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Advanced Data Management

Author : Lena Wiese
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Advanced data management has always been at the core of efficient database and information systems. Recent trends like big data and cloud computing have aggravated the need for sophisticated and flexible data storage and processing solutions. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the principles of data management developed in the last decades with a focus on data structures and query languages. It treats a wealth of different data models and surveys the foundations of structuring, processing, storing and querying data according these models. Starting off with the topic of database design, it further discusses weaknesses of the relational data model, and then proceeds to convey the basics of graph data, tree-structured XML data, key-value pairs and nested, semi-structured JSON data, columnar and record-oriented data as well as object-oriented data. The final chapters round the book off with an analysis of fragmentation, replication and consistency strategies for data management in distributed databases as well as recommendations for handling polyglot persistence in multi-model databases and multi-database architectures. While primarily geared towards students of Master-level courses in Computer Science and related areas, this book may also be of benefit to practitioners looking for a reference book on data modeling and query processing. It provides both theoretical depth and a concise treatment of open source technologies currently on the market.


Author : Rini Chakrabarti
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Market_Desc: This book is a valuable source of information for academics, practitioners, post and under graduate students with a good overview of basic notions, methods and techniques, as well as important issues and trends across the broad spectrum of data management. Special Features: · Provides simple, clear and concise language, which makes the book easy and enjoyable to read.· Follows a code centric approach and provides code snippets wherever applicable.· Provides well-structured text and illustrative block diagrams and figures wherever required.· Provides case studies involving the latest technologies, such as Java, J2EE, and ASP.NET with backend database, such as Oracle and SQL Server with clear illustrations and step-wise approach on how to develop a real-life project.· Includes chapter objectives and advance organizer at the beginning of each chapter to describe what the reader would learn in the chapter.· Includes comprehensive and detailed coverage of each topic to meet the requirements of the target audience, including postgraduates, undergraduates, and professionals. About The Book: This book provides a systematic approach with an in-depth analysis of advanced database areas as well as the basics of database management systems. It explores the different normalization techniques starting from the very basic first normal form and extends up to sixth normal form. The theme of this book is the potential of new advanced database systems. This book combines advanced techniques with practical advice and many new ideas, methods, and examples for database management students, system specialists, and programmers. It provides a wealth of technical information on database methods and an encyclopedic coverage of advanced techniques. Summing up, this book is a valuable source of information for academics, practitioners, post and under graduate students with a good overview of basic notions, methods and techniques, as well as important issues and trends across the broad spectrum of data management.

MCS 043 Advanced Database Management Systems

Author : Dr. DK Sukhani
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This book is useful for IGNOU MCA students.A perusal of past questions papers gives an idea of the type of questions asked, the paper pattern and so on, it is for this benefit, we provide these IGNOU MCS-043: Advance Database Management System Notes.Students are advised to refer these solutions in conjunction with their reference books. It will help you to improve your exam preparations. This book contains Object-based Databases: Object-Oriented Databases: Object-oriented data model, Object, Oriented Languages, Persistent Programming Languages. Object-Relational Databases: Nested Relations, Complex Types. Inheritance, Reference Types, Querying with Complex Types, Functions and Procedures Storage for Object Databases. Distributed Databases : Distributed Data Storage, Distributed Transactions, Commit protocol, Concurrency Control in Distributed Databases, Availability, Distributed Query Processing. Parallel Databases: I/O Parallelism, Interquery Parallelism, Intraquery Parallelism, Intraoperation Parallelism, Interoperation Parallelism, Design of Parallel Systems. Deductive Databases: Introduction to Recursive Queries, Theoretical Foundations, Recursive Queries with Negation, From Datalog to SQL, Evaluating Recursive Queries. PL/SQL basics, blocks, architecture, variables an constants, attributes, character set, PL/SQL sentence structure, data types, precompiler, conditional and sequential control statements, control structures, conditional control, sequential control, cursors, exceptions, triggers, procedures and packages. Published by MeetCoogle

Access Control in Data Management Systems

Author : Elena Ferrari
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This book provides an overview of the various developments in access control for data management systems. Discretionary, mandatory, and role-based access control will be discussed, by surveying the most relevant proposals and analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of each paradigm in view of the requirements of different application domains. Access control mechanisms provided by commercial Data Management Systems are presented and discussed. Finally, the last part of the book is devoted to discussion of some of the most challenging and innovative research trends in the area of access control, such as those related to the Web 2.0 revolution or to the Database as a Service paradigm. --

Advanced Database Systems

Author : Nabil R. Adam
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Database management is attracting wide interest in both academic and industrial contexts. New application areas such as CAD/CAM, geographic information systems, and multimedia are emerging. The needs of these application areas are far more complex than those of conventional business applications. The purpose of this book is to bring together a set of current research issues that addresses a broad spectrum of topics related to database systems and applications. The book is divided into four parts: - object-oriented databases, - temporal/historical database systems, - query processing in database systems, - heterogeneity, interoperability, open system architectures, multimedia database systems.

Applications of Advanced Data Processing Techniques to University Library Procedures

Author : Louis Avery Schultheiss
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Advanced Database Systems

Author : Carlo Zaniolo
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The database field has experienced a rapid and incessant growth since the development of relational databases. The progress in database systems and applications has produced a diverse landscape of specialized technology areas that have often become the exclusive domain of research specialists. Examples include active databases, temporal databases, object-oriented databases, deductive databases, imprecise reasoning and queries, and multimedia information systems. This book provides a systematic introduction to and an in-depth treatment of these advanced database areas. It supplies practitioners and researchers with authoritative coverage of recent technological advances that are shaping the future of commercial database systems and intelligent information systems. Advanced Database Systems was written by a team of six leading specialists who have made significant contributions to the development of the technology areas covered in the book. Benefiting from the authors' long experience teaching graduate and professional courses, this book is designed to provide a gradual introduction to advanced research topics and includes many examples and exercises to support its use for individual study, desk reference, and graduate classroom teaching.

A Course in In Memory Data Management

Author : Hasso Plattner
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Recent achievements in hardware and software development, such as multi-core CPUs and DRAM capacities of multiple terabytes per server, enabled the introduction of a revolutionary technology: in-memory data management. This technology supports the flexible and extremely fast analysis of massive amounts of enterprise data. Professor Hasso Plattner and his research group at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, have been investigating and teaching the corresponding concepts and their adoption in the software industry for years. This book is based on the first online course on the openHPI e-learning platform, which was launched in autumn 2012 with more than 13,000 learners. The book is designed for students of computer science, software engineering, and IT related subjects. However, it addresses business experts, decision makers, software developers, technology experts, and IT analysts alike. Plattner and his group focus on exploring the inner mechanics of a column-oriented dictionary-encoded in-memory database. Covered topics include - amongst others - physical data storage and access, basic database operators, compression mechanisms, and parallel join algorithms. Beyond that, implications for future enterprise applications and their development are discussed. Readers are lead to understand the radical differences and advantages of the new technology over traditional row-oriented disk-based databases.

Advanced Database Techniques

Author : Daniel Martin
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Advanced Database Techniques combines advanced techniques with practical advice and many new ideas, methods, and examples for database management students, system specialists, and programmers. It provides a wealth of technical information on database methods and an encyclopedic coverage of advanced techniques that other current books on database lack.An overview covers important definitions in the area of database management and describes such classical notions as file structures, conceptual, physical and external schemas, and relational, network, hierarchical, and entity-relationship models. Remaining chapters offer advanced techniques, methods, and practical advice for functional specification and system design of a database-oriented interactive application; database architecture with qualitative and quantitative optimizations; the prediction of loads and response times; data representation, packing, and protection; selection of data elements and structures in a database; practical extensions of the relational theory to include dynamic relations and schemas, existence and processing constraints and coroutines; software architectures (functional interface and decision machine); and open databases for robotics, image processing, CAD, and artificial intelligence.Extended definitions are provided for conceptual schema, view, soft constraints and selection, relation, and dynamic schema. And an entire chapter is devoted to MSD, a new relational approach to specification and design. New software architectures for database applications are also covered. Advanced Database Techniques describes the 15 functions of a database management system and its internal mechanisms and provides a complete product review of the DBMS ORACLE as well as advice on DBMS purchasing and database administration.Daniel Martin is an independent consultant living in France. He designed and installed the largest distributed database in Europe. Advanced Database Techniques is included in the Information series, edited by Michael Lesk.

Statistics Data Analytics for Health Data Management

Author : Nadinia A Davis
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Introducing Statistics & Data Analytics for Health Data Management by Nadinia Davis and Betsy Shiland, an engaging new text that emphasizes the easy-to-learn, practical use of statistics and manipulation of data in the health care setting. With its unique hands-on approach and friendly writing style, this vivid text uses real-world examples to show you how to identify the problem, find the right data, generate the statistics, and present the information to other users. "Brief Case" scenarios ask you to apply information to situations Health Information Management professionals encounter every day, and review questions are tied to learning objectives and Bloom s taxonomy to reinforce core content. From planning budgets to explaining accounting methodologies, Statistics & Data Analytics addresses the key HIM Associate Degree-Entry Level competencies required by CAHIIM and covered in the RHIT exam.Meets key HIM Associate Degree-Entry Level competencies, as required by CAHIIM and covered on the RHIT registry exam, so you get the most accurate and timely content, plus in-depth knowledge of statistics as used on the job.Friendly, engaging writing style offers a student-centered approach to the often daunting subject of statistics.Four-color design with ample visuals makes this the only textbook of its kind to approach bland statistical concepts and unfamiliar health care settings with vivid illustrations and photos.Math review chapter brings you up-to-speed on the math skills you need to complete the text."Brief Case" scenarios strengthen the text s hands-on, practical approach by taking the information presented and asking you to apply it to situations HIM professionals encounter every day."Takeaway" boxes highlight key points and important concepts."Math Review" boxes remind you of basic arithmetic, often while providing additional practice."Stat Tip" boxes explain trickier calculations, often with Excel formulas, and warn of pitfalls in tabulation.Review questions are tied to learning objectives and Bloom s taxonomy to reinforce core content and let you check your understanding of all aspects of a topic.Integrated exercises give you time to pause, reflect, and retain what you have learned.Answers to integrated exercises, "Brief Case" scenarios, and review questions in the back of the book offer an opportunity for self-study.Appendix of commonly used formulas provides easy reference to every formula used in the textbook.A comprehensive glossary gives you one central location to look up the meaning of new terminology.Instructor resources include TEACH lesson plans, PowerPoint slides, classroom handouts, and a 500-question Test Bank in ExamView that help prepare instructors for classroom lectures."

Journal of Data Management

Author :
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Joint Aflc esd mitre Advanced Data Management adam Equipment

Author : Beverly F. Char
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The report describes the components of the Joint AFLC/ESD/MITRE Advanced Data Management Experiment (ADAM) and the process of implementation. The objective of the experiment was to determine the applicability of Generalized Data Management Systems such as ADAM to management information problems as found in AFLC. Observations concerning this applicability are given from two user viewpoints: programmer-user and the application or mission-oriented user. (Author).

The Orange Model of Data Management

Author : Irina Steenbeek
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*This book is a brief overview of the model and has only 24 pages.*Almost every data management professional, at some point in their career, has come across the following crucial questions:1. Which industry reference model should I use for the implementation of data managementfunctions?2. What are the key data management capabilities that are feasible and applicable to my company?3. How do I measure the maturity of the data management functions and compare that withthose of my peers in the industry4. What are the critical, logical steps in the implementation of data management?The "Orange" (meta)model of data management provides a collection of techniques and templates for the practical set up of data management through the design and implementation of the data and information value chain, enabled by a set of data management capabilities.This book is a toolkit for advanced data management professionals and consultants thatare involved in the data management function implementation.This book works together with the earlier published "The Data Management Toolkit". The "Orange" model assists in specifying the feasible scope of data management capabilities, that fits company's business goals and resources. "The Data Management Toolkit" is a practical implementation guide of the chosen data management capabilities.


Author : Richard T. Watson
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Market_Desc: · Database Designers · SQL Programmers Special Features: · Includes sections on UML for data modeling, server-side scripting (PHP) for linking a database to Web server, XML, data warehousing, OLAP, and data mining About The Book: Twice recognized as one of the top ten most productive MIS researchers, Watson provides a balanced treatment of the technical and business sides of managing data. Management of data has never been more critical for organizations of any size. This book discusses the technical aspects of database design and implementation as well as the why and how of the management of databases, and the managerial issues and business philosophy behind databases.

Second Review of a New Data Management System for the Social Security Administration

Author : National Research Council (U.S.). Panel on Social Security Administration Data Management System
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Data Management for Multimedia Retrieval

Author : K. Selçuk Candan
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Multimedia data require specialised management techniques because the representations of colour, time, semantic concepts, and other underlying information can be drastically different from one another. This textbook on multimedia data management techniques gives a unified perspective on retrieval efficiency and effectiveness. It provides a comprehensive treatment, from basic to advanced concepts, that will be useful to readers of different levels, from advanced undergraduate and graduate students to researchers and to professionals. After introducing models for multimedia data (images, video, audio, text, and web) and for their features, such as colour, texture, shape, and time, the book presents data structures and algorithms that help store, index, cluster, classify, and access common data representations. The authors also introduce techniques, such as relevance feedback and collaborative filtering, for bridging the 'semantic gap' and present the applications of these to emerging topics, including web and social networking.

Advanced SQL 1999

Author : Jim Melton
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This guide documents SQL: 1999Us advanced features in the same practical, "programmercentric" way that the first volume documented the language's basic features. This is no mere representation of the standard, but rather authoritative guidance on making an application conform to it, both formally and effectively.

Computers and Data Processing Information Sources

Author : Chester Morrill
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Journal of Database Management

Author :
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Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services

Author : American Council on Education
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