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Adult and Paediatric ALS

Author : Charles Deakin
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Competency in resuscitation is a necessity for most clinical staff, with many attending Advanced Life Support (ALS) courses. Adult and Paediatric ALS: Self-assessment in Resuscitation uses an innovative question-and-answer structure and Resuscitation Council (UK) 2010 Guidelines to provide a complete overview of all aspects of advanced life support and resuscitation in adults and children. Comprising ten chapters of multiple choice questions, diagnostic questions, colour photo questions and comprehensive answers, this resource aids revision of the adult and paediatric ALS syllabus and assists readers in gaining a thorough understanding of all aspects of resuscitation science and practice. Written by a leading resuscitation expert, Adult and Paediatric ALS: Self-assessment in Resuscitation is essential reading for anyone undertaking resuscitation training, beginning training in acute resuscitation specialities or wishing to update their knowledge of advanced life support.

Emergency and Trauma Care for Nurses and Paramedics

Author : Kate Curtis (Trauma clinical nurse consultant)
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Endorsed by the College of Emergency Nursing Australasia CENA is the peak professional association representing emergency nurses and has endorsed this text in recognition of the relevance it has to emergency nursing across Australasia. Led by an expanded editorial team of internationally recognised clinicians, researchers and leaders in emergency care, the 3rd edition of Emergency and Trauma Care for Nurses and Paramedics continues to be the foremost resource for students preparing to enter the emergency environment and for clinicians seeking a greater understanding of multidisciplinary emergency care. The text provides nursing and paramedicine students and clinicians with the opportunity to understand the best available evidence behind the treatment that is provided throughout the emergency care trajectory. This unique approach ultimately seeks to strengthen multidisciplinary care and equip readers with the knowledge and skills to provide safe, quality, emergency care. The 3rd edition builds on the strengths of previous editions and follows a patient journey and body systems approach, spanning the pre-hospital and hospital environments. Expanded editorial team, all internationally recognised researchers and leaders in Emergency Care Chapter 6 Patient safety and quality care in emergency All chapters revised to reflect the most up-to-date evidence-based research and practice Case studies and practice tips highlight cultural considerations and communication issues Aligns to NSQHSS 2e, NMBA and PBA Standards An eBook included in all print purchases

Equipment for Respiratory Care

Author : Teresa A. Volsko
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Equipment for Respiratory Care, Second Edition continues to break the archetype of equipment texts. This text uniquely focuses on the principles of the equipment in a practical, clinically relevant manner

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Skills in Adult Nursing

Author : Jacqueline Randle
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This handbook provides a practical and evidence-based guide to the essential elements of clinical skills for nursing practice. Taking a systems-based approach to the care of patients, it is an invaluable guide to the majority of clinical scenarios, helping nurses and other health care workers to perform clinical skills safely and competently.

Decision Support Systems and Education

Author : J. Mantas
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Medical informatics has revolutionized healthcare in recent years, and one of the major challenges now faced by health professionals everywhere is the further improvement of healthcare by making more effective use of the data from biomedical informatics, not least for education and decision support. This book presents the 52 full papers (accepted from 95 initial submissions) delivered at the Special Topic Conference of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI STC 2018), held in Zagreb, Croatia, on 15 and 16 October 2018. The EFMI STC is one of Europe`s leading conferences for the sharing of current professional and scientific knowledge in health informatics processes, and the topics covered here have been broadly divided into two sections; decision support and education. Offering an overview of current medical informatics research, this book will undoubtedly prove invaluable for the professional development of healthcare practitioners, as well as contributing to knowledge sustainability within the field of medical informatics.


Author : Annie Chellel
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This is the first book on resuscitation in the UK written for nurses that recognizes and explores their unique perspective. The European Resuscitation Council Guidelines of 1997 are used as the basis for the scientific aspects of the nursing role, and the book also addresses the art of nursing through exploration of the human consequences and the ethical and legal issues of resuscitation. All nurses should know how to resuscitate, as they may become involved in resuscitation attempts at any time. This book is an invaluable companion to nurses working in community hospitals and in primary care as well as to those practising in critical care units or the busy wards of acute hospitals.

Nursing Times Nursing Mirror

Author :
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Manual of Adult and Paediatric Medical Oncology

Author : S. Monfardini
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It is a very special honour for me to be able to present this handbook of medical oncology, which under diverse headings and origins covers such a vast spectrum of experience. I be lieve the reader will be struck in particular by the impressive volume of information available, especially with regard to childhood tumours, which represent, today, an immense "lab oratory of hope". It is in this very field that we oncologists have been able to obtain the most consoling results in recent years. I feel sure that all those who read these chapters will find that their oncological competence is enriched and also in a certain sense that their wish to contribute to progress in can cer research and treatment has been renewed. In conclusion, my most heartfelt congratulations go to the authors for the excellent job they have done, as well as my ad miration for having been able to concentrate so much pre cious and innovative information into so little space. Umberto Veronesi Preface Since 1976, the VICC has been holding chemotherapy courses in all parts of the world, excluding North America and Australia. The Manual of Cancer Chemotherapy, origi nally devised as a didactic tool to be used by course partici pants, expanded itself in the successive editions to a compre hensive, although schematic, textbook of medical oncology.

Textbook of Paediatric Anaesthetic Practice

Author : Edward Sumner
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Here's a definitive reference on pediatric anesthesia. Covers all aspects from psychological preparation for surgery and preoperative medical assessment, through general and regional anesthetic techniques, monitoring, and fluid and electrolyte management, to postoperative care.

Neonatal Adult and Paediatric Safe Transfer and Retrieval

Author : Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG)
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Neonatal, Adult and Paediatric Safe Transfer and Retrieval is a new and vital instalment in the blended learning course from the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG), which aims to provide hospital staff at all levels with essential information on the inter- and intra-hospital transfer of both child and adult patients. This essential manual covers the basics of mobile medicine, the elements of transfer, patient and team safety, and the practical and clinical considerations associated with the patient transfer process. Each chapter makes use of checklists, practical examples and content summaries to help readers understand and overcome the challenges of both adult and paediatric patient transfers. Combines Paediatric and Neonatal Safe Transport and Retrieval (PaNSTaR) and the (Adult) Safe Transport and Retrieval (STaR) into a single volume (NAPSTaR) Written and edited by an expert team of specialists from across the UK Complements Advanced Paediatric Life Support and Prehospital Paediatric Life Support Neonatal, Adult and Paediatric Safe Transfer and Retrieval is a must-have resource for doctors, nurses, paramedics and healthcare professionals involved in patient transfer and those in ALSG courses in patient transport.

Paediatric Anaesthesia and Critical Care in the District Hospital

Author : Neil S. Morton
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The editors, from an established paediatric unit, have drawn together a team of contributors to share their experiences and discuss how best the district hospital can provide a service for paediatric patients. Controversial areas are discussed, supported by the most recent reports and guidelines. It is intended that this will be a practical and thought provoking guide. * A unique guide to providing a quality paediatric anaesthetic service in the district general hospital * Discusses the issues of training and running such a service * Covers the clinical procedures, and when to refer to a specialist centre

Key Topics in Accident and Emergency Medicine

Author : Paul A. Howarth
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This text contains 91 topics on many aspects of acute injury and sudden illness relevant to both medical and nursing staff working in Accident and Emergency and Acute Medical and Surgical Departments. It is a reference for anyone who deals with acute problems, including paramedics, general practitioners and nurse practioners. It is also a revision aid for candidates taking a professional examination in Accident and Emergency - either the second-part Fellowship Examination in Surgery or Accident and Emergency Medicine or the new Faculty Examination in Emergency Medicine.


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Tropical Doctor

Author :
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Churchill Livingstone s Mini Encyclopaedia of Nursing

Author : Christine Brooker
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The book includes terms that are the concern of all nurses and terms that are relevant to specific areas of practice. The focused nursing information is supplemented by the inclusion of some applied anatomy & physiology, important items from the medical and surgical specialties, and some basic psychology and sociology. Numerous in-depth entries explore issues rather than just provide a basic definition. There are, of course, a proportion of shorter definitions. The intentions are to use references in the in-depth entries and provide readers with other sources of information on the topic. Because the book does not attempt to cover other related areas the opportunity exists to provide comprehensive evidence-based information about important nursing issues. The style will is dictated by having an A-Z format but the intention is to highlight material in some of the in-depth entries. This is achieved with separate Practice application boxed items adjacent to the entry. Entries explore issues, rather than giving just a basic definition Pocket book format A quick reference covering a wide range of topics It is very nursing focused Generously illustrated Edited by an experienced nurse editor with a general, wide ranging knowledge of nursing Combines the best material from a range of proven Elsevier publications

Nursing Knowledge Practice

Author : Maggie Mallik
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Introducing the first truly integrated approach to foundation nursing knowledge, from the biological, pscho-social sciences into core nursing knowledge. This text adopts a unique decision-making approach that encourages critical thinking and the development of decision making skills. Addresses the fundamental aspects of care which are primarily nursing responsibilities and also features helpful summaries of key research findings.

Paediatric and Neonatal Anaesthesia

Author : Ann E. Black
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Anaesthesia in a Nutshell is a series of pocket books, designed to give the trainee anaesthetist essential information on each sub-specialty module, giving the trainee confidence in the first few weeks of their training. The editors have ensured that each volume is comprehensive, reflecting the individual module syllabus, and focusing on best clinical practice. Anaesthesia in a Nutshell is a series of pocket books designed to mirror the current modular training system The content is pitched at the right level for starting out in each sub-specialty module, giving the trainee confidence in those first weeks The succinct note style is convenient for quick reference and revision, and the portable format allows them to be constant companions in theatre and on the ward The editors have ensured that each volume is comprehensive, reflecting the individual module syllabus, and focussing on best clinical practice Selected further reading and key references enable the trainee to build on their initial training, and expand their knowledge as they progress through each sub-specialty

SAAD Digest

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Resuscitation Handbook

Author : Peter J. F. Baskett
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(1E 1989) Includes use of laryngeal mask new airways com- pression/decompression of chest trauma life support etc.

Resuscitation in Primary Care

Author : Michael C. Colquhoun
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* A straightforward step-by-step guide to developing your own PDP or PPDP * The focus is on getting you started through worked examples and practical tips * The authors help you to understand the need for a PDP or PPDP and how it will help you meet your practice needs at the same time * Having identified your learning needs, this essential guide gives advice on how to address these needs throughout the year * To save you time, all of the plan frameworks are available online for you to download and complete