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Classroom Action

Author : Ajay Heble
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Cover -- Copyright page -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction: Classroom Action - Human Rights, Critical Activism, and Community-Based Education -- 1 Access Interventions: Experiments in Critical Community Engagement -- 2 The Guelph Speaks! Anthology: Storytelling as Praxis in Community-Facing Pedagogy -- 3 In Action / Inaction: Political Theatre, Social Change, and Challenging Privilege -- 4 Is This Project "Skin Deep"? Looking Back at a Community-Facing Photo-Art Initiative -- 5 Reflections on Dialogic Theatre for Social Change: Co-creation of The Other End of the Line -- Coda: Sign Up Here -- Webography: Human Rights Education: Resources for Research and Teaching -- Works Cited -- Contributors -- Index

Action Research in the Classroom

Author : Dr Vivienne Baumfield
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Action Research in the Classroom is an essential guide for any teacher or student-teacher interested in doing research in the classroom. The authors map out an easy-to-follow action research approach that will help teachers improve on their professional practice and evaluate the needs of their pupils and schools for themselves.

The Art of Action Research in the Classroom

Author : Christine MacIntyre
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First Published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Action Research for Teacher Candidates

Author : Robert P. Pelton
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This book has been written in the hopes of equipping teachers-in-training—that is, teacher candidates—with the skills needed for action research: a process that leads to focused, effective, and responsive strategies that help students succeed.

Self Efficacy in Action

Author : D A. D Bowles
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Self-efficacy, according to Bandura (1977), is defined as “beliefs in ones capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to produce given attainments.” Applying Bandura’s essential theory, this captivating book provides a practitioner-friendly overview of the concepts, vocabulary, practices, and contexts related to teacher self-efficacy. The members of the Association of Teacher Educators’ Commission on Self-Efficacy share their knowledge and expertise written as case studies for readers to become more aware of teacher self-efficacy. Self-Efficacy in Action engages readers in the meaningful discussions of practices and purposes of teacher self-efficacy to advance professionalism. The combination of vignettes, content, discussion questions, and resources guide and support educators and teacher candidates to appreciate the benefits of professional growth and development focused on enhancing self-efficacy for the benefit of student learning and achievement.

Songs in Action Classroom

Author : Dale Griffee
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Modern Language Teachers in Action

Author : David Sanderson
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CLIL in Action

Author : David Marsh
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Classroom Assessment in Action

Author : Mark D. Shermis
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Classroom Assessment in Action clarifies the multi-faceted roles of measurement and assessment and their applications in a classroom setting. Comprehensive in scope, Shermis and Di Vesta explain basic measurement concepts and show students how to interpret the results of standardized tests. From these basic concepts, the authors then provide clear and ordered discussions of how assessment and instruction is integrated into a functional process to enhance student learning. Guidelines are set forth for constructing various common assessments. Procedures are laid out to evaluate and improve assessments once they are constructed. Ultimately, the authors shed light on the myriad of factors that impact test score interpretation. In today's classroom, technology has become a constant companion, and Classroom Assessment in Action exposes teacher candidates to emerging technologies they might encounter in building their repertoire of assessments, whether it be automated essay scoring or electronic portfolios. Classroom Assessment in Action guides its readers to a complete and thorough understanding of assessment and measurement so that they can confidently work with students and parents in explaining results, whether they are from a high-stakes statewide assessment or the grading philosophy to which they ascribe.

Exploring Classroom Discourse

Author : Steve Walsh
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Routledge Introductions to Applied Linguistics consists of introductory level textbooks covering the core topics in Applied Linguistics, designed for those entering postgraduate studies and language professionals returning to academic study. The books take an innovative "practice to theory" approach, with a ‘back to front’ structure which takes the reader from real life problems and issues in the field, then enters into a discussion of intervention and how to engage with these concerns. The final section concludes by tying the practical issues to theoretical foundations. Additional features include tasks with commentaries, a glossary of key terms, and an annotated further reading section. This book looks particularly at the relationship between language, interaction and learning. Providing a comprehensive account of current perspectives on classroom discourse, the book aims to promote a fuller understanding of interaction, regarded as being central to effective teaching and introduces the concept of classroom interactional competence (CIC). The case is made in this book for a need not only to describe classroom discourse, but to ensure that teachers and learners develop the kind of interactional competence which will result in more engaged, dynamic classrooms where learners are actively involved in the learning process. This approach makes an invaluable resource for language teachers, as well as students of language and education, and language acquisition within the field of applied linguistics.

Action Research

Author : Craig A. Mertler
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Action Research, Second Edition introduces practicing teachers to the process of conducting classroom-based action research. The book's practicality stems from its focus on research methods and procedures that teachers can use with their everyday instructional practices and classroom activities. Detailed, practical information is included for teachers as they design and conduct applied classroom-based research projects. Features and Benefits:Action Research Portraits (3 portraits in each chapter)These portraits show how teachers and other educators can actually conduct action research in order to address their own specific local-level problems.Lists of online resources (updated)The comprehensive lists are comprised of Web sites that readers can pursue for additional related information.Discussion of rigor in action research (new)This discussion communicates to the reader how to maintain the high level of rigor and validity in action researchWriting Up Action ResearchSpecial sections, titled Writing Up Action Research, are included in Chapters 3 through 8. These sections provide annotated excerpts from published or otherwise disseminated action research reports, highlighting specific concepts presented in each particular chapter.

Tasks in Action

Author : Kris Van den Branden
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Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT) has been gaining momentum around the world during the past twenty years. However, particularly lacking in the body of available publications on TBLT is empirical evidence of the actual activity, interaction and learning processes that tasks give rise to in real classrooms. This volume compiles a number of studies that describe what learners and teachers, in various educational contexts, actually do when they are asked to perform tasks as part of their regular classroom activity. As such, the volume provides valuable new insights into the implementation of task-based language teaching and vividly illustrates how classroom practice can inform future theory-building and research on TBLT. All the chapters in this book are based on papers that were presented during the first International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching, which was organised in Leuven in September 2005 by the Centre for Language and Education of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

Teaching Toward Freedom

Author : William Ayers
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In Teaching toward Freedom, William Ayers illuminates the hope as well as the conflict that characterizes the craft of education: how it can be used in authoritarian ways at the service of the state, the church, or a restrictive existing social order-or, as he envisions it, as a way for students to become more fully human, more engaged, more participatory, more free. Using examples from his own classroom experiences as well as from popular culture, film, and novels, Ayers redraws the lines concerning how we teach, why we teach, and the surprising things we uncover when we allow students to become visible, vocal authors of their own lives and stories. This lucid and inspiring book will help teachers at every level to realize that ideal.

Using Action Research to Improve Instruction

Author : John E. Henning
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Action research is increasingly used as a means for teachers to improve their instruction, yet for many the idea of doing "research" can be somewhat intimidating. Using Action Research to Improve Instruction offers a comprehensive, easy-to-understand approach to action research in classroom settings. This engaging and accessible guide is grounded in sources of data readily available to teachers, such as classroom observations, student writing, surveys, interviews, and tests. Organized to mirror the action research process, the highly interactive format prompts readers to discover a focus, create research questions, address design and methodology, collect information, conduct data analysis, communicate the results, and to generate evidence-based teaching strategies. Engaging in these decision-making processes builds the skills essential to action research and promotes a deeper understanding of teaching practice. Special Features Include: -An Interactive Text -Reflection Questions and Activity Prompts -A Sample Action Research Report -Numerous Examples and Practice Examples -Numbered Sections for Cross Referencing This original text is a must-read for teachers interested in how they can use their current knowledge of instruction and assessment to meaningfully engage in action research.

Classroom Action Research

Author : John Elliott
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The Drama Classroom

Author : Philip Taylor
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How can teachers incorporate drama into the curriculum? What drama activities are especially successful? How do teachers know when students are learning in, through and about drama? Teachers who are new to drama, or those wishing to refresh their knowledge and ideas, should find practical answers and guidance in this text. The book introduces the work of Cecily O'Neill to demonstrate the entry points to drama lessons, the pre-texts, and how educators need to introduce lessons with challenging material. He then uses the work of David Booth to highlight one aspect of drama - storydrama - and how it can be used as an effective learning medium across the curriculum.

Conversation Analytic Research on Learning in Action

Author : John Hellermann
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This volume offers insights on language learning outside the classroom, or in the wild, where L2 users themselves are the driving force for language learning. The chapters, by scholars from around the world, critically examine the concept of second language learning in the wild. The authors use innovative data collection methods (such as video and audio recordings collected by the participants during their interactions outside classrooms) and analytic methods from conversation analysis to provide a radically emic perspective on the data. Analytic claims are supported by evidence from how the participants in the interactions interpret one another’s language use and interactional conduct. This allows the authors to scrutinize the term wild showing what distinguishes L2 practices in our different datasets and how those practices differ from the L2 learner data documented in other more controlled settings, such as the classroom. We also show how our findings can feed back into the development of materials for classroom language instruction, and ultimately can support the implementation of usage-based L2 pedagogies. In sum, we uncover what it is about the language use in these contexts that facilitates developmental changes over time in L2-speakers' and their co-participants' interactional practices for language learning.

The Peaceful Classroom in Action A K 6 Activity Guide on How to Create One and How to Keep It

Author : Naomi Drew
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This inspiring, practical and highly usable activity book shows how to create peaceful, productive classrooms from the first day of school. Teach students respect, acceptance and conflict resolution skills while also improving writing and language skills-important with today's emphasis on academics and accountability. The Peaceful Classroom in Action will show you how to: create a peaceful classroom from the first day of school build a climate of respect help kids resolve conflicts maintain an atmosphere of peacefulness throughout the year teach all your students, even your most difficult, how to be peacemakers improve your students' writing ability as you teach peacemaking concepts integrate literature and peacemaking build collaboration across the curriculum implement effective techniques for dealing with challenging students These simple peacemaking skills will enhance your students emotional competence and make classrooms everywhere caring and inviting places. (A companion book to "Learning the Skills of Peacemaking" by Naomi Drew) Grades K-6.


Author : Karen Goodnough
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This book provides an introduction to the nature of collaborative action research, explains how to engage in the action research process, and offers readers insights into how collaborative action research may be embedded in everyday classroom practice. The latter objective will be accomplished by engaging the reader with four case studies about teachers who took part in collaborative action research. Each case study focuses on teacher beliefs about science teaching and learning, how school-based teams of teachers develop and implement plans of action in their classrooms, and how action research results in changes teacher learning and classroom practice. This book will be of interest to anyone who wishes to develop an understanding of or engage in collaborative action research, especially practitioners and teacher educators.

Investigating Classroom Interaction

Author : Kristiina Kumpulainen
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This book adds a new perspective to existing research methodology literature on analyzing social interactions in the classroom. Not only does this book introduce multiple research methodologies for analyzing classroom interactions but it also demonstrates these methodologies at work in different empirical research studies. The authors of this book are all internationally well recognized for their research work on the social life of classrooms, and now, for the first time, they provide concrete accounts of the ways in which the theories and methodologies they have chosen to guide their research work function in action. These 'black boxes' or 'tacit knowledge' of conducting different types of analyses on classroom interaction have seldom been opened up in such a concrete way in the existing research literature. This book is an edited collection of papers introducing strands of research on classroom interaction whose logic of inquiry illuminate different approaches, analyses, and interpretations of social interactions and discourses in contemporary classroom settings. The methodological approaches discussed draw on studies of language and discourse, ethnography, as well as on sociological, psychological, and domain-specific analyses. In recognizing the complexity and challenges in mapping out the complex research territory focusing on classroom interactions, the prime goal of the book is to build a complimentary context for discussion of the ways in which different approaches to classroom interaction are realized and how they produce different analyses because of their purpose, conceptual framework, and methodological choice. The illumination of diverse approaches to classroom interaction and discourse is believed to demonstrate the potential and challenges each strand of research is likely to bring towards understanding the psychological, social and cultural life of the classroom and how these mediate the situated practice of teaching and learning in today's schooling. This book is targeted towards researchers and graduate students working within the field of social sciences, education and psychology. It also makes an excellent text for courses in research methodology, education, and related fields.