Soap Making Made Easy Ultimate Guide To Soap Making Including Recipes

Soapmaking Homeade and Handcrafted for 2015


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Soap making at home has many benefits both for adults and children. Basic soap making can teach you about chemistry processes like saponification and more. On top of that, the more familiar you get with the process, the more you can create soap that is designed especially for your needs. You will be able to create soaps with the scents that you love, that do not irritate sensitive skin and that even comes in the shapes that you prefer. Soap making is a great way to get the soap you want!

The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making


Author: David Fisher

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Homemade soaps, scrubs, salves, lotions, and other bath and body products have been popping up all over the places from craft fairs to Etsy and it's no surprise why. Soap making is a fun and creative hobby that you can do right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Want to learn how? Look no further. The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making is an A-Z primer on all things soap making. Written by soap making expert David Fisher, this easy-to-use book will guide you through everything you need to know from necessary ingredients, tools, and safety requirements to soap making methods, including: melt and pour, hand milling, cold process, and hot process. You'll be a pro in no time! Each chapter focuses on a specific method, demonstrating the basic process as well as decorative techniques, recipes, and related products such as scrubs, bath bombs, and liquid soaps. You'll also find a section on how to formulate original recipes, plus guidance on storage and ideas for packaging to impress your friends, family, and maybe even customers! So grab your creativity and some great ingredients and let's get started.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Making Natural Soaps


Author: Sally Trew,Zonella B. Gould

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Leave no soapstone unturned! Soapmaking has always been a popular craft with a dedicated group of followers, but with the explosion of urban homesteading and people looking to go green, noncrafters are now joining in on the fun. Whether it's making natural soap to live greener, give as gifts, save money, or make money, The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Making Natural Soaps has everything the new soap maker will need to create organic, natural soaps of all kinds. ?Includes recipes to make a wide array of molded, poured, and liquid soaps ?Contains soap recipes for body as well as household and even pets

How to Make Soap


Author: M. Usman,John Davidson

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Table of Contents Preface Chapter 1: Soap Making Methods Compared 1. Cold Process Soap 2. Hot Process Soap 3. Melt and Pour Soap Chapter 2: Tools You Need Chapter 3: Know the Lingo Chapter 4: Safety When Making Soap Chapter 5: Making Soap Chapter 6: How to Color Soap Chapter 7: Tips on Selling Soap Chapter 8: How to Make Your Own Recipes Chapter 9: Soap Recipes Homemade Pumpkin Soap Recipe Green Tea & Lemongrass Soap Recipe Honey Soap Recipe Goat's Milk Soap Aloe Vera Soap Recipe Olive Oil Soap Conclusion Images About the Author Publisher Preface Many believe that soap making is an activity for big companies with hundreds of employees or sophisticated machines. But this is probably the farthest thing from the truth. Anyone can make soap at home. And the process is not as dangerous as you would think. In fact, homemade soap can be better than the ones you can buy in store–it all depends on what you put in the soap. Even being a busy bee isn't an excuse for not making your own soap-the process takes just a few hours. And in these few hours, you can make enough soap that can last for months. In this book, I will walk you through the process of making soap. In our journey, we will start by comparing soap making methods. From there, we will go on to look at the tools you need to invest in. In all this, we won't forget to look at how you can stay safe in this whole process. Since tastes differ, we will also dedicate a chapter on what you can use to color your soap. Also, you will find tips on how to start a soap making business. I'm sure you will find the book helpful. So without further ado, let's get started.

Best Tips And Tricks For Soap Making

Time Honored Soap Making Techniques


Author: Sandy Chase

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It's interesting to note that there have been many healthy human populations throughout our history, even long before the advent of antibacterial soap. In fact, the collective fascination with adding chemical ingredients to bar and liquid soaps in order to help fight infections only began in recent decades. Since then, much evidence has emerged to suggest that antibacterial soaps don't clean us any more thoroughly than their "old-fashioned predecessors" do. What's more, they may pose health concerns both on personal and environmental levels. This is why Sandy Chase decided to write Best Tips and Tricks for Soap Making. The most disturbing concern is that these new kinds of cleansers may actually contribute to a general sanitation problem by promoting the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Antibacterial soaps don't just kill disease-causing bacteria. They kill every kind of bacteria that is susceptible to them. If resistant bacteria were then to form, they could easily dominate their surrounding environment (be it a household or larger ecosystem) due to a lack of competition. Our race survived for eons and produced many healthy men and women without the aid of our new bacteria-fighting products. Babies even need a certain level of exposure to germs in order for their immune systems to develop properly. Evidence suggests that we may be compromising our own adult systems as well through our increasing reliance upon antibacterial soaps. In a way, this reliance reveals a certain distrust of our environment (which is seen as hostile) and our bodies (which are seen as overly vulnerable). We may need to start trusting ourselves - and the kinds of natural products that kept us clean for so long in the past - once again.

Lovin Soap Studio Cold Process Soap Recipes


Author: Amanda Aaron

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This recipe book contains 50 recipes for cold process soap and 64 essential oil blends. Recipes include classics such as Oatmeal Lavender, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Aloe & Cucumber and Pumpkin Spice. Some recipes are more unique, including Summit Soap, Yarrow Shave Soap, Pumpkin Lavender, Almond Orange and Mocha Mint. The recipes are categorized into seven categories including Basic Bars, Designed Recipes, Salt Bars, Bar Soap for the Face, Exfoliating Bars, For the Fellas and Alternative Liquids. Each recipe, except for those in the Basic Bars category, includes an essential oil blend and some contain additives for color or exfoliation. 20 more essential oil blends are listed at the end, giving you 64 blends total! Though it does contain basic steps, it is not an advanced soapmaking book and doesn't go into details on advanced soapmaking topics. The recipes and essential oil blends in this book are provided to inspire creative formulation on your part. Sure you can use a recipe as-is, but don't be afraid to experiment and change things up!

Soap Making Guide With Recipes: DIY Homemade Soapmaking Made Easy

DIY Homemade Soapmaking Made Easy


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Forget about buying factory-made soap the next time you do your grocery. Using these three books, you should be able to make your own soaps. In fact, once you master the techniques and recipes, you should be able to create your signature soaps. How will your DIY soap smell like? Find out soon!


An Ethical Capitalism


Author: Mike King

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Combining commercial success with philanthropy and social activism, ‘Quakernomics’ offers a compelling model for corporate social responsibility in the modern world. Mike King explores the ethical capitalism of Quaker enterprises from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, testing this theory against those of prominent economists. With a foreword by Sir Adrian Cadbury, this book proves that the Quaker practice of ‘total capitalism’ is not a historically remote nicety but an immediately relevant guide for today’s global economy.

The art of soap-making


Author: Alexander Watt

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Including many new processes, and a chapter on the recovery of glycerine from waste leys. Second edition, carefully revised.