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Aerospace Thermal Structures and Materials for a New Era

Author : Earl A. Thornton
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Buckling Experiments Shells Built up Structures Composites and Additional Topics

Author : J. Singer
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* Edited by Josef Singer, the world's foremost authority on structural buckling. * Time-saving and cost-effective design data for all structural, mechanical, and aerospace engineering researchers.

Mechanics of Functionally Graded Material Structures

Author : Isaac Elishakoff
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Mechanics of Functionally Graded Material Structures is an authoritative and fresh look at various functionally graded materials, customizing them with various structures. The book is devoted to tailoring material properties to the needed structural performance. The authors pair materials with the appropriate structures based upon their purpose and use. Material grading of structures depending upon thickness, axial and polar directions are discussed. Three dimensional analysis of rectangular plates made of functional graded materials and vibrational tailoring of inhomogeneous beams and circular plates are both covered in great detail. The authors derive novel closed form solutions that can serve as benchmarks that numerical solutions can be compared to. These are published for the first time in the literature. This is a unique book that gives the first exposition of the effects of various grading mechanisms on the structural behavior as well as taking into account vibrations and buckling. Contents:Three-Dimensional Analysis of Rectangular Plates Made of Functionally Graded Materials:Elastic PlatesIntroduction to Functionally Graded MaterialsDynamic Analysis of Plates Made of Functionally Graded MaterialsStatic Analysis of Plates Made of Functionally Graded MaterialsVibration Tailoring of Inhomogenous Beams and Circular Plates:Beams Made of Functionally Graded MaterialVibration Tailoring of Inhomogeneous Elastically Restrained Vibrating BeamsSome Intriguing Results Pertaining to Functionally Graded ColumnsDesign of Heterogeneous Polar–Orthotropic Clamped Circular Plates with Specified Fundamental Natural FrequencyVibration Tailoring of Simply-Supported Polar Orthotropic Inhomogeneous Circular PlatesVibration Tailoring of Clamped–Clamped Polar Orthotropic Inhomogeneous Circular PlatesVibration Tailoring of a Polar Orthotropic Circular Plate with Translational SpringConclusionAppendices:A Novel Formulation Leading to Closed-Form Solutions for Buckling of Circular PlatesInverse Vibration Problem for Inhomogeneous Circular Plate with Translational SpringApparently First Closed-Form Solutions for Non-Symmetric Vibrations of Inhomogeneous Circular PlatesClosed-Form Solution for Axisymmetric Vibration of Inhomogeneous Simply-Supported Circular Plates Readership: Graduate students, academics, professional and researchers interested in the effects of various grading mechanisms on structural behavior as well as vibration and buckling.Key Features:This book deals with material grading of structures in (a) thickness, (b) axial and (c) polar directionsIt derives novel closed-form solutions that can serve as benchmarks with which numerical solutions can be compared withIt contains extensive bibliography in this fascinating topicKeywords:Materials;Structures;Vibrations;Three-Dimensional Analysis

Thermal Stresses IV

Author : R.B. Hetnarski
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This is the fourth volume of the handbook Thermal Stresses. Following the principles established when the first volume was published in 1986, the fourth volume consists of six separate chapters prepared by specialists in the field. Each chapter is devoted to a different topic in the area of Thermal Stresses. Many results have been published for the first time in Thermal Stresses IV. The exposition of the material is on the state-of-the art level, which should be appropriate for graduate students, researchers, and engineers specializing in the field of stress analysis. In most cases the material is presented with some historical perspective. A large number of references provided will allow the readers to augment their knowledge, after studying a particular chapter.

Advances in Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Methods for Materials and Structures

Author : Rivka Gilat
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This collection of cutting-edge papers, written by leading authors in honor of Professor Jacob Aboudi, covers a wide spectrum of topics in the field, presents both theoretical and experimental approaches, and suggests directions for possible future research.

Stability Analysis of Plates and Shells

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The Second Joint NASA FAA DoD Conference on Aging Aircraft

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Effects of the Environment on the Initiation of Crack Growth

Author : William Alan Van der Sluys
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Aeronautical Engineer s Data Book

Author : Cliff Matthews
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Aeronautical Engineer's Data Bookis an essential handy guide containing useful up to date information regularly needed by the student or practising engineer. Covering all aspects of aircraft, both fixed wing and rotary craft, this pocket book provides quick access to useful aeronautical engineering data and sources of information for further in-depth information. Quick reference to essential data Most up to date information available

Applied Mechanics Reviews

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