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Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Author : Ian Gibson
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This book covers in detail the various aspects of joining materials to form parts. A conceptual overview of rapid prototyping and layered manufacturing is given, beginning with the fundamentals so that readers can get up to speed quickly. Unusual and emerging applications such as micro-scale manufacturing, medical applications, aerospace, and rapid manufacturing are also discussed. This book provides a comprehensive overview of rapid prototyping technologies as well as support technologies such as software systems, vacuum casting, investment casting, plating, infiltration and other systems. This book also: Reflects recent developments and trends and adheres to the ASTM, SI, and other standards Includes chapters on automotive technology, aerospace technology and low-cost AM technologies Provides a broad range of technical questions to ensure comprehensive understanding of the concepts covered

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Author : L. Jyothish Kumar
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This book presents a selection of papers on advanced technologies for 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and demonstrates how these technologies have changed the face of direct, digital technologies for the rapid production of models, prototypes and patterns. Because of their wide range of applications, 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies have sparked a powerful new industrial revolution in the field of manufacturing. The evolution of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies has changed design, engineering and manufacturing processes across such diverse industries as consumer products, aerospace, medical devices and automotive engineering. This book will help designers, R&D personnel, and practicing engineers grasp the latest developments in the field of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing Technologies and Applications

Author : Salvatore Brischetto
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Additive Manufacturing Technologies and Applications" that was published in Technologies

Additive Manufacturing Technologies From an Optimization Perspective

Author : Kumar, Kaushik
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In this technology-driven era, conventional manufacturing is increasingly at risk of reaching its limit, and a more design-driven manufacturing process, additive manufacturing, might just hold the key to innovation. Offering a higher degree of design freedom, the optimization and integration of functional features, and the manufacturing of small batch sizes, additive manufacturing is changing industry as we know it. Additive Manufacturing Technologies From an Optimization Perspective is a critical reference source that provides a unified platform for the dissemination of basic and applied knowledge about additive manufacturing. It carefully examines how additive manufacturing is increasingly being used in series production, giving those in the most varied sectors of industry the opportunity to create a distinctive profile for themselves based on new customer benefits, cost-saving potential, and the ability to meet sustainability goals. Highlighting topics such as bio-printing, tensile strength, and cell printing, this book is ideally designed for academicians, students, engineers, scientists, software developers, architects, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals interested in advancements in next-generation manufacturing.

Advances in 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Author : David Ian Wimpenny
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This edited volume comprises select chapters on advanced technologies for 3D printing and additive manufacturing and how these technologies have changed the face of direct, digital technologies for rapid production of models, prototypes and patterns. Because of its wide applications, 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology has become a powerful new industrial revolution in the field of manufacturing. The evolution of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies has changed design, engineering and manufacturing processes across industries such as consumer products, aerospace, medical devices and automotives. The objective of this book is to help designers, R&D personnel, and practicing engineers understand the state-of-the-art developments in the field of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.

Rapid Prototyping of Biomaterials

Author : Roger Narayan
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Rapid Prototyping of Biomaterials: Techniques in Additive Manufacturing, Second Edition, provides a comprehensive review of emerging rapid prototyping technologies, such as bioprinting, for biomedical applications. Rapid prototyping, also known as additive manufacturing, solid freeform fabrication, or 3D printing, can be used to create complex structures and devices for medical applications from solid, powder or liquid precursors. Sections explore a variety of materials, look at applications, and consider the use of rapid prototyping technologies for constructing organs. With its distinguished editor and international team of renowned contributors, this book is a useful, technical resource for scientists and researchers in academia, biomaterials and tissue regeneration. Presents a comprehensive review of established and emerging additive manufacturing technologies (such as bioprinting) for medical applications Contains chapters that explore the additive manufacturing of nanoscale biomaterials for a range of applications, from drug delivery, to organ printing Includes new information on 3D printing on a variety of material classes

Additive Manufacturing Technologies and Applications

Author :
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Friction Based Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Author : Sandeep Rathee
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Friction additive manufacturing is a term used for friction based solid state welding processes in conjugation with additive manufacturing, to produce components with superior structural and mechanical properties. This is a novel manufacturing technology of developing high structural performance components. It utilizes the principle of layer by layer additive manufacturing and is a major breakthrough in metal additive manufacturing. The book is a compilation of friction based solid state processes and additive manufacturing principles, and will cover the methodological principles, benefits, limitations, and applications of additive manufacturing and friction stir welding processes.

Additive Manufacturing of High performance Metals and Alloys

Author : Igor Shishkovsky
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Freedoms in material choice based on combinatorial design, different directions of process optimization, and computational tools are a significant advantage of additive manufacturing technology. The combination of additive and information technologies enables rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing models on the design stage, thereby significantly accelerating the design cycle in mechanical engineering. Modern and high-demand powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition methods allow obtaining functional complex shapes and functionally graded structures. Until now, the experimental parametric analysis remains as the main method during AM optimization. Therefore, an additional goal of this book is to introduce readers to new modeling and material's optimization approaches in the rapidly changing world of additive manufacturing of high-performance metals and alloys.

Additive Manufacturing and Strategic Technologies in Advanced Ceramics

Author : Soshu Kirihara
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This volume contains a collection of 22 papers submitted from the below seven symposia held during the 11th International Symposium on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications (CMCEE-11), June 14-19, 2015 in Vancouver, BC, Canada: Additive Manufacturing Technologies Advanced Materials, Technologies, and Devices for Electro-optical and Biomedical Applications Multifunctional Coatings for Energy and Environmental Applications Novel, Green, and Strategic Processing and Manufacturing Technologies Powder Processing Technology for Advanced Ceramics Computational Design and Modeling Materials for Extreme Environments: Ultra-high Temperature Ceramics (UHTCs) and Nanolaminated Ternary Carbides and Nitrides (MAX Phases)

Additive Manufacturing of Metals

Author : John O. Milewski
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This engaging volume presents the exciting new technology of additive manufacturing (AM) of metal objects for a broad audience of academic and industry researchers, manufacturing professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, hobbyists, and artists. Innovative applications ranging from rocket nozzles to custom jewelry to medical implants illustrate a new world of freedom in design and fabrication, creating objects otherwise not possible by conventional means. The author describes the various methods and advanced metals used to create high value components, enabling readers to choose which process is best for them. Of particular interest is how harnessing the power of lasers, electron beams, and electric arcs, as directed by advanced computer models, robots, and 3D printing systems, can create otherwise unattainable objects. A timeline depicting the evolution of metalworking, accelerated by the computer and information age, ties AM metal technology to the rapid evolution of global technology trends. Charts, diagrams, and illustrations complement the text to describe the diverse set of technologies brought together in the AM processing of metal. Extensive listing of terms, definitions, and acronyms provides the reader with a quick reference guide to the language of AM metal processing. The book directs the reader to a wealth of internet sites providing further reading and resources, such as vendors and service providers, to jump start those interested in taking the first steps to establishing AM metal capability on whatever scale. The appendix provides hands-on example exercises for those ready to engage in experiential self-directed learning.

Standard Terminology for Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Author : ASTM International
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This terminology includes terms, definitions of terms, descriptions of terms, nomenclature, and acronyms associated with additive-manufacturing (AM) technologies in an effort to standardize terminology used by AM users, producers, researchers, educators, press/media and others.

Additive Manufacturing Second Edition

Author : Amit Bandyopadhyay
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The field of additive manufacturing is growing dynamically as the interest is persisting from manufacturing sector, including other sectors as well. Conceptually, additive manufacturing is a way to build parts without using any part-specific tooling or dies from the computer-aided design (CAD) file of the part. Second edition of Additive Manufacturing highlights the latest advancements in the field, taking an application oriented approach. It includes new material on traditional polymer based rapid prototyping technologies, additive manufacturing of metals and alloys including related design issues. Each chapter comes with suggested reading, questions for instructors and PowerPoint slides.

Additive Manufacturing of Metals The Technology Materials Design and Production

Author : Li Yang
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This book offers a unique guide to the three-dimensional (3D) printing of metals. It covers various aspects of additive, subtractive, and joining processes used to form three-dimensional parts with applications ranging from prototyping to production. Examining a variety of manufacturing technologies and their ability to produce both prototypes and functional production-quality parts, the individual chapters address metal components and discuss some of the important research challenges associated with the use of these technologies. As well as exploring the latest technologies currently under development, the book features unique sections on electron beam melting technology, material lifting, and the importance this science has in the engineering context. Presenting unique real-life case studies from industry, this book is also the first to offer the perspective of engineers who work in the field of aerospace and transportation systems, and who design components and manufacturing networks. Written by the leading experts in this field at universities and in industry, it provides a comprehensive textbook for students and an invaluable guide for practitioners

Science Technology and Applications of Metals in Additive Manufacturing

Author : Bhaskar Dutta
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Science, Technology and Applications of Metal Additive Manufacturing provides a holistic picture of metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) that encompasses the science, technology and applications for the use of metal AM. Users will find design aspects, various metal AM technologies commercially available, a focus on merits and demerits, implications for qualification and certification, applications, cost modeling of AM, and future directions. This book serves as an educational guide, providing a holistic picture of metal AM that encompasses science, technology and applications for the real-life use of metal AM. Includes an overall understanding of metal additive manufacturing, Including steps involved (process flow) Discusses available commercial metal AM technologies and their relative strengths and weaknesses Reviews the process of qualification of AM parts, various applications, cost modeling, and the future directions of metal AM

Selective Laser Sintering Additive Manufacturing Technology

Author : Chunze Yan
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Selective Laser Sintering Additive Manufacturing Technology is a unique and comprehensive guide to this emerging technology. It covers in detail the equipment, software algorithms and control systems, material preparations and process technology, precision control, simulation analysis, and provides examples of applications of selective laser sintering (SLS). SLS technology is one of the most promising advances in 3D printing due to the high complexity of parts it can form, short manufacturing cycle, low cost, and wide range of materials it is compatible with. Typical examples of SLS technology include SLS manufacturing casting molds, sand molds (core), injection molds with conformal cooling channels, and rapid prototyping of ceramic and plastic functional parts. It is already widely used in aviation, aerospace, medical treatment, machinery, and numerous other industries. Drawing on world-leading research, the authors provide state of the art descriptions of the technologies, tools, and techniques which are helping academics and engineers use SLS ever more effectively and widely. Provides instructions for how to accurately use SLS for forming Analyses the numerical simulation methods for key SLS technologies Addresses the use of SLS for a range of materials, including polymer, ceramic and coated sand powder

The Management of Additive Manufacturing

Author : Mojtaba Khorram Niaki
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This book introduces readers to additive technology and its application in different business sectors. It explores the fundamental impact additive has on technology, particularly on operations, innovation, supply chains, the environment and customer relations. Subsequently, on the basis of a broad survey of the best technology adopters, it offers advice on how to enhance business value by implementing the technology in different industrial and commercial environments. Additive manufacturing (AM) is a new area of manufacturing that has already brought about phenomenal changes to industry and business models. It affects nearly all aspects of the managerial and organizational thinking that was applied to conventional manufacturing. Currently, the technology is being adopted in manufacturing areas that involve high-value products with complex geometries, and small to medium production volumes. It boosts the productivity of new product development processes by slashing costs, reducing time and promoting creativity and innovativeness. Further, it shrinks supply chains by bringing firms closer to their customers. This unique book offers abundant empirical and practical evidence confirming the value of this new technology.

Additive Manufacturing Foundation Knowledge For The Beginners

Author : Seeram Ramakrishna
File Size : 75.29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book provides the key fundamental principles, classifications, recent developments, as well as different applications of additive manufacturing technologies. A comprehensive overview of the different classes is given, covering polymer-based, metal-based and ceramic-based systems. Special topics such as bioprinting and 4D printing are also introduced. The authors discuss the technological aspects of additive manufacturing in a very clear and understandable way, delivered with the help of self-illustrating artworks. This book is particularly designed to suit the curriculum requirements of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, Product Design and Development, Biomedical Engineering, Automobile and Aerospace Engineering, and other closely related domains. Manufacturing professionals working in similar fields may also wish to read it as a refresher and to catch up on recent advances.

Modelling the Integration of Additive Manufacturing Technologies in Design for Space Components

Author :
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Additive Manufacturing

Author : Manu Srivastava
File Size : 63.12 MB
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There is a growing need for manufacturing optimization all over the world. The immense market of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies dictates a need for a book that will provide knowledge of the various aspects of AM for anyone interested in learning about this fast-growing topic. This book disseminates knowledge of AM amongst scholars at graduate level, post graduate level, doctoral level, as well as industry personnel. The objective is to offer a state-of-the-art book which covers all aspects of AM and incorporates all information regarding trends, historical developments, classifications, materials, tooling, software issues, dynamic design, principles, limitations, and communication interfaces in a one-stop resource. Features: Breaks down systematic coverage of various aspects of AM within four distinct sections Contains details of various AM techniques based on ASTM guidelines Discusses many AM applications with suitable illustrations Includes recent trends in the field of AM Covers engineering materials utilized as raw materials in AM Compares AM techniques with different traditional manufacturing methods