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Advances in Male Mediated Developmental Toxicity

Author : Bernard Robaire
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It is nearly a decade since the first Male Mediated Developmental Toxicity conference was held in Pittsburgh. The continuing public/scientific interest, growing amounts of animal data, introduction of innovative technologies, and increasing quantity of human epidemiological studies all suggest that male-mediated developmental toxicity is of major concern. A number of researchers concluded that a Second International Confer ence on Male Mediated Developmental Toxicity was necessary. The ensuing volume is particularly timely because it impacts on areas of special emphasis in many countries, with respect to children's and reproductive health, as well as to basic molecular mecha nisms of environmental insult, and genetic susceptibility and predisposition. The Programme and Local Organizing Committee, composed of Barbara Hales (Chair, McGill University), BernardRobaire (McGill University), Daniel G. Cyr (INRS/ Armand Frappier), Jacquetta M. Trasler (McGill University), Andrew F. Olshan (Uni versity of North Carolina), Sally Perreault Damey (US EPA), Donald R. Mattison (March of Dimes), and Jan M. Friedman (University of British Columbia), spent over two years identifying individuals who had made key contributions in this field over the past decade and planning various aspects of the meeting. The meeting was held in Montreal in June 2001. A total of 132 persons, coming from five continents and representing some 18countries, took an active role in the proceedings. The conference was considered by all attendees to be a rousing success. Important discussions were held in the four break-out sessions, with a preliminary set of recommendations for action being presented by each panel.

Advances in Male Mediated Developmental Toxicity

Author : Quebec) International Conference on Male-Mediated Developmental Toxicity (2nd : 2001 : Montreal
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Advances in Male Mediated Developmental Toxicity

Author : Bernard Robaire
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This volume highlights major contributions that identify new developments and directions in the field over the past decade, as well as challenges for the foreseeable future. An integration of information from laboratory and epidemiological studies, male reproduction and teratology can be found throughout the volume. The range of topics include parental legacies and genomics, lifestyle, occupational and therapeutic paternal exposures and effects; effects on the gamete-packaging of human sperm; role of DNA repair and germ cell apoptosis; stem cells, epigenetics and closing; model systems and implications to clinicians and general counselors.

Male mediated Developmental Toxicity

Author : Diana Anderson
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The issue of male germ line mutagenesis and the effects on developmental defects in the next generation has become increasingly high profile over recent years. Mutations are thought to be becoming more prevalent as a result of: exposure to chemicals in the environment, anti cancer regimes that use genotoxic agents and assisted conception techniques. In addition to the increasing frequency of mutations in the general population, attention is also being given to the effects of epigenetic events on future generations. Male-mediated Developmental Toxicity discusses these issues comprehensively and includes further analysis on the fundamental mechanisms of mutations. With both clinical and experimental sections, written by leading experts in the field, this book will appeal to both medical practitioners and researchers.

Male Mediated Developmental Toxicity

Author : Andrew F. Olshan
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The cause of many of the adverse reproductive outcomes and developmental diseases among offspring is not well understood. Most of the epidemiologic and experimental animal research has focused on the relationship between maternal exposures including medications, tobacco smoke, alcohol, infections, and occupation and the occurrence of spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, and birth defects. The potential role of paternal exposures has not been investigated as extensively despite long-standing animal research that demonstrates the induction of mutations in the male germ cell after exposure to certain agents and subsequent reproductive failure or early pregnancy loss. Given this relative lack of interest, acquisition of epidemiologic data and the development of a definitive model or mechanism for potential male-mediated effects has been hindered. However, recent laboratory and epidemiologic investigations have suggested that paternal exposures may be more important than previously suspected. This topic has been termed by some as "male-mediated developmental toxicity. " This is meant to refer to the effects of exposures and other factors relating to the male parent that result in toxicity to the conceptus and abnormal development. The developmental endpoints of interest can include fetal loss, congenital abnormalities, growth retardation, cancer, and neurobehavioral effects. These effects may operate through a variety of mechanisms including gene mutation, chromosomal aberrations, seminal fluid transfer of toxicants and epigenetic events.

Exposing Men

Author : Cynthia R. Daniels
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Exposing Men examines how ideals of masculinity have long skewed our societal--and scientific--understanding of one of the pillars of male identity: reproductive health. Only with the recent public exposure of men's reproductive troubles has the health of the male body been thrown into question, and along with it deeper masculine ideals. Whereas once men's sexual and reproductive abilities were the most taboo of topics, today erectile dysfunction is a multi-billion dollar business, and magazine articles trumpet male reproductive decline with headlines such as "You're Half the Man Your Father Was." Cynthia R. Daniels casts a gimlet eye on our world of plummeting sperm counts, spiking reproductive cancers, sperm banks, and pharmacological cures for impotence in order to assess the true state of male health. What she finds is male reproductive systems damaged by toxins and war, and proof piling up that men through sperm, pass on harm to the children they father. Yet, despite the evidence that men's health, as much as women's, significantly affects the vitality of their offspring, Daniels also sees a society holding on to outdated assumptions, one in which men ignore blatant health risks as they struggle to live up to antiquated ideas of manliness.

Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology

Author : Ronald D. Hood
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Completely revised and updated, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology: A Practical Approach, Second Edition draws together valuable information typically scattered throughout the literature, plus some not previously published, into one complete resource. In addition to the traditional aspects of developmental toxicity testing, the book covers evaluating and interpreting data. Originally titled Handbook of Developmental Toxicology, the second edition's new name reflects significant changes in its content and scope. New coverage in the Second Edition: Genomics and proteomics Tests for endocrine disruptors Testing for male and female reproductive toxicity Extensive treatment of the significance, reliability, and interpretation of developmental and reproductive toxicity data Toxicity testing in neonatal and juvenile animals Postnatal developmental milestones FDA perspective on risk assessment Extensive glossaries of developmental defect terminology Previous books on this subject have largely been academically oriented and not intended to guide the practicing developmental or reproductive toxicologist. Useful and informative, this book blends the theoretical foundation with insights gained from hands-on experience. It includes tables of comparative developmental milestones - both pre- and postnatal, glossaries of descriptive terms used in developmental toxicity evaluation, and both US and international regulatory guidelines. Bridging the gap between theory and application, this is a handy single-source of essential information to use in planning, conducting, and interpreting studies.

A Clinician s Guide to Sperm DNA and Chromatin Damage

Author : Armand Zini
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This comprehensive, up-to-date text, which brings together the key practical elements of the rapidly evolving field of sperm DNA and chromatin abnormalities, is divided thematically into five main sections. Part I discusses human sperm chromatin structure and nuclear architecture, while part II presents laboratory evaluation of sperm DNA damage, including SCSA, SCD, TUNEL and Comet assays, and cytochemical tests. Biological and clinical factors in the etiology of sperm DNA damage are discussed in part III, including oxidative stress, abortive apoptosis, cancer, and environmental and lifestyle factors. Part IV presents clinical studies on the utility of sperm DNA damage tests, both with natural and ART-assisted pregnancies, and debates the clinical utility of such tests. Finally, part V discusses current treatment options, such as antioxidant therapy, varicocelectomy, advanced sperm processing techniques and the use of testicular sperm. We are now beginning to better understand the unique organization of the sperm chromatin, as well as the nature and etiology of sperm DNA damage. Written and edited by worldwide experts in andrology, A Clinician's Guide to Sperm DNA and Chromatin Damage is an excellent resource for reproductive medicine and REI specialists, urologists, reproductive biologists and any professional working with the infertile male.

Hayes Principles and Methods of Toxicology

Author : A. Wallace Hayes
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Hayes' Principles and Methods of Toxicology has long been established as a reliable reference to the concepts, methodologies, and assessments integral to toxicology. The new sixth edition has been revised and updated while maintaining the same high standards that have made this volume a benchmark resource in the field. With new authors and new chap

Preventing Occupational Disease and Injury

Author : Barry S. Levy
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