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Acknowledged Legislator

Author : Edward J. Carvalho
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Acknowledged Legislator: Critical Essays on the Poetry of Martín Espada is the first-ever edited collection on poet and activist Martín Espada. With the aid of contributions by established scholars who have a specialized interest in the poet’s life and work, its principal aim is to argue for a long overdue critical awareness of and cultural appreciation for Espada and his body of writing.

God acknowledged or the true interest of the Nation opened in a sermon on Prov iii 6 etc

Author : Benjamin KEACH
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A Concise Statement of the Doctrines and Precepts to be acknowledged and faithfully kept by the Redeemed Sanctified Church of Christ on Earth

Author : Bethel Meeting House (CHATTERIS)
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The Episcopacy of the Moravian Church Acknowledged by the Church of England a Letter Addressed to the Rev W F Hook by a Presbyter of the Moravian Church

Author : Moravian Brethren (UNITED BRETHREN)
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The acknowledged doctrines of the Church of Rome

Author : Samuel Capper
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God acknowledged in what he has wrought a sermon To which are added metrical musings on centenary subjects

Author : William Naylor
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The Sovereign God Acknowledged and Blessed A Sermon on Job I 21 Occasioned by the Decease of Mrs D Prince With a Brief Account of the Dealings of God Towards Her

Author : Thomas PRINCE (of Boston, N.E.)
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Acknowledged A Perspective On Ufos Aliens and Crop Circles

Author : Andrew Johnson
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Have aliens really visited us? What do they look like? Where do they come from and why are they here? Have they given us messages in Crop Circles? What historical evidence is there that aliens have been involved in the evolution or creation of humans? Is there a UFO/Alien cover up? If so, how is it kept in place? This book embodies an attempt to give some answers to the questions above, based on a compilation and distillation of evidence collected during about 15 years of ongoing research. Although most or all of the information in this book has been written about elsewhere, this work attempts a synthesis of reasoned analysis which, it is hoped, will enlighten the reader and give them a new understanding about why any official type of "Disclosure" is unlikely to happen, as powerful interests need to keep their crimes covered up.

The Evangelical Believer s Confession of the Son of God Or Christ Acknowledged in the Ordinances of the Gospel Etc

Author : John JOHNSON (Minister of the Gospel in Liverpool.)
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God s Hand to be acknowledged in public Calamities A sermon on Amos iii 6 occasioned by the great fire in Boston etc

Author : Jonathan MAYHEW
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