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Images of the Modern Woman in Asia

Author : Shoma Munshi
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In examining the links between gender and the media, this volume asks questions involving the relationship between global media flows, gender and modernity in the region.

The Southeast Asian Woman Writes Back

Author : Grace V. S. Chin
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This collection of essays examines how Southeast Asian women writers engage with the grand narratives of nationalism and the modern nation-state by exploring the representations of gender, identity and nation in the postcolonial literatures of Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Bringing to light the selected works of overlooked local women writers and providing new analyses of those produced by internationally-known women authors and artists, the essays situate regional literary developments within historicized geopolitical landscapes to offer incisive analyses and readings on how women and the feminine are imagined, represented, and positioned in relation to the Southeast Asian nation.The book, which features both cross-country comparative analyses and country-specific investigations, also considers the ideas of the nation and the state by investigating related ideologies, rhetoric, apparatuses, and discourses, and the ways in which they affect women’s bodies, subjectivities, and lived realities in both historical and contemporary Southeast Asian contexts. By considering how these literary expressions critique, contest, or are complicit in nationalist projects and state-mandated agendas, the collection contributes to the overall regional and comparative discourses on gender, identity and nation in Southeast Asian studies.

An Asian Woman s Religious Journey with Thomas Merton

Author : Jung Eun Sophia Park
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Join Jung Eun Sophia Park on her personal quest for God and her true self through the writings of Thomas Merton. Approaching Merton as an Asian immigrant feminist in the postcolonial era, Park's perspective is a unique one, and in this dance sometimes it is her and sometimes Merton who leads. Throughout, Eastern and Western spirituality are organically woven together in reflection on Merton's narratives and in the examination of late capitalism, poverty, beauty, and violence. These reflections are insightful, provocative, and illuminating, particularly with regard to his androcentric spirituality, especially as it relates to his relationships with women.

Christianity and the Modern Woman in East Asia

Author : Garrett L. Washington
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These chapters examine pathbreaking East Asian women who mobilized Christian beliefs, knowledge, institutions, and networks between 1880 and 1945 to raise the profile of “The Woman Question,” frame the contours of the related debate, and craft original responses.

Manifestations of a Sufi Woman in Central Asia

Author : Ḥāfiẓ Baṣīr
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The Maẓhar al-ʿajāʾib is the devotional work written to expound upon the teachings of Aghā-yi Buzurg, a female religious master active in the early 16th century in the vicinity of Bukhara.

Crime Criminal Justice and the Evolving Science of Criminology in South Asia

Author : Shahid M. Shahidullah
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Written by some of the most notable criminologists of South Asia, this book examines advances in law, criminal justice, and criminology in South Asia with particular reference to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The edited collection explores, on the basis of surveys, interviews, court records, and legislative documents, a wide range of timely issues such as: the impacts of modernization and globalization on laws combating violence against women and children, evolution of rape laws and the issues of gender justice, laws for combating online child sexual abuse, transformation in juvenile justice, integration of women into policing, the dynamics of violence and civility, and the birth of colonial criminology in South Asia. Students of criminology and criminal justice, practitioners, policy-makers, and human rights advocates will find this distinctive volume highly valuable.

Current Issues in Asian Tourism

Author : Chris Cooper
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This comprehensive volume was put together in response to the growing amount of research on tourism in Asia and an increasing number of authors from Asian countries. It concentrates on two aspects of Asian Tourism: first, the Asian tourists themselves, and second, economic development and tourism in the Asian region. The first part of the collection focuses on three areas: the motivations of different types of Asian tourist; the characteristics and behaviour of particular Asian tourist segments; and, finally, an analysis of specific research issues. The second part of the book then goes on to explore the governance and organisation of tourism in the Asian region, and the nature of Asian growth and competitiveness as it relates to tourism. The articles in this book were originally published in the journal Current Issues in Tourism.

The Displacement of Borders among Russian Koreans in Northeast Asia

Author : Hyun Gwi Park
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Since the nineteenth century, ethnic Koreans have represented a small yet significant portion of the population of the Russian Far East, but until now, the phenomenon has been largely understudied. Based on extensive historical and ethnographic research, this is the first book in English to chart the contemporary social life of Koreans in the complex borderland region. Dispelling the commonly held notion that Koreans were completely removed from the region during the country's attempt to 'cleanse' its borders in 1937, Hyun Gwi Park reveals timely new insights into the historical and current experiences of Koreans living along the Eurasian frontier.

An Asian Woman in the West

Author : Amtul Hafeez
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US political strategists recommend use of limited military force on segments of Muslim population to awaken democratic impulses, liberate women and placate Islamist terrorism.

One Woman s Solo Land Trip Visiting 5 Southeast Asian Countries in 6 Weeks

Author : Koh Tin Peng
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This is an account of the experiences of a solo land trip across 5 Southeast Asian Countries in 6 weeks by a Singaporean. The author went on a budget trip that started from Singapore, and took her across Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. At the end of the book, she provides some resources to help one get started on solo trips. She hopes that this would be useful especially to girls who would like to embark on such a trip but find it daunting.