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A Year in the Life of an ESL Student

Author : Edward Francis
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Originally published: [Victoria, B.C.: Trafford], 2004.

Survey of College Policies to Retain Students at Risk of WIthdrawal

Author : Primary Research Group
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The 275-page study looks closely at how colleges are developing special programs to retain at risk populations such as students in need of remedial help, immigrants, students with limited financial means, and other categories of student at risk of withdrawal. The study examines the effectiveness of programs in remedial mathematics and writing, English as a Second Language, special programs for at-risk veterans, financial literacy programs, specialized tutoring, and other programs and approaches designed to identify and help students at risk of withdrawal. The study helps administrators to answer questions such as: what are the most effective methods of helping such students? Tutoring? Counseling? Peer Advising? Specialized classes? How are such programs paid for? What kinds of programs get the most budgetary support? What is the role of grants and other forms of outside support? How are programs assessed?

Letters to Parents ESL

Author : Diane Pinkley
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Educational resource for teachers, parents and kids!

50 Ways to Teach Life Skills Tips for ESL EFL Teachers

Author : Emily Bryson
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As teachers, we want to see our students succeed. Supporting them to acquire life skills is one of the more effective ways to do so. This book provides fifty inspiring, practical tips and activities to enhance students’ social, academic, critical thinking, digital, and work skills to help them become their best selves. It is a quick and essential guide for any busy teacher. This guide is simple, supports all levels of learners, and many of the activities require little or no preparation or special materials. Each activity assists students to improve their speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation skills while also practising their broader skills for life. The Fifty Ways to Teachseries gives you a variety of drills, games, techniques, methods, and ideas to help your students master English. The ideas can be used with any textbook, or without a textbook at all. These short, practical guides aim to make your teaching life easier, and your students' lives more rewarding and successful. If you’re a busy teacher who wants to see their students excelling, this is the resource for you.

Life Skills Literacy

Author : Richard S. Kimball
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Topics include: Spending Limits Budget Basics Budget Categories A Place to Live Paying for Utilities Shoppers' Choices In the Supermarket Saving on Clothes Thoughts on Transportation Money Emergencies About Insurance Discretionary Income Sales Promotions Spending at Home Free Entertainment Renting This and Buying That Paying for Health Giving Money and Hours Investing Money Credit Cards Warranties and Complaints Taxes In Time of Trouble Learning more See other Life Skills Literacy titles

Transition for ESL Students

Author :
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English for a Successful Life in the USA

Author : ESL Students of TALK International
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If you want to learn English as a Second Language (ESL), this book will give you advice and suggestions from teachers and students of English. We want to give you English for a Successful Life!Here are some of the sections found in each chapter: Abbreviations, Advice, Internet, Writing, Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Idioms, Proverbs, and Phrasal Verbs. Moe than 50 students have contributed articles to this workbook and they want to make sure that you work hard to feel part of the USA. The contributors created special web sites to give additional vocabulary for students who travel to specific areas in the USA. This book will never lose value and will never get old. We continue to update the supplementing web sites. If you have questions, contact [email protected]

How to Build an Instructional Coaching Program for Maximum Capacity

Author : Nina Jones Morel
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Chart your course for success: A guide for school and district leaders Research supports the value of coaches in improving school culture and facilitating change that leads to staff and student success. This comprehensive resource guides school and district leaders through the journey of developing and sustaining an effective coaching program. The authors engage readers with a nautical metaphor that outlines the planning and implementation process, including how to: Cast a vision for the coaching program Determine desired characteristics of instructional coaches Use data to evaluate and refine the program Communicate the benefits to leaders, principals, and teachers Design appropriate professional training and support

Grammar and the Chinese ESL Learner

Author :
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Come Travel With Me An ESL Language Discussion Textbook for International Students

Author :
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Life Skills Literacy Things to Know about Community Resources

Author : Richard S. Kimball
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Helps learners to understand community resources and explore related subjects such as government structure and civic responsibility.

Cross Cultural Interaction Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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In a globalized society, individuals in business, government, and a variety of other fields must frequently communicate and work with individuals of different cultures and backgrounds. Effectively bridging the culture gap is critical to success in such scenarios. Cross-Cultural Interaction: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications explores contemporary research and historical perspectives on intercultural competencies and transnational organizations. This three-volume compilation will present a compendium of knowledge on cultural diversity and the impact this has on modern interpersonal interactions. Within these pages, a variety of researchers, scholars, professionals, and leaders who interact regularly with the global society will find useful insight and fresh perspectives on the field of cross-cultural interaction.

Multicultural Education

Author :
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The ESL ELL Teacher s Survival Guide

Author : Larry Ferlazzo
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A much-needed resource for teaching English to all learners The number of English language learners in U.S. schools is projected to grow to twenty-five percent by 2025. Most teachers have English learners in their classrooms, from kindergarten through college. The ESL/ELL Teacher?s Survival Guide offers educators practical strategies for setting up an ESL-friendly classroom, motivating and interacting with students, communicating with parents of English learners, and navigating the challenges inherent in teaching ESL students. Provides research-based instructional techniques which have proven effective with English learners at all proficiency levels Offers thematic units complete with reproducible forms and worksheets, sample lesson plans, and sample student assignments The book?s ESL lessons connect to core standards and technology applications This hands-on resource will give all teachers at all levels the information they need to be effective ESL instructors.

Using English Expressions for Real Life A Guide for Advanced ESL Learners

Author : Thomas Celentano
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Exploring the Dynamics of Second Language Writing

Author : Barbara Kroll
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The book addresses issues in the field of teaching academic writing to non-native speakers. This book provides a series of discussions about multiple aspects of second language writing, presenting chapters that collectively address a range of issues that are important to new teachers at the post-secondary level. The 13 chapters provide scholarly visions, insight, and interpretation, oriented toward explaining the field of teaching academic writing to non-native speakers. The book is designed to provide foundational content-knowledge in this area, with each chapter authored by recognized experts in the field. In addition to helping train new teachers, the book will serve as an updated reference book for practicing teachers and scholars to consult.

You and Your Community

Author : Erik B. Johansen
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Essential cultural information about community life is the topic of this collection of activities for the young ESL student.

A W ESL Student Edition 1992

Author : Michael Walker
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Content Based College ESL Instruction

Author : Loretta F. Kasper
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This book is carefully designed to inform and train readers in the techniques of content-based ESL instruction and to assist them in developing and implementing content-based materials and programs appropriate to their educational institutions and situations. Every chapter presents a balance of theory and practice, focusing on a detailed description, with clear examples of classroom practices including information, suggestions, and instructional tools. Each chapter addresses assessment issues as they apply to the particular methodology described.

Addison wesley Esl Student Edition D

Author : Walker
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