatives both within and outside Africa that aim to compile various corpora of African Englishes. Moreover, it contains cutting-edge corpus-based research on African Englishes and the use of corpora in pedagogic contexts within African institutions. This volume thus serves both as a practical introduction to corpus compilation (Part I of the book), corpus-based research (Part II) and the application of corpora in language teaching (Part III), and is intended both for those researchers not yet familiar with corpus linguistics and as a reference work for all international researchers investigating the linguistic properties of African Englishes.

African Designs from Traditional Sources

Author : Geoffrey Williams
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Black-and-white linocut prints of geometric and abstract motifs, textual patterns, masks, and mythical figures provide a pictorial presentation of African designs

Hmong Textile Designs

Author : Anthony Chan
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This volume in the International Design Library Series presents the joyous designs incorporated into the pa ndau or flower cloth textiles of the Hmong (pronounced 'Mung') people who are indigenous to Vietnam, Burma, Laos and Thailand, and recent immigrants to the United States and other countries. The pa ndau is a complex form of textile art, utilizing applique, reverse applique, cross-stitching and embroidery. The designs stitched into the fabric are equally complex, displaying traditional activities, folklore and religious beliefs. Among the larger pa ndau are 'story-cloths, ' which tell ancient myths and recent events. Examples of these, too, are rendered magnificently, along with their captions in English.

Publishers Trade List Annual 1992

Author :
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Encyclopedic World Atlas

Author : George Philip & Son
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Now organized alphabetically, "the information atlas" has been completely redesigned to provide much easier access to its wealth of geographic data. Includes a 16-page section of country-by-country facts. Full-color maps & art.

Corruption in Africa

Author : John Mukum Mbaku
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Corruption in Africa makes a significant contribution to the study of the impacts and eradication of corruption in African societies. John Mukum Mbaku offers a comprehensive analysis of the causes of public malfeasance in African countries and provides a number of practical and effective policy options for change. This book demonstrates the destructive relationship between corruption and the abrogation of economic freedoms and entrepreneurship, a system that has clearly left Africa as one of the most deprived regions in the world. Utilizing the tools of public choice theory, Mbaku emphasizes the important role that institutions have in corruption control and he recommends reconstructive democratic constitutions as the most effective means of development. Until African states provide their people with institutional arrangements that adequately constrain the state and enhance wealth production, the living standards in the continent will continue to deteriorate. Corruption in Africa is a fascinating and informative text that will appeal to those interested in African studies and developmental policies.

International Law and Boundary Disputes in Africa

Author : Gbenga Oduntan
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Africa has experienced a number of territorial disputes over land and maritime boundaries, due in part to its colonial and post-colonial history. This book explores the legal, political, and historical nature of disputes over territory in the African continent, and critiques the content and application of contemporary International law to the resolution of African territorial and border disputes. Drawing on central concepts of public international law such as sovereignty and jurisdiction, and socio-political concepts such as colonialism, ethnicity, nationality and self-determination, this book interrogates the intimate connection that peoples and nations have to territory and the severe disputes these may lead to. Gbenga Oduntan identifies the major principles of law at play in relation to territorial, and boundary disputes, and argues that the predominant use of foreign based adjudicatory mechanisms in attempting to deal with African boundary disputes alienates those institutions and mechanisms from African people and can contribute to the recurrence of conflicts and disputes in and among African territories. He suggests that the understanding and application of multidisciplinary dispute resolution mechanisms and strategies can allow for a more holistic and effective treatment of boundary disputes. As an in depth study into the legal, socio-political and anthropological mechanisms involved in the understanding of territorial boundaries, and a unique synthesis of an African jurisprudence of international boundaries law, this book will be of great use and interest to students, researchers, and practitioners in African and Public International Law, International Relations, and decision-makers in need of better understanding the settlement of disputes over territorial boundaries in both Africa and the wider world.

Books in Print

Author :
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Indigenous Management Practices in Africa

Author : Uchenna Uzo
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Africa is fast becoming an investment destination for firms operating outside the continent, and effective management is central to the realization of organizational goals. This volume evaluates the need for management philosophies and theories that reflect the peculiarities of the African continent.


Author : D. Alan Cruse
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Die Lexikologie bietet auf den ersten Blick ein diffuses Erscheinungsbild. Entweder wird sie aufgrund bereits etablierter Teildisziplinen wie Lexikographie, Morphologie und lexikalische Semantik schlicht nicht wahrgenommen, oder sie zerfällt in halb-autonome Teildisziplinen wie z.B. Phraseologie und Mentales Lexikon. Das Handbuch strebt auf diesem Hintergrund die folgenden wissenschaftsgeschichtlichen und forschungspraktischen Ziele an: Etablierung und Festigung eines eigenständigen Profils der Disziplin 'Lexikologie' Sammlung und Dokumentation des gegenwärtigen lexikologischen Wissensstandes Offenlegung von Forschungsdesideraten und Aufzeigen von konkreten Arbeitsfeldern. Die Gliederung des Handbuchs orientiert sich an den beiden Hauptsträngen 'Wort' und 'Wortschatz'. Als Bindeglied fungieren die Sinnrelationen, die mit ihrer paarweisen Erfassung von Wörtern gewissermaßen ein sukzessives Ausgreifen in den Wortschatz erlauben. Die Erweiterung von 'Wort' zu 'lexikalischem Element' bedingt eine eingehendere Beschäftigung mit der Phraseologie. Gemäß der Mehrdeutigkeit von ,Wortschatz' (Wortschatz im Verhältnis zu einer natürlichen Sprache vs. Wortschatz im Verhältnis zu einem Individuum [Mentales Lexikon] vs. Wortschatz im Verhältnis zur Grammatik [Lexikon]) finden die entsprechenden Sichtweisen ausführliche Behandlung. Synchrone und diachrone Gesichtspunkte werden gleichermaßen berücksichtigt, um die den Wortschätzen natürlicher Sprachen zugrunde liegende Dynamik adäquat zu erfassen. Schließlich machte es die geschilderte Situation der Lexikologie erforderlich, eingehend Fragen zur Disziplin, zu ihren Methoden und ihren Beziehungen zu Nachbardisziplinen zu behandeln. Pluspunkte: Umfassende, international repräsentative Gesamtdarstellung der Disziplin Zweibändige Ausgabe auf dem neusten Stand der Forschung Internationale Handbuchreihe

Cameroon s Predicaments

Author : Angwafo, Peter Tse
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This book deals with a variety of socio-cultural, economic and political problems facing Cameroon and the rest of Africa, with particular reference to unemployment, corruption, poverty, criminality, violence, insecurity, and moral decadence. It presents a critical analysis of government policies from the colonial era to the present time; arguing that most of these policies have been stalled by an uncommitted leadership. The regime in Cameroon has drifted away from basic managerial and democratic principles in in favour of the ethnicisation of politics, sterile consumption, clientelism and patronage. The book contends that corruption has become the main instrument of governance whereby the political and economic elites control the wealth of the nation at the expense of a majority who wallow in abject poverty and misery. Faced with the difficult economic and political situation, most youth and the intelligentsia have adopted 'official and 'unofficial' means to circumvent all immigration rules to travel to affluent Western countries, the consequences notwithstanding. Brain drain is often the outcome. Further, it examines issues of social exclusion, political representation and marginalization with special focus on the predicament of Anglophone Cameroonians as a socio-cultural community. The inclusion of examples and case studies based on empirical and secondary data from Africa is intended to foreground the importance of comparison, and attract the interest of both academic and non-academic readership.

African Series

Author : United States. Department of State
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Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Cameroon

Author : Mark W. DeLancey
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Cameroon is one of the intriguing countries in Africa, often viewed as Africa in miniature. Geographically, it comprises very different regions; economically, it covers a broad mix of products and sectors; and ethnically, it includes an amazing number of groups living within a fairly small area. Being Africa in miniature is great for tourism, yet it creates problems and complications for everything else.