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A Tramp Shipping Dynasty Burrell Son of Glasgow 1850 1939

Author : R. A. Cage
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A history of the development of tramp shipping commerce into the age of steam, including data on shipbuilding, ownership, and operation.

Leadership in World Shipping

Author : I. Theotokas
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A new look at the leadership of Greek ship owners in world shipping in the second half of the twentieth century. This book examines the fundamental factors of the dynamism of Greek entrepreneurship in family businesses and provides evidence for the organization, management and strategies of Greek family shipping companies.

Chinese Maritime Activities and Socioeconomic Development C 2100 B C 1900 A D

Author : Gang Deng
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China's long-term maritime history has been overlooked by the scholarly world, creating a misconception that the Chinese were sea- or ocean-phobic. This image has been promoted rather deliberately because a sailing-aversive China would fit in well with the non-capitalist development framework. This study shows that from 2100 B.C. to A.D. 1900, the Chinese were as enthusiastic about and capable of seagoing activities as other peoples. But maritime activities in China raise two paradoxes: these activities were incompatible with the agrarian dominance of the Chinese premodern economy, and there was a huge gap between Chinese maritime potential and maritime growth.

Energy and Organization

Author : Bernard C. Beaudreau
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The author incorporates energy into the corpus of economic analysis and develops a new empirical model of production.

Silver and Gold

Author : Steven P. Reti
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For many observers of international politics, the classical gold standard is the premier example of successful international monetary cooperation. Curiously, most studies portray this 19th century system as a spontaneous development. Reti, after a thorough investigation of diplomatic records, argues that the gold standard grew out of several years of international negotiation. Using theories of international regimes, he explains the roles of hegemonic power, domestic politics, and causal beliefs on conference diplomacy, and asserts that the classical gold standard can best be understood as a coordination game in which negotiations informed nations about how to cooperate.

Growth and Variability in State Tax Revenue

Author : Randall G. Holcombe
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Challenging the conventional wisdom that state government fiscal crises are complex events, this book shows that the only significant cause of these crises is the revenue downturn that comes with recessions.

Space and Transport in the World system

Author : Paul S. Ciccantell
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Provides the basis for understanding how space, location, and topography affect world-system organization and process.

Finance and World Order

Author : Adriano Lucatelli
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This book argues that against the background of the globalization of private finance, the predominance of states in global affairs cannot be taken for granted as actors such as financial intermediaries emerge.

The Economic Basis of Peace

Author : William H. Mott
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Examines the relationships between economic growth and international conflict in history and theory.

Ships and maritime landscapes

Author : Jerzy Gawronski
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This volume gathers 88 contributions related to the theme 'Ships and Maritime Landscapes' of the Thirteenth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology (ISBSA 13) held in Amsterdam on the 7th to 12th October 2012. The articles include both papers and poster presentations by experts in the field of nautical archaeology, history of ships and shipbuilding, and naval architecture. The contributions deal not only with the theme of maritime landscapes but also with a variety of ship related subjects, like regional watercraft, construction and typology, material applications and design, outfi tting, reconstruction and current research.