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My Heart Is Africa

Author : Scott Griffin
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In 1996, Scott Griffin left the comfortable routine of his life as a successful businessman to fly solo to Africa in his single-engine Cessna 180 to work for the Flying Doctors Service, an African organization that flies doctors and nurses to remote areas to administer medical assistance. My Heart is Africa is an engaging personal story of his two-year adventure but it is also the story of Africa -- its problems and people, its landscape and limitations, its culture and courage. Griffin's intrepid flying odyssey takes the reader on a journey across Africa and into the lives of the doctors, nurses, aid workers and eccentric characters that crossed his path along the way. All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to the AMREF Flying Doctors Service.

Somebody s Heart Is Burning

Author : Tanya Shaffer
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“It's my life, and if I want to run from it I can,” quips Tanya Shaffer. An incorrigible wanderer, Shaffer has a habit of fleeing domesticity for the joys and rigors of the open road. This time her destination is Ghana, and what results is a transformative year spent roaming the African continent. Eager to transcend the limitations of tourism, Shaffer works as a volunteer, building schools and hospitals in remote villages. At the heart of her tale are the profound, complex, often challenging relationships she forms with those she meets along the way. Whether recounting a perilous boat trip to Timbuktu, a night of impassioned political debate in Ghana, or a fumbled romance in Burkina Faso, Shaffer portrays the collision of African and North American cultures with self-deprecating humor and clear-eyed compassion. Filled with warmth, candor, and an exuberant sense of adventure, Somebody’s Heart is Burning raises provocative questions about privilege, wealth, and the true meaning of friendship.

Africa in My Heart

Author : Julius Simko
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I am greeted by the petrifying sight of thirty or sixty or seventy buffalo looming large at a distance, each of them staring at me. Just staring would be okay; I could handle that. But these are also coming at me. I just stand there turned to stone, waiting for something to happen—something other, that is, than having a herd of cape buffalo running toward me. If it weren’t for Peter, they surely would have trampled me to death. Fortunately, he recollects himself just in time to yell at me to get my ass behind the tree. The tree. Hmm . . . What tree? I t takes a few seconds of scanning the land around me before I see Peter hugging a tree trunk not more than a foot in diameter. I get there in three gigantic leaps and with such verve that I knock Peter out from behind his tree. I yank him back, of course. Both of us are trying to be wafer thin (not an easy feat, that) so both of us can fit behind the tree. In less than four seconds, the buffalo storm past on either side of our measly cover. These hunting stories abound in thrills and merry moments yet remain truthful to life. The author invites the reader to an enchanted world where anything can happen around the next bush and where often a decision must be made in the blink of an eye. Each event described here becomes instantly tangible and sharply conveys the scents and colors, the sheer magic of the African wilderness. The photos stand as witness of the author’s love and dedication to the African continent. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to experience the unrivalled spell of Africa. —Koos Pienaar, big game PH HUntafrica Namibia Safaris

Ghosts In My Heart

Author : Delyse Alorah Arliotis
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'Vignettes of a young life...through the eyes of a child.' Delyse Alorah was born and raised in post-war apartheid-era South Africa, the daughter of wealthy Greek and English immigrants. Ghosts in My Heart is her memoir of an early, turbulent, childhood. The book contrasts the opulence of the lives of her parents with the harrowing and brutal reality of life during the most challenging times in South African history. The book touches on the inner life and observations of a sensitive, soulful child and her life-long resonance with the powerful energy of Africa. 'A bittersweet memoir of poverty, amongst riches and privilege.'

Africa Captured My Heart A Young Girl s Story

Author : Darla Sauter
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This is the personal true story of a young girl living in Tanzania, East Africa. Her memoirs are adventurous stories that have had a lasting imprint on her personality. You get a unique perspective through the eyes and mind of a developing girl. She not only embarked on discovery of a new and exotic country but also was traveled to a place of epic love, rest, and trust in God. Darla Sauter traveled extensively in her younger years. Later she married and settled in the scenic Pacific Northwest. She and her husband built a home in the woods and had two children. She is now a grandmother of 6 beautiful grandchildren. This is a project of love for her family and friends who enjoy hearing her stories.

My Heart is Africa

Author : Scott Griffin
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In 1996, successful businessman and certified pilot, Scott Griffin, decided to break from the comfortable routine of his life to go work for the Flying Doctors Service, an African organization that flies doctors to remote areas to administer medical assistance. Griffin also made the daring decision to fly his small, single-engine Cessna 180 solo from Canada to Africa and back again. My Heart is Africa is the engaging, personal story of Griffin’s two-year aviation adventure throughout Africa. Facing storms, equipment problems, fuel shortages and isolation, Griffin successfully made his way to Kenya – little did he know, his harrowing flight over the Atlantic was only the beginning of his adventure. Once in Africa, Griffin circumnavigated the continent, flying over deserts, mountains and jungles both as a medical volunteer and tourist. Throughout his journey – which included being arrested and crashing, then re-crashing, his plane – Griffin discovered the heartrending humanity and beauty of Africa. My Heart is Africa is an absorbing adventure story, but it is also the story of Africa – its problems and people, its landscapes and limitations, its culture and courage. Griffin’s intrepid flying odyssey not only takes the reader on a journey across Africa but into the lives of all the doctors, nurses, aid workers and eccentric characters that crossed his path along the way. My Heart is Africa is a fascinating and gripping account of one man’s quest to push beyond his personal limits in order to explore and experience a new way of life.

The Heart of Africa

Author : Georg August Schweinfurth
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My Heart Will Cross This Ocean

Author : Kadiatou Diallo
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Descended from West African kings and healers, raised in the turbulence of Guinea in the 1960s, Kadiatou Diallo was married off at the age of thirteen and bore her first child when she was sixteen. Twenty-three years later, that child—a gentle, innocent young man named Amadou Diallo—was gunned down without cause on the streets of New York City. Now Kadi Diallo tells the astonishing, inspiring story of her life, her loss, and the defiant strength she has always found within. It was Kadi Diallo’s voice that captivated the public when she came to America to defend her slain son, and it is that same voice—candid, wise, and generous—that fills the pages of this extraordinary book. Kadi reaches back to her earliest memories of growing up in Guinea, the daughter of a strict man who was thwarted by the relics of the French colonial system. Raised in a world in which age-old religious and cultural rituals were disappearing before the onslaught of modernity, Kadi saw her own childhood end abruptly at age thirteen when her father literally gave her away in marriage. Kadi prayed for death, but instead she found herself plunged into a baffling new life—the life of a second wife in a strange household in a distant country, and soon afterwards the teenage mother of a sweet-natured son. Yet somehow, Kadi managed not only to survive but to flourish. Despite the rigid strictures of African-Islamic culture, she attended school and later started a successful business of her own. She eventually divorced and remarried and lived for eight years in Bangkok. Back in Guinea, she learned that her oldest child Amadou had been shot in New York City in a case of racial profiling. Kadi read with outrage the American newspaper description of her son as “an unarmed West African street vendor.” “Nothing,” she writes, “could be more distant from the truth.” Now, with great pride and searing love, Kadi Diallo finally tells the truth about herself and her son. My Heart Will Cross This Ocean is an extraordinary book—a girl’s story of desire and innocence, a wife’s story of defiance, a mother’s story of unbearable loss, and a woman’s story of unshakable strength and love.

The Heart of Africa Three Years Travels and Adventures in the Unexplored Regions of Central Africa from 1868 to 1871 by Dr Georg Schweinfurth Translated by Ellen E Frewer with an Introduction by Winwood Reade

Author :
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My Heart Reaches Out to You

Author : Victor A. Ezeoke
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"Poetry is innate in all men, but good poetry with class is achieved through hard work and encouragement/inspiration. Writing poetry enriches my being and makes me express my world in the simplest way—poetry!" I am a true nature person that listens to the teachings of our time and also encouraged by what I see, and the best way to express myself is simply through writing, mostly through poetry. Please read with full concentration and think out of the box to enable yourself to enjoy my work to the fullest. Happy reading! Kingboy.

Africa of the Heart

Author : Joseph Hone
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From My Heart the Black Race

Author : Leonard Karshima Shilgba
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From My Heart is a chronological assessment of the contributing events between 2004 and 2009 that have helped define Nigeria and Africa. What leashes have kept Nigeria from fulfilling the expectations of her people? Can a country which spends more on public officials than it does on public education make rewarding economic progress? Was Dr. James D. Watson accurate in his assessment, which attracted the umbrage of Africans and non-Africans in 2007? Those questions and more have been addressed in an interactive and daring manner. From My Heart is a useful resource material for scholars who seek information not only about developments in Nigeria, which are responsible for its current social shape, but also about Africa and the entire black race. This book contains testimony by Nuhu Ribadu, former Nigerian anti-corruption Czar, given before the U.S. House Financial Services Committee. About the Author: Leonard Shilgba grew up in Nigeria, but lived, studied, and worked in Japan. He currently lives with his family in the university town of Yola, just outside Abuja, Nigeria's capital. He is a university professor at the American University of Nigeria, Yola.In addition, he is continuously working on strengthening the Nigeria Rally Movement, which he co-founded. Publisher's website: http: //

The Route to My Heart s Roots

Author : Rachel Cummings
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Travels with My Heart

Author : Robin Liston
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This is the only guide available to help those with a heart condition get back to health and fitness through adventurous and physical travel.

A Tug at My Heart

Author : Okkert-Ernst Grapow
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Depth of My Heart

Author : Karin Naude
File Size : 61.17 MB
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a bad day does not mean a bad life small insignificant victories by satan do not mean God is not present look beyond the cracked window and see the glass is holding God allows satan small victories to keep us grounded on our knees what amazing love

From the Heart of a Conscious Soul My Love for Naderge

Author : Malik Aziz
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Every person that arrives at a higher conscientious would like to bring their love along for the ride. Often times with the excitement of a neophyte we are able to make great steps towards this end goal but somehow we fall short. Perhaps our vision is unclear of the end game. Perhaps our purpose, goals and objectives become bogged down in the day to day nurturing our won delicate conscientiousness and we the ties that bond of to our love ones. While every individual wants the enthusiasm of love, the conscience person has to take on a dual personality. Live each day to love her and live, fight and die for the revolutionary change of the greater community. We will continue down the path with this delicate balancing act until successful. Then love and peace can coincide for both our inner selves and the causes that we take ownership of.

Eternity in My Heart

Author : Janine Milliken
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I was involved in a car accident in 2003 where I lost my two children and my mother-in-law. I was a Christian before the accident, and I could not reconcile my God to my accident. This is my journey of how I came back to God after fourteen years.

In the Heart of Africa

Author : Adolf Friedrich (Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin)
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You Are My Heart and Other Stories

Author : Jay Neugeboren
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"Jay Neugeboren’s You Are My Heart is an object lesson in imaginative empathy and observational intelligence. His fiction for years now has had the courage to be quiet and careful and comprehensively humane, but it’s in no way slight. One of his great subjects has been the damage that even the most caring and thoughtful can inflict, and though these stories take place all over the world, they’re at heart about the difference between the America to which we aspire and the America in which we live." -Jim Shepard Jay Neugeboren is an award-winning short story writer who has been applauded as one of the most distinguished writers of our time. With this, his fourth collection of short stories, he returns to the form that earned him the reputation as a "master storyteller." From the secluded villages in the south of France, to the cattle crawl in the Valley of a Thousand Hills in South Africa, to the hard-knock adolescent streets of Brooklyn, Neugeboren examines the great mysteries and complexities that unsettle and comprise human relationships. In works that are as memorable, engrossing, and exciting as they are gorgeously crafted, Neugeboren delivers on his reputation as one of our pre-eminent American writers. Jay Neugeboren is the author of seventeen books, including two prize-winning novels (The Stolen Jew, Before My Life Began), two award-winning books of nonfiction (Imagining Robert, Transforming Madness), and three collections of award-winning stories. His stories have appeared in The Atlantic, Esquire, Virginia Quarterly Review, Best American Short Stories, The O. Henry Prize Stories, and Penguin Modern Stories. He is the only author to have won six consecutive Syndicated Fiction Prizes. He lives in New York City.