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The Horse Mutiny A tale of three horses in World War One

Author : John Antrobus
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Writer for The Frankie Howerd Show, Carry On Sergeant, The Bed-Sitting Room, The Goon Show, and many more, John Antrobus brings his delightfully absurd skill to World War I, with the help of three horses. "We all know horses stopped talking out loud thousands of years ago, probably because of ones like George. When he stopped communicating his scrambled ideas about Empire free trade, and he was probably right, the Germans were worried about being squeezed out of the world markets — though I don’t even know if he said it — the silence became filled with a steady rumbling sound from the direction of the Front. The artillery barrage we were laying down meant an attack was imminent. Even miles away we could feel the ground vibrate beneath our hooves."

The Cornet of Horse A Tale of Marlborough s Wars

Author : George Alfred Henty
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In the year 1702 fencing was far from having attained that perfection which it reached later. Masks had not yet been invented, and in consequence play was necessarily stiff and slow, as the danger of the loss of sight, or even of death, from a chance thrust was very great. When Rupert first began his lessons, he was so rash and hasty that his grandfather greatly feared an accident, and it struck him that by having visors affixed to a couple of light steel caps, not only would all possibility of an accident be obviated upon the part of either himself or his pupil, but the latter would attain a freedom and confidence of style which could otherwise be only gained from a long practice in actual war. The result had more than equalled his expectations; and Monsieur Dessin had, when he assumed the post of instructor, been delighted with the invention, and astonished at the freedom and boldness of the lad's play. It was, then, thanks to these masks, as well as to his teachers' skill and his own aptitude, that Rupert had obtained a certainty, a rapidity, and a freedom of style absolutely impossible in the case of a person, whatever his age, who had been accustomed to fence with the face unguarded, and with the caution and stiffness necessary to prevent the occurrence of terrible accident. For another half hour the lesson went on. Then, just as the final salute was given, the door opened at the end of the room, and a lady entered, in the stiff dress with large hoops then in fashion. Colonel Holliday advanced with a courtly air, and offered her his hand. The French gentleman, with an air to the full as courtly as that of the colonel, brought forward a chair for her; and when she had seated herself, Rupert advanced to kiss her hand.

Horse shoe Robinson a Tale of the Tory Ascendency by John P Kennedy

Author : John Pendleton Kennedy
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The Tale of the Dancing Slaughter Horse

Author : Victoria Shade
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Incredible Horse Tales

Author : Jessie Shiers
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Horses have been at the right hand of man for thousands of years. They have helped build empires and helped bring them down. Horses have carried the doctor swiftly to the door of a dying mother and galloped across the vast distances of the American West, bringing news to the settlers. Horses today are our companions in sport, dashing to the finish line or leaping impossibly high fences for the sheer glory of the win. Horses also lurk in the mists of myth and legend. Here are the most exciting horse stories compiled from human history, both fact and fiction.

Horse Tales

Author : Lamar Underwood
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Our relationship and fascination with horses have been evident in every civilization and throughout recorded history. No better proof can be found than in literature, in the stories and poetry that capture the endless variety of partnerships between horses and riders. Horse Tales is a compilation of the best of these works and include tales penned by: Mark Twain H. H. Munro Nathaniel Hawthorne Washington Irving Winston Churchill Enid Bagnold Leo Tolstoy Bret Harte Zane Grey and many, many others.

A tale of two horses

Author : Kathie Gregory
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Bringing horsemanship up-to-date with positive, reward-based methods, the truly kind and humane approach to working with horses that Kathie teaches will provide huge benefits for you and your horse. Following two ex-racehorses over the course of a year, as they go from being reactive and unable to be handled, to calm, well balanced, contented horses, you’ll get to know the personalities of Charlie and Star, as they make the transition from racing to home environment. This book provides an understanding of behaviour and learning theory, along with free-will, hands-off, and non-coercive techniques, and shows how to apply these principles for stress-free training. You’ll learn how to prevent small issues becoming big problems, making battling with your horse a thing of the past. Easy to read, this book can be used as a complete start-from-scratch guide, or to browse through, selecting those parts that you wish to work on to achieve fantastic results: reliable behaviour, stress-free, happy and contented horse and owner.

A Horse s Tale by Mark Twain Delphi Classics Illustrated

Author : Mark Twain
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This eBook features the unabridged text of ‘A Horse’s Tale’ from the bestselling edition of ‘The Complete Works of Mark Twain’. Having established their name as the leading publisher of classic literature and art, Delphi Classics produce publications that are individually crafted with superior formatting, while introducing many rare texts for the first time in digital print. The Delphi Classics edition of Twain includes original annotations and illustrations relating to the life and works of the author, as well as individual tables of contents, allowing you to navigate eBooks quickly and easily. eBook features: * The complete unabridged text of ‘A Horse’s Tale’ * Beautifully illustrated with images related to Twain’s works * Individual contents table, allowing easy navigation around the eBook * Excellent formatting of the textPlease visit to learn more about our wide range of titles

Horse Racing s Strangest Tales

Author : Andrew Ward
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Extraordinary but true stories from over 150 years of racing. This hilarious, sideways look at horse racing vividly recounts many of the strangest moments and oddest incidents from over 150 years of the sport's history. Andrew Ward recalls the time when spectators mounted two fallen horses and rode them to second and third places; the race which had to be re-run because the judge wasn't in his box at the finish; the ultrasonic binoculars that allegedly stunned a horse and unseated a jockey at Ascot, and many more. A totally original, offbeat collection of extraordinary but true stories, Horse-Racing's Strangest Races will be a delight to all lovers of the turf. Word count: 60,000

Great Horse Stories for Girls

Author : Blazing Ink, Inc.
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Horsewoman Rebecca Ondov invites tweens to experience horses--caring for them, knowing their personalities, and training them. Using love for horses as a base, Rebecca helps girls build confidence in God, make wise choices, create stronger friendships, handle "the blues," and enjoy prayer. They'll grow stronger spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.