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A Wicked Woman

Author : Jack London
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Jack London was an American author, journalist, and social activist. A pioneer in the then-burgeoning world of commercial magazine fiction, he was one of the first fiction writers to obtain worldwide celebrity and a large fortune from his fiction alone. Some of his most famous works include The Call of the Wild and White Fang, both set in the Klondike Gold Rush, as well as the short stories "To Build a Fire," "An Odyssey of the North," and "Love of Life." He also wrote of the South Pacific in such stories as "The Pearls of Parlay" and "The Heathen," and of the San Francisco Bay area in The Sea Wolf. London was part of the radical literary group, "The Crowd," in San Francisco, and a passionate advocate of unionization, socialism, and the rights of workers. He wrote several powerful works dealing with these topics, such as his dystopian novel The Iron Heel, his non-fiction expose The People of the Abyss, and The War of the Classes."

How to Be a Wicked Woman

Author : MaryJanice Davidson
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New York publisher Jeannie Desjardin finds love with romance writer Steven McCord; Eden Matthews blackmails Jackson Hunt into giving her lessons in seduction; and businesswoman Peyton Lovejoy finds passion with librarian Mike Ryder.

A Wicked Woman

Author : Nadine Dorries
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A tale of two families linked by one big secret and the lies that must conceal it, but separated by hatred and a deadly rivalry. Bellfont is a prosperous mill town, situated half way between Liverpool, the city that looks out across the Atlantic to America, and Manchester, powerhouse of cotton mills and factories. It is 1860 and the American Civil War is about to cause a crisis in the cotton industry. Two powerful men stand to lose if they play their cards wrong. Thomas Cartwright is thoughtful, enlightened, wanting only the best for the mill workers on whom they all depend. Ernest Roscow is hard, unyielding, driven by greed and anger. Crucially he has dismissed as irrelevant the new iron ships beginning to to ply their trade between Liverpool and America. Between these two men is a deadly rivalry and a lifelong loathing. Unknown to either is a secret known only to an old woman near death. 'You must only marry for love,' she tells her beloved granddaughter, Laura Roscow, as she reveals the legacy that will lead to unforeseen consequences for the family. Later, as the truth dawns on him, Ernest will shout at the daughter he loves and has spoilt all her life, 'You are no daughter of mine. You are a wicked woman.' Powerful as he is - he cannot control the events that are about to unfurl. Meanwhile, across town, clever, ambitious Emma Lovelock is preparing to disobey her father, Thomas Cartwright's foreman and trusted right hand, in order to apply for a job with the enemy - as lady's maid in Roscow House. When the saga opens, two men hold the balance of power, but as the story unfolds, it is two women who will change their world, challenging lies and exposing secrets, with dramatic and uncontrollable consequences.

Wicked Woman

Author : Denise Eagan
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A Perfect Lady. . . To catch a thief, you must set a trap. . .and Captain Ward Montgomery is amazed to find out that the intruder in his house is none other than Morgan Turner, the Englishwoman he'd so admired--and secretly lusted for--during a previous ocean voyage. What to do? He cannot resist the young widow's brazen proposal that she make herself at home in his bed. . . . . .Except For Her Past Morgan was raised a lady, but she's a wanted woman now, despite her innocence. She has nowhere to turn but to Ward and no other choice but to become his paramour. But his fiery passion soon captures her, body and soul. She must tell him the truth. If she is discovered, not even the man who's stolen her heart will be able to save her. . .

Confessions of a Wicked Woman

Author : Susanna Carr
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Big-city businesswoman Stephanie Monroe enjoys the "hospitality" of Mayfield's finest jail after Sheriff Jack Logan mistakenly arrests her as a prostitute, an encounter that leads to unexpected romance between the reformed bad boy and this lady who thought she had left her small-town roots behind. Reprint.

Wicked Women

Author : Fay Weldon
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Twenty madcap tales profile people with therapists who destroy marriages and family ties, husbands and lovers whose greatest cruelty is their indifference, and clever women steering the perils of domesticity. Reprint.

A Wicked Woman

Author : Vanessa Vale
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Because of her stepsisters, Eve Jamison is driven from her hometown in scandal with a train ticket in one hand and a proxy marriage license in the other. But when she arrives in the small Colorado mountain town, she discovers her groom recently died. Even though she never met her husband, the new widow learns she is quite wealthy. At the mercy of her dead husband's money-grubbing family, Knox and Jed Dare each vow to protect her. They both want the beautiful bluestocking and refuse to cede way to the other. Eve has other ideas where the two men are concerned. Because she is now a woman of Slate Springs, she doesn't have to choose. She wants both Jed and Knox... and gets them.

A Wicked Woman

Author : Anne Austin
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Wicked Women Whodunit

Author : Amy Garvey
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Letters To My Readers - MaryJanice Davidson Six people are missing from a mystery weekend, and aspiring mystery writer Caro Swenson is on the case with a hot-but-possibly homicidal hunk who seems to want to get his hands on Caro's. . .clues. Single White Dead Guy - Amy Garvey Lanie Burke spent one insanely hot night with Mr. Drop-Dead Gorgeous. Now he's just dead on the steps of her cabin. What to do with the body? Hopefully, she can get some help from the cute guy with groceries tromping through the snow toward her. . . Fast Boys - Jennifer Apodaca How did Tess Collins get caught up in a sleazy tabloid reporter's bid to get the dirt on NASCAR's pin-up boy, Ark Underwood? How did the jerk reporter end up dead on Underwood's hotel room floor? How is Tess going to save Ark's reputation? Or say no to his every desire? Three Men And A Body - Nancy J. Cohen Reality show contestant Heather Payne's assignment is simple: get a bed-and-breakfast in Winter Park up and running within seven days. But when "accidents" start plaguing the show, Heather begins to suspect the contestant she's sleeping with. . .

Wicked Women of the Screen

Author : David Quinlan
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A survey of those actresses famous for playing the wicked women of the screen. The book covers Bette Davis, Joan Collins, Barbara Stanwyck, Marlene Dietrich and many others. David Quinlan describes their lives and their careers and there are full filmographies.

The Billionaire s Holdings

Author : Shelly Von West
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The unstable Marion Devereaux is back, crazier than ever, and ready to tell her story, in her perspective. You will hear her version of many of the incidents that molded the course for all of the Billionaire's Holdings players.After spending a lifetime clinging to the hope that she will land the sexy and enigmatic Harrison Towers, she finds that she is met nothing but rejection and contempt. She wants to share her story and divulge all of her most intimate and twisted memories that span from her being a young girl to being a woman scorned and seeking out revenge. In this tell all, Marion reveals how she's played a significant part in destroying other people's lives and how she is responsible for love ones lost. Many of the characters you loved and hated from the Billionaire's Holdings Trilogy return for an inside look at all the scandal, tragedy, love, loss, and of course steamy affairs.18+ Meant for mature audiences

The Wiles of the Wicked Woman

Author : John Marco Allegro
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Wicked Women

Author : Betty Sowers Alt
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Wicked Women

Author : Chris Enss
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This collection of short, action-filled stories of the Old West’s most egregiously badly behaved female outlaws, gamblers, soiled-doves, and other wicked women by offers a glimpse into Western Women’s experience that's less sunbonnets and more six-shooters. Pulling together stories of ladies caught in the acts of mayhem, distraction, murder, and highway robbery, it will include famous names like Belle Starr and Big Nose Kate, as well as lesser known characters.

Wicked Women of Ohio

Author : Jane Ann Turzillo
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The Buckeye State produced its share of wicked women. Tenacious madam Clara Palmer contended with constant police raids during the 1880s and '90s. Only her death could shut the doors of her gilded bordello in Cleveland. Failed actress Mildred Gillars left for Europe right before World War II. Because she fell in love with the wrong man, she wound up peddling Nazi propaganda on the radio as "Axis Sally." Volatile Hester Foster was already doing time at the Ohio State Penitentiary when she bashed in the head of a fellow inmate with a shovel. The sinister Anna Marie Hahn dosed at least five elderly Cincinnati men with arsenic and croton oil and then watched them die in agony while pretending to nurse them back to health. Award-winning crime writer Jane Ann Turzillo recounts the stories of Ohio's most notorious vixens, viragoes and villainesses.

The Tragedy of a Weak Man and a Wicked Woman

Author : Frederick Raymond Chenault
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Bad Girls and Wicked Women

Author : Jan Stradling
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This historical survey of 22 of the most ruthless, ambitious women of all time will inspire readers at the same time as it shocks. Some of these anti-heroines were cruel, others visionary, and some were blinded by ambition or love.

Wicked Women of the Bible

Author : Ann Spangler
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What can Jezebel, the Bible’s wickedest queen, reveal about God’s holiness and power and even about his sense of humor? What about the Woman at the Well—the one with five husbands and a live-in lover? And what of the prostitute whose tears bathe the feet of Jesus in front of people who despise her? There are also “wicked good” women like Deborah, Ruth, Hannah, Abigail, Esther, Mary, and more. What do their lives tell us about God’s invincible love and his determined plan to save us? In Wicked Women of the Bible Ann Spangler tells the stories of twenty wicked and “wicked good” women in greater detail. At the end of each story, Ann provides a brief section including additional historical and cultural background as well as a brief Bible study in order to enhance the book’s appeal to both individuals and groups. The stories of these women of the Bible reveal a God who is not above it all but who stoops down to meet us where we are in order to extend his love and mercy.

The Wicked Wicked Women

Author : Gardner Fox
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Men like Mike Gannon and Black John Bennett made their living off the Erie Canal, forever battling one another for control of canal shipping. Women like Moira Kennally—the wanton widow turned Madam—and the Egyptian, owner of the notorious parlor The Golden Tassel—made their living off men like Mike and Black John, offering their passionate embraces in return for the hard-earned dollars the canalers wrested from "The Big Ditch." Together and apart they lived and loved in a mad search for power and pleasure during one of the most turbulent eras in the mainstream of American life.

A Thoroughly Wicked Woman

Author : Betty Keller
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On a foggy evening in November 1905, 48-year-old Thomas Jackson returned to his home on Melville Street in Vancouver after nine months of prospecting north of the Skeena. Jackson was happy because he had made an important gold strike. Four days later he was dead from strychnine poisoning. Any of the other four people living in the house on Melville Street could have slipped the poison into the mixture of Epsom salts and beer that Jackson took on the morning of his death. Reporters from Vancouver's newspapers chose Jackson's teary-eyed, fragile, 24-year-old wife, Theresa, as their first choice for the guilty party. Then as the days went by, their preference shifted to the dead man's steely-eyed, light-fingered, American mother-in-law, Esther Jones. Suspicion also fell on the two boarders - Esther's nephew Harry Fisher and Ernest Exall. All of them had the opportunity to plant the poison. Eventually the police followed up on the newspapers' revelations, the mostimportant being that Harry Fisher was not Esther's nephew but her son. Fisher fled to Washington, and in his absence his mother and sister were arrested - not for murder but for perjured testimony at the coroner's inquest. What followed was a series of hearings and trials in the city's courtrooms with fledgling lawyers trying to make their names in combat with the celebrated defence counsel Joseph Martin, KC. At the same time the newspapers, which were locked in a deadly circulation war, tried desperately to trump each other with juicy bits of information, all of it splashed on their front pages week after week. In the end the two women served time in the BC Penitentiary, but no one was ever tried for the murder of Thomas Jackson. Acclaimed writer Betty Keller has based her sensational story of murder and intrigue on actual events that occurred in Vancouver's pre-World War I years.