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Adaptive Voltage Control in Power Systems

Author : Giuseppe Fusco
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Adaptive Voltage Control in Power Systems, a self-contained blend of theory and novel application, offers in-depth treatment of such adaptive control schemes. Coverage moves from power-system-modelling problems through illustrations of the main adaptive control systems, including self-tuning, model-reference and nonlinearities compensation to a detailed description of design methods: Kalman filtering, parameter-identification algorithms and discrete-time controller design are all represented. Case studies address applications issues in the implementation of adaptive voltage control.

Power Plants and Power Systems Control 2006

Author : David Westwick
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Control plays a very important role in all aspects of power plants and power systems. The papers included in the 2006 Proceedings are by authors from a large number of countries around the world. They encompass a wide spectrum of topics in the control of practically every aspect of power plants and power systems.

Control of Fuel Cell Power Systems

Author : Jay T. Pukrushpan
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Presenting the latest research in the control of fuel cell technology, this book will contribute to the commercial viability of the technology. The authors’ background in automotive technology gives the work added authority as a vital element of future planning.

Power System Quality Assessment

Author : J. Arrillaga
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This is a comprehensive and timely volume on power quality assessment and system reliability, a topic of increasing importance because of the dependence of modern life upon the continuous supply of electrical energy. Effective prediction and monitoring of voltage and current waveforms has become critical and this indispensable book introduces power engineers to the state of the art in power quality assessment and also covers system simulation and signal detection. Features include: * Comprehensive analysis of the main power quality problems and review of power quality standards * Examination of computer methods in use for power system simulation at harmonic frequencies * Discussion of modern signal processing techniques and their application to power quality instrumentation * Combination of continuous real-time monitoring and system simulation to achieve global power quality estimation and locate the main distorting sources. Practising engineers involved in power system design and operation will find this a valuable reference. Postgraduates and researchers studying power systems and power electronics will appreciate the clear and comprehensive coverage of the latest analytical techniques.

Power Electronic Control in Electrical Systems

Author : Enrique Acha
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Within this book the fundamental concepts associated with the topic of power electronic control are covered alongside the latest equipment and devices, new application areas and associated computer-assisted methods. *A practical guide to the control of reactive power systems *Ideal for postgraduate and professional courses *Covers the latest equipment and computer-aided analysis

Power Systems Power Plant Control

Author : P. Wang
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The control of power systems and power plants is a subject of worldwide interest which continues to sustain a high level of research, development and application in many diverse yet complementary areas. Papers pertaining to 13 areas directly related to power systems and representing state-of-the-art methods are included in this volume. The topics covered include linear and nonlinear optimization, static and dynamic state estimation, security analysis, generation control, excitation and voltage control, power plant modelling and control, stability analysis, emergency and restorative controls, large-scale sparse matrix techniques, data communication, microcomputer systems, power system stabilizers, load forecasting, optimum generation scheduling and power system control centers. The compilation of this information in one volume makes it essential reading for a comprehension of the current knowledge in the field of power control.

Applied Mathematics for Restructured Electric Power Systems

Author : Joe H. Chow
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Applied Mathematics for Restructured Electric Power Systems: Optimization, Control, and Computational Intelligence consists of chapters based on work presented at a National Science Foundation workshop organized in November 2003. The theme of the workshop was the use of applied mathematics to solve challenging power system problems. The areas included control, optimization, and computational intelligence. In addition to the introductory chapter, this book includes 12 chapters written by renowned experts in their respected fields. Each chapter follows a three-part format: (1) a description of an important power system problem or problems, (2) the current practice and/or particular research approaches, and (3) future research directions. Collectively, the technical areas discussed are voltage and oscillatory stability, power system security margins, hierarchical and decentralized control, stability monitoring, embedded optimization, neural network control with adaptive critic architecture, control tuning using genetic algorithms, and load forecasting and component prediction. This volume is intended for power systems researchers and professionals charged with solving electric and power system problems.

Variation Aware Adaptive Voltage Scaling for Digital CMOS Circuits

Author : Martin Wirnshofer
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Increasing performance demands in integrated circuits, together with limited energy budgets, force IC designers to find new ways of saving power. One innovative way is the presented adaptive voltage scaling scheme, which tunes the supply voltage according to the present process, voltage and temperature variations as well as aging. The voltage is adapted “on the fly” by means of in-situ delay monitors to exploit unused timing margin, produced by state-of-the-art worst-case designs. This book discusses the design of the enhanced in-situ delay monitors and the implementation of the complete control-loop comprising the monitors, a control-logic and an on-chip voltage regulator. An analytical Markov-based model of the control-loop is derived to analyze its robustness and stability. Variation-Aware Adaptive Voltage Scaling for Digital CMOS Circuits provides an in-depth assessment of the proposed voltage scaling scheme when applied to an arithmetic and an image processing circuit. This book is written for engineers interested in adaptive techniques for low-power CMOS circuits.

Advanced and Optimization Based Sliding Mode Control Theory and Applications

Author : Antonella Ferrara
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A compendium of the authors’ recently published results, this book discusses sliding mode control of uncertain nonlinear systems, with a particular emphasis on advanced and optimization based algorithms. The authors survey classical sliding mode control theory and introduce four new methods of advanced sliding mode control. They analyze classical theory and advanced algorithms, with numerical results complementing the theoretical treatment. Case studies examine applications of the algorithms to complex robotics and power grid problems. Advanced and Optimization Based Sliding Mode Control: Theory and Applications is the first book to systematize the theory of optimization based higher order sliding mode control and illustrate advanced algorithms and their applications to real problems. It presents systematic treatment of event-triggered and model based event-triggered sliding mode control schemes, including schemes in combination with model predictive control, and presents adaptive algorithms as well as algorithms capable of dealing with state and input constraints. Additionally, the book includes simulations and experimental results obtained by applying the presented control strategies to real complex systems. This book is suitable for students and researchers interested in control theory. It will also be attractive to practitioners interested in implementing the illustrated strategies. It is accessible to anyone with a basic knowledge of control engineering, process physics, and applied mathematics.

Power Systems

Author : International Federation of Automatic Control
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The control of power systems and power plants is a subject of worldwide interest which continues to sustain a high level of research, development and application. Papers pertaining to areas directly related to power systems and representing the state-of-the-art methods are included in this volume. The topics covered include security analysis, dynamic state estimation, voltage control, power plant control, stability analysis, data communication, expert systems and training simulators for power plants. This interchange between those involved in the research and those involved in the practical applications of new ideas and developments provide a comprehensive reference source for all involved in the power industry.

Artificial Intelligence in Real Time Control 1992

Author : M.G. Rodd
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The symposium had two main aims, to investigate the state-of-the-art in the application of artificial intelligence techniques in real-time control, and to bring together control system specialists, artificial intelligence specialists and end-users. Many professional engineers working in industry feel that the gap between theory and practice in applying control and systems theory is widening, despite efforts to develop control algorithms. Papers presented at the meeting ranged from the theoretical aspects to the practical applications of artificial intelligence in real-time control. Themes were: the methodology of artificial intelligence techniques in control engineering; the application of artificial intelligence techniques in different areas of control; and hardware and software requirements. This symposium showed that there exist alternative possibilities for control based on artificial intelligence techniques.

Managing Temperature Effects in Nanoscale Adaptive Systems

Author : David Wolpert
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This book discusses new techniques for detecting, controlling, and exploiting the impacts of temperature variations on nanoscale circuits and systems. A new sensor system is described that can determine the temperature dependence as well as the operating temperature to improve system reliability. A new method is presented to control a circuit’s temperature dependence by individually tuning pull-up and pull-down networks to their temperature-insensitive operating points. This method extends the range of supply voltages that can be made temperature-insensitive, achieving insensitivity at nominal voltage for the first time.

Automation and Instrumentation for Power Plants

Author : M. Ramamoorty
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An analysis of power systems, control hardware, modelling and simulation, instrumentation, and computers and distributed systems. The stability of plants and their interaction in a multi-machine system is also discussed, as well as an analysis of the values of LOFT ATWS EVENT for PWR and the new algorithm of on-line ELD for thermal power plants.

Proceedings Bulk Power System Voltage Phenomena

Author : Lester H. Fink
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Power System Monitoring and Control

Author : Hassan Bevrani
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Power System Monitoring and Control (PSMC) is becoming increasingly significant in the design, planning, and operation of modern electric power systems. In response to the existing challenge of integrating advanced metering, computation, communication, and control into appropriate levels of PSMC, Power System Monitoring and Control presents a comprehensive overview of the basic principles and key technologies for the monitoring, protection, and control of contemporary wide-area power systems. A variety of topical issues are addressed, including renewable energy sources, smart grids, wide-area stabilizing, coordinated voltage regulation, and angle oscillation damping—as well as the advantages of phasor measurement units (PMUs) and global positioning systems (GPS) time signal. End-of-chapter problems and solutions, along with case studies, add depth and clarity to all topics. Timely and important, Power System Monitoring and Control is an invaluable resource for addressing the myriad of critical technical engineering considerations in modern electric power system design and operation. • Provides an updated and comprehensive reference for researcher and engineers working on wide-area power system monitoring and control (PSMC) • Links fundamental concepts of PSMC, advanced metering and control theory/techniques, and practical engineering considerations • Covers PSMC problem understanding, design, practical aspects, and timely topics such as smart/microgrid control and coordinated voltage regulation and angle oscillation damping • Incorporates authors’ experiences teaching and researching in various international locales including Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Iran, and Australia

Power Plants and Power Systems Control 2003

Author : Kwang Y Lee
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Provides the latest research on Power Plants, Power Systems ControlContains contributions written by experts in the field Part of the IFAC Proceedings Series which provides a comprehensive overview of the major topics in control engineering.

Power Plants and Power Systems Control 2000

Author : J.-P. Waha
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Paperback. With the decentralisation and liberalisation of the electrical energy system in Europe, the network companies as well as the power plant companies will be faced with many new emerging technical problems. This Proceedings contains papers presented at the IFAC 2000 Symposium on Power Plants and Power Systems Control; this symposium aimed to provided international experts with a platform to discuss the challenges facing the power plant industry, and to present solutions developed in countries who have previously encountered these new paradigms of grid control.One of the main aims of the symposium was to promote a better knowledge of the behaviour of the power plants and power systems, with the ultimate goal of an efficient, flexible and secure operation coupled with a high level of service to their customers.

Emerging Trends in Power Systems Vol 1

Author :
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Nonlinear and Adaptive Control with Applications

Author : Alessandro Astolfi
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The authors here provide a detailed treatment of the design of robust adaptive controllers for nonlinear systems with uncertainties. They employ a new tool based on the ideas of system immersion and manifold invariance. New algorithms are delivered for the construction of robust asymptotically-stabilizing and adaptive control laws for nonlinear systems. The methods proposed lead to modular schemes that are easier to tune than their counterparts obtained from Lyapunov redesign.

Nonlinear and Adaptive Control

Author : Alan S.I. Zinober
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The objective of the EU Nonlinear Control Network Workshop was to bring together scientists who are already active in nonlinear control and young researchers working in this field. This book presents selectively invited contributions from the workshop, some describing state-of-the-art subjects that already have a status of maturity while others propose promising future directions in nonlinear control. Amongst others, following topics of nonlinear and adaptive control are included: adaptive and robust control, applications in physical systems, distributed parameter systems, disturbance attenuation, dynamic feedback, optimal control, sliding mode control, and tracking and motion planning.