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A Year with Rumi

Author : Coleman Barks
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Coleman Barks has played a central role in making the Sufi mystic Rumi the most popular poet in the world. A Year with Rumi brings together 365 of Barks's elegant and beautiful translations of Rumi's greatest poems, including fifteen never-before-published poems. Barks includes an Introduction that sets Rumi in his context and an Afterword musing on poetry of the mysterious and the sacred. Join Coleman Barks and Rumi for a year-long journey into the mystical and sacred within and without. Join them in recognizing and embracing the divine in the sublime, in the ordinary, and in us all.

Rumi Bridge to the Soul

Author : Coleman Barks
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2007 is the "Year of Rumi," and who better than Coleman Barks, Rumi's unlikely, supremely passionate ambassador, to mark the milestone of this great poet's 800th birthday? Barks, who was recently awarded an honorary doctorate in Persian language and literature by the University of Tehran for his thirty years of translating Rumi, has collected and translated ninety new poems, most of them never published before in any form. The result is this beautiful edition titled Rumi: Bridge to the Soul. The "bridge" in the title is a reference to the Khajou Bridge in Isphahan, Iran, which Barks visited with Robert Bly in May of 2006—a trip that in many ways prompted this book. The "soul bridge" also suggests Rumi himself, who crosses cultures and religions and brings us all together to listen to his words, regardless of origin or creed. Open this book and let Rumi's poetry carry you into the interior silence and joy of the spirit, the place that unites conscious knowing with a deeper, more soulful understanding.

The Purity of Desire

Author : Daniel Ladinsky
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The first full-length volume of Rumi’s cherished verse, from bestselling poet Daniel Ladinsky Renowned for his poignant renderings of mystical texts, here Daniel Ladinsky captures the beauty, intimacy, and musicality of one of Islam’s most beloved poets and spiritual thinkers. With learned insight and a delicate touch, this work explores the nuances of desire—that universal emotion—in verse inspired by Rumi’s love and admiration for his companion and spiritual teacher, Shams-e Tabriz. These poems thoughtfully capture the compelling wisdom of one of Islam’s most revered artistic and religious voices and one of the most widely read poets in the English language. The Purity of Desire is an essential volume for anyone looking to feel their soul awakened.

The Spiritual Poems of Rumi

Author : Rumi
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For more than eight centuries, Persian mystic poet and Sufi master Jalaloddin Mohammed Balkhi Rumi—commonly referred to as simply Rumi—has enchanted and enthralled readers from every faith and background with his universal themes of love, friendship, and spirituality, which he seamlessly wove into evanescent poetry. Translated by renown Rumi expert Nader Khalili, over 120 poems—including twenty-one previously unpublished—have been carefully collected and curated in this beautifully illustrated edition. The verses herein perfectly express the spiritual quest and desire for a deeper understanding of not only ourselves, but also of our collective oneness as humankind.

The Aforizm of Rumi

Author : Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî
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Who is Mevlana? Mevlana Celaddiin-i Rumi is a 13th century Muslim saint and Anatolian mystic known throughout the world for his exquisite poems and words of wisdom, which have been translated into many languages. Rumi, as he is known in the west, is the best selling poet in USA. The United Nations declared 2007 The Year of Rumi and celebrations were held world wide. Mevlana was a Muslim, but not an orthodox type. His doctrine advocates unlimited tolerance, positive reasoning, goodness, charity and awareness through love. To him all religions were more or less truth. Mevlana looked with the same eye on Muslim, Jew and Christian alike. His peaceful and tolerant teachings have appealed to men of all sects and creeds. In 1958, Pope John XXIII wrote a special message saying: “In the name of the Catholic World, I bow with respect before the memory of Rumi.” Mevlana died on 17 December 1273 and was laid to rest beside his father in Konya, in present day Turkey. A splendid shrine, the Mevlana Moseleum was erected over their remains, which is now a museum and place of pilgrimage. Every year on that day, at this magnificient 13th century mausoleum we celebrate Seb-i Arus, his 'Wedding Day', together with thousands of people from all around the world

The Rumi Daybook

Author : Kabir Helminski
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"My heart wandered through the world constantly seeking after my cure, but the sweet and delicious water of life had to break through the granite of my heart." When the words of Rumi enter your heart, something softens, breaks, and is subtly reborn. That he wrote the words seven hundred years ago in a medieval Persian world that bears little resemblance to ours makes their uncanny resonance to us today just that much more remarkable. Here is a treasury of daily wisdom from this most beloved of all the Sufi masters—both his prose and his ecstatic poetry—that you can use to start every day for a year, or that you can dip into for inspiration any time you need to break through the granite of your heart.

Rumi and Islam

Author : Ibrahim Gamard
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Offers a new way of thinking about Rumi's poetry, focusing on Rumi's place within the Sufi tradition of Islam and providing readers with an image of the mystical side of the religion-one that has love of God at its core and sublime wisdom teachings as its pathways.

Teachings of Rumi

Author : Andrew Harvey
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Jelalludin Rumi (1207-1273) led the quiet life of an Islamic teacher in the central Anatolia (modern Turkey) until the age of thirty-seven, when he met a wandering dervish named Shams Tabriz--through whom he encountered the Divine Presence in a way that utterly transformed him. The result of this epiphany was the greatest body of mystical poetry the world has ever seen, and the establishment of a spiritual movement that would eventually stretch from Africa to China, enduring to our own day. This collection of versions of Rumi by Andrew Harvey contains some of the master's most luminous verse, along with selections from his lesser-read prose works, with the aim of presenting a balanced view of his teaching that includes both the high-flying love of God and the rigorous path of discipline essential for those who seek it.

The Words of Rumi

Author : Jalaluddin Rumi
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This collection of short quotes and poems from Rumi, one of the greatest mystical poets of all time, includes inspirational and contemplative aphorisms categorized under twelve topics (for twelve months of the year): Words, Quest, Awakening, Life, Mind, Love, Happiness, Heart, Universe, Union, Prayers, and Silence. A new translation from the Persian, this gift book also includes Rumi¿s advice, proverbs, and Last Will.


Author :
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Presents a life of the thirteenth-century Sufi poet, describing his youth in Afghanistan and Turkey, the importance of the three years he spent with his spiritual teacher, his poetry, and his final transformation into a mystic.

Rumi s Sun

Author : Shams-i Tabrīzī
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Rumi's son wrote, "After meeting Shams, my father danced all day and sang all night. He had been a scholar - he became a poet. He had been an ascetic - he became drunk with Love." Shams of Tabriz was indeed Rumi's "Sun," the one who set him alight with Divine Love. With the opening of that friendship, a new paradigm appeared and Love flowed out into this world in such abundance that even after almost 800 years the ripples are still widening to encompass the whole of this world.

One Song

Author : Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī (Maulana)
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This all-new new and fabulous mystic fusion of sacred poetry and art features rare poems of Rumi.

Rumi Past and Present East and West

Author : Franklin D. Lewis
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The definitive study of the world's bestselling poet Drawing on a vast array of sources, from writings of the poet himself to the latest scholarly literature, this new anniversary edition of the award-winning work examines the background, the legacy, and the continuing significance of Jalâl al-Din Rumi, today’s bestselling poet in the United States. With new translations of over fifty of Rumi’s poems and including never before seen prose, this landmark study celebrates the astounding appeal of Rumi, still as strong as ever, 800 years after his birth.

Report for the Year 1871 72

Author :
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The Rumi Prescription

Author : Melody Moezzi
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A powerful personal journey to find meaning and life lessons in the words of a wildly popular 13th century poet. Rumi's inspiring and deceptively simple poems have been called ecstatic, mystical, and devotional. To writer and activist Melody Moezzi, they became a lifeline. In The Rumi Prescription, we follow her path of discovery as she translates Rumi's works for herself - to gain wisdom and insight in the face of a creative and spiritual roadblock. With the help of her father, who is a lifelong fan of Rumi's poetry, she immerses herself in this rich body of work, and discovers a 13th-century prescription for modern life. Addressing isolation, distraction, depression, fear, and other everyday challenges we face, the book offers a roadmap for living with intention and ease, and embracing love at every turn--despite our deeply divided and chaotic times. Most of all, it presents a vivid reminder that we already have the answers we seek, if we can just slow down to honor them. • You went out in search of gold far and wide, but all along you were gold on the inside. • Become the sky and the clouds that create the rain, not the gutter that carries it to the drain. • You already own all the sustenance you seek. If only you'd wake up and take a peek. • Quit being a drop. Make yourself an ocean.

Rumi Thief of Sleep

Author : Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī (Maulana)
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This book contains 180 translations of Rumi's short devotional poems, or quatrains. Shiva's versions are based on his own carefully documented translation of Rumi from the original Persian. Drawing from his study of more than 2000 of Rumi's poems, the translator has chosen his own favourites, presenting a faithful cross-section of the poet's many moods -- from passion to adoration. The result is a text to delight, intrigue and inspire.

Library Journal

Author : Melvil Dewey
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Includes, beginning Sept. 15, 1954 (and on the 15th of each month, Sept.-May) a special section: School library journal, ISSN 0000-0035, (called Junior libraries, 1954-May 1961). Also issued separately.

Echo of Islam

Author :
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Love Mad

Author : Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī (Maulana)
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Rumi, or The Master as he is referred to in Greater Iran, recited his poetry in a state of ecstasy induced by music and dance. This work presents a translation of his poems from the original Persian texts, rather than a reworking of previous translations, thus providing original renditions of the Rumi's poetry.

Rumi s Reflection Journal

Author : Jalal al-Din Rumi
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A year's worth of Rumi readings in a guided journal format! Features: Space for your own reflections: draw or write your own response to the daily Rumi quote Indexed by subject 365 days of Rumi quotations and poetry Immerse yourself in the immortal wisdom of Jalal al-Din Rumi with this illustrated reflection journal! Each page features an inspiring, thought-provoking reading by the legendary Sufi poet and includes space for your own reactions: use it to journal, write, meditate or draw in response to the daily quotation. Cross-indexed by subject, the journal is an invaluable source of inspiration regarding joy, love, spirit and gratitude. A must for seekers and dreamers!