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Advancing Family Preservation Practice

Author : E. Susan Morton
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Are there effective ways to support a family with problems (for example, neglect, abuse, HIV, terminal illness) in order to prevent it breaking up, and make a positive change possible? This book examines Intensive Family Preservation Services, tracing the history of these services, their success at solving family problems, how families respond to the services and how their effectiveness varies according to the type of problem a family is experiencing. Through an exploration of these issues, the contributors offer their own experience as a basis for tracing the evolution of IFPS and the advances that have been made in the field.

Evidence Based Social Work Practice With Families

Author : Jacqueline Corcoran, PhD
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Does Family Preservation Serve a Child s Best Interests

Author : Howard Altstein
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In this new volume, two distinguished professors of social work debate the question of whether family preservation or adoption serves the best interests of abused and neglected children. Arguing the merits of keeping families together whenever possible, Ruth G. McRoy examines the background, theory, and effectiveness of family preservation programs. She provides practical recommendations and pays particular attention to the concerns of African American children. Claiming that there is insufficient evidence that family preservation actually works, Howard Altstein counters that children from truly dysfunctional families should be given the chance for stable lives through adoption rather than left in limbo.

Child Welfare Issues in child welfare

Author : Nick Frost
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This collection focuses on child welfare in its specific sense: welfare and social interventions with children and young people undertaken by State bodies or NGO's. The term 'child welfare' is deployed differently in diverse international settings. In the United Kingdom child welfare tends to refer to individualised programmes for children who have experienced problems in their lives. In India, to take a contrasting example, it can also refer to major housing and nutrition programmes. This collection takes an inclusive approach to international perspectives.The collection is completed by a new general introduction by the editor, individual volume introductions, and a full index.Titles also available in this series include, Medical Sociology (November 2004, 4 Volumes, 495) and the forthcoming collection Health Care Systems (2005, 3 Volumes, c.395).

Innovations in Practice and Service Delivery Across the Lifespan

Author : David E. Biegel
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This text will introduce practitioners and students to recent strategies and innovations to effectively deal with a range of problems across the lifespan such as homelessness, alcohol and drug abuse, teen violence and mental illness.

The Encyclopedia of Social Work

Author : Terry Mizrahi
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Conveys the breadth and depth of the social work profession's collective expertise, formulated and written by social workers from many backgrounds and competencies.

Developing Practice Guidelines for Social Work Intervention

Author : Aaron Rosen
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And efficiency in practice.

Evaluating Family Based Services

Author : Peter J. Pecora
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First Published in 2018. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an Informa company.

The Family Unification Program

Author : Debra J. Rog
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What About America s Homeless Children

Author : Paul G. Shane
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The increasing and disturbing problem of homeless children in the United States is the focus of this book. Paul G Shane considers the social factors that can create homeless situations for children, and examines the personal and educational problems that can result from their homelessness. The health risks to this population - such as unsanitary living conditions, poor nutrition, physical assault and lack of access to health care - are also explored. Ethnographic case studies of homeless youth are presented, and the book concludes with recommendations for policies and programmes designed to ease the problem.

Adolescent Health Care

Author : John W. Wodarski
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The problems adolescents face in the U.S. are staggering--the rates of teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, depression, suicide, violent behavior, and unemployment are higher than in any other industrialized democracy. Adolescent Health Care: Program Designs and Services is devoted to helping practitioners address the problems of our adolescents through the use of preventive interventions based on sound empirical data. As a practitioner, you cannot assume a passive role; instead, you must use your professional knowledge, expertise, and understanding of human behavior theory and personality development in the construction and implementation of intervention strategies. This book shows you how to utilize prevention efforts geared toward the adolescent developmental period. The main strength of Adolescent Health Care lies in the empirical database upon which the text rests. Reliable, scholarly information with a practical delivery is seldom seen in the literature. The book's approach is mass-oriented rather than individual-oriented, and it seeks to build health from the start rather than to repair after damage is done. Specific topics you learn about to improve your level of care include: peer and parent communication issues personal, social, economic, and political benefits of prevention the Life Skills Training approach as a preventive model HIV prevention for inner-city adolescent females individual, interpersonal, and institutional risk factors associated with substance abuse community coalitions and collaborative partnerships as substance abuse prevention strategies an assessment of Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS) the use of an ecological model and preventive intervention for juvenile delinquents Adolescent Health Care is a valuable resource for middle and high school teachers, service providers who work in human service agencies, and college-level instructors of courses such as the psychology of adolescence and social work practice with children and adolescents. This book utilizes curriculum materials and background information from a number of university workshops and courses, resulting in an up-to-date reference that facilitates helping adolescents overcome their problems and acquire valuable life skills.

The Welfare of Children

Author : Duncan Lindsey
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Takes a critical look at the child welfare system, finding that the emphasis on abuse has produced a system that serves largely as a last resort for only the worst and most dramatic cases in child welfare. This book is a blueprint for the comprehensive reform of the child welfare system.

Empowerment Practice with Families in Distress

Author : Judith Bula Wise
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For more than 150 years, empowering practices have been used by social workers in their work with families, but the techniques of today differ significantly from those of the pioneers or even from those of a few years ago. Today's practitioners recognize that empowering others is impossible; social workers can, however, assist others as they empower themselves. This book integrates time-honored approaches with today's more modest goals, mindful of what empowerment can and cannot do. Synthesizing several theoretical supports—the strengths perspective, system theory, theories of family well-being, and theories of coping—the author responds to the question "What works?" with today's families in need. Practice illustrations are provided throughout to bring concepts to life and, more important, to present families describing their own experiences with achieving empowerment.

Empowerment Series Understanding Generalist Practice

Author : Karen K. Kirst-Ashman
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Organized around the coherent and cohesive Generalist Intervention Model, this guide to generalist social work practice incorporates the knowledge, skills, and professional values needed to work with individuals and families, as well as the foundation to work with groups, communities, and organizations. Updated with new material on empathy, interdisciplinary collaboration, working with LGBTQ clients and clients with disabilities, and other topics, the book focuses on micro levels of social work practice while also discussing the interrelationship among the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Part of the Brooks/Cole Empowerment Series, UNDERSTANDING GENERALIST PRACTICE, 8th Edition, clearly identifies content related to the latest Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) with icons throughout the text. Learning objectives, correlated to chapter headings and summaries, guide students' reading and reinforce their understanding. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Contemporary Issues in Child Welfare Practice

Author : Helen Cahalane
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Child welfare is the oldest specialization within social work practice and the only specialty area in which social work is the host profession. This edited volume provides a unique and comprehensive overview of practice issues relevant to contemporary child welfare professionals entering the field as well as those already working in direct service and management positions. This book’s emphasis on systemic, integrated, and evidence-informed practices at the individual, family, and organizational level is in keeping with child welfare’s core mission of child protection, family support, and permanency for youth. This volume also explores the challenges and opportunities present in a contemporary practice environment, which are driven by the attainment of defined outcomes, fiscal limitations, and the need for an informed professionalized child welfare workforce.

The Family Unification Program

Author : Debra J. Rog
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In 1990, Congress authorized the Family Unification Program (FUP) in an effort to reunify children with their parents and to prevent out-of-home placement of children by providing timely housing assistance coordinated with child welfare services. This final evaluation report examines the design and implementation of FUP, the background and characteristics of the families served, and the status of those families one year after they were accepted into the program.

Evaluation in Child and Family Services

Author : Tiziano Vecchiato
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As child and family interventions assume greater international application, it will be helpful to examine the various ways in which service innovations are being evaluated. As demonstrated in the seminar from which these chapters resulted, only by sharing our specific professional interests, our too frequent problems in measurement, our despair in implementing complicated studies, and our successes can we advance the evaluation of human services and their outcomes. This volume considers a variety of programs and issues in the field of child and family services. While different perspectives are evident among the authors in terms of their focus and/or emphasis, there is common concern about the value of examining each program or service so as to maximize its impact as well as its potential for dissemination. Intervention research should spur and motivate cross-national efforts not only among researchers but also among social workers and other practitioners from diverse professions engaged in the delivery of human services. Such collaboration would contribute to the ultimate goals of achieving greater clarity about the specifics of "best practices" in child and family services, protocols for assessing outcomes, and ways of improving service delivery. How then can researchers and policymakers in diverse settings within diverse countries improve practice and service delivery on behalf of children and families? What particular program findings can be generalized to improve services? How can we share and implement new solutions? The contributions to this volume address such questions from varying international perspectives. Contributors provide answers and generate discussion points for consideration by practitioners as well as researchers. The book is a must for social work parishioners in areas involving the delivery of goods as well as services. Tiziano Vecchiato is scientific director of the Fondazione Emanuela Zancan, Padua, Italy. Anthony N. Maluccio is professor of social work at Boston College, Graduate School of Social Work, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Cinzia Canali is research associate at the Fondazione Emanuela Zancan, Padua, Italy.

Family Preservation Journal

Author :
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Treatment of Offenders and Families

Author : Byrgen P. Finkelman
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First Published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Child Welfare Challenge

Author : James K. Whittaker
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Within a historical and contemporary context, this book examines major policy practice and research issues as they jointly shape child welfare practice and its future. In addition to describing the major problems facing the field, the book highlights service innovations that have been developed in recent years. The resulting picture is encouraging, especially if certain major program reforms I are implemented and agencies are able to concentrate resources in a focused manner. The volume emphasizes families and children whose primary recourse to services has been through publicly funded child welfare agencies. The book considers historical areas of service—foster care and adoptions, in-home family-centered services, child-protective services, and residential services—where social work has an important role. Authors address the many fields of practice in which child and family services are provided or that involve substantial numbers of social work programs, such as services to adolescent parents, child mental health, education, and juvenile justice agencies. This new edition will continue to serve as a fundamen-tal introduction for new practitioners, as well as summary of recent developments for experienced practitioners.