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Africa Is Not a Country

Author : Mark Melnicove
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Enter into the daily life of children in the many countries of modern Africa. Countering stereotypes, Africa Is Not a Country celebrates the extraordinary diversity of this vibrant continent as experienced by children at home, at school, at work, and at play.

Africa is Not a Country

Author : Margy Burns Knight
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"Enter into the daily lives of children in the many countries of modern Africa. Countering stereotypes, this book celebrates the extraordinary diversity of this vibrant continent. With selected updates to the text, statistics, and illustrations"--

You re Not a Country Africa

Author : Pius Adesanmi
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In this wide-ranging collection of essays, Pius Adesanmi explores what Africa means to him as an African and as a citizen of the world. Examining the personal and the political, tradition and modernity, custom and culture, Adesanmi grapples with the complexity and contradictions of this vast continent, zooming in most closely on Nigeria, the country of his birth. The inspiration for the title of the collection, You're Not a Country, Africa, comes from a line of poetry: 'You are not a country Africa, you are a concept, fashioned in our minds, each to each'. The Africa fashioned in our minds - with our fears and our dreams - is the Africa that the reader will encounter in these essays. Through narratives and political and cultural reflections, Pius Adesanmi approaches the meaning of Africa from the perspective that you never actually define Africa: rather, it defines you in various contexts and for various people.


Author : Deborah-Julie Katsuva
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Hidden tells the stories of Sub-Saharan African immigrants while giving a clear comparison of their experiences in the United States, Canada, and France.Sub-Saharan immigrants are a group that is often misrepresented by the mainstream media. This book gives them a platform to tell us what their experiences in their countries of origin are versus the countries they immigrated to.Before you read this book you MUST know, Africa is NOT a country, it is a continent with many countries and hundreds of cultures.

Helping Your Child With Maps Globes

Author : Bruce Frazee
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Children get involved in fun-to-do activities while learning the important map-reading skills they need to succeed in a global society. Many activities combine music, art, drama, and poetry with important geography skills.

Step Into Africa

Author : Caroline Starbird
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Contains a series of lessons designed to provide young students with a look at contemporary Africa and give them an appreciation of the diversity of nations and cultures found on the continent. Lessons are based on readings from: Africa is not a country / Margy Burns Knight and Mark Melnicove. Brookfield, Conn. : Millbrook Press, c2000.

Mindsamaze 3

Author : Portsmouth St Edmund's School
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This anthology collects the best writings by the pupils of St. Edmund's Catholic School in Portsmouth.

Barbarism to Decadence

Author : Abudu Rasheed Oki
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Since independence in 1960, Nigeria’s successor leaderships and the private sector manifestly failed to dispense good governance and corporate social responsibility. Both sectors, tacitly aided by foreign institutions and corporations have perverted the ends of government and justice. Ergo, in Barbarism to Decadence, Abudu Rasheed “Richard” Oki offers an encompassing but cursory evaluation of each successor corrupting maladministration, participatory industry roles, and systemic debaucheries, along with the vast derivative adverse impacts on the citizenry. Through research, eyewitness accounts, personal experience, etc., the book presents an assessment of the devastating decades of adventitious effects of otherworldly corruption on the nation, and a look at the overall septic effects of the vice on the rest of other black African nations. Ab initio, it delves in on characteristic fractious leaderships; past immiserating military decades; compromised judiciary/law enforcement; fraudulent elections; decrepit power supply and infrastructure; human health and educational fetidness, duplicitous and complicit local and international media; natural resource curse and colossal environmental pollution; modern-day religious chicanery and radicalized Islamic terrorism; elites’ otherworldly and authoritative brigandage; and ever-present suffocating misfeasance and malfeasance in the private sector. There are also the overall, undermining roles from overseas nations, institutions, and corporations; and, sui generis, China’s hegemonic role. These are part of vast interrelated factors that hermetically immure and immolate her lumpen masses in the bonds of anomie. That correlative societal demise is portrayed in marasmus and spectral looks, along with mass spiritual and mental atrophies. Yet her affluent minority and foreign expropriation of its raw wealth and assets remain at exhilarating boil. The grim hard facts and figures indicate that Nigeria absolutely needs to be set on the right path for the long-term needs of her marred population. Meanwhile, the masses intrinsically remain restive with brutish thoughts, here and there. To wit, the crystallization of that armed mass revolutionary mettle should never be discounted in her future. So, the book provides crosscurrents, and propounds on ways to sustainably adjust her venal course mainstream. Pithily, it seeks to provide a clarion call to jettison present, and block future, serially rogue leaderships for the summum bonum.

Representing Africa in Children s Literature

Author : Vivian Yenika-Agbaw
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Representing Africa in Children’s Literature explores how African and Western authors portray youth in contemporary African societies, critically examining the dominant images of Africa and Africans in books published between 1960 and 2005. The book focuses on contemporary children’s and young adult literature set in Africa, examining issues regarding colonialism, the politics of representation, and the challenges posed to both "insiders" and "outsiders" writing about Africa for children.

Africa is in a Mess

Author : Godfrey Mwakikagile
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This is a revised and updated edition in which the author examines the problems of post-colonial Africa. He contends that the problems have existed since independence in the sixties and have been made worse through the years by a combination of factors. It is a blunt assessment and prescribes some solutions to Africa's problems focusing on internal factors but without exonerating external forces from what has happened on the continent through the decades.