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The Worth of a Woman s Words

Author : Dianna Booher
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With heartwarming stories and thought-provoking quotes and Scriptures, Dianna Booher shows 41 ways our words can build, heal and encourage-and 29 ways our words can discourage and destroy-challenging women to think about the power of words and to use them wisely and well.

Plain Words on the Woman Question

Author : Grant Allen
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A Woman s Word and how She Kept it

Author : Virginia Frances Townsend
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An Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words Made Use of by Shakspeare

Author : Samuel Ayscough
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Gabriella Woman of God Words of Wisdom I Am That I Am

Author : Angela Maneka Carter
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A Dictionary of the English Language in Wich the Words are Deduced from Their Originals and Illustrated in Their Different Significations by Examples from the Best Writers By Samuel Johnson In Two Volumes Vol 1 2

Author :
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Words of Wisdom from Women to Watch

Author : Business Insurance
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Learn from some of the most respected women in insurance and risk management Women to Watch presents the advice, guidance, and lessons learned from the most successful women in risk management and insurance. For the past 10 years, Business Insurance has highlighted key women in the field—women noted for their skills, accomplishments, courage, wisdom, and everyday steel. In this book, these women present their stories in their own words; through essays and anecdotes about key issues, key moments, and crucial lessons, former Women to Watch honorees provide a glimpse into what it takes to make it. They've battled obstacles, hurdles, and institutionalized career impediments—and they've come out on top; their stories provide inspiration, motivation, and concrete, real-world guidance for all women who seek advancement in the insurance and risk management fields. Business Insurance receives several hundred Women to Watch nominations every year; of those, they honor only 25. These women are the cream of the crop, and their unique insights into all-too-common experiences can help us all rise to the top. Shatter the glass ceiling and close the wage gap Shift your perspective on what "work/life balance" means Celebrate and navigate the workplace's changing demographics Learn how successful women get it done The insurance and risk management fields look very different today than they did even 10 years ago; there is much to celebrate, but even more still left to be done. There is no substitute for the wisdom of experience, and the best lessons come from those who have navigated the path successfully. Women to Watch provides unique insight into the women who have conquered the field, and critical perspective for those who will follow.

Rider s dictionarie corrected and with the addition of above five hundred words enriched Hereunto is annexed a Dictionarie etymologicall deriving everie word from his native fountaine by F Holyoke

Author : John RIDER (Bishop of Killaloe.)
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Mary Travers

Author : Mary Travers
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"A Woman's Words, is a frank, insightful account of the life of legendary folksinger Mary Travers of the trio Peter, Paul and Mary, told in her own words in essays, opinion columns, speeches, stage monologues and poetry, written over the last 25 years of her life"--Provided by publisher.

Dictionary of Slang Words Vocabulary Building

Author : Manik Joshi
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Slangs are very informal or specific words that are especially used by a particular group of people and more common in spoken English. In this book, you will study and learn various common slang words, cockney rhyming slangs and internet slangs Sample This: 01 -- aardvark [n.] -- (British Slang) hard work, unpleasant tasks 02 -- abbess [n.] -- (British Slang) a woman who runs a brothel 03 -- about done [adj.] -- (British Slang) completed or finished 04 -- about right [adj.] -- (British Slang) Slightly drunk 05 -- absotively (adv.) -- (American Slang) absolutely, positively 06 -- AC/DC [adj.] -- bisexual 07 -- acid [n.] -- LSD ((Lysergic acid diethylamide) an illegal drug that affects people’s minds and causes them to see and hear things that are not really there 08 -- action [n.] -- (American Slang) the state of feeling excited 09 -- antifreeze [n.] -- (American Slang) liquor 10 -- aries [n.] -- heroin, a drug that has strong side effects 11 -- ashes [n.] -- cannabis or marijuana 12 -- aunt Mary [n.] -- cannabis or marijuana 13 -- axe [n.] -- musical instrument, especially a guitar or saxophone 14 -- axeman [n.] -- a man who plays a musical instrument, especially a guitar or saxophone 15 -- axle grease [n.] -- (British Slang) a bribe || (American Slang) butter SLANGS -- IDIOMS 01 -- a bit of all right (British Slang) -- a person that you think is very attractive in a physical way 02 -- a bit of rough (British Slang) -- a man from a low social class who has a physical relationship with a woman of a higher social class 03 -- a cold day in hell -- the time of occurrence of an event that will never happen 04 -- a grape on the business (Australian Slang) -- a person whose presence spoils things for others COCKNEY RHYMING SLANG Rhyming slang works by taking a usual or common word and using a rhyming phrase of two or three words to replace it. The second or the last word in the rhyming phrase rhymes with the usual or common word. For instance, we can use the rhyming phrase ‘apples and pears’ in place of a common word ‘stairs’ Apples and Pears -- Stairs You can say “Apples and pears are a key part of the home.” [instead of “Stairs are a key part of the home.”] Note: Sometimes, the last word is dropped in common speech. So, you can also say, “Apples are a key part of the home.” (We dropped “and pears” from the above sentence.) Cockney Rhyming slang Cockney is a dialect of the English language. Cockney Rhyming slang is believed to have originated in the mid-19th century in the East End of London. Traditionally, a cockney is someone who lives in the East End of London. INTERNET SLANGS [Most Internet slangs are a short form of phrases but often they cannot be pronounced,] 121 -- One to One 2day -- Today 2moro -- Tomorrow 2nite -- Tonight 4EAE -- For Ever and Ever

Veils and Words

Author : Farzaneh Milani
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"From Library Journal : Traditionally, Iranian women have been veiled from public view and constrained from public expression. Milani illustrates that in Iran the 19th-century movement to unveil was closely linked to women's emergence as literary figures. This, the first work devoted to the rich literature of the female writers of Iran, is itself an example of great literature from an Iranian female writer. With poetic insight, Milani dis cusses the themes of disclosure and secrecy that have delineated the Iranian woman's universe and characterized her expression. Highly recommended for all literature, anthropology, and women's studies collections."

The Last Words Real and Traditional of Distinguished Men and Women

Author : Frederic Rowland Marvin
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"The Last Words (Real and Traditional) of Distinguished Men and Women" by Frederic Rowland Marvin. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Tanzanian Women in Their Own Words

Author : Sheryl Feinstein
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Tanzanian Women in Their Own Words is a compilation of oral histories by Tanzanian women living with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Beginning with their earliest childhood memories, the narrators weave their life stories through adulthood, telling of the hardships and support systems in their daily lives. A rich knowledge of Tanzanian culture is embedded in each story; for instance the pivotal role tribal affiliation, polygamy, and poverty play in society is addressed. HIV/AIDS, cancer, polio, female circumcision, and TB are just a few of the health issues covered; Feinstein and D'Errico make a concerted effort to include the major medical challenges facing this developing country, including an interview with an albino woman that introduces the little discussed atrocity of albinos being murdered for body parts to be used in ritual medicine practices. In spite of the abuse and exclusion many of the women suffer, eventually each learns to live in harmony with her reality. This makes their lives inspiring and gives perspective to those facing physical challenges. Tanzanian Women in Their Own Words encourages readers to consider issues of health care, transportation, ignorance, polygamy, gender discrimination, and rural isolation. Through learning about the health challenges faced by Tanzanian women, students are introduced to the lifeways and concerns of Tanzanian culture, the challenges faced by many developing countries, and the intimate and evocative level of detail that can only be discovered through intensive ethnographic fieldwork.

An English and Welsh Dictionary Wherein Not Only the Words But Also the Idioms and Phraseology of the English Language are Carefully Translated Into Welsh

Author : John Walters
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War on Words

Author : Joanne M. Lisosky
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· Provides descriptions of contemporary strategies used to protect journalists in conflict · Contains contributions from more than 60 stakeholders interested in the protection of journalists · Presents a historical background of international policies, declarations, and resolutions intended to protect journalists · Contains 18 vignettes of journalists killed, harassed, or threatened when reporting from Mexico to Gaza to Pakistan and China

Record of Proceedings International Labour Conference

Author :
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The New Testament with References Set Under the Text in Words at Length To which are Added the Chronology the Marginal Readings and Notes By Francis Fox

Author :
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My Own Words

Author : Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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The New York Times bestselling book from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg—“a comprehensive look inside her brilliantly analytical, entertainingly wry mind, revealing the fascinating life of one of our generation's most influential voices in both law and public opinion” (Harper’s Bazaar). My Own Words “showcases Ruth Ginsburg’s astonishing intellectual range” (The New Republic). In this collection Justice Ginsburg discusses gender equality, the workings of the Supreme Court, being Jewish, law and lawyers in opera, and the value of looking beyond US shores when interpreting the US Constitution. Throughout her life Justice Ginsburg has been (and continues to be) a prolific writer and public speaker. This book’s sampling is selected by Justice Ginsburg and her authorized biographers Mary Hartnett and Wendy W. Williams, who introduce each chapter and provide biographical context and quotes gleaned from hundreds of interviews they have conducted. Witty, engaging, serious, and playful, My Own Words is a fascinating glimpse into the life of one of America’s most influential women and “a tonic to the current national discourse” (The Washington Post).

In Our Own Words

Author : Robert G. Torricelli
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A collection of oratory includes sermons, speeches, courtroom arguments, radio broadcasts, eulogies, and commencement addresses

The British Workwoman Out and at Home

Author :
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