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A Wilderness of Error

Author : Errol Morris
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Academy Award-winning filmmaker and former private detective Errol Morris examines the nature of evidence and proof in the infamous Jeffrey MacDonald murder case Early on the morning of February 17, 1970, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Jeffrey MacDonald, a Green Beret doctor, called the police for help. When the officers arrived at his home they found the bloody and battered bodies of MacDonald’s pregnant wife and two young daughters. The word “pig” was written in blood on the headboard in the master bedroom. As MacDonald was being loaded into the ambulance, he accused a band of drug-crazed hippies of the crime. So began one of the most notorious and mysterious murder cases of the twentieth century. Jeffrey MacDonald was finally convicted in 1979 and remains in prison today. Since then a number of bestselling books—including Joe McGinniss’s Fatal Vision and Janet Malcolm’s The Journalist and the Murderer—and a blockbuster television miniseries have told their versions of the MacDonald case and what it all means. Errol Morris has been investigating the MacDonald case for over twenty years. A Wilderness of Error is the culmination of his efforts. It is a shocking book, because it shows us that almost everything we have been told about the case is deeply unreliable, and crucial elements of the case against MacDonald simply are not true. It is a masterful reinvention of the true-crime thriller, a book that pierces the haze of myth surrounding these murders with the sort of brilliant light that can only be produced by years of dogged and careful investigation and hard, lucid thinking. By this book’s end, we know several things: that there are two very different narratives we can create about what happened at 544 Castle Drive, and that the one that led to the conviction and imprisonment for life of this man for butchering his wife and two young daughters is almost certainly wrong. Along the way Morris poses bracing questions about the nature of proof, criminal justice, and the media, showing us how MacDonald has been condemned, not only to prison, but to the stories that have been created around him. In this profoundly original meditation on truth and justice, Errol Morris reopens one of America’s most famous cases and forces us to confront the unimaginable. Morris has spent his career unsettling our complacent assumptions that we know what we’re looking at, that the stories we tell ourselves are true. This book is his finest and most important achievement to date.

A Wilderness of Marshes

Author : Kerrie L. Macpherson
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The successful emergence of Shanghai as a world city by the close of the nineteenth century was built upon the establishment of a modern urban base. No aspect of Shanghai's infrastructural developments was more critically important than the creation of a public health system. A Wilderness of Marshes traces Shanghai's medical infrastructure from its conception to the implementation of a Western-style public health system and a municipal government to manage it. Kerrie MacPherson details the pioneering actions of Shanghai's capitalist, professional, and religious communities who skillfully adapted the ideas and practices gaining currency in Western science, medicine, public morality, and urban circumstances to the Asian metropolis.

A Wilderness of Words

Author : Pamela Hope Demory
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With the cessation of the Indian Wars, Silas Magby believed that Western Kentucky would be safe for his wife and children. But then the Harpes came—two mysterious brothers, Micajah and Wiley, with three devoted women followers, leaving a wake of ghoulish and seemingly motiveless murders—men, women, children, infants, bludgeoned, stabbed, shot, or set on fire. Earlier Magby had participated in a fruitless attempt to capture the brothers, but word comes that they are seeking him to enact retaliation. Now Magby must somehow stop the brothers before they can kill his wife and children. Although fiction, A Wilderness of Tigers based upon one of the earliest recorded serial killer rampages. In the 1790’s roughly 35 persons were murdered by the Harpe brothers. Kenneth Tucker has woven a haunting story whose characters linger beyond a final page of history or text." Katherine C. Kurk, Kentucky Philological Review "Tucker tells a fascinating story of these evil doers... It's an interesting part of our history..." Jesse Stuart Foundation. "Tucker effectively uses dialogue and and clear, graphic details to bring to light a sad chapter in Kentucky's history." Steve Flairty, Kentucky Monthly About The Author

A Voice from the Wilderness of Canada

Author : Thomas Sloan
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Forty Years in the Wilderness of Pills and Powders

Author : William Andrus Alcott
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Forty years in the wilderness of pills and powders or The cogitations and confessions of an aged physician

Author : William Andrus Alcott
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Prose Quotations from Socrates to Macaulay

Author : Samuel Austin Allibone
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A Second Letter to the Reverend Dr Bennet Rector of St Giles s Cripplegate In Defence of the Apostles and Primitive Fathers of the Church for Their Allegorical Interpretation of the Law of Moses Against the Ministers of the Letter and Literal Commentatores of this Age By Aristobulus

Author : Thomas Woolston
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A Dancer in the Dust

Author : Thomas H. Cook
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Twenty years ago, Ray Campbell, now a cautious risk-management consultant, was a well-intentioned aid worker dedicated to improving conditions in Lubanda, a newly independent African country. He is forced to reconsider that year of living dangerously when a friend from his time in Lubanda is found murdered in a New York alley. Signs suggest that this most recent tragedy is rooted in the far more distant one of Martine Aubert, the only woman Ray ever truly loved and whose fate he’d sealed in a moment of grievous error: “In Lubanda, twenty years before, I’d rolled the dice for a woman who was not even present at the table, and on the outcome of that toss, a braver and more knowing heart than mine had been forfeited.” Martine Aubert was a white, native Lubandan farmer whose dream for her homeland starkly conflicted with those charged with its so-called development. But Ray's failure to understand Martine’s commitment to her country had placed a noose around her neck, one tightened by a circle of vicious men, cruel taunts, and whistling machetes. It is Ray's return to the passion he’d once felt for Martine that makes A Dancer in the Dust the enthralling and moving story of two loves: Ray’s love for Martine Aubert, and Martine’s love for a homeland that did not love her back.

A Wilderness of Miseries

Author : John E. Ferling
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Rational Analysis

Author :
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The Voice of the Seven Thunders

Author : J. Lemuel Martin
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The Intellectual repository for the New Church July Sept 1817 Continued as The Intellectual repository and New Jerusalem magazine Enlarged ser vol 1 28

Author : New Church gen. confer
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Unity recommended in a sermon on Ephesians Chap iv Ver 3 Preached before the Religious Societies in and about London at their annual meeting To which is added an Account of the design rules and present state of the Religious Societies

Author : William DODD (LL.D.)
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The Gift a Christmas and New Year s Present for

Author : Eliza Leslie
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Romantic Colonization and British Anti Slavery

Author : Deirdre Coleman
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The Annotated Poe

Author : Edgar Allan Poe
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Presents a selection of Poe's tales and poems with in-depth marginal notes elucidating his sources, obscure words and passages, and literary, biographical, and historical allusions.

The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe Illustrated Edition

Author : Edgar Allan Poe
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The Gift

Author :
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