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A Time to Risk All

Author : Clodagh Finn
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Clodagh Finn has travelled throughout Europe to piece together the story of this remarkable, unknown Irish woman, meeting many of those children Mary Elmes saved. Here, in a book packed with courage, heroism, adventure and tragedy, her story is finally remembered. The children called her ‘Miss Mary’, and they remember her kindness still. She gave them food and shelter and later risked her life to help them escape the convoys bound for Auschwitz. Turning her back on a brilliant academic career, Mary Elmes ventured into a war zone to help children in the Spanish Civil War. In 1939, she fled Franco’s forces but continued to work with refugees in France when the Second World War broke out. In 1942, when it became evident that Jews were being deported to their deaths, she smuggled children to safety in the boot of her car. She was arrested and imprisoned by the Gestapo, but went straight back to work after her release. When the war was over, Mary married and settled down, never speaking about what she had done. Her story was forgotten. In A Time to Risk All her remarkable story is finally remembered as it should be. 'A compelling portrait of an unsung Irish heroine of two wars' Madeleine Keane, Literary Editor, Sunday Independent ‘Brings to light the life of Mary Elmes, showing a remarkable, independent and courageous woman whose compassion knew no borders.’ Yvonne Altman O’Connor, Culture and Education Director, Irish Jewish Museum

Regency Gamble A Lady Risks All A Lady Dares

Author : Bronwyn Scott
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A Lady Risks All It would be unwise to mistake me for an innocent debutante – for years I have graced the smoky gloom of many a billiards club and honed my skills at my father’s side.

Dare to Risk All

Author : Joyce M. Holmes
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Tessa Caldwell’s carefully structured world is thrown into chaos when the handsome stranger she had an uncharacteristic fling with reappears in her life. Ben not only gets the promotion she thought was hers, but is also intent on resuming their physical relationship. Although Tessa’s rational mind insists on a professional association, both her heart and her traitorous body have other ideas. Can her sensible nature possibly win against such temptation? Memories of the petite blonde with large, blue eyes have haunted Ben Dunham for months. When he transfers to her branch, he anticipates picking up where they left off. Reality doesn’t match memory when the cool and collected lady wants no part of him. If he intends to pursue Tessa, he has to earn her trust. The problem is, Ben carries a dark and dangerous secret. How does he get Tessa to trust him when he can’t trust himself?

Risk All That Matters

Author : Sue Stockdale
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We are all risk takers. In life and in business, human attitudes towards risk are terrifyingly irrational. We hugely over-estimate short-term risks (standing near a cliff edge, or selling to someone who may not be credit worthy) but we under-estimate long-term risks (smoking, or acquiring a large company). This book seeks to understand risk from the human perspective. Why do we decide the things that we do, and how can we do it differently or better? This book should be required reading not just for students of business or economics, but for anyone faced with making important decisions.


Author : Dr. Albert Joseph Jefferson III
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Prudence, a young French woman, lives in a city named St. Luciano, a province of France. Her saga unravels during the mid-1800s. under the guidance of her mentor, Melca. Melca is a hierophant in good standing with the kings court. Melca has been searching for a prodigy that she might pass her vast storehouse of knowledge onward to the following generation. She finds such a student in Prudence. Under the guidance of Melca, Prudence learns wisdom that leads to her own awakening. However, no one is quite ready for the impact that Prudence is to have on those who come under her influence. No one can deny the blessings that follow in her wake, or her ability to heal bodies, or change lives. The reader who follows Prudence, and is able to decipher her nature, understand her principles, cannot helped but be blessed because that is what Prudence does to all who come to really know her. I invite you to meet her, and find out for yourself. Dr. Albert Joseph Jefferson III

Do No Evil

Author : Michael Berumen
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"An effective integration of ethics, morality and business practices including extensive discussions of social justice, animal rights and the environment the author elucidates the many layers of the managerial and corporate environment, deftly analyzing the fiduciary, social and moral relationships between the players in a corporation. A fresh, convincing ethical examination." -Kirkus Discoveries Being good is not good enough to be moral. In Do No Evil, Michael Berumen debunks the notions that moral judgments are subjective preferences and that there are no universal standards of morality. He analyzes leading normative theories and gives biographical highlights on several important philosophers. Berumen then sets forth his own theory: the only basis for universal morality is the avoidance of death and suffering, in contrast to conventional conceptions of promoting good, which he shows cannot form a basis for universal rules of conduct. Berumen then examines the concepts of property, exchange, competition, and inequality, and shows why capitalism occupies the default position of morality, and why socialism is problematic. With that said, he also explains why property rights are not unlimited, and how morality serves to constrain capitalist acts. The last part of the book deals with business-related topics. Berumen demonstrates that a business is property and not primarily an instrument for delivering social justice, and he covers such areas as governance, fiduciary responsibility, marketing, globalism, the environment, duties to animals, and moral courage.

Finance for Managers

Author :
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Harvard Business Essentials are comprehensive, solution-oriented paperbacks for business readers of all levels of experience. Calculating and assessing the overall financial health of the business is an important part of any managerial position. From reading and deciphering financial statements, to understanding net present value, to calculating return on investment, Finance for Managers provides the fundamentals of financial literacy. Easy to use and nontechnical, this helpful guide gives managers the smart advice they need to increase their impact on financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Community Collaborative Partnerships

Author : Mary M. McKay
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Find out how best to develop HIV prevention programs that work Community Collaborative Partnerships: The Foundation for HIV Prevention Research Efforts is a must read for anyone interested in developing prevention programs within high-risk urban environments. Illustrative case studies, quality research, revealing personal stories, and helpful tables and figures provide valuable insights on innovative ways to partner in the prevention of the spread of HIV in youths. Leading experts in the field offer practical strategies to dissolve the distrust individuals in a community hold for researchers not a part of that community, fostering an effective collaboration to deal with problems. The book also describes ways to go beyond the United States’ model to reveal how to replicate the same dynamic relationships in international communities. Active participation with the community and families has been found to be vital for the success of HIV/AIDS prevention efforts. Community Collaborative Partnerships: The Foundation for HIV Prevention Research Efforts solves the common problem of forcing ineffective program models onto an unreceptive community. Program developers get the necessary tools to develop relationships and cultivate substantive input from those in the community to help ensure better program results. The research here is up-to-date, and the suggestions invaluable. Topics in Community Collaborative Partnerships: The Foundation for HIV Prevention Research Efforts include: the role of parenting in mental health and HIV risk research findings about frequency of sexual intercourse among adolescents racial socialization and family role in HIV knowledge family influences on exposure to situations of sexual possibility preadolescent risk behavior influence on parental monitoring strategies for collaboration between community and academic HIV prevention researchers involving urban parents as collaborators in HIV prevention research motivators—and barriers—to participation of minority families in a prevention program transferring a university-led HIV prevention program to the community Trinidad and Tobago HIV/AIDS prevention using a family-based program and much more! Community Collaborative Partnerships: The Foundation for HIV Prevention Research Efforts is valuable reading for researchers, program developers, community-based organizations, public policy/advocacy organizations, community organizers, educators, and students in the fields of social work, public health, public administration, and community medicine.

Secret Senses

Author : Anton James
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“This a must have manual to living a happy and positive life.” Written in plain English with no fancy words or unnecessary padding, this book is very easy to read and can be read in any order. Have you ever thought to yourself “What am I doing with my life?” “What is it all about?” “Why can’t I be successful and achieve all of my dreams and desires?” Have you ever thought why someone with little schooling or education can be a successful entrepreneur and why you can’t achieve your goals where other people achieve theirs? Well Anton James did too, but, he decided to take control of his destiny and moulded a life that he always knew he would have one-day. He managed to make that one-day, sooner rather than later and now helps people to help themselves in their quest for success in what ever they desire. You may think that only certain people are allowed to be successful and you cant! But you can, anyone can and it’s never too late to stand up take the bull by the horns, stand up now and be counted. This great motivational and self-help book is about learning how to retune your senses and think yourself lucky by using the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws. Learn how to adjust your thinking and instantly feel better about everything. Create the life you always wanted and follow your dreams by a simple shift in attitude and self-belief. Your senses are your life tools so no longer keep them secret, dust off the shadows of doubt. You can achieve whatever you desire. You have to see, feel, smell, hear and taste the dream for it to become real. If you have found this positive mental attitude (PMA) eBook, then take it as if you were meant to find it and therefore read it. Maybe it’s just what you need! The LAWS of the universe have already started working for you and you didn’t know it. There is a catch just have to....keep on believing! About The Book This book is just under 61,000 words and is written in 29 chapters ranging from 900 to 3000 words each. Each chapter is laid out in easy-to-read paragraphs and can be read in any order. The chapters are: 1 Introduction 2 Winning & successes 3 Are we Happy? 4 The Law of attraction 5 Are we conditioned? 6 Imagination 7 Focus on the positive 8 Such is the power of belief 9 Responsibility 10 Children 11 Gratitude 12 Abundance 13 Change 14 Self-esteem - self-love - self worth 15 Desire & Passion 16 Faith & Purpose 17 In Two Minds 18 Decisions & Procrastination 19 Planning 20 Perseverance 21 Fear 22 Emotions 23 Humour 24 Health 25 Forgiveness & Revenge 26 Suggestion & Autosuggestion 27 Affirmations 28 Visualisation 29 Learn To Let Go 30 Planner & Task Sheet Examples

Summary Taking Smart Risks

Author : BusinessNews Publishing
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The must-read summary of Doug Sundheim's book: "Taking Smart Risks: How Smart Leaders Win When Stakes Are High". This complete summary of the ideas from Doug Sundheim's book "Taking Smart Risks" shows that when you stay in your comfort zone indefinitely, you really don’t feel alive. Thus to keep growing, you have to work towards achieving challenging goals which force you to stretch and grow. This summary highlights five things you need to do in order to get in the “smart-risk zone” and stay there. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Expand your knowledge To learn more, read "Taking Smart Risks" and find out why you should break out of your comfort zone and start taking risks that will help you reach your goals.

Applied Software Risk Management

Author : C. Ravindranath Pandian
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Few software projects are completed on time, on budget, and to their original specifications. Focusing on what practitioners need to know about risk in the pursuit of delivering software projects, Applied Software Risk Management: A Guide for Software Project Managers covers key components of the risk management process and the software development process, as well as best practices for software risk identification, risk planning, and risk analysis. Written in a clear and concise manner, this resource presents concepts and practical insight into managing risk. It first covers risk-driven project management, risk management processes, risk attributes, risk identification, and risk analysis. The book continues by examining responses to risk, the tracking and modeling of risks, intelligence gathering, and integrated risk management. It concludes with details on drafting and implementing procedures. A diary of a risk manager provides insight in implementing risk management processes. Bringing together concepts across software engineering with a project management perspective, Applied Software Risk Management: A Guide for Software Project Managers presents a rigorous, scientific method for identifying, analyzing, and resolving risk.

Quantitative Risk Assessment in Fire Safety

Author : Ganapathy Ramachandran
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Fire safety regulations in many countries require Fire Risk Assessment to be carried out for buildings such as workplaces and houses in multiple occupation. This duty is imposed on a "Responsible Person" and also on any other persons having control of buildings in compliance with the requirements specified in the regulations. Although regulations only require a qualitative assessment of fire risk, a quantitative assessment is an essential first step for performing cost-benefit analysis of alternative fire strategies to comply with the regulations and selecting the most cost-effective strategy. To facilitate this assessment, various qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative techniques of fire risk assessment, already developed, are critically reviewed in this book and some improvements are suggested. This book is intended to be an expanded version of Part 7: Probabilistic risk assessment, 2003, a Published Document (PD) to British Standard BS 7974: 2001 on the Application of Fire Safety Engineering Principles to the Design of Buildings. Ganapathy Ramachandran and David Charters were co-authors of PD 7974 Part 7. Quantitative Risk Assessment in Fire Safety is essential reading for consultants, academics, fire safety engineers, fire officers, building control officers and students in fire safety engineering. It also provides useful tools for fire protection economists and risk management professionals, including those involved in fire insurance underwriting.

Understanding and Managing Model Risk

Author : Massimo Morini
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A guide to the validation and risk management of quantitative models used for pricing and hedging Whereas the majority of quantitative finance books focus on mathematics and risk management books focus on regulatory aspects, this book addresses the elements missed by this literature--the risks of the models themselves. This book starts from regulatory issues, but translates them into practical suggestions to reduce the likelihood of model losses, basing model risk and validation on market experience and on a wide range of real-world examples, with a high level of detail and precise operative indications.

A Time of Exile

Author : Katharine Kerr
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The world of Deverry: an intricate tapestry of fate, past lives, and unfathomable magic. With A Time Of Exile, Katharine Kerr opens new territory in The Deverry Saga, exploring the history of the Elcyion Lacar, the elves who inhabit the country west of Deverry. It is years since the half-elven Lord Rhodry took the throne of Aberwyn. When Rhodry's lost lover, Jill-now a powerful wizard-comes to Aberyn and tells him it's time he accepted his elven heritage, Rhodry faces the most difficult choice of his life. But with Jill's help and that of a human wizard named Aderyn who has lived for years in the westlands, Rhodry begins to understand how his life is connected not just to his own people, but to the Elcyion Lacar as well. At last, destiny begins to unravel its secrets, revealing Aderyn's true purpose among the elves-and the god' deeper design behind Rhodry's dual heritage. From the Paperback edition.

Make Your Own Good Fortune

Author : Douglas Miller
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In this poignant opening to this powerful book on spotting and taking opportunities Douglas Miller starts a journey that captures a world of potential. Opportunities really can come from anywhere and his advice stretches from building stronger personal relationships, to setting up a business and even how to meet the perfect partner. Along the way we get to meet many people young and old, male and female who have seized life s opportunities. Through their stories we can learn and be inspired by their personal satisfaction, their sense of achievement and how their lives have been enriched.

Warden of Time The After Cilmeri Series Book 8

Author : Sarah Woodbury
File Size : 25.3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Warden of Time continues the story of time travel, romance, and adventure begun with Daughter of Time … As both modern man and medieval king, David is committed to transforming medieval England into his own version of Avalon. Not everyone supports his ideals, however, and having offended the pope by welcoming Jews and heretics into England, David is summoned to Canterbury to explain himself. But when information comes to light that reveals the accusations against him have less to do with religion than with power and wealth, David finds himself on familiar ground—and at the center of a conspiracy that stretches from Ireland to Italy. Facing excommunication, a fickle populace, and a rebellion even by his fellow time travelers, he must decide what his throne is worth, and what he’s willing to sacrifice to keep it. Complete series reading order: Daughter of Time, Footsteps in Time, Winds of Time, Prince of Time, Crossroads in Time, Children of Time, Exiles in Time, Castaways in Time, Ashes of Time, Warden of Time, Guardians of Time, Masters of Time, Outpost in Time, Shades of Time.

Managing Income in Retirement

Author : Kevin R. Sullivan
File Size : 33.91 MB
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Are you ready for the monumental shift towards managing income in retirement? How does managing money in the "accumulation" years differ from the "income" years? With life expectancies increasing retirees have to plan for the reality of living 25-35 years in retirement. Do you have enough for when your paycheck stops? Have you thought about the sources of guaranteed income you may have? How much could you withdraw from your nest egg and not run out of money? How can you take the mystery out of knowing if you'll have enough? Will you continue to work in retirement? Will you turn your hobby into a small business? What will the landscape of retirement look like for you? These questions and many more are answered in this book "Managing Income in Retirement." Find out how you can have more confidence knowing that you have a plan to go into your retirement income years. Planning provides confidence. Confidence brings the ability to enjoy the retirement you've always dreamed about.

Agile Risk Management

Author : Alan Moran
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This work is the definitive guide for IT managers and agile practitioners. It elucidates the principles of agile risk management and how these relate to individual projects. Explained in clear and concise terms, this synthesis of project risk management and agile techniques is illustrated using the major methodologies such as XP, Scrum and DSDM. Although the agile community frequently cites risk management, research suggests that risk is often narrowly defined and, at best, implicitly treated, which in turn leads to an inability to make informed decisions concerning risk and reward and a poor understanding of when to engage in risk-related activities. Moreover, the absence of reference to enterprise risk management means that project managers are unable to clearly articulate scope or tailor their projects in line with the wider expectations of the organisation. Yet the agile approach, with its rich toolset of techniques, is very well equipped to effectively and efficiently deal with the risks that arise in projects. Alan Moran addresses the above issues by proposing an agile risk-management process derived from classical risk management but adapted to the circumstances of agile projects. Though his main focus is on the software development process, much of what he describes could be applied to other types of IT projects as well. This book is intended for anyone who is serious about balancing risk and reward in the pursuit of value for their stakeholders, and in particular for those directly involved in agile software development who share a concern for how risk should be managed. Whilst a thorough background in risk management is not presumed, a basic level of familiarity with or exposure to agility is helpful.

Risk Frameworks and Applications 2nd Edition

Author :
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Sailing the Seven Seas of Life

Author : John Elzinga
File Size : 27.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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What others are saying about Sailing the Seven Seas of Life. Charting a course for successful Christian living Sailing the Seven Seas moves you through the critical thinking patterns necessary to live a life that is meaningful, effective, and God-honoring. You'll love what you discover and you'll thoroughly enjoy the read. --Scott Treadway, Lead Pastor, Rancho Community Church Temecula, California In a world where even Christian books offer platitudes and half-truths on the meaning of life, Elzinga delivers down-to-earth, biblical wisdom that readers can actually use. Sailing the Seven Seas of Life gives sound advice for anyone who wants to maximize their life. So hoist your sail, and become the person God made you to be. --Michael E. Wittmer, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Systematic Theology Grand Rapids Theological Seminar Author, Heaven is a place on Earth With our culture abandoning absolutes at a maddening pace, you will appreciate John Elzinga's literary voyage through Seven Seas -- a journey to forge an eighth "C" -- Character -- the essential personal quality for challenging days ahead. --John D. Beckett