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A Textbook on EDTA Chelation Therapy

Author : Elmer M. Cranton
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Chelation therapy, based on the intravenous infusion of EDTA, is a highly effective treatment for atherosclerotic cardiovasular disease. Saftey and effectivenss are well documented in clinical studies, all of which to date are supportive of this therapy, and there are no studies showing lack of effectiveness. A strong case is made for the use of this safe, efficacious, and inexpensive therapy before resorting to surgery and other risky and invasive treatments. In this newly revised and extensively updated edition of what has come to be regarded as the definitive textbook on the subject, renowned chelation expert Elmer M. Cranton, M.D., presents the work of the world's leading experts in chelation therapy. "This therapy has been proven effective over and over again in clinical practice," says Dr. Cranton. "More than one million patients have recieved more than twenty million infusions with no serious or lasting adverse effects." In his foreword, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling states, "EDTA chelation therapy makes good sense to me as a chemist and medical researcher. It has a rational scientific basis, and the evidence for clinical benefit seems to be quite strong." Here in a single volume you will learn everything you need to know to responsibly administer and advocate chelation therapy. You will find a coherent scientific rationale, clinical trials demonstating effectiveness, guidelines for saftey, detailed protocols for administration, and techniques for pre- and post-treatment laboratory evalutaion.


Author : Prem Chhatwani
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A must read book for Men and women. Do not miss the important message for the Ladies in chapter 9. See what others are saying. * The finest book I have read in a long time. * Helpful read backed with facts & case studies * Low cost life saving technology. *EDTA Chelation: Common Therapy for Metal Toxicity with Unexpected Benefits! * A GREAT BOOK ON METAL DETOXIFICATION An effective and life saving alternative therapy, using EDTA Chelation, for restoring blood circulation in patients affected by blocked arteries. Completely non-invasive painless treatment done in an outpatient setting. Equally effective to heal patients suffering from Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and other diseases of Aging. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.Introduction 2.Actual Case Studies 3.History Of Chelation 4.How Chelation Works 5.Mercury in your blood-how we get it and how to get rid of it? 6.Oral Chelation Vs IV Chelation 7.How to Find a Trained Practitioner where you are! 8.Latest Medical Tests Worth Your Investigation 9.Important Message for the Ladies! 10. Resources

The Scientific Basis of EDTA Chelation Therapy

Author : Bruce W. Halstead
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Australasian Handbook of EDTA Chelation Therapy

Author : Karel Hromek
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Everything You Should Know About Chelation Therapy

Author : Morton Walker
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Explains how chelation therapy works to alleviate hardening of the arteries

The Case for Intravenous EDTA Chelation Therapy

Author : Martin Dayton
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Oxford Handbook of Complementary Medicine

Author : Edzard Ernst
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The Oxford Handbook of Complementary Medicine presents evidence-based information on CAM in an easily accessible form, thereby enabling hospital doctors, GPs, nurses, medical students and other healthcare professionals to competently advise patients about CAM treatments. The book covers definitions, cost, safety, regulation, legal and ethical questions and a range of practical issues, diagnostic techniques, and risk-benefit assessments of CAM modalities. The main part of the book is organised by condition, outlining for each the CAM treatments available, ranked according to level of evidence of effectiveness, followed by a concise clinical bottom line assessing risks and benefits, also in relation to conventional treatment. The information is presented in a concise, matter-of-fact fashion, avoiding the obscure jargon sometimes used in CAM. Many issues surrounding CAM remain controversial and this handbook discusses them openly and critically.

EDTA Chelation Therapy

Author : Stan Preble
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Cardiovascular Disease is the Government Doing More Harm Than Good

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Reform
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Integrative Medicine E Book

Author : David Rakel
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Stay on the cutting edge of today’s most promising trends in complementary and alternative medical treatments with Dr. David Rakel’s Integrative Medicine, 4th Edition. Written by physicians who are experts in both traditional and integrative medicine, this highly regarded, evidence-based reference covers therapies such as botanicals, supplements, mind-body, lifestyle choices, nutrition, exercise, spirituality, and more. Integrative Medicine, 4th Edition uses a clinical, disease-oriented approach, offering practical guidance for reducing costs and improving patient care. Helps you safely and effectively incorporate complementary and alternative therapies into your everyday practice, while focusing on prevention and wellness for a better quality of life. Uses the reliable SORT method (Strength of Recommendation Taxonomy) to provide evidence-based ratings, grading both the evidence and the relative potential harm. Explains how to make the best use of integrative medicine and the mechanisms by which these therapeutic modalities work, keeping you at the forefront of the trend toward integrative health care. Includes 13 brand-new chapters, covering hot topics such as personalized medicine, MTHFR mutation, food allergy and intolerance, the gut-immune influence on systemic inflammation and disease, chelation therapy, testosterone deficiency, adrenal fatigue, and much more. Features more than 100 significantly revised chapters and hundreds of new figures and tables throughout.

Cardiovascular Disease is the Government Doing More Harm Than Good

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Reform
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A Healthy Heart

Author : Francisco Contreras
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Dr. Contreras shares his medical expertise and wisdom as he explains more than just the physiology of the fist-sized organ that pumps the lifeblood through your body. He promotes healthy eating habits that were even suggested in the Bible! Begin a program of reconstruction as you discover keys for reclaiming a healthier heart. Learn what questions to ask your physician about heart surgery and other invasive treatments. Uncover alternative therapies that may be safer and more beneficial for you. Learn how to detoxify your arteries as you exercise your heart. Uncover new perspectives about the heart and soul that will change your style of living forever.

Cardiology E Book

Author : Michael H. Crawford
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With your heavy case load, you can't afford to waste time searching for answers. Cardiology, 3rd Edition, by Drs. Crawford, DiMarco, and Paulus, offers you just the practical, problem-based guidance you need to quickly overcome any clinical challenge. 8 color-coded sections cover the 8 major clinical syndromes of cardiovascular disease—each section a virtual "mini textbook" on its topic! 40 new chapters keep you up to date with the latest advances in the field, while more than 2,000 lavish, high-quality illustrations, color photographs, tables, and ECGs capture clinical manifestations as they present in practice. It’s current, actionable information that you can put to work immediately for your patients! Offers a problem-based approach that integrates basic science, diagnostic investigations, and therapeutic management in one place for each cardiovascular disease so you can quickly find all of the actionable knowledge you need without flipping from one section to another. Features introductory bulleted highlights in each chapter that present the most pertinent information at a glance. Presents abundant algorithms to expedite clinical decision making. Includes more than 2,000 lavish, high-quality illustrations, color photographs, tables, and ECGs that capture clinical manifestations as they present in practice, and promote readability and retention. Includes 40 new chapters including Inherited Arrhythmia Syndromes, Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in CHD, Management of the Cyanotic Patient with CHD, Special Problems for the Cardiology Consultant Dealing with Bariatric/Gastric Bypass — and many more — that equip you with all of the latest knowledge. Presents "Special Problem" sections—many new to this edition—that provide practical advice on problems that can be difficult to treat.

Alternative Medicine

Author : Burton Goldberg Group
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Four hundred of the world's leading alternative physicians contribute safe, affordable, and effective remedies for more than 200 medical conditions ranging from common health problems like allergies, asthma, and obesity to serious illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and AIDS. Illustrations. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Complementary and Integrative Therapies for Cardiovascular Disease

Author : William H. Frishman
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Discussing the potential benefits and risks of alternative therapies, this book is the first text to discuss all the major Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practices that have been used for cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment.

Chelation Therapy

Author : Alfred Soffer
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Nutrition Forum

Author :
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Why You Need Chelation Therapy and Other Vital Detox Methods to Save Your Life

Author : Edward C. Kondrot
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Many of my colleagues asked me to bring the latest and now greatest news about chelation to the public as well as to the medical community at large. I interviewed a number of doctors who provide chelation treatment and asked them to describe their approach as well as their clinical results. Voila - this book - a compendium of chelation protocols, products, and spectacular cases.

Clinical Veterinary Toxicology E Book

Author : Konnie Plumlee
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This book covers all aspects of toxicology, including toxic diseases of large animals, small animals, and exotic pets. It provides key information on how poisons affect the body, how the body responds to a foreign substance, how poisonings are diagnosed, and how poisonings are treated. Coverage includes every organ system of every species of animal with details on each body system's susceptibility to poison. Poisons affect animals differently depending on species, breed, age, gender, health status, and reproductive status. This resource addresses these differences, allowing the veterinarian to determine the class of toxicant, the mechanism of action, and the proper course of treatment. If confronted with an unknown poison, the information in this book will assist the veterinarian in formulating a list of potential poisons based on the clinical signs that the animal is exhibiting, and in choosing the appropriate tests to narrow the list to one or a few possible poisons. Most comprehensive toxicology book available Written in a user-friendly style that makes it easy to master the content Covers poisonings in both large and small domestic animals The Principles of Toxicology section provides comprehensive coverage of concepts & terminology, toxicokinetics, treatments, and regulatory information The Manifestations of Toxicoses section is devoted to differentiating between poisons based on lesions and clinical signs The Classes of Toxicants section offers detailed information on each poison, including sources, risk factors, pathophysiology, clinical signs and lesions, diagnostic testing, and treatment The author is board-certified in toxicology, and the contributors are all toxicologists and educators, ensuring authoritative, up-to-date clinical information

The Heart Attack Prevention Recovery Handbook

Author : Jack Gillis
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Provides advice on determining and reducing the risk factors for a heart attack, including special considerations for persons over sixty, women, and those who have already had a coronary, and discusses treatments and symptoms