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Challenge to the University

Author : Glen Burch
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A University s Challenge

Author : Peter Gronn
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This collection presents new investigations into the role of heritage languages and the correlation between culture and language from a pedagogic and cosmopolitical point of view.

University Challenge

Author : Tony Harland
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University Challenge: Critical Issues for Teaching and Learning offers a nuanced and critical reading of university teaching, particularly the pressures under which academics in neoliberal, mass higher education must operate. It provides exciting thinking about slow pedagogies, powerful knowledge, the assessment arms race and the concept of vanilla teaching. Eight challenges currently encountered by those who teach in higher education are carefully examined. These include: teaching to meet all students’ needs; assessment and grading; learning to teach; and space and time in academic life. The research that underpins this work came from an international study and a conceptual re-evaluation of current practices, theories and the values of teaching and higher education. The author brings a rich understanding of university teaching as a critical and values-laden process, exploring important debates about the extent and limits of teachers’ and students’ responsibility in teaching and learning. The conceptual foundations provide a distinctive angle on some of the persistent problems which dog twenty-first-century academics working in marketised, mass higher education. This book will appeal to university teachers who wish to develop their work through scholarly enquiry and will be a resource to inform policy and management around teaching and curriculum.

The Challenge of Establishing World class Universities

Author : Jamil Salmi
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Governments are becoming increasingly aware of the important contribution that high performance universities make to competitiveness and economic growth. This book explores what are the challenges involved in setting up globally competitive universities, also called "elite," or "flagship" universities.

The University Challenge

Author : Mr Edward Byrne
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More than ever, we need our universities to be engines of change and social justice. Universities can play a major role in making this complex and changing world a better place, helping economies and societies to adapt and respond to the grand challenges we face, from tackling climate change to harnessing artificial intelligence. This is their mission and their challenge. If universities are to remain true to their higher purpose, they must also find a higher gear. Ed Byrne and Charles Clarke show how transforming universities can change the world.

A Time of Challenge and University s Growth

Author : Algirdas Vaclovas Valiulis
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Copyright Fair Use and the Challenge for Universities

Author : Kenneth D. Crews
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The recent lawsuit against Kinko's Copies for copyright infringement has exposed the confusion and heightened the fear of liability surrounding copyright issues in colleges and universities. This volume offers an enlightening explanation of copyright and the ambiguous concept of fair use as they affect and are affected by higher education. In the first large-scale study of its kind, Kenneth D. Crews surveys the copyright policies of ninety-eight American research universities. His analysis reveals a variety of ways in which universities have responded to—and how they could better manage—the conflicting goals of copyright policies: avoiding infringements while promoting lawful uses that serve teaching and research. He explains in detail the background of copyright law and congressional guidelines affecting familiar uses of photocopies, videotapes, software, and reserve rooms. Crews concludes that most universities are overly conservative in their interpretation of copyright and often neglect their own interests, adding unnecessary costs and obstacles to the lawful dissemination of information. Copyright, Fair Use, and the Challenge for Universities provides administrators, instructors, lawyers, librarians, and educational leaders a much-needed exegesis of copyright and how it can better serve higher education.

The Unseen University Challenge

Author : David Langford
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University Challenge is one of the world's top quiz shows, enjoyed by millions, both participants and observers. But Discworld fans may feel that not many questions cover the real questions in Life, for example, Who or what could be seen as the inspiration for the near-tragic accident from which nanny Ogg is saved only be a special willow-reinforced hat made for her by Mr Vernissage of Slice? And give a plausible origin for Mrs Rosie Palm, proprietor of the famous House of Negotiable Affection in the Shades. Each Faculty at the Unseen University has provided a set of questions, and answers are included for those who are not sure how the poisonous effects of quicksilver fumes are an occupational hazard of magic-users. The questions have been compiled by Mr David Langford, who knows quite as much - and arguably more - about the Discworld as its Creator, and Terry Pratchett has provided an Introduction.

The Christian University and Liberation

Author : Dean Brackley
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University Challenge

Author : Peter Gwyn
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With some of the great brains of our times appearing on University Challenge, this book goes behind the scenes of 40 years of the brainiest show on television. See if you have what it takes to become a University Challenge contestant with the sample test papers and some questions, set for this book.

University Research and the Challenge of National Development

Author : Friday Okonofua
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European Universities and the Challenge of the Market

Author : Marino Regini
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This book offers an analysis of the increasing influence of external demands on the dynamics of European higher education systems and institutions. It focuses on the growing openness of higher education to its external environment and suggests that a market logic has emerged in higher education institutions. In addition, the book addresses a number of crucial drivers of change , like the massification of higher education, the emergence of the knowledge economy and the Bologna Process. And it studies the roles and interests of various stakeholders. This book should be of interest to all those who are involved in higher education, whether as internal actors in institutions of higher education, or as its external clients and policy makers. It provides a relevant perspective on the current developments in European higher education and at the same time offers the conceptual tools to critically analyze these developments. Frans van Vught, President of the European Center for Strategic Management of Universities (Esmu) and former president of the University of Twente, the Netherlands The book presents exciting comparative perspectives: how Italian scholars perceive and assess links between higher education and the economy. In-depth information is provided on issues not well documented in the past, e.g. the involvement of external actors in curriculum design, career services for students and links between governance and funding. The Milano-based team of scholars convincingly interpret the opportunities and problems of higher education reforms aiming to position higher education in the knowledge society. Ulrich Teichler, University of Kassel, Germany European Universities and the Challenge of the Market by Marino Regini offers a timely, refreshing and well-researched account of one of the most important changes in European (and other) higher education the rise of competition and the market as key policy drivers. This is a global template whose diffusion and domestications are hugely important for higher education policy research and Regini s book begins lucidly and insightfully to fill in longstanding gaps for us. Just as crucially the book provides valuable material on both the convergences and divergences we find increasingly between globally-situated higher education states. Roger King, Open University and London School of Economics, UK UK academics are frequently exhorted to integrate a European (and global) perspective into their syllabuses, especially where their students are drawn from a wide variety of national backgrounds. But this is difficult when there is a dearth of detailed, accessible contemporary accounts of national practices elsewhere. This edited book goes a very long way to help them. It offers detailed, rigorously researched descriptions of the nature and effects on higher education of its marketisation descriptions rooted in robust theoretical and conceptual frameworks which help the reader situate the descriptions in their own context. Paul Trowler, Lancaster University, UK

The Challenge of Teaching English in Indonesian s Muhammadiyah Universities 1958 2005

Author : Dewi Candraningrum
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University Matters Prepare for the Challenges Realize Your Potential

Author : Sharron McIntyre
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University Matters is a transition guide that will help you make good life choices as you make the transition from high school student to university student. It guides you through the steps you need to take in July and August before term stars, and on into the first few weeks of the term. It then provides insighton a variety of academic, organizational and social skiils that will help you to succeed in first year and thereafter. It also addresses mattters that are important to your health.

The Challenge of Reproductive Medicine at Catholic Universities

Author : Ivo Brosens
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New technologies, developing at an unbelievable pace, have profoundly changed many areas of reproductive medicine including fertility control, infertility treatment, embryology, prenatal diagnosis and fetal surgery. These fields of modern reproductive medicine are all flourishing at Catholic universities in the Low Countries, Belgium and Holland. However, contraceptive techniques, assisted reproductive technologies, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and embryonic stem cell research are deeply dividing Catholic universities around the world. Are Catholic universities in the Low Countries heading silently towards a schism with Rome? Or is modern reproductive medicine based on personalist ethics and practiced at progressive Catholic universities compatible with the Catholic doctrine?

Land grant Universities and Their Continuing Challenge

Author : George Lester Anderson
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University Challenge

Author : Nicola Steuer
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The University Challenge

Author : Lesley Pugsley
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Is the rhetoric of the market in higher education matched by the realities of choice? In the first comprehensive study of higher education markets and sixth form pupil choice, Lesley Pugsley argues that the annual burst of media-fuelled panic about university entrance leads to a misinformed rhetoric about the purpose and value of higher education. This is a benchmark study, based on data from the 1997 cohort of students, who were the last to enter higher education under the Robbins 1963 banner of free education. Tracking a group of students throughout their sixth form careers, Pugsley provides a balanced account of the tensions experienced by the students, their parents and their teachers in an increasingly market-orientated higher education society.

Meeting the Information Challenge

Author : Margaret Grieco
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Africa faces serious challenges in the world of globalisation. One of the most serious and basic of these challenges is that of information and communication technologies. Meeting the range of social, economic and political goals in the contemporary world requires the meeting of the information challenge. This volume - primarily the product of a specialist meeting at Cornell University - provides both overview and detail on how this challenge can be and is being met.

Leadership for World class Universities

Author : Philip G. Altbach
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Leadership for World-Class Universities reveals how "world-class" thinking and policy can help university leaders employ modern solutions to the challenges facing higher education today. Readers will benefit from best practice advice offered by distinguished international contributors who have excelled by thinking globally without losing sight of their respective national and local environments. Their essays are grounded in empirical research and written to engage the reader, stimulate reflection and enhance performance. This book focuses especially on developing and middle-income countries, which face special problems where higher education is expanding most rapidly. Key themes include: strategic planning governance of academic institutions the role of the academic profession fundraising student access and equity the impact of globalization Leadership for World-Class Universities is a valuable resource for senior university administrators. At the heart of this volume is a focus on how academic leaders can work towards resolving the complex issues facing universities today.